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  1. Remember the 4-5-1 against Arsenal??

    It does, especially, when we come up against teams also playing 4-4-2 like Villa the other week. Where we struggle is when our central two come up against a team playing a central three. We just get overrun in midfield. In my opinion this is our biggest problem. I wonder if the stats support this e.g. how we fare against teams playing 4-4-2 compared to teams playing a central three?
  2. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against

    Our middle two v a middle three is the crux of our problems. As you rightly say it’s been an issue for a few years even before Hull in the play off final. i wonder what our results are like when playing against teams with a central two as opposed to teams playing a central three?
  3. Remember the 4-5-1 against Arsenal??

    I haven’t got a problem playing 4-4-2 against other teams that line up 4-4-2 like Villa. The problems come when teams play three in the middle like Arsenal (4-2-3-1). Carlos deliberately set us up with three in the middle that night to counter that but doesn’t bother when teams in this division play that sort of formation; Hull and Huddersfield being the notable examples. I have no idea why especially when it suits a lot of players in our squad.
  4. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against

    I can’t believe some managers play 4-4-2 against us. I’d go with three strong central midfielders (as you say flood the midfield) with pace out wide and up front. Basically exactly what Hull and Huddersfield did and even the pigs albeit with a slightly different formation.
  5. What did you think of that lads?

    In this crazy transfer market we would probably be asking silly money so you would probably have to double that for Bannan. As others have said we just don’t sell players.

    Football has indeed moved on. Under Carlos, for example, we play what we like to call a “4-4-2” system. This involves four at the back four in midfield and two strikers. It’s so much better than the old days under “dinosaur” type managers.
  7. What did you think of that lads?

    What’s your record signing @Alan Robinson?
  8. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    Option A the 84-85 shirt with black shorts and blue socks with white turnover.
  9. A Bristol City view

    FFS it’s spread to Bristol @Costello 77 FFS
  10. A Bristol City view

    What formation do you play @Alan Robinson? Please say 4-4-2 and not 4-3-3 or a variant of.
  11. George Hirst

    My interpretation of this is that he has got his new training kit, finally.
  12. It's getting close to Matchday

    Yellow card for me. Sorry mate couldn't resist.
  13. It's getting close to Matchday

    @Holmowl as Statto in Fantasy Football League.