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  1. We haven't even started yet. This will end up with us in League 2 or worse.
  2. Thompson did really well initially, I suspect it's the players not getting paid that's impacted the performances rather than the manager.
  3. Based on the last couple of games, I suspect the players haven't been paid again.
  4. Possibly Fleetwood, Forest Green, Cambridge United, Newport......
  5. The same could be said about Sheffield Wednesday football in general.
  6. And yet one of the mentally strongest players of the past five years.
  7. Are the Proud Owls our version of the Proud Boys?
  8. I can only assume he means shoot him in the kneecaps or something, then fire him. You'd basically have to fire him at that point, or you'd have some real trouble with a "constructive dismissal" case.
  9. Down grade on Nuhiu ffs, no thanks he's poo .
  10. He won the ball back about 4 times in the first five minutes he was on the pitch.
  11. He wasn’t poor in the second half though. He faded but still work really hard.
  12. I'd love to be a player and come on here. It'd be hilarious. I'd wind people up no end.
  13. It’s not about liking him. You can’t help but like him, he seems like a genuinely nice bloke.
  14. All midfield players should be able to drive the team forward. Joey never does this, never. He just plays it backwards or gives it to Bannan. It’s a cowardly way to play football.
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