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  1. feeling the love in for Paterson as I thought he made several silly challenges before the one that effectively cost us 3 points, but otherwise a very good team performance and a surprisingly high level of football for league 1?!
  2. I’m sure it’s delightful in the walkabout but I’ll stick with my Stout with cocoa nibs in the Uni Arms, cheers
  3. Now I’m even more impressed - Riggwelter doesn’t take any prisoners...hope you don’t need to be productive in the morning! Their milk stout is a nice drop if they’ve got any on.
  4. @Lord Snooty’s OMTDs are certainly one of my favourite things about OT - I’m not sure I could pick one favourite, though the one you’ve singled out here is a beauty. When was his very first such post, out of interest?
  5. That’s some impressive typing after 5 pints (and presumably on a phone). Did you have to do it with one squinty eye?!
  6. Someone else correct me if I’ve got the wording wrong, but it was along the lines of - “what’s the latest on Sam’s injury situation; can we expect to see him back in the squad soon?” Westwood - “Well I...er...it’s not really my place to divulge secrets”
  7. I thought his answer to the question about Hutchinson’s injury was rather oblique...or maybe I’m just paranoid!?
  8. What a breath of fresh air tonight. And all the more pleasing in some ways because it came out of nowhere...I don’t think any of us looked at that line up and felt confident of a win. Great to be proved wrong! BPF 7 solid Palmer 7.5 Solid defensively, looked to move things forward down the right whenever possible. Extra 0.5 for playing with a brokken schnoz Dunkley 8 Won everything in the air, organised the defence well, several key blocks Johnson 7 Rash challenge for the booking but I thought his positional sense was decent and his precise out balls down the left relieved pressure on a few occasions Paterson 7.5 He’s not cultured is he? But boy can he graft. Good running and pressing all night and great cross for the third goal Bannan 8 Great reading of the game, fantastic work rate, broke up their attacks on numerous occasions and picked his passes well Adeniran 6 Worked hard but ended up chasing shadows at times and felt the ball got away from him too easily when in possession Wing 7 best game for us so far. Good work rate and mostly used the ball well without setting the game alight Corbeanu 8 MOM first half. Faded second half, but what a contribution. I wonder if we can make that wingback role work for him regularly, or if that was a one-off. Seems a lot to ask of a young lad who is obv a natural attacker. Worry his energy will be wasted in that role against teams with more attacking threat down the right (Sunderland looked esp weak down that flank to me) Kamberi 8.5 MOM Great performance. Led by example with the pressing, gave the wingbacks something to aim for everytime from the flanks, linked up well with Gregory. Great to see him harrying the defender into a mistake 2nd half and putting him on his backside, though he should have then smashed it into the roof of the net to claim his second goal Gregory 8 A goal and an assist. Trying not to get over excited about his partnership with Kamberi, but it looked great tonight. Dele-Bashiru 6 Brown 6 Berahino 6 Desire+Running+Communication+Aggression up front+Crosses=Goals....who’d have thought???
  9. I’d just like to offer my genuine thanks to the OP and all contributors to this thread. I’ve had a sh*t day today and this has reyt cheered me up
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