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  1. I found that to be an excellent post from Liam_Baggies and in some ways quite reassuring. The most worrying thing for me about possible relegation under Monk was the wage bill ceilings that the EFL are introducing for Leagues 1 & 2. If Liam_Baggies is right that TP is a really good firefighter then that is what I am hoping for this season. Relegation to League 1 with EFL wage bill restictions was/is a frightening prospect.
  2. Mystic Neg emphasises the point that I was trying to make: I hink the point the OP was trying to make is how many strikes do you get without success before being out out. Sure, Managers lose their jobs. You could count Arsene Wenger in that category but after 20 years in the job at Arsenal he had won countless Premier League titles and FA Cup trophies. What alarmed me was the campaign on here to promote Monk when it was clear as day that he was clueless and totally out of his depth. As others have pointed out Monk is only 41 but has ready had fo
  3. A lot of criticism was voiced by others when I pointed out last March pre-lockdown that Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum and should be fired by us.. That was fine because this Site is all about different opinions. However I will be surprised if Monk is offered another Prem/Championhip job. Is he cut out to manage at League 1/2 level? Not convinced personally that he would cut it there. He is the Emperor's Clothes.
  4. What I don't get about your attitude to Pulis is how supportive you were of Monk. Is it all down to his style of football (deliberately haven't used the word philosophy. Does my nut in when pundits/fans use it)? Monk was a truly inept Manager
  5. Is asking DC to remove Monk nauseating? Well, all I can say is that DC has given Monk 6 months more than most Chairman would have done given the truly shocking results and peformances. Monk could easily pick up a significant pay off from DC to add to the pay offs he received from Swansea. Middlesborough and Birmingham City.
  6. I was in touch with the Club yesterday re the need to Get Monk Gone. Spoke with the Comms team and it was a good discussion. I have put together a communication re getting Monk out that is being sent to DC. I ignored @owlstalk who said doing anything was "claptrap"". If you do nothing then don't expect anything re the inept Monk to change.
  7. Everything I am proposing is intended to be respectful to the owner. I recall how DC was making up the salary of SWFC shop and ticket office staff at the start of lockdown when the likes of Aresenal and Tottenham with billions (£) more to spend than us were not. I do believe that if DC had brought in Sgt Wilko from the start to run the club we would now be in a far better position than we are. DC's resouirce plus Wilko's brain would have been powerful.. But we are where we are and I do believe that we must do everything in our power to help DC see that Monk
  8. We all have our different views on here but we all have one thing in common in that we are all hooked on Sheffield Wednesday. My suggested plan is that we all play a part in encouraging DC to act and GET MONK GONE (GMG) Please, please, please do one or more of the following to support GMG: Petition @Owlstalk to start a petition with a banner headline every day this week to get as many GMG signatures as possible Communicate with Club Send emails, phone calls, letters, even dust off the old fax machine and communicate with the club. I wi
  9. We the supporters do not own the club but in my view we need to start a campaign to get DC to act. The inept Monk should have been fired last March pre-lockdown 1 but we are where we are. Any ideas of making DC aware of the need to dismiss Monk need to be urgently expedited. To start with @Owlstalk owes us all one for championing Monk over many months. I propose a full-blooded Owlstalk campaign to get DC to sack the inept Monk the Bournemouth game. Any ideas should be welcome and encouraged to get the message through to DC.
  10. Westwood's form was poor last autumn but before that he had been a quality keeper for us. Monk froze him out! I would like to see him start at Wycombe tomorrow. If we need an extra seat on the bus going down then I suggest we leave Monk behind as I am surerthe team would do better without him.
  11. I can only assume that Arenotwhat seem missed the following matches under Monk: Wednesday 0 Blackburn 5 Wednesday 0 Reading 3 Brentford 5 Wednesday 0 Luton 1 Wednesdsay (Luton also missed a pen and 3 absolute sitters) Monk now has a worse win % than Luhukay. Monk is both abject and inept.
  12. Unfortunately Urhoghide looked like an under 14's player in the home match re Blackburn las season. Remarkably even Monk spotted this and took him off at half time. Two of the Centre halves are suspended and both sendings off were down to their stupid play, if truth be told
  13. Daz nails it and 0114 provides a great diary of an horrific year under Monk. Short clips of added time over the last year would make a great Monk's House of Horrors movie. We should though be thankful that Monk "knows what a good dressing room looks like"!!!
  14. I am so pleased that Monk has just had the one bad week since becoming SWFC manager. It must be bad dreams when I have the following recall: Blackburn 2 Wednesday 1 (1-0 to Wednesday in the 90th minute) Wednesday 0 Blackburn 5 Brentford 5 Wednesday 0 Luton 1 Wednesday 0 (Luton missed a pen and also 3 sitters) Rotherham Utd 3 Wednesday 0 Thank the Lord I was only dreaming.
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