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  1. Big Mick McCarthy dod not take Ipswich Town down. He got them in the Championship Play Off's and then kept them mid-table on no net spend. Paul Hurst and Paul Lambert took Ipswich down last season.
  2. Monk's record since Xmas means surely it is fine to discuss an alternative. Only Hull City have a worse record and we could easily go bottom of that table this week.
  3. I am more than happy to discuss Monk leaving SWFC. I thought this was a debating forum afterall. I want the club to succeed as we all do but I wish someone could give just one piece of evidence suggesting that Monk is the right man to take the club forward.
  4. If you get Sunderland and Wolves promoted to the PL then lose your job later on then you have still done well. On a number of occasions Warnock has done the same but still brought his club in £120+ million of Premier League money. Unfortunately Monk has achieved nothing in football management and I see no evidence to suggest that he ever will.
  5. I would not want Monk to rebuild my old brick bbq. Never in a million years would I give him the job of rebuilding SWFC. As others have said please give us one fragment of evidence that suggests Monk might be a good choice for that job.
  6. As Gurujuan says the results are concerning. I think we all hoped for an upturn on the restart of the Championship. But we have 4 poiints from 4 games. Over the course of a season that form clearly equals 46 points and relegation. Monk is failing miserably.
  7. I do agree that for virtually all managers the sack comes eventually. Even Arsene Wenger at Arsenal was fired after 20 + years of winning trophies. But the key fact with Monk is that he has been fired after very short tenures. His tenure is averaging at less than 12 months. Monk is divisive and falls out with people. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum
  8. This fan base is no different to those at other clubs in that they can see when a manager is failing miserably. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.
  9. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum. Big Mick McCarthy though has achieved some success in football management unlike Monk. Two promotions to the Premier League and a Championship play off with hard up Ipswich Town is a very decent record.
  10. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum. He is now failing miserably at SWFC. Mick McCarthy is available and would be a steady pair of hands in these troubled times for the club. Just for the record Mick McCarthy achiveved: Promotion to the Premier League - Sunderland Promotion to the Premier League - Wolves Play Off's - Ipswich Town Qualified for World Cup Finals and reached secondf Stage in South Korea with the Republic of Ireland.
  11. Brilliant post by ashley8 in my view: Wanted him to work at first because he played for us. However we did well first half of season playing awful. But we did so stomach it as long as we are up there. Hate crap football but hoped it was just until he got us football. Never came. Then publicly attacked players. Showed he is not good enough, telling players they have to be mentally strong focusing on their mentality. Lacking the ability to take responsibility. Destroying his control with players by at Christmas telling those who were not getting contracts and seeming to say on the radio he can only do honest. Utter dog do in football today. GO GO GO. Get rid shows he is single minded and time has proved he is not a manager for today's football he's an 80's throw back and hence the awful football tactics and man management of Trump. His comments on team to the media ended any hope for me. There is no way we want to give him the decision on players going or coming in. Simply because he should have already gone by now should have after the fall out after Stoke. Chansiri use the time to find someone else
  12. I agree 100% with Plonk. Monk was fired by Swansea, Boro and Brum and has not even achieved a Play Off finish. When he is fired by SWFC , hopefully in the summere, he may pick up a League 1 or 2 job.
  13. The thing in my view is that Jim is right. Monk is the Emperor's clothes. In reality there is nothing there behind the facade. Monk was fired by Swanse, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.
  14. Yes, 5-1 is interesting as Monk could be gone very quickly if results and performances stay the same as before lockdown.
  15. I would have thought Monk would have been top of the list alongside the Hull manager although it could be argued that McCann had his two best players sold by the club in the January window. Bowyer got Charlton promoted from League 1 and with little investment it was always going to be tough. Monk since Christmas has been truly abysmal with shocking results and performances lockdown saved his job in my view. Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.
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