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  1. York_Owl

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    Aye as @Colin Dobson said we literally ran out of centre halves. But again I think TF has to bear some responsibility. He recognised we needed a cb when he signed Warhurst in 91 but then, when he was converted to a centre forward, never signed a cb to fill the gap he left. This came back to bite us at the cup finals not to mention the whole Warhurst fiasco itself.
  2. Problem is playing an experienced head is blocking the development of two very good young keepers who could be playing for us at the top level for the next 10-15 years. Had we taken the same approach with George Hirst we might have signed him up before the initial Leicester bid came in. Either way if we are going to invest in our academy we need to be promoting players that we think are good enough to play at our current level. Otherwise we risk losing them for next to nothing. This may not be the best short term option but in the long run may be more beneficial for the club.
  3. York_Owl

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    The shirtliff / pearson combination certainly was a good un. Ironically, although warhurst was a great footballer, I thought TF’s decision to break up that combo to accommodate Warhurst actually weakened us at centre half. If only we’d have signed Des ahead of the 91-92 season!
  4. York_Owl

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Nielsen JVA Thornily Palmer Pelupessy Jones Penney Matias Nuhiu Boyd Shoot out between Joey and Jones in central midfield. The winner starts v Brentford on Sunday.
  5. York_Owl

    Why has Jones been banished?

    But would you accept less than £10 million per week?
  6. York_Owl

    We're On Our Way Back.

    That was very different though. We were spending money we didn’t have. This time around Chansiri is simply spending his own money (not borrowing it from the bank).
  7. York_Owl

    Positive news soon?

    Ironically the system we’re playing at the moment would really suit him. He’d make a decent LWB.
  8. So if no Joao and Fox at LWB I’d go: Dawson Hutch Lees Pudil. Boyd. Jones. Bannan. Fox Reach. Fletcher. Forestieri
  9. Great work @Lord Snooty. Decent player that Andy Payton!
  10. York_Owl

    Team v Hull

    Playing Fletcher down the middle would be the safer option. I just think a three of Matias, Joao and FF brings some much needed pace not to mention skill and excitement to the side.
  11. For two seasons running. Last season was a write off due to all the injuries.
  12. I would add Joao to that list too (keeping the positive vibes going).
  13. York_Owl


    Yep back Monday, chest Tuesday, leg day on Wednesday and, shoulders Thursday.
  14. Hutch, Lees and Pudil is a very solid back three to build a team around.
  15. York_Owl

    Team v Hull

    Dawson Hutchinson Lees Pudil Boyd Jones Bannan Reach Matias Joao Forestieri