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    Just been on, so you can pick your Dummy up
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    Think he only ever played for the reserves... In a phantom of the opera mask with South African paint work
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    Forestieri in sexism scandal
  5. We aren't going up with or without Bannan and Forestieri. That's the harsh reality. Fast forward 12 months and Bannan leaves for Free and Forestieri demands/engineers a move away for a fraction of his actual value
  6. We could make Abdi, Fletcher, Matias and Jones available for free transfer and nobody would consider offering them the money we are paying, this is why we are in this state. Claire and Hirst situations are more mistakes to learn from. Chansiri and the fans all need to put the past to the side and deal with getting out of the mess
  7. This is the worry. He still wants to gamble......and for us to help fund it. He needs to learn from the mistakes he's made and put a drastic salvage plan into action immediately
  8. That's the only way out I can see. Forestieri should fetch £10M + Bannan £4M+ Westwood £1.5M + together with the best part of £100k a week off the wage bill Don't know the value of the naming rights or if anyone is even interested. Hopefully some in house, maximum market value deal This surely would be enough to release us from an embargo Then look to Premier league loans and maybe try to sign young prospects from lower end Championship or League One. No use crying over the missed opportunity of the past 3 years. It's time to move forward and make the difficult decisions. Put the membership price and benefits back to last seasons Announce no game to be priced above Cat C for rest of the season Look into giving members and season ticket holders an online vote into future major decisions regarding the club.
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  13. Just found a 95 /96 merchandise catalogue with my old programs. Any comedy caption suggestions for the dodgy photos?
  14. Can anybody remember or provide a link to the press conference comments Carlos made about not being able to discuss now, you'll understand at the end of the season? Or something along those lines Just to add some more fuel to the conspiracy inferno