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  1. I'm considering going today as a last minute decision as my shift at work changed. Am I right in thinking there aren't any cash turnstiles anymore? I had a membership for last couple of years and loaded tickets to the card. Previously I have printed the tickets at home, but haven't got a working printer anymore.
  2. Kadeeem Harris, Kadeeeeem Harris He'll turn you inside He'll turn you outside The man's f u ck I n g rapid (Harry Maguire tune)
  3. Who cares. If you don't know who the players are without the numbers, you're not a real fan
  4. If a double decker bus...... I went to the 1993 semi final on a double decker bus
  5. Does the swear filter change cheeky monkey into cheeky monkey?
  6. Thought Abdi had signed for Kilmarnock for a minute. Him and Alex Bruce are doubles
  7. Another tick off the bucket list to go with the cricket
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