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  1. I contacted now and this was the reply! Thank you for contacting NOW TV. I'd like to inform you you can watch the Millwall vs Sheff Utd !!! game on NOW TV using any sports pass! I have emailed them and made them aware of the mistake!!!
  2. There’s a Brew Dog on Goldhawk Road it’s in walking distance to the ground.
  3. I spoke to Michael Vaughan after the match!!!!!
  4. I live in Farnham having paella on the barbie and a few beers before match come on you blue and white wizards
  5. Due to my mum being taken very ill we are not able to attend Tuesday and I would rather see someone else enjoy the evening than let the tickets go to waste. To be honest we are not sure how we would get the tickets to you as they are E Tickets and we live in Surrey. I don't know if the club can help out or not??? The tickets are not next to each other they are one behind the other!!!!! They are in T1 Row 31 Seat 140 and T1 Row 32 seat 140.
  6. Sorry really trying to be patient but the names we are getting linked with in my opinion don't seem to be of the same quality as of Milan's time. Irvine came very highly recommended, Megson had spells in the premiership and championship as did Jones both were relatively successful. Now when we seem to have some real backing it seems we can't attract a big name, it just doesn't add up.
  7. I love you ,tad emotional and a bit pissed but I don't care.
  8. Just a positive thought! could this be a part of one of the conditions from the new owners that MM must pay off Dave Jones before any takeover can be completed? Giving new owners time to bring in their own manager ready for the January transfer window.
  9. But what if this is the game that saves us?
  10. Who thinks the Leeds game will be the biggest Championship attendance of the season being as the Derby County at 33,000 is the biggest so far?
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