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  1. I have a friend who gives me this logic as to why Rhodes is failing. That is; that the 'modern' game is some how different to 4 years ago. I am not so sure that this is the case, but interested to hear the argument. What has changed in modern football that leads people to believe pace is the only attribute (I am guessing you mean this as you say JR is 'too pedestrian' )? The Blunts seem to score plenty of goals and their strikers almost define the term pedestrian. In our team Fletcher has been excellent this season yet he and equally Hooper are not particularly pacey. I think Rhodes may have something to offer even now. Yes I would agree let him go if any sort of offer comes in. However if (I know, I know, it is a big if and yes if poo were pudding nobody would starve), but if, he could regain his confidence in the box he could be more than useful. I actually think we need a confident man in the box who just puts the ball where the keeper isn't, rather than making one pass too many or blasting it straight at the keeper. Its getting his confidence back that is the issue not his lack of pace (pedestrianism) or the 'modern' game.
  2. No brainer really had to pick Roland. But Ray Blackhall was there when I started going to matches. He seemed so solid wanted to vote for him.
  3. He's not even the best keeper we have ...is he Jos?
  4. Brilliant player, very influential...changed my life...I took a photo of him to the hairdressers to get my wedge cut...worked wonders...I met my wife! Seriously though great partnership with Varadi, which we never really got again under Wilko. Chapman was pretty reliable but Tomo and Colin West just didn't work. Can't believe those Bannister stats...no wonder life felt so good back then.
  5. Jos has surely been totally and utterly shown to have made bad team selection decisions. His tactical set ups were not any good either. Cost us the season
  6. Aren't chairs really awkward to throw. I mean I can understand if under severe attack throwing a brick or a bottle. But a chair? I mean how can you properly aim the thing? I've been watching Vikings too much. But notice they never throw chairs. Spears yes, and hatchet now that would have been hooliganism without a doubt.
  7. RIP Claire and also to any other Owls that we have lost. And the same to anyone who dies from such a horrible disease or for that matter anyone who dies form any other horrible disease. But what happens if Billy Blunt scores in the middle of the minutes applause? What on earth is the right thing to do then.
  8. Hmm Pearce, Sinton, Atherton, Nolan, Yonk, Jemson. All were worse than who they were bought to replace.
  9. Some of the injuries were clearly not injuries. Westwood was out for a year. We were told it was an injury for a while. Suddenly we get a recovery. Hutch has had injuries but when he was fit Jos chose not to play him. Fletch was being rotated in and out of the team. Since we have given him consistent starts he has played much better. Abdi hasn't DC himself announced that the issue is more than an injury. Hopefully Bruce "I'll have to box clever with it...No good. We'll have to find out why" will get to the bottom of what has been going on for some time.
  10. I think he could be more of a Lawrie Madden. Unspectacular but surprisingly tough.
  11. I find this a very sad thread. I have taken visiting friends with me to matches at Hillsborough. Forest fans, Leeds fans, Brentford fans and Arsenal fans. I have sat with mates at City Ground, Elland Road and I was sat with Blunts supporters when Curran scored that wonder goal in the Boxing Day season return match. Why can't people tolerate somebody choosing to support a different team? I enjoy the win even more when my mates were supporting the opposition...who needs childish violence?
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