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  1. Wetherspoons the other side of putney bridge, think it's called The Rocket. Been in there a few times before Fulham away. Nice pub, right on the river, and only a couple of stops back up to Fulham Broadway.
  2. Awful news. My heart goes out to you and your family Craig. RIP fellow Owl.
  3. You won't get it on sky go as its a red button service. Can only watch it on the sky sports app (if it works)
  4. Anyone having problems watching on the sky sports app? Mine keeps freezing! I have the same trouble trying to watch anything on SkyGo.
  5. So why does that make me a piggy then?
  6. Just like they have never heard of...... FINLUX or VT PLASTICS?
  7. I will take it off you mate if you have one going spare, booked up my travel to Preston from essex thinking there would be some left for members but they have all sold out!

    1. Hirstys Salopettes

      Hirstys Salopettes

      Sorry pal only just seen this (I didn't get a notification) ... Hope you got a ticket, or perhaps you were lucky and didn't !! 

  8. I think they may bring a few if they can still stay up?
  9. Me +1 train from rayleigh, then bus from stratford, loads of beer, oh what a perfect day, hopefully! UTO
  10. Getting 05.10 train from Leigh on Sea, then across to victoria coach station, then the 08.00 megabus to meadowhall interchange, then tram to hillsborough, better be worth it! UTO
  11. flip right off you complete Knobhead. Im from south east essex, and have been following Wednesday for nearly 30 years, I have no family connections or anything to do with Sheffield whatsoever, I just fell in love with the owls after watching them play at Southend back in the early 80's when I was a young lad, and have followed them through good times and bad ever since, spending thousands of pounds in the process, and I will continue to do so until the day I die, regardless of where I come from.
  12. Robinson, I always thought Phil Brown was "look at me i'm a idiot" kind of manager, but you my friend take the rumbleing wee wee! What a bishop basher.
  13. is it just the one replay being shown, that on ESPN?
  14. Watched loads on there since I found it about a month ago, hasn't let me down yet!
  15. Shut up Laws, your boring me. C'mon you blue and white WIZARDS!
  16. Number 21.....Swansea City will play Number 9.....Sheffield Wednesday
  17. Seems to have sorted itself out now. C'mon Wednesday!
  18. Listening on player, sound quality is poo , anyone else having problems?
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