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  1. We get a 21 point deduction. Then the season gets voided.
  2. Stay strong. Don't lose sight of the support you have around you, even if they are not physically with you. Aussie x
  3. Not going up. Points deduction aside, likely not going down. Playing like we're bothered would do me. Could not give a fizz about results currently. I don't know whether as a fan base, we are suffering from the CC seasons of overachievement. Inflated expectations... Or whether we are indeed just dogger. Or a mix of both? Anyway. A respectable performance, regardless of result, will do me at this stage of the season.
  4. I will check the score at about half 3. And maintain eye-rolling interest from half 4 til 5. Then sigh and get on with the rest of my life.
  5. Not going to moan til after 5pm dependent on result. No point in having a mardy pre-kick off.
  6. Don't understand why, when the OP has started a topic criticising the Chairman, his attendance at games should make any influence on: 1. The validity of his opinion. 2. His right to an opinion. Disagree with the content of the post all you want, but resorting to personal insults throughout is a tad embarrassing. For what it's worth, I think if any of us were in DC's position we would have at least one thing we would want to do differently in terms of running the club. Frustratingly, the answer and the reality isn't as straight forward as commenting on how team selection, shape or tactics would have influenced the outcome of a match. As a fanbase we are ALL left annoyed at the lack of progress we are making - on and off the pitch - and verbalising said annoyance with both go hand in hand with poor results. So yes, I accept that the level of apathy of how the club is run is at the lowest since DC bought the club. Obviously this would be the right topic to voice your frustrations about it. But keep it channelled to just that. What would be the one thing you'd do if you were in DC's shoes that you think would bring about an effective change off the pitch?
  7. Worldies and deflections don't count...
  8. I don't think OP is saying Bannan is the weak link. Baz is just as effective in a midfield three as the lads were today. Keep in mind there was a change of shape as well as personnel. Choose any two out of the three from today and stick them in the middle of a 4-4-2 and I think they'd struggle to dictate play as well.
  9. Joey didn't look out of place or that he was being carried by the other two. A midfield three only works if all three do just that.
  10. Kept it simple. Tight but didn't over commit in tackles. Didn't over stretch with his passes. Defended first. Didn't really push forward at all.
  11. I don't think anyone would disagree that he put himself about. But. Woeful set piece delivery. Constant poor decision making on final pass. The latter you would hope for some decent choices from a winger.
  12. Fair enough. I agree with your assessment of midfield today. No Bannan forces the others to step up - just wish it happened when he was in the starting eleven too.
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