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  1. Whilst i think Lees and Borner are decent as a pair, I’d swap Lees for that cooper from Millwall. Exactly the sort of player we need.
  2. Westwood Palmer Lees Borner Fox Lee Hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri
  3. You any good with lawn mowers? I'm 5 foot 8
  4. Reminds me a bit of Laurie Madden and he was a damn fine defender.
  5. Agree with this. Brentford did this to us a couple of seasons ago when Bullen was in temporary charge. They got it wide and forward early, bypassing our narrow midfield, and getting one one one with our full backs.
  6. I wouldn’t risk playing Hutch or Lee tonight. So I’d go with a midfield three of Lluongo Bannan Reach. Up front I’d pick Harris Fletcher Forestieri
  7. One or two other regions...just not Yorkshire where the chuffing team that won it was from!
  8. These were the two biggest mistakes for me. I can see the logic in bringing Iorfa in so won't overly criticise Bullen for that. I do think he should be basing the team around a midfield triumvirate of Bannan, Hutchinson and Lee so I do think not starting banana was a mistake. As @BIG D says, if he's fit he plays, simple as that. Would like to have seen Murphy and Harris switch wings especially in the second half. And at least have Forestieri on the bench as he could have replaced Murphy who didn't have a great game.
  9. Have to agree with @DuncOwl Bullen showed a lack of tactical nous. He’s been out thought by Harris I’m afraid. Bannan makes us tick so if he’s fit he plays.First five minutes of the second half and he’s already played two or three great passes which opened the game up a bit. I don’t know what he’s doing with Forestieri but this game was crying out for that bit of quality that he can come up with. Harris was doing very well against their right back but Murphy was not doing much against their left back. I think Harris would have murdered their left back and why they did not switch wings I do not know. would still prefer the team to be based around a central midfield three of: Bannan. Lee Hutchinson rather than: Reach Lee. Hutchinson
  10. Bannan has just been called in. Wonder if he’ll be coming on for the second half.
  11. Westwood Odebaju. Lees. Borner. Palmer Lee. Hutch. Bannan Reach. Fletcher. Harris
  12. Nice to see you starting a new thread @Holmowl
  13. This was my first game as an 8 year old. Sat in the Leppings Lane end as the South and Cantilever were full.
  14. Bit harsh that I feel. Penney was very good at left back pre the Jos chopping and changing and then subsequent injury. Fox improved a fair bit last season and was pretty steady at LB.
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