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  1. The FA don’t give a xxxx about COVID. Play the game or you forfeit the tie.
  2. Hard what to make of this. Sounds a bit like Wednesday came in for him but he was hoping for a better offer, a better off never came in so in the end thought sod it I may as well sign for them then.
  3. At least an architect might understand the design of the plane...
  4. Because Mandric wouldn't front up the cash to sign Marshall and it then took an age before we got Antonio in on loan.
  5. Agreed. The problem was the reaction from Barnsley fans after they sold Winnall to us on the cheap. There'd have been uproar if we had got Hourihane as well.
  6. If we play a three man central midfield they're both good enough players to fit in anywhere in that three I'm sure.
  7. Ideally, yep, but there was uproar from Barnsley when Winnall signed for us and it looked like that put them of selling Hourihane to us as well.
  8. Bannan could play central (the "quarterback" role) or even right central. Surely this lad could play down the middle as well?
  9. We should have signed him rather than Winnall years ago.
  10. Didn't Chansiri say the manager determines the requirements (type of player, position etc.), the recruitment team then go off and find the players that meets the requirement and then the manager says yay or nay to them. However, without currently having a manager, that's clearly not happening now at least.
  11. Was that the Derby game where there was a bit of trouble before the game and then that thing with the police after the game?
  12. Yet Chansiri still trusts his advisors. How much advice do they have to get wrong before he looks elsewhere?
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