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  1. The line up looks solid which makes sense in the North West on another wet day. If Fletcher can be clinical in his finishing we can win this.
  2. ???Has he had shoulder injuries previously?
  3. Lee...but weirdly @ 60 minutes I wanted him subbed to keep him fit for the next match. Great footballer please stay fit.
  4. Had a good game Not quite as good as Van Aken's early games but solid. Hopeful but not getting carried away yet.
  5. I would have kept Gary Hooper. But hey you can't put the poo back in the horse.
  6. Yes I like him and think he has served us well. And I do have sympathy for Rhodes and Winnal. But there is no room for sympathy if we want to make the pay offs this time around.
  7. Rhodes has never provided us with goals. That is the main function of a striker. Neither has Winnal. Joao has never played consistently, however he has provided us with goals on a per minute of play basis. Nuhiu has not played well for over a year. Fletcher when fit is the best man to lead our attack. On that basis we should off load Rhodes, Winnal and Nuhiu.
  8. Enough up my nose and in my ears to carpet a house!
  9. Save it for a bit of extra thrust at half time!
  10. And means a big increase in the squad number total at the start of the game
  11. Would have been much cooler if he was on a massive motorbike!
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