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  1. Had a lively walk up the hill back to the car after the game!
  2. Very good points but I would also add Atkinson to that. Watching him put a team together was almost like someone putting a jigsaw together piece by piece.
  3. Another example of poor management from Francis
  4. I never bought into that either. We had some good players that could and did play. In that 83-84 team Sterland, Irish, Megson, Shelton, Bannister and Varadi were all very good footballers.
  5. Didn’t realise he was 27 thought he was about 25/26. Tho to be fair he pretty much already is one hell of a player now.
  6. Cashing in while he could I guess.
  7. Joao had the lot just lacked consistency. Maybe it’s more of a case of needing time to mature, improve and find that consistency than needing a fresh start. Strikers tend not to hit their pick until their late 20s. The way he’s going he’s going to be one hell of a player at 28.
  8. He scored 16 goals for forest playing on the wing and was sold after a season for 7 million. No way was selling him for 1.5m the season before a good deal.
  9. Could you come up with some dance steps to go with the song and then post it on here?
  10. Clean through one on one. Hacked down. Badly injured (dislocated shoulder I think). straight red for Clint Hill. No Yellow card. No Free kick. No Play on. Yes.
  11. Yes. He’s a professional footballer and a very good one by the looks of it.
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