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  1. Losing 6-2 away at Man Utd in the Pleat years. After that I just knew we were never going to compete with them again. Sadly I was right.
  2. I was at that. I don't remember us playing wimbledon, but it is 35 years ago. I only remember Colin West scoring a great goal against Man Utd I think.
  3. I've seen us beat ourselves in at least 30 grounds.
  4. At home against Crewe we shouldn't need to risk Luongo.
  5. I guess i'm the only one who thought BPF was very badly positioned for a free kick that far out? Why not have a player on the post? Thought Deli had a great game
  6. Yes, because the 23,000 who have been showing up are all exactly the same people. 12,000 who haven't been will just appear from no where. Binary thinking at it's best.
  7. Liam Palmer as CDM, push Luongo and Byers a bit further up. hutch storey gibson at the back.
  8. He's younger than Alex Hunt. Give him time. He'll go further in the game than anyone else on our team.
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