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  1. He never quite recovered his form after this. I suspect it is the reason that his injuries were never fully explained to us. He was clearly recovering form a transitioning error.
  2. I was at Kaiserslauten you are spot on best atmosphere ever. And was great fun...to start with!
  3. Merry Christmas...its always better when the Owls have a good one.
  4. I was a Kop man for years but these days I take my 86 year old Dad so we sit in the South...still nice when Bazza celebrates right in front of the fans for that Peno that put us 3rd for Xmas. Enjoy the ride!
  5. Oh FFS Turn up. Shout loud. and believe. Enjoy the goals when score them. Win and we go 3rd. Worry about the future when it arrives. Spunk the moment.
  6. If we agree that both sides in any case should be allowed representation, then 50% of the time the QC must be employed by someone who is wrong.
  7. I am with you on this. Just can't believe we will win matches. We seem so brittle. Can be ahead with minutes left and you just expect it to go wrong.
  8. The line up looks solid which makes sense in the North West on another wet day. If Fletcher can be clinical in his finishing we can win this.
  9. Lee...but weirdly @ 60 minutes I wanted him subbed to keep him fit for the next match. Great footballer please stay fit.
  10. Had a good game Not quite as good as Van Aken's early games but solid. Hopeful but not getting carried away yet.
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