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  1. This all day long. Reach needs to play on the left.
  2. Monk is not fighting for his job. That's a ridiculous statement.
  3. Shopping at Man City is hardly Aldi is it. And I'd say they're a rather well run club.
  4. I’ve not watched it tonight, but we were w@nk. Monk out
  5. To be fair I think that’s a great kit, the green monstrosity however....
  6. He switched the wing backs to counter the pace of their right winger and it worked. Also Pelupessy was excellent when he came on.
  7. Really?? Kachunga looks poo to me
  8. I don’t disagree, BUT that’s history now. For the time being he’s been given another chance and calling for him to be sacked after 3 league games is utterly juvenile
  9. He’s mostly rubbish in midfield as well
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