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  1. i am sure I read that the incident followed a late tackle bt ff on sw. In that case, surely sw must have retaliated
  2. Carlos is our manager, he will remain our manager and he will get us promoted.
  3. Sheffield United v Liverpool in the late fifties My Unitedite father took me to Bumhole Lane obviously hoping or assuming I would follow the Blunts. Living on the Cross, there was never much chance of that. I can/t for the life of me remember which was my first Wednesday game
  4. Too right Mr Holmes Erratic line spacing will be responsible for triggering the final apocalypse
  5. Sheffield United v Liverpool c1960 He was really pissed off when I became a Wednesdayite
  6. I am dismayed by all this talk of violence. We should treat our fellow human beings with tolerance, understanding and respect regardless of their allegiance to a team other than Wednesday. We should bombard other team's supporters with silent cannons of love and scatter seeds of brotherhood at their feet so that we can join together in harmonious appreciation of the beautiful game. Except of course for Weeds supporters who should be wiped from the face of the Earth
  7. How can you mention Guinness and Budweiser in the same post? A big steaming bowl of mushy peas with Henderson's and a bottle of Newcastle Brown for me
  8. This is music. How people can listen to dire Rap crap such as 'Karlas Back' is completely beyond me
  9. I wonder if Gordon Strachan realises he has been picking such a crap player for the Scottish international squad
  10. What does 'incredibly average' mean?
  11. To be fair, dragging one's knuckles around all day is enough to put anyone in a bad mood
  12. Try spelling his surname backwards,, it's really difficult
  13. It kicked off at 3,45 am here and I followed it by text on the Beeb website with my dog Snypha, who for some reason then went and trashed the sofa.
  14. i am sure you are right even though most lyrics sites have it as 'anywhere'. I bought the single when it was first released and have always thought it was 'anywhere' Just goes to show.
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