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  1. He should make a point of ordering a D Taxi.
  2. Pretty sure he announced Carlos leaving in the early hours too.
  3. If DC hits the whisky we might get a statement around midnight.
  4. As other posters have said I'm pleased that we finally have a plan and a chance to define our own style of play. It also addresses one of our main shortcomings over the last few season in that our two man cental midfield was often overrun by teams paying a three. This was plain for all to see in the play off final v Hull where the extra man in midfield allowed Huddlestone to run the show and then a year later v Huddersfield when Mooy did the same. Hopefully, now that we have the numbers in midfield, it will be Bannan that is running the show for us rather than someone from the opposition.
  5. far better just to ask our chairman nicely to spend ten million on a striker. He listens to stuff like that.
  6. so what do we think: Wildsmith Odubajo Iorfa Palmer Murphy Harris Luongo Bannan Reach Wickham Rhodes
  7. Didn't he play at right wing back under Jos and did a decent job.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. We'd become accustomed to good centre backs back then, Lyons, Shirtliff, Mark Smith, Madden but Ian Knight oozed class, very stylish and was good on the ball (especially for a cb) looked every bit an international in the making. I've been watching Wednesday since 1980, played a load of Sunday morning stuff myself; have seen broken legs, broken arms, dislocated joints, 20 man brawls but that assault is the worst thing I have seen on a football pitch.
  9. If we do play A more defensive setup I would hope it’s the wing backs that would change rather than bring in Pelupessy. we need to give that midfield three a good run not only for this season but to see if it is something we can build the team around next season
  10. Imagine the meltdown that would cause. I think I would self combust.
  11. Surely we’ll stick with the midfield three of Lee, Luongo and Bannan and also Wickham and Rhodes up front
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