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  1. So what's the crack here? Sheff Manch Burnley?
  2. Has anyone ever been to Burnley on the train? Trainline telling me that the leg from Hebden Bridge to Burnley Road Manchester is a bus route?
  3. In the same boat lad, £23 to London and back isn't too bad though.
  4. Buzzing for this one, these are the games that the True Wednesday fans go to.
  5. Well, we lost again. Someone must regret buying Blackpool away tickets?! TWO NEEDED and WILL PAY ABOVE FACE VALUE (I've already posted a thread, but who cares it's the internet ) Pm me?
  6. Booked bnb but working away so couldn't get tickets Still going down like, however would like 2 tickets if there are 2 going! (I understand tickets have only just sold out and no one will want to sell theirs, but who cares) Ayee WAWAW
  7. We got the bnb booked, but no match tickets Doh lol
  8. We're all hooligans aren't we at Wednesday? Smoke Bombs ans chair throwing and keyboard bashing.
  9. Nothing wrong with having a nosey at their opinion of the game. That Russian lad cost Reading £9 million.. Not fit to lace Fryatt or Wickham's boots.
  10. and the best comment of them all... Apparently all the players have win bonuses in the contracts but Madejski is refusing to pay so this was done on purpose, not sure whether its true or not.
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