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  1. I agree with almost all of what Beholder says. The hapless Luhukay should be achieving far more than this. But there is no basic organisation, no style of play and constant needlesss changes. And as for the use of substitutions !!!!! My only point of difference is that I would not go as far back as PS who in fairness was given very little funding. I would cite the football under Irvine. I am sure there will be many on here who still bear the scars of the absolute mullerings Irvine's team received at Swindon, Exeter and Leyton Orient, etc.
  2. Owls Loyal

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Fair point but Sgt Wilko always knew his best X1. I cannot begin to imagine the number of miles of ground that Megson and Shelts must have covered in that promotion season. The 5-2-3 formation put a huge onus on the two of them. It was fantastic to witness.
  3. Owls Loyal

    From a player.......

    We all know from our own experience that having a discontented group in the camp can be hugely destructive to morale. Sure the Frozen Out still get paid but they must be feeling extremely frustrated. The hapless Luhukay has created this situation and I suspect it will destroy him too.
  4. Owls Loyal

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    Yes, a small number of shrewd signings at a decent age would have been ideal after the Play Off defeat. I suspect that as it was mid-season even Doyen were trawling the bottom of the barrel in suggesting the hapless Luhukay. They probably got their fee anyway.
  5. Owls Loyal

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    PG Metcalf wrote: Was he a top manager before he went to Fulham? Well I thought getting Watford promoted to the Premier League was a pretty good achievement. They did not possess mega bucks that is for sure.
  6. Keep Luhukay and I reckon 40 points at most. Bring in Mick McCarthy and I would estimate 60 points.
  7. Secured a top Manager to get them promoted. Then their introduction to the Premier League having not gone well they act decisivley. Jokanovic goes this morning and Ranieri is appointed on the same day. Compare that to SWFC after Carvahal left. Days and days of speculation while Doyen line up one of their own, namely Luhukay, an unemployed, complete non-entity with zero knowledge of Championship football and its challenges.
  8. Owls Loyal

    From a player.......

    I agree totally with Athelwulf 100%. I'm dissatisfied with Jos based on our results and what I've seen with my own eyes, not because of what players may or may not have said in camera. There are a number of indications that SWFC is a very unhappy ship under Luhukay. Just imagine the impact in your family or workplace of having a powerful group of individuals frozen out. We are only 4 points from the relagation places. In my view keeping Luhukay will equal relegation.
  9. Owls Loyal

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Howard left on a point of principle. When Lee Chapman departed in the summer the Board would not provide thye funds to buy a replacement. It was so bad he had to play Mel Sterland as a striker some will recall I just wish that DC had used Sgt Wilko as his Advisor and things might look very different now. Happy birthday HW.
  10. Owls Loyal

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Yes, I agree 100% with Full Fathom Five. The type of football Luhukay favours is very reminiscent of Irvine, namely set up to try to nullify the opposition and hope that we can grab a goal. With an investment of £80M plus it is an enormous risk keeping him. Plus as Full Fathom Five says if Luhukay stays season ticket revenue will fall because his brand of football just does not excite.
  11. Owls Loyal

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    If the crowds and income are down now just imagine what relegation under Luhukay would look like.
  12. Owls Loyal

    Time to go

    The draw gave Luhukay a stay of exection. It reminds me of the long drawn out process before Irvine was fired. But I do not think the hapless Luhukay will be in charge come December. Would you risk flushing £80m+ down the drain?
  13. Owls Loyal

    To the Jos out brigade

    Hopefully sooner ratrher than later the Chairman will see that Luhukay's hapless management may result in him having to flush £80+ down the drain
  14. Owls Loyal

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    I agree 100% with Beholder: As it is Jos may scrape a result here and there which will make this drag on. But we can all see that he will be sacked sooner or later. Better now while we have a very experienced and successful manager ready to take the helm in Mick Mccarthy. Keep delaying and we will get relegated. Its plain to see I say it again relegation under Luhukay will be a finacial melt down. The risk under Luhukay is too great - the club needs to get rid immediatley in my view.