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  1. Starting to remind me of when we were down in League One and had signed Clinton Morrison and a wealth of other players with experience at a higher level. They were all "name" players, therefore expectations were high, but in essence there was a reason why they'd signed for a League One club. We were being outplayed by supposed lesser teams because our fanbase hadn't heard of their players... Don't get me wrong - NONE of our squad are anywhere near that level if abysmal. But it's similar noises I'm hearing from fans. "Bannan should be tearing this league apart". Based on what? A few seasons in the Premier League however long ago. Interested to see how Monk uses the squad, but I'm not holding out much hope for anything beyond midtable.
  2. Positive story. Last season (possibly the one before). Bottom of the south well before kick off I was with Little Miss Aussie. Had tickets for Grandstand but was nowhere near time to head in yet. She decided she needed the toilet. Without hesitation after asking, we were let in via the exit doors. No arseiness. No "we really shouldn't, but...". Just kindness. Back out after washing hands. Based on the stories here, I'm sure it may not have always been that straight forward.
  3. 7-1? Loss at home to Forest. Mid 90s. I was in tears with my Dad on one side of me and my Grandad on the other. I would have been 7 or so. "It's your fault!" I shouted, looking at my Dad. "What's my fault?" "You made me support them, and they're bloody rubbish!"
  4. Morning all. Safe trip for those travelling. Just make sure you don't try and leave Sheffield via Leppings Lane...
  5. All comes down to a player's ability to make the right choice under pressure. Knowing when to play, and when to get rid.
  6. From what I can gather, we are still getting Luongo up to match fitness because of a lack of preseason minutes. Could be B.S.
  7. Expecting a few changes from Saturday, but that was probably going to be the case regardless of result. We have strength in depth and this is the sort of game where it should be shown. Home in midweek. Went to the Luton cup match at Hillsborough last season, but we are miles ahead now compared to then. *waits for Bullen to name an unchanged side...
  8. Spoke well about managing fitness when midweek games kick in. Same with promoting youth - as and when necessary. We'll see what comes...
  9. Abdi's corpse? *Note for snowflakes. This is a joke. I don't wish death on anyone.
  10. Yep, I'd agree with that too.
  11. It just feels like a transition season. That there's no point in appointing someone to take over an inflated squad that on paper will probably fall short of playoffs. So why rush an appointment if things are settled enough and expectations are being met?
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