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  1. I do agree Jack The Hat althouigh in the interests of balance a linesman robbed us on two points re Shrewsbury with a pathetic off side call. We really need to start firing to even think about promotion. Moore has so far failed to get the team firing imo.
  2. Yes, totally agree Screen Door Slams. The 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 whichever term you prefer does give us that important partner for Lee Gregory who has looked lost and isolated in so many games under Moore. Far better though than Moore's front 3 of front 1 formations. But why on earth did he spend the summer bringing in wide players: TC, Shodipo, Johnson, chasing Simms and we already had Green.
  3. Another home defeat against Bolton on Saturday and the crowd may well turn on Moore. Maybe we should not be knocking it out of the ball park but with the squad we have for League One we are imo under-achieving. And there is that word again used about him so often at West Brom: "under-achieving".
  4. I agree 100% with daveyboy 66 and SouthieOwl. Moore was underperforming at West Brom which is why they took the decision to fire him after Christmas when even the play off's were beginning to look uncertain. Doncaster was an OK job but he has no promotion on his CV. To be fair to DC he has backed Moore really well but the Manager is just not delivering. It seems to me that the end of October is the absolute limit or we will be in League One for definite next season
  5. This is why we need to switch to 4-4-2 as a matter of urgency as everyone can see that 4-3-3 is not working for us (all except DM that is). Tons of possession at the back but very few shots and even fewer goals scored. With 4-4-2 we can play Berahino up or just behind Gregory who is currently so isolated. This would also suit Windasss to when fit again. Shodipo then takes one wide berth and Bannan the other. Carlos always played Bannan on the left of the four in midfield. If we can get Massimo Loungo fit then he and DA can play in the middle.
  6. Although Chansiri can be quite patient indeed may be over patient at times with underperforming Managers, e.g the hapless Monk but I thought this post from Blue and White was spot on: I think the very minimum Chansiri is expecting is top 6 given the level of backing he has given Moore. I would surmise that if we are off the pace come Christmas Moore will be no Moore
  7. I agree with Avonbasksdale saying that we need to have some players in the side who can score a goal or two as Bannan and our defenders rarely chip in: I think we need more players that are a genuine goal threat in the team , not seen much of sow so don’t want to judge him but out the rest of Saturdays team I’d say there was only Gregory . We need a genuine threat from midfield as well as the wide players and big Dom needs to be chipping in this season. Ideally I’d like 4/5 players you’d think could get a goal.
  8. Yes, I do agree with you and am still hopeful that DM can turn us into a promotion side. Clearly Massimo Luongo is a huge loss because without him we look soft-centred. I was just reflecting on the minimal number af games some Promotion teams lose. There is often that toughness and sheer determination about those sides that says "we must not lose".
  9. I cannot begin to imagine the horror of Sgt Wilko's reaction to the defeats against Morecambe and Plymouth. He inherited a good side from Big Jack but in his first seasion took Wednesday from the Championship (current terminology) into the top tier. From the word go the side was focused and determined and lost very few games. Hopefully i am worrying unduly but we have played 6 games and alraedy lost two.
  10. Gary Megson to be announced on the coaching team and the players to be given sheer hell after the two apologies of performances at Morecambe and Plymouth.
  11. It is great that someone has raised this issue. Darren Moore needs to show that he is the boss and just have Bannan on the occasional set piece. Bannan's deliveries are so predictable we need far more variety as behindthegoal says.
  12. Chris Turner shopuld be up there in the worst Wednesday manager stakes. He was a Walter Mitty living on Planet Zog He sold Grant Holt who became a £2 million player to Rochdale for £10,000. He then used the money to buy Ole Tidman and Kim Olsen. Two of the worst players ever to represent SWFC.
  13. Wilf Smith was fabulous right back Could defend and attack with the best. Would be worth milliuons today.
  14. Carlton Palmer. It was like we had 12 men on the pitch at times as Carlton was everywhere.
  15. It is good to see a player improving at the club who can be a good asset in League One.
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