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  1. Neon Nick suggests that we have Urhoghide and Penney in our back four. Well Blackburn targeted Urhoghide and destroyed him to the point that he had to be taken out of the firing line at half time on Saturday. This is professional football at Champioship level and it is knowing and ruthless. Hopefully he can have develop his defending in Under 23 games or even a loan spell perhaps?
  2. I am always reluctant to criticise DC as we have had so many Chairman who have put absolutely zero into the club. We have even had a Chairman who used the club to feather his own nest, namely Dave Richards. I just so wish that DC would get himself a wise adviser to run the club on his behalf..
  3. Like many on here I want Monk to come good and we do need to give him some time as the legacy he has inherited is poor. But the three home defeats in a row are a major source of worry. The OP suggests he is a slow learner and if I were SWFC Manager I would take these learnings from yesterday: - 4-5-1 works well for us away from home but at home we need two up front - Lee sadly looks finished at this level - Bannan should not be the CDM - Bannan should not be captain - Murphy is better off the bench if needed - Nuhui's role is as a last 20 minute sub if needed - Chansiri needs to be told that Wickham should have been in 9 days ago and to stop messing up
  4. I thought that was a very well balanced assessment by OwlAbroad. I like others want Monk to do well but even with the mitigating circumstances I am beginning to worry that he is not learning quickly enough. Yesterday's formation looked to be a mistake from the outset, as was the line up versus Cardiff. Bannan virtually in the back four, Lee struggling desperately, Murphy who is a complete luxury item, Wiinnal on his own up front with two giant centre backs to contend with and and the young right back clearly not ready and completely destroyed. I do wonder if a wiser older head might help Monk if nothing other than to challenge his thinking. It was interesting to see several conversations bewteen Stuart Gray and Parker in Fulhams' match on Friday night as an example.
  5. I underrstand where you are coming from and for years I had the same hope that Palmer could make the position his own. I do think his control of the ball looks to have improved but going forward he creates so little and of course he never scores. Most worryingly his errors against West Brom away and Cardiff home were just inexplicable. In al honesty I lost faith that he could tie up a position where we have had some really fine players, Wilf Smith, Mel Sterland, Roland, Simek and to a lesser degree Buxton.
  6. Saw Connor Wickham at the play off final at Wembley (sadly not playing).. It would be great to see if he can rekindle the chemistry he had with the club again.
  7. Whelan did a Bosman on us. As result we got a fraction of what he was worth from Stoke.
  8. Unlike some posts in another thread I believe that Kadeem Harris has been an excellent signing for us. As we know his main threat is to get down that left flank, get by the full back and clip a ball in looking for Fletcher's head. However some teams put two men on him and in the Cardiff game just one but they had a solid right back (I don't think it was Peltier but not sure). Now to offer something different FF plays well down the left but can cut back really cleverly and make something happen. The Championship is a tough league and at home we lack a goal threat. FF can provide something distinctly different in my view.
  9. In the pre-Brighton Press Conference the journalists did not even ask about FF or where he is in his recovery. He seems to be off the radar and an update would be very welcome in my view. I may be in a minority on here but I still believe that a fit and firing Fernando Forestieri would bring a different dimension to the team that we do not currently possess.
  10. Hogan had a serious knee injury and has not scored many goals since.
  11. Personally I would switch to the Brentford model. The SWFC Academy has been a cost burden since the quality crop of youith players who came through in the early 1980's. Sterland, Smith and Shirtliff became very decent Premier league players, plus Pressman a little later. Sine then I do not think we have produced a Premier League player. Over the last 20 years the SUFC Academy has produced Lowton, Naughton, Jagielka, McGuire and others - some of whom have progressed to international level. Running an Under 23 side with talent recruited from Premier League Academy rejects and young talent from Europe would surely be more productive.
  12. I thought the OP from Holmowl was very thought-provoking. Our play at home seems to me to be very formatted and even formal. It consists of giving it to Bannan to hit a wonder ball or to Kadeem-Harris in the hope that he can beat the 2/3 men in front of him. There is nopthing for eaxmple of the free spirit that you see in Brentford's fluid system at home. Dare I say it as it no longer seems popular but I would love to see FF back on the pitch and playing. He is capable of moments of creativity that can win a game.
  13. If true that is excellent news re Tom Lees. He has been oustanding since coming back into the side after injury. The cool head we need.
  14. Lees was outstanding at Derby. To accommodate Borner then Iorfa will have to go to right back intead of Palmer.
  15. Just a brief word of thanks to Bigger Guns who seems to be a voice of expertise and reason on here.
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