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  1. I was one who pushed strongly on here for Paul Cook. He had a good record with promotions at three clubs but I was wrong. Apparently his Assistant Manager did not go to Ipswich, stayed at Wigan and then got them promoted this season. It has been a savage decline for Paul Cook.
  2. Interestingly Darren Purse was mentioned in another thread today and in some ways our situation mirrors that summer under Brian Laws when he brought in Purse, O'Connor and Potter after the team had had a resonable season. Someone on here referred to them as the "Cream of the Crap". I really feel that this summer is abouit adding some extra quality if in perhaps just a few positions to make the team stronger.
  3. Trying to be positive after the huge disappointment of Monday night I do feel we are perhaps in a slighly stronger position than we were this time last year. If I am correct the following players are contracted to the club next season. We all witnessed how we have been ravaged by injuries in recent years so now we need to recruit another team of players in addition to hopefully make us stronger and more capable of going for the two automatic promotion slots: Dawson Palmer Iorfa Hutch Brennan Johnson FDB Byers Bannan Windass Gregory The key to the automatic places will be to not just add quantity but some real extra quality.
  4. Hunt at right wing back for me as Palmer is more of a right back.
  5. I may have got this wrong but I don't think we can be at home in the Sunday Play Off semi-final as I don't think we can finish 3rd?
  6. Over time we have had some dark days. The Dave Allen years being the worst, I thought. But whenever you speak to the Ticket Office you think that is the real Sheffield Wednesday as their attitude is just great.
  7. I have to say that it is also a pleasure speaking with the staff in our Ticket Office.
  8. The Passport Office is not taking calls as they are too busy and the Tracking web site is down. I am nor sure though if the UK Passport Office is willing to accept post sent by pigeon.
  9. I am currently becoming more worried day by day at the non-arrival of my renewed Passport prior to a forthcoming holiday. It is symptomatic of a nation in dreadful decline along with sick Covid patients being discharged to Care Homes, an action that killed 20.000 people. Some "Ring of Care" that was, Hancock!!!! In contast I contacted the SWFC Ticket Office on Monday afternoon and managed to purchase three tickets on the Kop for Saturday. I asked for these to be posted out and the tickets arrived first thing on Wednesday morning. A fantastic service. The SWFC Ticket Office team should imo be running the country.
  10. SAGG are trying to destroy Sheffiekld Wednesday. Legal action should be taken aganist SAGG to close them down.
  11. That cross for Gregory's second goal was an absolute beauty.
  12. Yes indeed, Sir Brian Clough was often not seen at the City Ground during the week but would arrive for home games at Saturday lunchtime. It seemed to work for him.
  13. Great to see a contributor with the name Wilfsmith. I used to love his play when I was young. What a great right back to go with Nillson, Zico Sterland and Simek.
  14. Does anyone have an update on Sam Hutchinson? Despite all the negative comments at the time when he came back to the club I think he has played very well and it looks like he cares too.
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