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  1. Hearing rumours , albeit just on Twitter currently , that he is coming over for an interview. Managed to some success in Irish Leagues. Dont think many would be happy about it though , pretty/totally unknown
  2. Rapidly becoming a complete laughing stock
  3. Imagine how stale the atmosphere would be if all fans were like the average Owlstalker. No one got hurt. Imagine if some of you supported POAK or some polish team, be crying every week
  4. Tbf Lazaar is only going to be back up seen as Penney is out for the season Aarons is fast as owt
  5. Ive got a theory. Ya know you make glass from sand... Well what if there was an ancient civilisation that went to pot, and over millions of years the glass broke up and created the sand. Just a thought.
  6. Come on then all you 'closed shop' merchants complaining they cant get tickets a few weeks back. 2250 sold for Blackburn so far, Saturday 3pm Kick off, reasonable ticket prices, not that far away.
  7. Sorry but we deserved nothing out of that game. One of the worst performances ive ever witnessed
  8. Lets be honest though, the atmosphere is basically the same whether there is 25k or 32k - pretty poo unless we score
  9. They've tried it and no one came so why would they?
  10. See you at AFC Sheffield of Wednesday 2019-2020
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