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  1. Roland Nilsson

    I agree about Roland, but the comment about 20,000 glory hunters is way off the mark. There are reasons people can't go to every game, but they're still supporters. That season I didn't go to a single game until the play off final. I live in America, It cost me about $1500 all in to go to 1 game. I haven't vanished into thin air.
  2. Anyone got any hobbies?

    I only said Fishing is magic!
  3. Anyone got any hobbies?

    You're in a fine mood.
  4. Carlos interview

    He has to go. Even a draw today would have been unacceptable. They had two flipping points before playing us. They'll get relegated.
  5. Anyone got any hobbies?

    Fishing is magic.
  6. Do we do any homework

    We have a plan, it involves starting slowly and then trying to chase the game in the last ten minutes. It's flipping bobbar.
  7. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Absolute must win today. Anything less is unacceptable.
  8. Ask him to talk about politics as well!!
  9. Sorry, Paul must be Commie Owl!! We're All Leftie Aren't We?
  10. Kieran Lee is our most underrated player. Not by us, by every one else. I have no idea how he isn't in the premier league.
  11. Socialist Owl, that's got to be Paul. I'm also one of the gang. Although I tend not to make the meet ups as much any more since I bailed to Suburbia. A word for Paddy who is our leader and organizer. Absolutely brilliant job he has done getting us together. If any of you are in New York for a trip, please get in touch. It's always a lot of fun to get guests.
  12. FORESTIERI on the road to recovery

    Completely agree, we've been largely sh*t this season and 1 game isn't enough to change that.
  13. Love Wednesday, like England, hate the band

    Lets be honest, they're a divisive bunch of flaps and they need to go. There is absolutely no justification to keep them in terms of results, performance or atmosphere. I'd roger em right off if i was the chairman. Leeds twats.
  14. Love Wednesday, like England, hate the band

    Embarrassment and twenty years out of date.
  15. 2 Positions in Jan.....

    I'd get another central defender. FF will be fit and reach can play left back as can Pudil. Other than that we don't need anyone if CC lets them play. If he doesn't then a new manager would be nice.