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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Kop usual spot RHS of goal. With my Dad (now 84 ) and my crazy sisters. Happy memories of div 3 football. Don't care where we are as long as we win more than we loose in a season!!!!!
  2. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Well him or Westwood both were free
  3. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Were you at the match on Tuesday?
  4. Today's Team

    Having only seen brief substitute appearances from Butterfield I cannot work out what sort of player he is yet. Has he got the henergies of Lee?
  5. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Bump Excellent OP Snooty. Can you do the same type of review for Owls vs Brentford please?
  6. Fernando who ??

    FF is a great player. If he goes then I hope we don't sell to another team in this league. BUT we have to be able to play without him ( all players get injured in the modern game). Today we looked a threatening side without him. We have to adapt to absences. Trouble is we seem to have no understudy for K. Lee
  7. Kieran Lee starts today for Sheffield Wednesday

    Well lets see. I hope you are correct.

    I hope so I m grounded in Nottingham and have to watch on sky with my mates who all support the Florists
  9. Kieran Lee starts today for Sheffield Wednesday

    Is he that good?
  10. Walk-out music

    Well I would much prefer a statue of the mighty Phil Lynott than Fulham's Michael Jackson out side the ground.
  11. Erection....

    Should be a Grade 2* listed building. The finest football stand in the world. We should demolish the West Stand and get some world heritage organisation to pay for a continuation of the North Stand around the corner and to the West.
  12. Liam Palmer

    Ooh err is that a type of laxative? That'll get him running quick
  13. If We Can't Beat Burton Albion

    So are you Nuhiu or Matias ? .....and I thought it was just after half time...about 70 minutes if I recall.
  14. Boyd and Hunt

    Jack Hunt : good player, works hard, adapts to who ever he is asked to partner, adapts to some very difficult opponents, has been part of a very good defensive unit. Give him a break you guys.
  15. Joao

    Was n't there yesterday. But I have seen him do this on other occasions. Easy for others to knock the big lad. But I agree with you. He does that job well. Weirdly he is weak in the air for such a giant. But he is very good a protecting the ball on the floor. Holding on will always be required in certain matches this season. Purists may not like it, I don't enjoy it. BUT picking up 3 pts instead of 1 is always handy.