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  1. aussieowl87


    Reach did similar on the other side. Dropping deep to either receive to feet or make space for a third runner. Trouble is, there was no third man run. Was not just a Matias issue.
  2. aussieowl87

    The Wednesday Tap

    Are you sure it was the gin that did it?
  3. aussieowl87

    New Spirit

    Reminds me of university. Got a headache just looking at the picture ffs.
  4. Has Morgan Fox suffered an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting on his face?
  5. aussieowl87

    He's on his way....

  6. Getting cake ball slices out of the freezer.
  7. aussieowl87

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Signing for Hearts for next season. Scottish Kevin Phillips
  8. aussieowl87

    Lap of honour

    Kieran Lee has named his daughter Bannan?
  9. aussieowl87

    Fixtures 18/19 release date

    Please please please be at home on Saturday 22nd September. Double up with Arctic Monkeys gig.
  10. aussieowl87

    Bannan - with and without

    I think if you also factor that Pelupessy was also doubling up with Ash Baker at times (given Joao didn't seem to track runners), he must have covered some mileage. A grafter who makes work easier for those around him. Thankfully he isn't that wasteful in possession compared to others who try and play a similar role.
  11. aussieowl87

    Bannan - with and without

    Think Joey was brilliant yesterday. They are starting to click as a pair.
  12. aussieowl87

    Lap of honour

    Saw both Boyd and Hunt. That everyone accounted for?
  13. aussieowl87

    Ash Baker

    Think the players closest to him made sure he was supported - Fred and Joey in particular. Was impressed considering it was his full debut. Finally a good problem to have...