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  1. Must be true. Thread title in capitals innit.
  2. Think he changed it while still playing. Or always wanted to be referred to as Andrew, but wasn't... Anyway. This list... Kevin Bloody Phillips. I reckon if he pulled a pair of boots on in the last 10 for Bristol City next weekend he'd still score against us.
  3. Still on CM01/02 here. Get through a season on a couple of hours. Bide my time and sign regens on the cheap.
  4. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Didn't realise Maccy Ds came in any other quality...
  5. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

  6. £5 to take an infant

    Same price as the North and the rest of the Grandstand - the Family section are the 3 sections closest the Kop end.
  7. £5 to take an infant

    BabyAussie came with me last weekend. She absolutely loved it. Parted gladly with £5 for what was essentially an empty seat next to me for the majority of the game, because she wanted to sit on my knee. She wanted food and toilet breaks at inopportune times, and at one stage was walking up and down the Gangway singing the Barry Bannan song. The £5 you spend on the seat should be offset by the food you bring in from elsewhere in the little one's bag instead of wasting megabucks paying inflated prices inside the stadium. Swings and roundabouts...
  8. Van Aken

    Hope you just saw the highlights. It was Hunt that didn't close down. But don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.
  9. Van Aken

    Looks low on confidence / self-belief. Definitely a capable defender but needs to be a bit more (a lot more) authoritative. Just that decision-making that comes with age as well; when to lump it and when to look for a pass. Give it time. It'll come...
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Is this the OMDT to be checking back on then?
  11. Remember Aaron Cawley?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Cawley Was handy on CM01/02...
  12. Also, as I'm sure has been addressed, sizes are small and this includes how the kid's sizes translate too. BabyAussie is 3 1/2 and about 100cm tall. She's in a 5/6 and it fits her fine. Worth considering if any are purchasing for little sprogs...
  13. Picked 3 up today. Me, BabyAussie (now 3 1/2) and BumpAussie (due 13th November). BabyAussie was very upset that Barry Bannan wasn't there. So now I need to decide whether to bring her up for the Barnsley game or Bristol City. Keeping in mind MrsAussie's imminent breaking of waters... I'm holding off on opening my shirt as I'd rather a long sleeve - I'm sure exchange + paying the difference won't be too confusing...
  14. The answer to this is quite simple. Fox (6) Lee (5) No gambling patch. No prombles.
  15. I can't even be bothered being apathetic.