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  1. From the list I'd definitley keep Forestieri. I would also offer a new deal to Hooper and, Lee (as long as he has fully recovered from his injury). Abdi and Matias to go along with the other out of contracts, Pudil, Jones and Boyd. I would then make Nuhiu, Winnall, Rhodes, Van Aken and Fox available for transfer or, possibly loan.
  2. I did actually see his one and only appearance at Leicester but no, I was thinking of Bes..., Bes.... I can't say it.
  3. There's another defender whose surname begins with a B but I can't say his name.
  4. Surely we can use the injury situation last season as a reason for having to have such a large squad. Many teams would have been relegated with the injury crisis we faced without that investment in such a large squad.
  5. I think the main issue here is that we have midfielders more suited to playing in a central three yet strikers more suited to playing in a front two. Again it all comes back to a haphazard recruitment policy over the last few seasons.
  6. Yes. After the play off final Hull showed us where we were lacking. Switch to a three man midfield as @Lord Snooty has mentioned on numerous occasions over the years. Then sign a quality central midfielder as we know we’re only going to get 20-30 games a season out of Hutch. Instead we signed Jones and Abdi and stuck with a 4-4-2 which usually contained three central midfielders.
  7. The problem playing the old school 4-4-2 with that four in midfield is when we come up against teams playing three in central midfield against our two. We just get overrun and don’t get a grip of the game in midfield and the strikers don’t get much service.
  8. Yep the injury situation over the last couple of seasons has been pretty depressing.
  9. Good point about his fitness. Some of our posters seem too quick to write off players when they’re coming back from injury. It can take time to get back to full match fitness and get the confidence back. The same mistake was made with Antonio.
  10. Get em to pay a huge fee for us touring there...FFP sorted
  11. I would also play 4-3-3 (I’m getting bored of our two man central midfield being overrun): Westwood iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Palmer Hutchinson Bannan Matias Fletcher Forestieri Assuming Reach and Aarons are not fit.
  12. Nice side that @fpowl. personally I’d swap Pearson and Walker round. And Palmer and Sheridan. I presume you didn't see Shelton play, hence going for Bannan. Alexanderson (and Harkes for that matter) were very much right sided players rather than left sided. I’d definitely play Di Canio there over Alexanderson.
  13. Pressman Nilsson Pearson Walker Worthington Palmer Sheridan Shelton Waddle Hirst Di Canio
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