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  1. If we keep losing games like a very winnable game on Wednesday night the pressure will soon build. I want Moore to succeed which is why even a draw would have been OK for him if not for our survival chances. All season we have played 5-3-2 or 5-4-1 (under Pulis) and I would return to three centre backs with two wing backs formation. Survival looks highly unlikely but we still need to pick up a few points or the vultures will be circling and you never know what Chansiri might do.
  2. Flying somewhtin the face of the stats which show our defensive record not being too bad this season I do think we need to stop the goals going in. Eight goals conceded in the last three games. Unless we can change this we will pick up few points. Some may remember Big Jack's first few games at SWFC when he put all the focus on being hard to beat. In time he was able to add goal scoring with the McCullogh and Curran front two
  3. Sure he played OK last night but he has sh*t on Sheffield Wednesday. Let him go the Mickey Mouse league but let us use the next games prior to League One to prepare for that outcome. Shaw is now irrelevant.
  4. If we are going down as looks 95% likely what benefit is there in playing Shaw? We could give others a game who are under contract or who clearly want to stay .
  5. I too just do not get Chansiri. As Howard's Back says it is mystifying. There can be few people in the world who would spend £150 million plus on a football club and not question the advice they are getting when things get worse and worse and worse by the week. Every facet of the club is in chaos. Just imagine not inserting into Shaw's contract a clause stating that the club has the option of a one year extension if required. Beggars belief.
  6. Yes, I agree 100% with Roy of the Roasters. I really wanted Paul Cook as our manager. Three promotions with different clubs says a lot in my view. But Darren Moore is here now and hopefully he will be a quick learner. Take Penney and Reach out of the side and do not rely on Paterson as our lone striker up front wouuld be my learnings from last night.
  7. While there was a chance of survival in the Championship there was a self interest case for playing Shaw. But as that hope has been virtually extinguished I do not wish to see Shaw playing. Let us use the remaining games to play those who will or clearly want to be with SWFC next year. He has chosen Scotland and the Mickey Mouse league not us.
  8. I am not sure about Penney tbh. OU is a must but Penny perhaps a one year extension?
  9. Shaw wil always be the Wednesday supporter and player who sh*t on his own door step. Let's face it the Scottish league is completely Micky Mouse. One of the weakest in mainstream Europe. If OU decides to leave I would imagine he will stay well clear of Scotland.
  10. Is it the same sh*t Agent who helped lure Shaw away to the Micky Mouse league does anyone know?
  11. I do believe Chansiri could get the Paul Cook deal done by tomorrow if he wanted to. Just imagine the boost of going into the Rotherham game with Paul Cook in charge.
  12. I woul I would be interested to know if S36 Owl would care to speculate on what is going on?
  13. Yes, Chansiri and Paul Cook could I am sure reach some sort of deal. Paul Cook seems to want it and many of the fans do too. Someone who has contact with Chansiri should tell him that in League One SWFC will be worth £0.00 zero. In fact he will not even be able to give the club away.
  14. How will we all feel if Paul Cook signs on at Ipswich Town shortly? Chansiri needs to get the deal for Paul Cook done asap.
  15. I am not sure that Chansiri has ever made any money. I suspect it is tax planning and his Dad's inheritance that he has spent up. 4evaowl makes a really good point saying: "DC really is fiddling while Rome burns, to HIS cost. I don’t get it." I too just do not get it either. SWFC will be worth £0.00 zero as a League One club and Chansiri has done so little to prevent it. Maybe as a Championship club he could have sold for £20 million like the quoted figure for Ipswich Town now. But in League One he won't even be able to g
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