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  1. I am beginning to wonder if Tarn Owl is related to the Bullen family? How many times do we have to say that the Bullen for Manager ship has well and truly sailed.
  2. Just hoping that all the optimism about getting the Cowley's in is not fading. The thought of going to Huddersfield with Bullen in charge is so depressing.
  3. I am not sure where Gurujuan is going with all this. Poite summed it up brilliantly: The best way to improve things on the field with the current squad is to appoint a proper manager. We need to focus on pressurising the Club to get a proper Manager appointed who kows the Championship. In fact I am very disappointed that Bullen has not ruled himself out.
  4. Agree with Steelowl 100% as Bullen's time as manager is well and tryuly history: More likely 1) He's given Bullen a chance and been looking at the same time, however the target guys don't want to come or he won't pay what they want 2) After the Bruce debacle he wants a loyal guy hence not considering Rowett and he's just not happy with those who want the job 3) He has a few in the frame yet cannot make his mind up despite the clock ticking on this season eg like the indecision over shirt design in our anniversary year IMO the decision should've been made last week or imminently, this break is the ideal opportunity to get someone in and to try and make a fist of this season
  5. Our Chairman is in my view a good man. The snake Bruce treated him very badly indeed. But we have now to move forward as a club. Bullen is not "ready" and totally out of his depth as Manager and will hopefully return this week to a Coaching role. We need to get an experienced Championship Manager in this week as the season could still turn into a disaster otherwise.
  6. While acknowledging Skyline wants a new manager he also commented on the followiing: I really hoped Bullen would prove us all rong but he's been dealt with a shitty hand. No coaching staff, no word from DC on his appointment, and the fans are already on his back I find it hard to come back from already. I have to say that Bullen's biggest problem is that he is not a Championship manager and has been dreadfully exposed in the recent performances by the team. Bullen should come out and say "I am not ready for the SWFC Manager's job".
  7. This is not the case. West Brom were left with a number of key assets who have since been sold: Evans, Rodriguez, Dawson to name just three.
  8. Did Gurujuan witness the match on Saturday v QPR?
  9. Yes, Pulis would not be my first choice either. But witnessing some of the recent abject performances under Bullen I would now welcome Tony Pulis. This Caretaker nonsense needs to end now during this international break.
  10. It seems to me that it is fine to want to buy food and beverages inside the grouund. It is personal choice. I like to because in theory it puts £money into the club. I visited the Emiates a few years back and the food halls were amazing. Light years away from our offering. What is even more frightening is that I have visited Nation League grounds who have a better food and beverages offer than SWFC.
  11. Bullen has come to the end of his period as Caretaker, imo. Hardly any fans want him as Manager. Saturday was totally abject and he was responsible for that performance.
  12. Tarn Owl is clutching at straws. You would have to be insane to appoint Bullen permanent Manager particularly if you have just invested £100+.
  13. Tarn Owl must realise that the Bullen for Manager ship has already sailed. The performances against Millwall, Luton, Preston and Rotherjham were poor. Saturday's performance was totally was totally abject. A dozen different callers to to Radio Sheffield on Saturday evening wanted him out. I do not use Twitter but have been informed that a poll on Bullen for Manager was 100% against hios appointment. If the Chairman acts now Bullen can save face and hopefully return to a coaching role at the club.
  14. The one thing that you cannot skimp on is the Manager's salary. We need a quality candidate like a Chris Hughton and getting us up would solve all the financial worries at a stroke. Just like it has done for Villa.
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