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  1. I think you do a terrific job for this forum,as an exiled Owl living in Luton for the last 20 years or so,Owlstalk has kept me in touch with Wednesday better than any other forum or media sources. WAWAW
  2. Delivered a few times now to Andy he lives in Harpenden,Herts just up top of my Dads street. When I first met him ,I obviously told him he broke my heart in ‘93. He said “I may have broke your heart but Mark Bright broke my nose!” Proper nice bloke,he played before the mega riches of the game and he is now a plumber! Something in common with us really. He deals with toilets,and we seem to be going down it!
  3. Today is history tomorrow,keep on supporting SWFC. As fans we need to stick together. Owners come and go,the club will always be there for us. Because the club is us fans. My family and friends have put thousands into watching Wednesday,for the good times and the bad. It’s all of our lives and history watching Wednesday. Wednesday are in a proper bad moment now admittedly. The club needs to reach out to professional individuals to help. Commercially and Footballing wise. Ill still support them because it’s in my blood. WAWAW
  4. WAWAW? Forget about Chansiri,we were here before him and we will be still be here after him. Just get behind the club. UTO
  5. Baizecally,the players agent has to Tip us off. Get the deal on the Table,let the EFL be the referee,no safetie measures.
  6. Its not that long ago that fans were calling for Bullen to be removed from our club as was deemed to be part of the eventual failure of CC and the car crash of JL,now it seems we are up in arms after losing 1 game and deeming him the Messiah.
  7. Football has evolved like everything else,not always for the best. Once a game that was played,now a business that is run. No matter what DC has or hasn’t achieved in the past or what he may achieve in the future,it must be recognised that he’s purely a businessman and not a real football man. Obviously the Premier League is the be all and end all for “Football Business” at the expense of the actual game. He should be respected for injecting millions into our club,for his agenda and also for us fans. He’s no different to any current or past chairman of any club imho.
  8. In my opinion Waddle besides,DEH the best player I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt. He had everything,pace,power,strength,positioning,skill,timing,awareness and a great finisher,left foot,right foot or bullet header.I don’t think you can coach all of that,he was a naturally gifted footballer who would be worth millions in today’s market. Happy birthday Hirsty lad.
  9. Hes taught me nothing bout Wednesday that I didn't already know,great club, brilliant fans. If he takes us to the promised land of the 'Premier',he deserves the credit as does Mr C,but not as much as us Wednesday fans,cos we deserve it,whereas CC will have earned it. come on you blue and white wizards
  10. There's some right JebEnds on here. Big Dave is at very least a trier,passionate about his football. A modern day Lee Chapman without the goals. F@Ck the Premier League,enjoy your football. WAWAW FTB UTO
  11. WAWAW At the moment United are the team in form,doing a great job in league 1,we are struggling to stay in a playoff position. So right now,if we played in a Sheffield derby,the unclean ones would probarbly be victorious.
  12. As per my username Mr Mel (Zico) Sterland. Absolute beast of a right back,up and down the flank as a modern day wing back. Penalty specialist and played as a striker for quite a few games. Great footballer
  13. Not as good for us as his dad Larry was,that about says it all cos LM was probably the worst player I've ever seen turn out in a Wednesday shirt Harsh but true
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