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  1. Yes we did. They had scored 20 goals in the previous 5 games or something. Part of winning is not conceding. We did that bit and tried to nick a goal. We had better chances than them.
  2. Shaw was excellent. He’d been asked to man mark Clucas and sort from the late slip was exceptional. Understand why he was taken off but he was perfectly fineS ridiculous post. You’re also talking poo about Wildsmith. Perfectly good game from him today.
  3. Borner, Van Aken, Luongo and Shaw all did well for me. shaw did a really good job, shame he got booked. Pulis dropped a ball subbing Rhodes. Didn’t like that at all
  4. Messi seems to do alright. Verdi's hardly the fastest or most powerful. Neither is Kane really. Kun Aguero at City.
  5. i'd go Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner VA Harris Brown Luongo Reach Kachunga Rhodes. He'll go with Westwood Palmer Lees Borner VA Moses Luongo Bannan Reach Paterson Kachunga
  6. How can you be too nervous or not have the confidence to take a bloody corner? The amount Bannan shouts at other people, he definitely thinks he has the capability. His corners and free kicks are woeful.
  7. Whoah, don’t get ahead of yourself. Let’s try and have a shot on target before start talking about actual goals.
  8. Some outrageous comments on here. Forget about the past. Looking at our recruitment, its been mixed, but we've also had terrible luck with injuries. Flint - excellent - then injured. Brown - excellent - then injured. Paterson - not sure where he's best. Windass - done ok, until yesterday. Dunkley - very odd one. Marriott - struggled - now injured - doubt we'll see again.
  9. Hooper and Forestieri were crocks. Joao we got decent money for.
  10. Wildsmith didn't deserve to be dropped. Westwood's punch was rubbish, but I doubt he'll be dropped. Bannan needs dropping. Van Aken was fine considering he was playing left back. Borner man of the match This side has no goals in it. We aren't going to score enough goals. Relegation beckons.
  11. Did you watch the match yesterday. Bang Average Footballer is now being generous.
  12. One of the most cowardly footballers ive ever seen play for us. Another Joey but without the work ethic and nice hair.
  13. Pulls is 62 years old, he could easily hang it up and walk away.
  14. so Monk was fine, but Pulis is dammed before he starts???
  15. The main difference was Wilkinson had quality players in the squad. Sterland, Marwood, Chapman, Chamberlain, Hodge, Hirst, Lyons, Shirtliffe. Proper players.
  16. He has already addressed the points deduction in his original post.
  17. Atdhe Nuhiu would have been perfect for today.
  18. Is incompetent moron acceptable? how about Naive Gullible Fool?
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