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  1. My mate joined Bolton as a member (free to do but you need a registered member number to get in) on Monday to allow him to buy tickets in home end. I did the same on Wednesday. In the 48hrs between us both doing this Bolton gained nearly 700 new ‘members’. Read into that what you will! Looking forward to a good day out
  2. Suspect there’ll be a lot more than 5,000 Wednesday fans there on Saturday
  3. Can’t get thru on phones and website is down as per so looks like I’ve s*** out
  4. Here, here. Enough of this senseless praising of hard working homegrown players. Henceforth, please all consult @mrbluesky about appropriate topics before posting a new thread. You have been told. Factually accurate, but can’t see this one catching on on the Kop. Good try though
  5. feeling the love in for Paterson as I thought he made several silly challenges before the one that effectively cost us 3 points, but otherwise a very good team performance and a surprisingly high level of football for league 1?!
  6. I’m sure it’s delightful in the walkabout but I’ll stick with my Stout with cocoa nibs in the Uni Arms, cheers
  7. Now I’m even more impressed - Riggwelter doesn’t take any prisoners...hope you don’t need to be productive in the morning! Their milk stout is a nice drop if they’ve got any on.
  8. @Lord Snooty’s OMTDs are certainly one of my favourite things about OT - I’m not sure I could pick one favourite, though the one you’ve singled out here is a beauty. When was his very first such post, out of interest?
  9. That’s some impressive typing after 5 pints (and presumably on a phone). Did you have to do it with one squinty eye?!
  10. Someone else correct me if I’ve got the wording wrong, but it was along the lines of - “what’s the latest on Sam’s injury situation; can we expect to see him back in the squad soon?” Westwood - “Well I...er...it’s not really my place to divulge secrets”
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