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  1. Did you forget that Daniel Pudil existed?
  2. Look at his playing record before signing for us. He wasn't a crock or a sicknote. By any stretch. I for one would love for things to still work out for him here. Quality footballer, no doubt. If it doesn't, I hope his injuries here don't make the rest of his career as inconsistent.
  3. To the tune of "flying purple people eater..." We're English football's doziest sleeping giant...*repeat* I'll leave it to you to come up with the actions.
  4. Totti for me kept the highest of standards throughout. Right up to retirement. Rooney's peak wasn't as long, but was higher. Totti for me. Plus he is better-looking.
  5. I'd take Tomas Brolin right now. As in present state Tomas Brolin.
  6. I genuinely haven't ever seen much of him. What type of midfield does he work in? What type of player is he? As you rightly said, he's been nothing but a passenger this game.
  7. I feel like I would still *follow* the hypothetical phoenix club, should something of the like arise (pardon the pun). What would be mixed emotionally for me would be the (presumed) demolition of Hillsborough.
  8. What a save by Kasper Schmeichel. Immense. How he hasn't been picked up by another club in the past five years is beyond me.
  9. Off the pitch, there is no reason why women should not be able to coach / manage at elite men's level. However. Overcoming potential sexism, disrespect, and inevitable judgement due to the fact that they are women. Completely different kettle of fish. It won't be coaching / management ability (or lack thereof) that hampers women's progress in men's professional football. I don't know if the same could be said for BAME Managers at elite level as well?
  10. Play Sunday League with a lot of Forest fans. They were as gutted as me. Derby rivalry aside, I've not come across any Forest fan that's had particularly scathing words to say about Wednesday... As mentioned, think the spending thing is the issue. And attributing that to "The Club" rather than "The Chairman." Can't wait to play Charlton again next season...
  11. We've missed Dunkley this season. Also, wee man trying to take charge of things. All will be for nowt. Rotherham will win and we'll get what we deserve.
  12. Goes to show the sheer anger of the fanbase towards the owners when a comment like that attracts zero disagreement. Agree with a previous post though - attempting a slow, relatively sustainable build would have seen us in a better position than where we are now. Instead of a scattergun, zero strategy, throw money at it and hope it sorts itself out, approach of the past five years. Embarrassing.
  13. Will definitely be looking at picking a couple of things up before I head over to the US!
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