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  1. Pretty sure John Terry was a ball boy when we beat them at their place.
  2. Hutchinson was a defender at Chelsea. It was us that converted him into a defensive midfielder.
  3. With Luongo, Lee and Bannan as our first choice midfield three I would look to add Hutchinson as competition at right back.
  4. The three man central midfield suits our midfield better especially Bannan, arguably our best player. If we want to play two strikers I’d prefer 3-5-2 over 4-4-2.
  5. we'd raise our game as well if we played a "big side".
  6. Yes, but I'd argue there is a lot more to it than just playing FF central. Given that he's barely played for the last three seasons goals and wins should not have been hard to come by but as we have seen that is not the case. I remember back to that awful spell just before Carlos was sacked where we had only had about 5 shots on target in an entire month and that was nothing to do with playing FF up front. But anyway we could probably argue about this all day:) As for current matters, you're right Fletcher is a huge loss. That could well rule out playing a 4-3-3 to suit our remaining strikers who are better in a two but, at the same time, does not really suit our midfield which is better in a three. I'd go all out to get someone like Gayle in on loan; fast, mobile and scores.
  7. But that’s what a number 10 does. They play off the main striker dropping deep to link play and/or running the channels out wide. They are never going to be a prolific goal scorer themselves but create goals for the main centre forward or number 9; very much like Beardsley with Lineker for England and Shearer for Newcastle or even our own Paul Williams running the channels for David Hirst. And there in lies one of the problems when Forestieri has played centrally we have never had a Lineker or Hirst type of centre forward at 9 we have often had Someone like Nuhiu.
  8. That’s just not true. We beat Newcastle away with FF up front arguably one of the best teams we have faced in the championship since we came up. Carlos predominantly played him centrally away from home where wins and goals are harder to come by.
  9. If we sign Gregory you can knock me out mate. You can Have as many goes as it takes.
  10. Thanks for the latest intel from the training ground Kev. UTO
  11. Problem is they’ve been played as part of a four man midfield in a 4-4-2; hardly ever as a three. When they were (v Arsenal) it worked brilliantly but never to be repeated at least under Carlos. Having said that I’d like to see Hutchinson moved back into defence and play a central midfield three of Luongo, Bannan and Lee.
  12. I’d play Hutch at right back, Bannan in for Pelupessy and Fletch in for Winnall if fit.
  13. Was it Megson that said players win matches not formations. We do have some good players and when they play well I think it papers over some of the cracks when playing a 4-4-2. The problem is when we come up against decent sides with a strong three man central midfield; we just get overrun; Hull, Huddersfield and, dare I say it, the pigs are just a few examples. The other problem we face, due to our unbalanced squad and lack of a coherent plan over the last few seasons, is that no matter what formation we go with it exposes certain issues in our squad.
  14. So Hutchinson is not suited to playting in a two man central midfield and neither is Bannan. I see a bit of a problem with our current setup.
  15. If we’re going to play two up front I’d like us to switch to a 3-5-2. and if we do that I’d like to try Harris up front to bring some much needed pace to our attack.
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