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  1. I went to the match at Bristol City but I think it was also on ifollow tv access. As I am away does anyone know if the return fixture on Monday will be televised on ifollow in the UK?
  2. I thought he had a really fine game against Dirty Leeds on Saturday. Time and again be made an interception or got a key block in. His defending kept us affloat along with an outstanding display from Wetwood of course. Looking back it is unbelievable how Luhukay managed to totally unsettle Tom Lees and the weekly-changing defence.
  3. Thank the Lord that Luhukay was fired. At the time we were in total free fall. Itn my opinion it would have been Ipswich, Bolton and ourselves going into League 1. Amazingly some on here were saying then that we could not get anyone better, e.g. DJ Mortimer. Well done DC for acting and bringing in a proven Championship Manager.
  4. I was surprised by Hack-abusi's comment about Van Aken: Could be a decent player under Bruce .. seems more composed on the ball and with passing then Hector. Just needs to beef up a bit and be a bit more aggressive and physical. The basic problem with Van AKen is that he cannot defend. He is slow, one footed and physically weak. Way back I advocated a loan to a League 2 or National League club to help him learn about defending.
  5. Well said George: I'm a pretty calm guy, but I worry that one day Ill find myself at the top of an escalator with Dave Richards. I hope that Dave Richards has been banned from Hillsborough for life.
  6. I recall a number of posts being highly critical of Tom Lees pre-Christmas and of course Luhukay unfairly and stupidly dropped him for a game which will certainly not have helped his confidence. It is amazing just how quickly he has returned to being a real class act for us.
  7. What a great performance from Tom Lees last night. Sharp's match stats make very interesting reading. He virtually made no contribution to the game, hardly a completed pass. Tom Lees suffered under Luhukay's so-called 'management' and constant defensive formation/personnel changes but last night we saw what an excellent Championship Centre Back he is.
  8. I am hoping that we mix it up tomorrow. Let us see if anyone can take a better corner of free kick than Bannan. This also gives us more of an element of surprise. Who knows what Reach or Fox for example may be capable of?
  9. Just to clarify Reda and Miguel Liere were great at scoring from set pieces. Yes, we do not possess players with that ability but imo we are not maximising the opportunity with Bannan taking nearly all the corners and free kicks. We need to mix it up a bit.
  10. We have not been strong at dead ball set pieces since the Reda/Miguel Liera era. I have been very disappointed recently in Bannan's corners and on Saturday his free kick delivery. Surely we need a right footer taking corners down the left hand side to swing the ball in. Bannan constantly overhit the outswinging corners last night. A change is needed in who takes the corners and free kicks in my view.
  11. I think there has been a huge over reaction on here. Away at Millwall on a Tuesday night in mid-February is never going to be a cake walk. Millwall are physical, organised and aggressive which is why pretty much the same team that played last night beat Everton lying 8th in the Premier league a fortnight ago. And Everton were really up for it too. We were appalling under Luhukay and managed two clean sheets in virtually half a season but now we have four successive clean sheets. Our improvement may come in incremental steps rather than instant transformation.
  12. Yes, I really agree with Quist when he says that: The front five do not have enough goals in them. FF has not recovered goal touch yet he has been absent for a long time and will take a while. Reach has scored with some wonder strikes and will score a few goals but rest are well below what you need for a successful team at this level. Fletcher works very hard and play is good all round but a centre forward needs to score goals and his record says he does not. Joao or Winnall are only two who may be able to do this but think neither would be prolific. Where are the goals going to come from is the big worry. Short term we need to have Bannan practising shooting and keeping it low day in day out. He got in several good positions on Satuday but he either passed of blazed the ball high over the bar. Winnal is probably the best poacher we have with Hooper out. When we signed him he had already scored about 9 for Barnsley by Christmas. I hope SB will give Winnal a go.
  13. Yes, Luhukay created most of the problems. He created the Frozen Out group and the impact on morale was of course disastrous. As Room0035 says: I understand building for the future but if Jos had stayed in charge with his insane plan we would have been in league one next season. It took a while but well done DC for getting rid.
  14. I wrote to the Chairman and CEO back in those dark days of December with clueless Luhukay still in charge. Like many on here I said that what we need is a proper manager who knows the Championship. Well done DC for giving us that. I was though surprised by the post of OSowl who said: First proper manager since Brian Laws! What a state we've been in for so long. Ok ok Meggo was here but just the knowledge and charisma Bruce Well Meggo did well to turn round a sinking ship and did well like SG, PS, Sgt Wilko, Big Ron and Big Jack. Laws however recruited Jeffers, Purse, O'Connor and Potter and thereby sealed his own death warrant.
  15. The questioning just seemed like the wrong time and occasion to me. The bigger issue is that this Chairman has actually put significant money into SWFC. Yes, he has made mistakes with his choice of advisors but hopefully now he seems to be learning.
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