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  1. I really enjoyed reading the OP. Just hoping that the Cowley's do not prove to be the exception to the rule.
  2. I would generally agree with ParkOwl's assessment but differ somewhat re the Sgt Wilko era. Using the 5-2-3 formation we really used to go at teams both home and away. In the promotion year the front three of Cunningham (Pearson initially), Bannister and Varadi were full of goals. As were Chapman, Varadi and Marwood on our return to the top flight. Of course it helps no end when your wingbacks are as great at attacking as were Sterland and Worthington. This highlights the current problem in that a Reach, Harris and Fletcher front 3 combined will score less goals that Bannister or Varadi did just by themselves.
  3. I really enjoyed reading the posts on her with some great arguments made. I think that with Hutchinson sitting so deep and with Bannan also at times far back we so need to have Luongo in a midfield three. However Reach, Fletcher and Harris will not produce enough goals. It is tough but at the moment I think we need to get Fernando firing and play him with Fletcher and Harris.
  4. Tom Lees has been a rock in the centre of our defence for over four years. Not only is he a fine defender but he is cool and assured under pressure. The collapse at Blackburn in the last few minutes showed that we are in need of a cool and wise old head. Iorfa has played well in Lees' absence and he could move to right back where he would also add more going forward.. I sometimes read posts on here that imo underestimate Lees' contribution over a long period for the club.
  5. The Bolton result is of no grave importance in my view as we just need one gem. What is important is that not since the early 1980's when Sterland, Shirtliff and Smith became established Premier League players has the SWFC Academy delivered. In that time look at the numbers who have come through at the likes of Southampton, SUFC, Charlton Athletic, all of whom have been down in League 1. Liam Palmer is one of very few to come through and if we are honest with ourselves we could pick up someone of his decent ability on a free transfer in today's market.
  6. As I read Mycroft's post I was just reflecting on all those tremendous 4-1 victories for SWFC over the years at The Riverside and before that at Ayresome Park. It is hard to pick out from the many which was the most entertaining! I think that Gary Monk has made a very good start whether we win, lose or draw at Cardiff tonight. I am not sure what "bloody entertain us" really means.
  7. I despair when I see a post like the one from Mycroft on here: "Monk has sorted out the defence by playing more rigidly he needs to getting the attack playing more freely now and bloody entertain us!!" Many of us recall how it went right down to the wire between us and Aldershot to go down into Division 4 (now called League 2). I wonder if Mycroft was there at the time and if not does he know what league Aldershot are playing in now?
  8. I am not against a ban but the length of the ban does seem over harsh to me.
  9. I agree 100% with Beholder: Tango is the victim of over zealous jobsworths trying to make a point about standing in seated areas by targeting him alone. For someone for whom football is his life and standing at matches is normal, it would be pretty difficult not to react when stewards are singling him out. I don't see what the problem is that people have with him. He is a character. So what? Live and let live ffs Yes, calling a steward a 'slag' is bad but the punishment does in no way seem to fit the crime.
  10. I do have some symapathy with Jordan Rhodes. In league matches he has not had a start and has hardly had any minutes. If only someone could get him scoring again it would ease this huge problem that the club has of his contract and wages.
  11. If Fletcher is unavailable on Saturday then perhaps Jordan Rhodes could be given a go. He has had precious little opportunity since returning from his loan at Norwich. I know it is unlikely but who knows he might just grab a goal and things could start to turn round for him.
  12. To be fair to Lucas J he pretty much made the Reading equalizer single-handedly.
  13. I am beginning to wonder if Tarn Owl is related to the Bullen family? How many times do we have to say that the Bullen for Manager ship has well and truly sailed.
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