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  1. People thinking that GVB would join Wednesday are flipping daft.
  2. of course. People get so offended by this stuff. Who cares? He's a manager. Statistically, we'll have a new one in 18 months either way.
  3. The worst home shirt we’ve ever had. The image of booth, atherton, pembridge and Oakes trundling about in this flipping monstrosity will live with me forever.
  4. Dawson simply isn't good enough. He might be in the future, but right now he's not.
  5. The German guy may be Hutch's replacement as apparently he can play in midfield as well.
  6. Based on 80% of your criteria, Andy Booth was better than Benito Carbone.
  7. That's massively unrealistic though. Are we going to get a better goalie than Westwood? No Chance. Can we afford a better centre forward than Hooper. No chance Can we afford a better midfielder than Bannan. No Chance.
  8. A footballer who could come on set up one and score the equalizer perhaps?? Oh hang on.... He's a better footballer than most people give him credit for. Done more for this club than most of our other strikers.
  9. Dawson 5 - not convincing Palmer 5 - poor today Hector 7 Lees 5 Iorfa 4 - possibly cost us the opportunity to win. FF 7 Onomah 4 - never want to see this guy again. Pelupessy 6 - did ok Bannan 8 Matias 5 - Release Fletcher 7 - worked hard Nuhiu 9 - MOM Joao 7 Lee 7
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