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  1. Di Canio was an exciting player, but 6th best foreign player in Prem history?! Off the top of my head - Cantona, Henry, Bergkamp, Zola, Aguero, Van Nistelrooy, Silva, Ronaldo, Drogba and Hazard. There’s reason enough that he shouldn’t be in the top 10, and that’s without even looking at players other than forwards. Where was Roland Nilsson in this list?
  2. Is it iFollow or bust? I’ve had a very poor experience with it before so reluctant to shell out if it’s likely to be that bad again. I saw this but have never heard of scorebat before - surely not legit/likely to work? https://www.scorebat.com/sheffield-wednesday-vs-west-bromwich-albion-live-stream/ Any other options? Cheers
  3. I know that interviewer's brother, Eddie. Right nasty b*stard, he is.
  4. For reasons beyond my control I were neither able to attend nor see today's game on telly. Currently doing a likely lads...daren't search for highlights for fear of seeing the final score. Is there a link to the full game or extended highlights that someone could be kind enough to post up? Cheers.
  5. Preparations for the World Fair in Sheffield next year look to be going well...
  6. My boss is a Newcastle season ticket holder and I live in Hull where I'm surrounded by season ticket holders at the KCOM. I don't know one person who rates Diame.
  7. Fair enough. This will be my first trip to the new Wembley so I don't really know what the set up is. I was imagining if each group of supporters were given blocks from the halfway line to behind the goal, then blocks could be left in abeyance in 2 of the 'corners' where the opposing sets of seating would naturally come together. This would work as far as I can tell on a purely seating arrangement level, but maybe doesn't work from a ground entry/exit perspective, and might not be ideal for atmosphere either as the 2 teams then wouldn't have their own 'end' as such.
  8. Haven't you answered your own question? Surely if we're selling 5k more every match on average then an allocation of at least 5k more at Wembley would be a reasonable starting position, irrespective of Wednesday's much larger (inter)national support which I fully understand the FL/FA can't start to get involved in guessing at.
  9. Ah, so it's all Hull's fault then, in essence? I would have thought the FL (or FA if I've got that bit wrong) could allocate 30,000 or 35,000 to each club as a standard policy and then allocate the rest based on sales, but maybe I'm being naive given the timescales involved.
  10. I've got mine, grandad, so I personally don't want any extra, thanks. I was merely asking the question because it seems rather ludicrous to me to have reams of empty seats at a season finale when there are many fans who would be happy to buy them. But if you disagree then by all means crack on.
  11. Please forgive my ignorance, I just wondered who arranges the ticket allocations for non-England matches at Wembley - I presume some liaison between the FA and FL is necessary but who makes the call about allocating numbers to each team and not keeping some back to allocate once initial sales figures have become clear? I presume the FL? Cheers, EP
  12. IF I can get a ticket I'll have to travel down on my Jack Jones, but will be meeting up with mates in London. Problem for me is I have less points this season than the lads I go to games with - so I'm assuming we won't be able to get seats together in the ground as they'll be able to buy theirs online a couple of days before I get mine. Is that how it works? If so, and given that you can only buy one ticket per ID, doesn't that mean that for the non-ST fans there will be lots of folk sitting with people they've never met before in the ground? Or am I being dim? I think I preferred the days
  13. Breathless! Are there any links yet to extended highlights,I need to relive that before work tomoz UTO
  14. Anyone know when these go on sale to ST holders? Cheers
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