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  1. I suspect that our three great Managers in Big Jack, Sgt Wilko and Big Ron would all have done just fine without their own group of coaches. I saw a team under Monk that was poorly organised, lacked fight or fluidity and constantly gave away late goals. I can see why Swansea, Boro and Brum got rid of Monk so quickly.
  2. Since the start of the year @Owlstalk has been a great cheer leader for Monk and that is his opinion which is fine. It is a forum. I have a very different view of Monk based on the truly appalling results and performances since Xmas. Monk breeds conflict because he is a very poor leader and I have to say stupid with it. In virtually every club in the Premier and EFL Monk would have been fired at lockdown and without doubt at the season end. Chairman do not keep losers but in Chansiri the inept Monk got lucky.
  3. If Monk's results are as pitiful as they were post Xmas it will be far from an era. Monk is hugely under the spotlight because of his dreadful results and performances.
  4. Monk will be under the microscope before the end of September not Christmas He desperately needs results because well over two thirds of the fanbase based on a number of polls wanted Monk out. It could only be Chansiri as Chairman who would have retained him. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.
  5. Agree totally Student Owl. Monk is the Emperor's Clothes so he always talks a good game. Monk needs points on the board urgently because post Christmas under Monk was truly disastrous.
  6. Monk is a dead man walking. Most of us know that he is both abject and inept. I don't trust him either.
  7. I generally agree with Gurujuan on most topics including the fact that Monk shouyld no longer be manager of SWFC. However Da Cruz over Windass I cannot agree. I occasionally see the odd National Leagure game and Da Cruz would not even stand out at that level.
  8. Chansiri is a decent man. Get rid of Paxo and Monk and we could push on but with these two muppets at the helm League One beckons, I am sad to say.
  9. I so wish DC woukld appoint a capable CEO, sound and honest Football Advisor and a proper inspiring Football Manager. He could then halt the decline to League One and start rebuilding the club. Wolves managed to do it from a very similar situation and look where they are now.
  10. Monk could not even get us one more win and a draw since Xmas. A win and a draw would have meant that with a 12 point deduction in season 2019-20 this would have kept us up. We would now have a clean slate. Monk really is one of the most uninspiring, useless and inept managers SWFC has ever had. I would put Monk up there with Steve Burtenshaw, Chris Turner and Alan Irvine.
  11. Monk was at the club when he became Manager of Swansea due to a previously successful manager leaving. it went sour for Monk after a short period and he was fired. He was also fired by Boro and Brum after short stays. His time at SWFC has so far been disastrous in terms of results and performances.
  12. I know some people who rave about Charlie Goode at Northampton but have QPR not already moved in on him?
  13. Most supporters know that it is highly likely that what we have seen under Monk will continue if he is kept on. Lack of a way of playing. zero tactics, strange selections and substitutions, dreadful perfoprmnaces and even worse results. He has to go to give us a fighting chance of survival.
  14. I am still waiting for that one piece of evidence from what we have seen of Monk and his style of football to suggest that he should be kept on.
  15. It is bad enough having one leg tied down by a points deduction but a hopeless sceanario to have the other leg tied down by having the uninspiring, tactically inept and dodgy Monk as your manager.
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