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  1. As opposed to the loads of goals we score every game when he doesn't play there.
  2. Forestieri up front is the very least of our problems.
  3. It could work. Numbers in midfield and plenty of mobility, skill and some pace up front.
  4. My guess is 4-3-3 Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Lee Pelupessy Bannan Murphy Forestieri Harris
  5. OK, well to play two up front I think we would have to play 3-5-2. We just don't have the right midfielders to play 4-4-2. We'd then have to fight the right combinations for the back three, the wing backs (not Forestieri) and a central midfield three.
  6. My first match as an 8 year old. Don't remember seeing Beardsley tho:)
  7. To further your point "There are lies, there are damned lies and then there are statistics"
  8. We were in free fall when megson came in. He put the brakes on big time.
  9. It will be all lads from Clowne school.
  10. Pretty sure John Terry was a ball boy when we beat them at their place.
  11. The three man central midfield suits our midfield better especially Bannan, arguably our best player. If we want to play two strikers I’d prefer 3-5-2 over 4-4-2.
  12. we'd raise our game as well if we played a "big side".
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