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  1. Bizarrely I remember him chanting “Wolverhampton Tories” at Coventry away in the League Cup 91.
  2. my concern, as others have mentioned, is that we get out numbered in midfield. They then get control of the game whilst we (being reliant on Bannan to make us tick) run out of ideas as they are able to stop Bannan playing with the extra man.
  3. And he’s now The bastion of financial fair play (with his parachute payments).
  4. Playing devils advocate but had we not fielded such a strong first Xi for the zenith data cup games could we have picked up the extra point in the league to keep us up that season?
  5. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Harris Reach Fletcher
  6. With the FFP restrictions I'd say that is anything but clear.
  7. A quality and, ideally, fast (left footed) left back. A quality and fast striker. A central midfielder unless Luongo proves himself there in the next few months.
  8. Thanks @sw1867. I was concerned at how this comment might be taken. I was trying to make the point that going to football back in the 80s and early 90s had it's problems (as it does now) and, it was not a case of everyone getting on together as @bash seemed to be implying.
  9. That's very much looking back through rose tinted glasses. Remember someone was killed that day.
  10. Yeah but apart from that what's Reach ever done for us?
  11. I agree with you re missing Hutchinson in midfield. My preferred midfield three would be Lee Hutchinson and Bannan. However, in the absence of Lees I would hope switching Hutch to right sided centre back would not weaken us in defence and Luongo coming in for Hutch in midfield would not weaken us there either.
  12. I did say arguably:) He is a better footballer tho and a natural defender so I don’t see why not. when he did play there he played alongside Lees which didn’t really work. He never really played alongside Loovens or Hector so it’s hard to make a true comparison.
  13. I didn't see Bates at Rotherham so haven't really got anything to go on. Hutchinson is really a natural defender and, arguably, a better right sided centra back and captain than Lees so there's no shoe horning as such (I would do a Stuart Gray smiley if there was one).
  14. Westwood Palmer Hutchinson Borner Fox Luongo Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher Reach
  15. Can just see his first pre match press conference: Sheffield Wednesday will play Four Four effin Two. I really hope that is not the case and we play a 4-3-3 with possibly 3-5-2 as a plan B.
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