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  1. Well he damn sure didn't thnk 'you know what, my career right now needs a good spell in the Belgian second division', so something smells...
  2. jayzman

    Weirdest Wednesday goals

    Home game against one of Holloway's outfits. Can't even remember the scorer, but from a corner one of our lot makes a 'back' for the keeper to fall over and we knock it in. Holloway saw the funny side after the game...not!
  3. Torquay away, prem days - Blondeau made his debut (or close to). Won 1-0 : I remember because it was full price to get in, for a friendly - in the days before clubs took the wee wee with prices.
  4. Correct, although not sure it was pre-season?
  5. jayzman

    Bullet after Bolton?

    Read the first two lines, and thought it was going to be a poem. Bit disappointed TBH...
  6. jayzman

    Positives from this evening

    Agree with all of this - but the last sentence of understated brilliance really made me smile, thank you mate!
  7. Have they removed the U21s ticket though? Sure my lad had one of them last time, decent value for someone just staring work.
  8. In hindsight, but who seriously thought we'd need any of the kids for a 5th round cup tie???
  9. jayzman


    It was a surprise it wasn't awarded, given that Johnson was practically reffing the game last night.
  10. jayzman

    Favourite away wins..

    Rotherham 2-3 Wednesday - ridiculous ending Burnley 2-7 Wednesday - ridiculous match Hartlepool 0-5 Wednesday - start of a new era (yeah, right) Newcastle 0-1 Wednesday (league) - we're back! (yeah, right) Brentford 0-2 Wednesday - and watching the Blunts game on the way back meaning it was in our hands.
  11. jayzman

    Is this scenario possible?

    Which saved Everton.
  12. Sounds like the Keogh deal is off anyway. We could do worse than follow Barnsley (and others) and check out the lower leagues / non-league. They picked up Roberts from Halifax IIRC. Must be others lurking about down there for peanuts, who could do a decent job in the Championship.
  13. Wasn't a large packed away end. They had 2000 like we all did.
  14. Me, myself, I'm not bothered about missing out on promotion - I like seeing us compete at the top end in a division that isn't up its own arse and has pretty sensible kick-offs, allocations, fans and I can get tickets for away games. For my two lads, who are 19 & 16 but haven't seen us in the Prem, I'm devastated.
  15. jayzman

    Will we keep hold of players?

    Said that before the game - only four essentials for me are Westwood, Lees, Lee (probably) and Hooper - the rest we can replace / do without. Obviously I don't mean lose them all, but sensible bids for a few of them? OK.