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  1. England got thrashed 0-0 by Italy over 120 minutes at Euro 2012...
  2. On what basis? Genuinely curious because I can't recall owt he's done of late.
  3. Goodwillie by name, bad Willie by nature. Abhorrent though. Just to clarify. Don't want anyone to think I'm making light of the situation.
  4. Quality, quality player. Hope it works out for the lad and he plays himself into the Denmark squad.
  5. Full credit to him. Not something I thought I'd ever say.
  6. Keep an eye on Notts County results. Tempted to go. Season tickets are cheap. Apparently...
  7. Did I miss summat? Knew he was Assistant at Derby once upon a time...
  8. It'll be Juventus, surely? Like every other half decent Fiorentina product of the last half decade.
  9. No mate that was Drew Talbot. Common mistake.
  10. Did you forget that Daniel Pudil existed?
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