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  1. Carlton Palmer. It was like we had 12 men on the pitch at times as Carlton was everywhere.
  2. It is good to see a player improving at the club who can be a good asset in League One.
  3. I thought JP had a really good game last night and his play seems to have improved. This could be another Morgan Fox re-evaluatiion needed. He also seems to be fit and enjoy playing for us.
  4. The match we played under Gary Megson at the Brighton athletics stadium. It felt like being half a mile away at the end given to our supporters.
  5. Surely even Chansiri is not stupid enough to think that he can ever set foot inside Hillsborough again.
  6. I guess there may be people who still support Chansiri but I do belive that they are less than 5% of the fanbase. Most SWFC fans want a new owner and pray that it is someone who either knows how to run a football club or if not then brings in quality people to do just that. A CEO, Finance Director, Commercial Director and Team Manager all of whom have track records of success elsewhere would be a good start.
  7. I agree 100% with latemodelchild who puts it very well indeed. Every single aspect of the club has been a shambolic failure under Chansiri. He could not even ensure that all young players' contracts gave the club the option of an extra year if we desired. Ridiculous! The man is bothy clueless and negligent. It beggars belief that he has not put in place a CEO, Financial Director and Commercial Director.
  8. I agree with a lot of hirstys_achilles points. What on earth were the "management team" playing at making their first attacking substitution in the 82nd minute when we were losing 1-0, yes losing 1-0. Any manager worth his salt anywhere in the world would have seen after 60 minutes that it was time for a change. They should have switched off the phone to Moore and taken responsibility. If nothing else inject something new, e.g. Green, Harris and Kachunga rather than sleep walk to another defeat. Make no mistake Watford were off colour yesterday
  9. S.kirbyowl hits the nail on the head. Celtic have and are continuing to exploit a loophole in the EFL and EPL regulations that allows Scottish and European clubs to sign young players from English clubs without a proper process to pay appropiate compensation. Yes, it is true that Chansiri has been caught with his pants around his ankles for the umpteenth time. But action needs taking so that the likes of Celtic , Shaw and his Agent cannot screw clubs like Wednesday who have invested in developing this young kid for over ten years.
  10. Strangely I do not have a Scottish team. If I did have it would be St Johnstone through various work trips and visits to Perth. Celtic are exploiting a loophole. If Shaw were moving to an English club we would be entitled to a tribunal-determined fee. Not ideal but better that the minimal com[ensation that we will get from Celtic. This enables Celtic to expoloit the system.
  11. I think that for most Chairmen in the EFL the 5-0 surrender at Brentford away last season would have been and should have been Monk's last day in charge. It was truly truly pitiful.
  12. I agree 100% with Englishman. Eze and Bellingham both did this as a way of saying thank you to the respective clubs that had brought them though.
  13. Can Chansiri turn this around? Possibly if when relegation is confirmed he issues a statement to say that the relationship with Paxo has been terminated and that a new CEO with a proven track record will now run the club with Chansiri in absentia. This would need to be accompanied by the principles of a New Dawn. With the right investment and a competent management structure in place the club might halt the downward spiral and might even in time save DC his £150-£200 million.
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