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  1. While agreeing that the mood music suggests we are going to have to suffer Monk at the start of the next season it seem to me that the unknown is season ticket sales. If season ticket sales go through the floor as I suspect that they will DC may well have a change of heart. In terms of Year on Year business comparisons there was a real feel good factor under Bruce at the end of the last season which has completely disappeared and ticket sales may well be ravaged. Indeed fresh in the memory are the performances under Monk such as: SWFC 0 Blackburn 5 Luton 1 SWFC 0 (so pitiful it should have been at least 5-0 to the Championship's bottom club) SWFC 0 Reading 3 SWFC 1 Derby County 3 Brentford 5 - SWFC 0
  2. My selection would be: Tidman Carr Branston Purse (capt) Beswetherik Subs Adamson, Thomson Still makes you shiver!
  3. Big Jack - great success Big Ron - great success Big Mick - has achieved things in football so would be a massive upgrade on Monk
  4. I suggest that Inspector Lestrade is furloughed by Owlstalk. He seems to think facts are irrelevant and ignores the basic principle of 'when you are in a hole stop diigging'. Mick McCarthy did a pretty decent job at Ipswich on a limited budget and recently heading in March for mid-table in League 1 I think their supporters would have settled for a mid Championship finish.
  5. Agreed, I really hope that neither Monk nor Da Cruz will be here next season.
  6. I think Linspector Lestrade might have an ounce more credibility if he said "I messed up and got my FACTS wrong".
  7. From what I saw Da Cruz looked way short of Championship level. Inspector Lestrade gets it wrong again in my view. Monk either knew all about him or he was just lying about this by saying that he did.
  8. Inspector Lestrade really needs to check facts before posting on topics and re Mick McCarthy: "His results at this level took Ipswich down. I was one of the first on here to point out that Monks style of football was negative. I'm no fan of Monks tactics. But rather watch his football than micks. " Mick McCarthy got Ipswich into the Championship play offs one year and kept them mid-table on a very limlted budget. Oh and by the way where are Ipswich Town now since MM departed?
  9. Shelts was a great signing and fantastic player for us. Not many players could have worked so well in Sgt Wilko's 5-2-3 formation which took other teams by surprise. The work that Shelts and Megson got through in midfield was outstanding.
  10. As hirstyboywonder says about Monk: "Losing games by half-time and failing to compete against the bottom 6 clubs consistently is unacceptable." Even in the darkest days of the 1970's and boy were they were dark I cannot remember being hammered by half time as has happened on a number of occasions under Monk. Edited 14 hours ago by hirstyboywonder
  11. Monk is an enormous problem as it seems that he is staying. Just watch season ticket sales figures collapse.
  12. Connor Wickham was decent in his first loan spell with us and great in his second loan spell. The third loan spell has been cut short but I would not totally write him off as a player. It was a shock though to see how his touch, pace and energy seemed to have disappeared. The odd 10 minutes as a sub even in a good Palace side looks to have taken its toll.
  13. Mcmigo hits the nail right on the head in my view when he says: "I stand by every comment I made right from his debut. It bordered on a player welfare issue him being in the team. Lots of energy but so far short in terms of his positional play, passing, movement and general team play. The Man City game where fletcher had to physically move da Cruz into position was the low point" As does room0035: The big worry for me is Monk said repeatedly this was a player he had watch for a long time and wanted when clearly he has showed little to nothing to warrant it. If we keep Monk on I fear we have a lot more pain to come.
  14. Am I the only one to regard anything Monk says is complete and utther cr*p.
  15. I have to say that is a patronising response from dorian gray. I have an opinion but I am never sarcastic or patronising about others' views. Swansea, Middlesborough and Birmingham all got rid of Monk pretty quickly. Perhaps dorian gray could provide one tangible piece of evidence indicating that Monk will succeed at Sheffield Wedndsday?
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