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  1. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Given the dreadful financial situation at the club Mick McCarthy could come in and stabilise things as he did at Ipswich who have little money to spend. He has got an eye for a bargain, e.g. Sears, Waghorn, etc. He would get the team orgainised and committed.
  2. Owls Loyal

    Hands up who rates Jos?

    I was not sure if e6Owl was being ironic but a comment was made in an earlier post: "think he's decent. It's thanks to him that we're able to convert talented academy players into regular first team players - that's something very few managers before have been able to do" Well if e6Owl went to Brentford on Sunday he would have seen that Baker and Thornily were cut to shreds time and again by the opposion players. They looked like mugs who had never played full back in their lives before. Any idiot like Luhukay can put a few youngsters in the first team but if they are way below Championship level it is counter productive for all parties. The real trick is to promote youngsters who can play well at that level.
  3. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Would it have been so difficult after going 2-0 down on Sunday to make a change? Would it be so difficult to come out from being hidden in the dugout to issue some instructions? Would it be so difficult to encourage the players? It does not matter a jot what the financial situation of the club is to do any of these basic things.
  4. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Watson made the following comment re Mick McCarthy: He didn't sort out Ipswich under similar tight financial circumstances (the fans wanted him out) what makes you think he can improve the situation here? Well I should say that Watson has a very short memory. Mick McCarthy went into Ipswich taking on a team who were bottom of the Championship and he managed to pull them clear of relegation. With little or no investment he made Ipswich a mid table Chamopinship team and even managed to make the Play Off's during his time there. He also made a lot of money for the club in astute transfer dealing, e.g. Waghorn's recent sale.
  5. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    RogerWyldesmullet is right when he says that it was a ruddy miracle that we were not on the end of a 6-0, 7-0 or 8-0 thrashing yesterday.. Brentford were so much better than a diisorganised, disjointed, could not care less rabble wearing blue and white stripes. I never thought that I could actually want Palmer to come on as sub it was that bad. It is a so over-used phrase in football but it really did look as though Luhukay had lost the dressing room.
  6. James O'Connor wrote the following: We are in a complete mess because of chansiris stupidity , carlos being crap , and every other idiot who’s been running the club in the last 3 years. Changing the manager won’t change anything . This was always gonna happen What a strange comment. I suggest that J O'Connor should ask the fans of Crystal Palace, Everton, West Ham and Southampton whether they regret their change of manager last season. Closer to home Cardiff were in a very bad way two years ago at the bottom of the Championship but they brought in Neil Warnock who pulled them clear. And on Saturday they played their first home game of the season - in the Premier League! It always has been and always will be about getting a top quality Manager at the helm.
  7. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Hopefully we can turn it round over the next two home games. But the performance at Brentford had relegation stamped all over it. Players to stand down need to be Baker, Thornily, Pelupessy with a sharp shock given to Nuhui, FF & Matias. I am not sure that Luhukay has the personality to do this though.
  8. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    I think a number of posts on this thread are too optimistic. Yesterday was truly dreadful and it felt like the players had given up on Luhukay. QPR lost 7-1 at West Brom and that score could easily have been repeated yesterday. Dawson saved 5, yes 5, one on ones with our keeper. As I said earlier Luhukay went missing on duty and I have a feeling that some soldiers were shot for that in WW2.
  9. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Sally Cinammon wrote the following in respoinse to Gurujuan: "Its very well known in footballing circles that we are ran like a circus and some of the stories which get told... a manager like Mick McCarthy would want nothing to do with us. Period." What I want to know is how is Sally Cinammon so sure about Mick McCarthy's employment plans and prospects? I suspect Sally Cinammon is just making up that fairy tale. How stupid is that?
  10. Owls Loyal

    Its Jos not working

    Great post from Hillsborough Mole on the capitulatyion yesterday: The lack of belief on the pitch has now fully manifested itself in our support. It was so sad yesterday to see our fans go so quiet during the 2nd half - the acceptance of our fate, our lack of fight, lack of ideas, tactics, bewilderment at constant formation changes, the blooding of so many youngsters in our side at the expense of seasoned, experienced pro's It feels like Jos has (and is) slowly but surely alienating whats left of our squad - the most obvious being Westwood, but other players too not getting a look in. Palmer, Fox, Jones, Abdi, Boyd, maybe now Joao - I just don't believe the constant line of they are injured (as Westwood proved with his tweet when Jos had claimed he was injured and he wasn't) It feels like the manager is leaving himself only able to pick the youth because others dont want to play for him, with his constant tinkering. If this is his managerial style I can see why he had only worked 3 months in 4 years. He's poison - hes lost the squad - they don't believe in him. The whole team looked totally demoralised yesterday in the 2nd half. Meanwhile he disappears into his dugout at a time he has 5 young players giving their all for us. No encouragement, no guidance, no motivation from the sidelines - you literally couldn't see our manager at all. All the while Dean Smith was stood right on the line - geeing up his team. As the 2nd goal went in - you'd imagine we'd make a couple of changes? No, The manager disappeared again - and it was Brentford who changed players before we did. We need to change the manager before we leave it to a stage of the season where we are nder pressure and playing catch up. We need someone who will put a smile back on the faces of players and fans alike, get us playing with some belief, establish a system that works and stick to it, and get our experienced, expensive players back in the side and feeling loved again. Jos needs to go - urgently Spot on. Luhukay went missing on duty yersterday. The man is like a frightened mouse in my view.
  11. I was not sure if Wily Fox saw the game at Brentford yeterday but time and again Brentford players made complete mugs of Baker and Thornily. It was embarrassing. Lots of us have of course watched a lots of Championship football over recent years and this is something you rarely see. Most Championship full backs are capable of defendingto a degree. These two are not readuy to play at full back in the Championship. It is OK to play youngsters but they have to be ready and up to it.
  12. Owls Loyal

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man

    Wednesdat In response I should say that I have been supporting since Megson was in the team. And I mean Don not Gary! thisI am seriously concerned about
  13. Owls Loyal

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man

    My thinking was that the Chairman could bring HW in for a year to get the ship righted. Some novice owners of football clubs when realising that the whole set up is collapsing might question themselves or their existing advisors. My suggestion is that Chansiri is at that point now and if he does not do something like bringing in a proper football man like Wilko his whole investment of what must already be £60m plus may simply dissolve.
  14. I am not suggesting that we have a crisis like the time when we nearly went into administration or worse liquidation a few years ago. But the current situation is desperate as the fans have completely lost faith in the judgement and competence of the SWFC Chairman and his team. I would propose a similar solution to back in those dark days in that we bring in Howard Wilkinson to run all aspects of the club. HW saved SWFC from administration and brokered the deal to bring in Milan Mandaric as the new owner. He could make most of the Recruitment team redundant as we are not recruiting and most of their acquisitions have been complete dross anyway. Similarly the CEO Meire would have to report to HW as she seems to be reverting to CAFC mode with the ludicrous decisions such as the Membership charges and Radio Sheffield debacle. Remember that at 74 Howard Wilkinson is only two years older than the individual purportedly leading the most powerful nation in the world. What's in it for Chansiri? Well it might save his £60+ million investment from being washed away.
  15. Owls Loyal

    Boycott Membership

    Living 200 miles away a season ticket is not really viable. I have though liked the membership system as it makes you feel more a part of the club. I still have my Membership Card with a picture of Big Ron's superb team on it! Building the season ticket base is clearly a wise strategy. I would have thought building the memberhip base would too be wise.