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  1. This season has been positive

    I thought that there were some pretty good observations here. I had the misfortune to go to both the Bristol City and QPR games and the OP rightly pointed out that the sudden and random switch to a flat back four in these two games proved disastrous. The 5-3-2 in my view has looked the best in terms of solidity while giving us some presence up front. Looking to next season I agree that the two key priorities have to be a high qualiuty Centre Half to play with Lees and of course a new Left wing back.
  2. The last time we brought through players to play at Division 1/Premier League level was well over 30 years ago. The Youth set up brought through Sterland, Shirtliff and Smith and since then only Pressman and (Palmer?) The Hirst debacle suggests to me that we should shut the Academy down and save the money. We then run an U23 team for players out of the first team and younger players poached from other clubs in lower divisions/non-league. Look at the suucess Peterborough have had bringing through players from Non League. The fault lies with the greed of the Premier League in my view.
  3. Mathematically safe now

    Hull have been on fire and scoring lots of goals so a win is great. Plus it does enable us now to plan ahead
  4. Mathematically safe now

    At one time it looked very grim so well done.
  5. Back four

    I think we need to be a little careful saying the team played quite well after being 4-0 down. QPR in common with many teams up by a 4-0 scoreline seemed happier to waste time until the game finished rather than score even more.
  6. Four at the back - why oh why?

    Yes, Thornily offers zero going forward on the left of a flat back four. His lack of technique was embarrassing at times tonight and QPR saw a weak link. His only hope in my view is to play in a central three.
  7. Four at the back - why oh why?

    Like many others I always value DJM's posts. I think the issue may though be that the defence of Westwood plus a great centre back pairing of Lees and Loovens gave us as you say a tremendous defensive record in those two seasons. But Wildsmith had a shocker tonight and Loovens legs went fairly suddenly a year ago while Lees was out injured for a long while. At Bristol it was clear to see that Pudil is lost in a flat back four while tonight Thornily was very poor at left back. I think the 5-3-2 looks more solid and enables Nuhui and Joao to play centrally up front. I am just hoping JL can learn from his mistakes.
  8. Against Bristol City we out of the blue switched to four at the back. We were 3-0 down by half time and lost 4-0. Against QPR tonight we out of the blue switched to four at the back. We were 3-0 down by half time and conceded again to make it 4-0 (we then scored 2 consolations). I am broadly supportive of JL and the hand that he was dealt but I am worried that he does not seem to learn from previous mistakes.
  9. Joey Pelupessy

    Along no doubt with many others who went to the 4-0 drubbing at Bristol City I am very sceptical about Peluplessy. He was dreadful that day and how he was not subbed off was beyond me. Dutch players are often technically very good but he seems to be the exception. Maybe a tough pre-season might help to get him up to the speed and physicality of the Championship.
  10. I thoughgt the design looked great. Please can we add the black shorts too.
  11. It seems that the idea has not been well-received. Maybe I am different to others but I would be happy to contribute. Harry Kane is now worth £200 million. There is a chance albeit a small chance that George Hirst could be the next Harry Kane
  12. His performance at Bristol City was truly dreadful. No physical presence and constantly giving the ball away. I hope that others are right when they say that next season he will improve. I saw the Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers game a few weeks back. Both are in the League 2 play of spots and their central midfield players looked streets ahead of Peluplessy in terms of physique and nouse. A loan to a League 2 level side next season might work well.
  13. Player rating from today

    Agreed 100% You probably have to go back to Irvine days to recall a performance as poor as Peluplessey's at Bristol City last week.
  14. Back to one game a week

    Why would anyone put Peluplessy in the side? He may be National League standard but I am not even sure about that.
  15. Loved Anlaby's post re Gary Shelton. So accurate that Shelton and and his oppo Megson as a two could dominate three or four man midfields in the top tier of English football. Now that is what good player recruitment is all about.