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  1. Owl in Nottingham

    Categorise the squad

    He was a Nottingham man as well Leslie Crowther Never too fussed.....but his daughter married Phil Lynott....he was full on rock n roll!
  2. Owl in Nottingham

    Categorise the squad

    Very hard to define and even harder to achieve the right price.
  3. Owl in Nottingham

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Sums it up in a nutshell. Made sense at the time. Other than injuries it worked.
  4. Owl in Nottingham

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Ooops you are correct I did
  5. Owl in Nottingham

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Brilliant Killing Joke
  6. Owl in Nottingham

    Abdi & Jones

    Well his fingers look better
  7. Owl in Nottingham

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Nuhiu isn't young enough to be called youth
  8. Oh come on. Loovens (injured and legs gone) Wallace (injured getting old) Clare (injured not played much) Hirst (no first team evidence) Rhodes (just never worked did it) Butterfield (no one can call this a significant loss).
  9. Yes....and it clearly traces back to the penalty miss at Leeds. Somehow you could tell it wasn't going to work out. Such a shame he seems a decent bloke.
  10. Owl in Nottingham

    Match day parking near the ground

    Building and Paving supplies car park. Easy to get in ......just takes ages to get away. I drop my very immobile and registered disabled 85 year old father at the Herries Road/ Rawson Spring road corner while I park. He hobbles to the Herries Road/ Penistone Road Corner and sits on the wall until I get there and we head to ........you guessed it...The South Stand. I do think the club could make better provision for guys like my Dad who have supported the team all their lives. Just a dropping off point where all those expensive Range Rovers and Bentley's are parked would help.....and I would be driving not my Dad so they would not have to worry about the scraped paintwork!!!!!
  11. Flemming (from the Charlton era) Butterfield O'Connor
  12. Owl in Nottingham

    Top 6 The Maximum Expectation or the Minimum

    Top half is an improvement and also realistic Hoping for a bit more Would be really nice if we had a decent start
  13. Owl in Nottingham

    We got a player on our hands!

    May have neshed the tackles.....but stayed out of the sick bay
  14. Owl in Nottingham

    Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Scored a belter in front of the kop. Great celebration stood majestically with arms aloft......happy days!!
  15. Owl in Nottingham

    Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Brian Hornsby : In the Big jack era : Great Player