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  1. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Maybe he got the dodgy hip 9 months ago...
  2. 60 yard goal from ex-owl

    See also that Paul Corry has retired from professional football. And there's people on here moaning about Bannan?
  3. Wilson and McBurnie

    He was the utter thundercoont that posted whilst driving from the match about how much he enjoyed beating us, yes? (Talking about McBurnie, not Carlos...)
  4. It's smashing to see

    Midway through unfolding / refolding his arms. Boo. Etc.
  5. next seasons captain

    Go through in order of squad number. One turn each.
  6. Going to be working with Dave Jones?
  7. Richard Hawley

    "F00k me!" (I didn't.) *also insert joke about Fire Safety Certificate.
  8. Richard Hawley

    Amazing live musician. And I think that shows real talent. Saw him at (Sydney) Town Hall just after releasing Standing At The Sky's Edge. Took my Wednesday flag. Got sworn at by RH in surprise. That'll do me.
  9. Says "Conlisio" mate...
  10. Why are we only finding this out now? His injury was sustained over the weekend? Are the club going to cover the cost of the 5p bags that the players have to double bag their kits in? What about the players that ate at Nandos with him?
  11. Game off

    f00king hurts though, to be fair...
  12. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Without needing to look up the word "exhuming" that sounds f00king grim. Speaking of which, how are we playing?
  13. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Back to the old netballer-banging badger-lover's conundrum of square pegs, round holes.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    I agree, but does he suit the position? He can get asked to do a job but surely he's suited to being further forward more often? (TBH I'd take him on one leg over Fox.)