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  1. Kidding aren’t you? Kids know what they’re doing on Twitter. ..Ha ha..
  2. I’ve messaged the ticket office this afternoon, this is surely a wind up?
  3. There was a confrontation on the 8pm east coast train just out of Kings cross between some Wednesday and a group of women. Something was thrown apparently from the supporters and hit a women in the face, it all kicked off and the police boarded at Peterborough to remove them. On the platform something went off and the police used pepper spray on two guys and cuffed them.. couldn’t see after that as the train pulled away.
  4. I'm in a Soccer Saturday Super 6 League, think you can beat me? Head to http://super6.skysports.com/league/join?code=D8GZ0W and join my league
  5. Apologies if this has been done. The old owlstalk super 6 hasn’t been restarted as of yet and it’s getting nearer Ko time. Ive started a new one which will just be for the World Cup so anyone who wants to join, help yourself. cheers PIN: D8GZ0W
  6. A few year back I was in Milton Keynes visiting the in laws when we clocked there was a game v Brighton which was basically free if you had kids. Me and the two kids went, sat about 5 rows from the front. Next thing the ball got cleared from the MK box about 10 mile up in the air bearing straight down on us. Course I didn’t want to catch it so I thought it was a better idea to volley it straight back. As my football skills were not as good as they used to be I caught it on the side of my foot thus sent the ball spinning backwards straight into the dial of a chap sat about 5 rows back, blood everywhere..Quickly I apologised and the guy was cool about it but then I realised his lad had a Man Ure shirt on so I think it was a pretty good shot all in all..
  7. That's right, but I can't risk it, so I'm getting one tomorrow and hopefully picking two up on Monday am. Then I've 5 others that I can get on GS if they make it.. I'll be able to sit with them if it all goes to plan!!!!!!!
  8. I've got 90pts no st no membership but I went to Brighton???? & 2 boys with 20pts
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