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  1. York_Owl

    Summer Sort Out

    Agree with that. As things stand, new contracts for Palmer and Westwood. Release Pudil, Jones, Abdi, Boyd and, Matias. Assess how Lee and Hooper come back after injury. Try and sell Nuhiu, Van Aken and Rhodes.
  2. York_Owl

    We need a Kieren Lee

    Said pretty much the same thing in the Bannan thread.
  3. York_Owl


    It is indeed but you should listen to Frank Lampard and Steve Gerard talking about playing in a two man central midfield for England. They would come up against teams playing three in there and just get over run. Our two are even even more likely to get over run as we just don’t have the physicality and athleticism to do it.
  4. York_Owl

    Adam Reach

    Yep that’s the downside and I’ve been guilty of picking a team with him on the right for that very reason. But I think it’s come to a point where he needs a run of games as a left sided attacking player and see how he fairs.
  5. York_Owl

    Adam Reach

    He’s so one footed he has to play on the left.
  6. York_Owl


    Last night just highlighted the same problems we faced under Carlos when playing a4-4-2. Hutchinson is not mobile enough and tends to just sit in front of the back four and Bannan not physical enough. That is the reason a large number of us have been advocating playing a central three. Ideally it would have been: Hutchinson Lee. Bannan We are yet to find someone to replace Lee and someone to play Hutchinson’s role when he’s not available.
  7. York_Owl

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    One of the few positives
  8. York_Owl

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    It can only mean he is in the first team. Or not.
  9. We should try and sell him in the summer then. That would still leave us with Fletcher, Joao, Forestieri and Winnall. Then we’d have to see how Hooper comes back from injury and also see what happens with Rhodes when his loan spell finishes at the end of the season.
  10. York_Owl

    Team v Millwall

    Westwood Palmer Iorfa Thorniley Fox Abdi Hector Bannan Aarons Joao Reach
  11. Is Nuhiu out of contract at the end of the season?
  12. York_Owl

    Team v Millwall

    The sensible thing to do would be to rest all three v Millwall.
  13. York_Owl

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Makes sense to have a right sided and left sided centre back partnership rather than two right footers.
  14. York_Owl

    Megson - worse than Jos

    Megson did a great job turning us around from the utter dross he inherited from Irvine and getting us up to third place and in contention for that automatic spot. All in a relatively short space of time.
  15. York_Owl

    Nando Number Ten

    The problem with this argument is that you’re basing fact on flawed statistics. Forestieri mainly played wide left at home when we adopted a more attacking approach and played up front away from home when we setup much more defensively often with three central midfielders playing in a narrow 4-4-2. As an absolute minimum you would need to compare when he played wide left away from home v central away from home and then do the same for home games for these stats to having any real meaning. I definitely agree with Steve Bruce in that Forestieri should be played in the number ten role. That’s one piece of the puzzle; now for the rest of the pieces!