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  1. Westwood 7 Palmer 8 Lees 7 Love his sliding tackle when he got booked. Hector 7 Iorfa 8 Aarons 7 Bannan 9 Hutch na Reach 7 Winnall 7. Fletcher 8 Pelupessy 5 Just doesn't do enough. Matias 7 Pleased for him. Nuhiu 9 Need to see it again, but who the F*ck let the runner go on their first goal? Once I watch the highlights I'll be deducting 2 points from whoever that was.
  2. Sadly, it makes no sense to sell players who play every week in order to keep a player who plays 1 in 4 at most.
  3. Pardon? we are one injury away from Pelupessy starting. Two injuries away from Pelupessy and Boyd starting!!
  4. Agree, I'm just pointing out that the worst case scenario isn't as bad as I'd imagined it.
  5. Correct. Had thought Pudil got two years for some reason. He's gone then!
  6. Dawson Iorfa Lees Thorniley Penney Reach Bannan Hutch FF Fletcher Joao Squad Wildsmith Fox Pudil Winnall Van Aken Nuhiu Baker I was thinking about this earlier. Something about watching Boyd in the highlights made me long for the summer! I'm assuming we sell Rhodes and have no new contracts, no new signings, no loans. It's not as bad as I thought it's be to be honest as a starting point.
  7. He was awful today, awful. He shouldn't be playing in that position though.
  8. Westwood - 8 Palmer - 7 Lees - 8 Hector - 7 Iorfa - 8 Reach - 6 Hutch - 8 Bannan - 6 Boyd - 3 - dire. Aarons - 5 Fletcher - 7 Nuhiu - 7 Winnall - 7 If Matias or Winnall starts over Boyd, I think we win. Aarons was poor today.
  9. He was ok. walker, Lyons, Pearson, Shirtliffe, Anderson, Warhurst all ahead you f him in terms of talent.
  10. Westwood 8 Iorfa 7 Lees 8 Hector 8 Palmer 8 Reach 7 Bannan 4 Hutch 8 Aarons 7 FF 5 Fletch 7 Boyd 4
  11. No idea what game you were watching. Carrying Bannan was a monumental effort from Hutch
  12. We'd probably still have Jos as manager
  13. Are you still of the opinion that Fox is 5 times the player that Lazaar is?
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