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  1. Lost 3-0 at home to a side who never broke a sweat. Add that to the other hammerings we've had at home and I'm starting to think it might not be the fans. Keep clapping though.
  2. Yeah it was good to return to some normality. Somewhat promising performance, but without any cutting edge or actual chances, just good enough to keep the hope going before the inevitable individual mistakes. I've missed football......
  3. Our tactics of not trying to score were a bit more questionable.
  4. We shouldn't have offered Fox or FF a contract anyway. Fletch can ******** off as well.
  5. Pelupessy is absolutely ******** poo . Lee is a much better player even if 30% fit. Only a bunch of complete throw wipes would give Pelupessy a deal before Lee. It's such a good job we are a well run organization.......
  6. Why are we so f*cking sh*t at everything?
  7. If Fox is the answer, wtf is the question? very replaceable.
  8. Nothing to do with support either. This set of players are losers and lightweights. That's not because they don't get support from the fans. They do, but they still bottle it.
  9. I honestly don't think we'll need a points deduction to go down. Half these arseholes aren't coming back and couldn't give a hoot about the club.
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