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  1. York_Owl

    Team for Boro

    Dawson Lees. Hector. Pudil Palmer Onomah Bannan Reach Penney Joao. Fletcher
  2. Pudil has been rejuvenated since switching to a left sided centre back. If he can keep his form and fitness for the rest of the season then I'd give him another contract. The same could be said of Matias who has started the season pretty well. I think it's pretty clear that time is up for Westwood, Jones and Boyd. As for the rest I'll keep an open mind but they need to get fit and find some form in the not too distant future.
  3. I think it would cost us not playing Dawson and Wildsmith.
  4. Westwood Jones Abdi Boyd Pudil Lee Hooper Matias Fox
  5. I was proper angry mad as I opened this thread. One more for the keep net.
  6. York_Owl

    Team for Bristol

    The problem with that line up is if the opposition play three in central midfield (which most teams do these days). We’d just get overrun in midfield again.
  7. York_Owl

    Team for Bristol

    Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Palmer Onomah Bannan Reach Penney Fletcher Forestieri
  8. York_Owl

    Mid table team

    There was no criticism or sniping just a post praising Hutchinson's qualities. Yes he made a bad mistake at Brentford but most players make mistakes at some stage. He's still part of the squad and could still have a positive impact on our season.
  9. York_Owl


    I'd be tempted to play Bannan in the middle in a sort of "quarter back" role with Onamah and Reach.
  10. York_Owl

    Team for midweek

    Would like to play Penney and Thorniley but we need to be careful how we manage the young players. Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney onomah Hector Reach Matias Joao Forestieri Possibly bring Pudil in for Thorniley and Fox for Penney.
  11. York_Owl

    Central midfield

    We’ve needed a Carlton Palmer type for a good few years. The Hull game highlighted that for everyone to see. In the absence of a Carlton Palmer I’d be tempted to play Hector in there or Van Aken if/when he’s fit.
  12. York_Owl


    How many are in the first team/squad tho? Dawson, Baker, Thorniley, Penney all started last night. Plus a few on the bench. It’s no wonder they’re struggling a bit.
  13. York_Owl

    Balance in the transfer market

    Why do you think we're a selling club? We have hardly sold anyone under Chansiri and turned down numerous offers for our players.
  14. York_Owl

    Is Hutch injured?

    Me too tbh. Also think Hooper will come back and still think Hutch can do a job for us but as a defender rather than in midfield.
  15. York_Owl

    Is Hutch injured?

    I bet you’ve said the same about Matias and Fletcher.