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  1. As I remember. to the same tune: Ay yay yay yay Springett is better than Yashin ******** is better than Eusebio and (whoever we were playing) are in for a thrashin' I can't remember who was 'better than Eusebio' and think in any case it varied from week to week
  2. I lived in HK for 15 years and was there for a visit last month
  3. Problem is, we have too many injury-prone players to ever have a fully fit squad
  4. Since DC arrived we have enjoyed our two most successful seasons for many a year. Carlos losing the plot and the horrific injury list that have resulted in our poor run of form are not his fault. The pitiful whingeing and whimpering of some people on this site make me want to vomit
  5. I believe our players may have been placed under a curse by a Devil-worship sect from Bumhole Lane
  6. I am sorry to disagree but I think Prawn-a-la-Hendos tastes greaat
  7. The dude is so cool, he makes the Fonz look like Homer Simpson
  8. i always think that his name sounds like some kind of gastric disorder
  9. You don't do drugs or drink? Well done. neither do I In fact my only bad habit is telling lies
  10. I can't stand the bloke, although he does appear to have mellowed with age
  11. To the tune of 'All Through the Night' We will wear our colours proudly All in blue and white We’ll be bouncing, singing loudly All in blue and white We will make our best endeavour We’ll support the Owls forever We’ll be strong and stick together All in blue and white
  12. Is it not significant that Winnall is the one to go after the training incident?
  13. All this holier-than-crap gets right up my nose. FF is far and away the most telented player we have. OK, so he has a bit of a Latin temperament which is no big deal. Givr the guy some breathing space and get off his back. He is the last player I would sell.
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