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  1. It’s a Carlton Palmer type we have been missing since Semedo. Hutchinson did a job for a while but that really should just have been a temporary fix.
  2. Villa fans ran into us after the game when we sent them down in the 86-87 season. That was quite scary as a 15 year old.
  3. We got followed by a group of geordies walking up that road back to our car. Fortunately there was a couple of coppers around otherwise we'd have been in big trouble.
  4. The yellow Umbro shirt of the mid 80s and the yellow bukta shirt are the best two for me.
  5. Good post @Screen Door Slams. The recruitment after the play off final compared to the season before was like chalk and cheese. Was it Glenn Roeder before the play offs and then more controlled by Paixiao after?
  6. Rules made and enforced by people who don’t really understand what football is all about.
  7. That’s what football is all about; the euphoria or hysteria of scoring a goal. Look at Bannan’s celebration or Forestieri at Forest. We used to go crazy at the back of the kop back in the 80s and was physically knackered after celebrating away at Chelsea and West Brom.
  8. BPF Palmer Brennan Johnson Hunt FDB Paterson Bannan Theo Windass Gregory
  9. In that case I think Moore can be criticised for how he has managed the workload of these players in training. Surely, everything should be geared around making sure that players are fit for the actual games. If that means going easy in training or more rest days for the likes of Windass, who is just coming back from a long term injury or, Dunkley who has played a lot of games recently then so be it.
  10. Thinking about it it was the season after (87-88) as it was on a Saturday.
  11. Kings Arms. And there’s The Lowther round the corner.
  12. Anyone remember the pre season game there 85-86 I think? 2-2 and I vaguely remember Chapman scoring.
  13. Went to both those games and yes I’d say we only had a few hundred for the league game. West Ham fans tried steaming into the away end after the game as well.
  14. Yes I guess my badly made point was that when you get off to a really poor start you can’t afford another bad spell like we had at the end of the season.
  15. You have to set the relegation in the context of years of not financially backing Wilkinson and a disastrous spell with Eustace as manager. Sheridan, Nilsson and King didn’t join until part way through that season by which time we had made a terrible start to the season that ultimately we never really recovered from.
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