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  1. Adam Reach

    Does Bannan bottling it annoy you as well?? Weak as bobbar in the middle of the park.
  2. Adam Reach

    I thought he was our man of the match. Him or Rhodes. Hooper and Bannan were dreadful. Jones, Palmer, Fox and Loovens simply aren't good enough. Wallace was crap.
  3. HE was at Hillsborough today

    For example, does anyone on here think we'd not be in the top two if Wilder was in charge??
  4. HE was at Hillsborough today

    Many other managers would be doing a lot better with this squad. Colin, Megson, Pulis, Laws, Eustace, Jewell you name em.
  5. HE was at Hillsborough today

    CC will not change.
  6. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    We'd be in the top two with Colin in charge.
  7. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    Preston away first game of the season. Abject display on the back of a full pre-season. No one had a clue what they were doing, even though this team has largely been together for three years.
  8. Time for Abdi

    You've never seen him play have you?
  9. HE was at Hillsborough today

    Yeah, he's a genius. If he was half the man people claim he is he'd resign.
  10. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    Dean Smith, Megson, Heckingbottom, Pulis, My mate Dave, my Mum, my Dads's dog's hairdresser. Take your pick!
  11. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    and another thing, I don't hate Carlos, he's just not very good at his job. He's being paid a massive amount of money to fail. He should go.
  12. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    We all go home happy, but we all still know we're incapable of playing well for more than 35 minutes under Carlos. Get over it.
  13. This could have been us...

    Totally different situation
  14. Why is he still in charge?

    testicles, the fans can't give any more than they already do. The atmosphere at Wembley was unlike anything I've seen anywhere in the world of sport. The fans will react to positive football. You can't ask people to get excited about 5 shots a month ffs.
  15. Carlos vs Stuart Gray

    This, you can argue about Carlos all you want but nothing will change the fact that Stuart Gray did a terrific job with what he had to work with.