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  1. CrosbyKitchens

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    He was fouled and the ref didn't call it and was then penalized for subsequently sitting on the ball.
  2. CrosbyKitchens

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Westwood - 6 nothing to do. Palmer - 6 Lees - 7 Hector - 7 Fox - 7 another decent game Matias - 6 Bannan -7 Hutch - 7 Boyd - 6 Reach - 6 Fletcher - 9 Joao - 7 Dave - 7 Played well but we need two up front.
  3. CrosbyKitchens

    John Marquis

    Genuinely never heard of him. It seems we are back to the days of googling any one we might be linked with.
  4. CrosbyKitchens

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    We played Hull. They aren’t Barcelona for fizzes sake.
  5. CrosbyKitchens


    He creates more than most.
  6. CrosbyKitchens


    Oh and for everyone saying he can’t tackle, who gives a poo? Waddle, Di Canio, Carbone etc. couldn’t tackle for poo.
  7. CrosbyKitchens


    He’s better than Bannan yet everyone wants to suck Bannan off. Bannan can’t tackle and gives the ball away far too much. For the record, they can both fizz off. I’m done with the whole squad.
  8. Man of the Match - Palmer Scores - Palmer 4 The rest of them 2. One of the worst performances I can remember seeing.
  9. CrosbyKitchens

    its the managers fault apparently

    Yes, I've reached the same conclusion today. With the exception of Thorniley and maybe Penney, the entire squad should be up for sale or allowed to leave.
  10. CrosbyKitchens

    New signing next week?

    Who could possibly look at our squad and think that we’d need to improve our fullbacks? BRUCE OUT
  11. CrosbyKitchens

    Sitting down at away games

    It’s so brilliant I can’t take my kids to an away game.
  12. Not being rude, but I disagree. I’ve been to over three hundred live games and am now limited to watching on TV ( live in the US). Alcohol removed you see more of the movement at a live game, but on TV you you pick up more of the detail. For example, Hector let Hilton nip in and steel the ball very easily today because he was lazy. If I’d been in the North with my Dad and Brother I’d not have seen that. For the the record I thought Bannan was poor today.
  13. It's not necessarily what Joey does that's the problem, it's just what he doesn't do. Such as head the ball, tackle, stay the right side of his man, pass the ball forward, show any forward motion or drive us forward at any time ever.
  14. I watched it on telly and Hector got skinned a number of times and was lazy in terms of positioning and passing. Wasn't on form at all today. He'd have cost us the game against a good team today.
  15. I thought he did well today. Hector was a mess by comparison.