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  1. Chopped off in a mafia-related incident. Real reason he left Watford - he was escaping their Italian owners. Also why he hasn't been seen on a football pitch so he doesn't get taken out mid-match... All starting to make sense now...
  2. I quite enjoyed the Karaoke version of "Half Light" by Athlete. Cracking album...
  3. It didn't make sense to be combined with the Winnall signing. For me it had to be one or the other, and I believe we signed Winnall first?
  4. Guitarist's jacket... No idea of the correlation...
  5. My Grandparents were his Landlords when he was renting in WPV. December 2004 he sorted me out tickets for the Steve MacLean hattrick / Kenwyne Jones debut game away at Doncaster (old ground). Then got to watch a training session and meet him after. Photo and a signed shirt. Happy teenage me. Cracking player too.
  6. From what I can gather, all the article was saying was despite being dismissed in criminal court, there is precedence (John Terry v. Anton Ferdinand) for the FA to take independent action. Wasn't necessarily hanging FF out to dry. Far from it in my opinion.
  7. Doesn't fit in a midfield 2. A 3 definitely - coming through the Dutch system. So his qualities as a midfielder that we signed him on don't fit with how we're playing... (That and he's a bit average sometimes.)
  8. I think he struggled a bit yesterday. Think all it would have taken was him doing their fullback once early on and it would've been a different story. Saw what he could do in glimpses. Can't comment on how he's been in other games though.
  9. Reach did similar on the other side. Dropping deep to either receive to feet or make space for a third runner. Trouble is, there was no third man run. Was not just a Matias issue.
  10. Are you sure it was the gin that did it?
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