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  1. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Scored a belter in front of the kop. Great celebration stood majestically with arms aloft......happy days!!
  2. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Brian Hornsby : In the Big jack era : Great Player
  3. Almain Abdi

    Disappointing signing.....as was Andy Sinton. Really thought they would be good. Nothing happened.
  4. What do we use to assess this apocryphal form? Is it their 100m sprint times, who won at the bleep test. Or who scored in a 5 a side game? How on earth is form measured between actual competitive matches? They can only be playing short spells against each other.......and most of the squad are injured.
  5. What will happen?

    We have brilliant vocal support when we win. Sadly we now descend into self hatred and searching for scapegoats whenever we lose. The question is does this keep players and management on their toes to work hard to gain every point? Or would we be better giving vocal support to help encourage willing servants who are going through a bad patch sometimes?
  6. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    A lot of discussion of injuries on here today.....symptomatic of this season really. Come on you Owls lets have 4 great goals in the second half again. I like hearing about our goals better than injuries. And I hope Fox is OK. He has had a hard time this season. Good supporters should try and encourage the best from all our players.
  7. Current Strikers - Goals per Minute

    You can only play the ones who are fit. So we can't have Hooper nor Fletcher this season. FF will not be fit enough for 90 minutes for a while. Rhodes does not seem to be fit mentally. So that leaves Nuhiu and Joao Doesn't seem like there are many options.
  8. Beast of a player. Injuries and other fitness issues blighted his career. Still has the hardest recorded shot in the premier league.
  9. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Like stripes if you tip your head on one side
  10. Lucas Joao

    Joao ends up at Swansea on a cheap deal. Ends up with 20 premiership goals next season. Gets sold to Manchelski and Swansea replace him with.........Jordan Rhodes!!!!
  11. Luhukay out.

    Yes what thread was this is?
  12. Announce the stripes!!!

    You know the longer a bad run exists. Then the more superstitious beliefs we begin to follow. Stripes, black shorts, blue shorts, stripey socks....anon. But the truth is we just can't accept we are having just another crap season.
  13. Ross Wallace

    Been a very good player and a brilliant free transfer. What is the injury?
  14. Abdi at Forest last season......brilliant ......can we have that one back