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  1. I stand corrected, by ONE INCH. David Hirst | Football Stats | No Club | Age 48 | 1985-2000 | Soccer ...
  2. He's 6ft 3". His dad was 5ft 10". If he's got his dad's pace & strength....the mind boggles!
  3. Tashton, the mentality of some folk on here is staggering, but not surprising. Don't worry about it.
  4. I believe he has what it takes. Remember, it's his first season in English football. He needs to be backed, not slated when his form drops. All players have lean spells where their confidence takes a knock. He's a bit mardy, but that's probably his age, and he most likely thinks he should be in the starting 11 every week. He'll come good.
  5. A certain section of our "fans" are vile. Every club has the same problem I expect. Goes with the territory unfortunately.
  6. We won't make the play-offs. Away from home we don't have the right mentality.
  7. One of the strangest comments I've ever read on here.
  8. A strong 11? Way too many changes. Joao looks very unhappy to me.
  9. What did we expect? Our fringe players are nowhere near good enough. Reality check.
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