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  1. Not having a natural left sided centre back for the majority of the season cost us dearly. That has to be addressed.
  2. Ironically had we sold Forestieri and Reach at the right time we would have recouped a large chunk of what we spent.
  3. He was class from the start. King and Sheridan made their debuts at Forest which was the first game we had won for a while.
  4. Was played out of position at left back initially. Once he moved to his natural position at centre back he was fine.
  5. Ha I remember that game. He did look shocking at right back. Ron never played him there again!
  6. Pretty sure his first game was against Arsenal. Played on the left hand side of midfield if I remember rightly and had a great game. Played more like a 30 year old than an 18 year old.
  7. Hirsty scored on his home debut v Everton as an 18 year old. Also scored one of the best goals I have ever seen v Man U that season. Definitely not a bad start but he was used sparingly by Wilkinson that first season.
  8. We carried him in the first leg. Too easily brushed off the ball.
  9. I'd agree with that. Ideally get Dean back as well then we would have a quality back three.
  10. He didn't make the first xi when on loan at Norwich and now at Huddersfield. There's a common theme here.
  11. Agreed, always thought he would have to play central rather than right sided.
  12. You have come to the conclusion that fans criticising Moore shows that football fans haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. As @markowl states every manager makes mistakes and Moore is no different. The fans pointing out these mistakes does not mean they haven’t got a clue about football.
  13. You don’t think Moore made any mistakes then?
  14. That’s how it read to me. As you say if anything it was very supportive of Hutchinson whilst at the same time reporting on the mistake he made. Accurate reporting if you ask me.
  15. I wonder if we will be playing EFL League One Club, Barnsley in a pre season friendly?
  16. BPF Storey Dean Gibson Hunt Luongo Byers Bannan Johnson Gregory Berahino
  17. Or if the chairman / owner appointed a good manager in the first place.
  18. Glynn Snodin at left back or Wayne Jacobs?
  19. Good post. I was also really impressed with his defensive work, closing down, chasing back v MK Dons.
  20. Did you know your cat was going to be overweight, solevenly and conceited when you named him Jemson or, was that just a coincidence @Lord Snooty?
  21. Yep me too. Same team but bring Berahino in up front.
  22. Would like to have seen him play in the 91 / 92 team as a left midfielder. Like Danny Wilson but left sided.
  23. Completely agree with you. Was going to post the same.
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