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  1. Can anybody remember or provide a link to the press conference comments Carlos made about not being able to discuss now, you'll understand at the end of the season? Or something along those lines Just to add some more fuel to the conspiracy inferno
  2. You know the phone line is £5/min now? That's about £600 It's cost you
  3. Who is renewing season tickets?

    I wish I'd got my money back and got barred from buying another
  4. Mine was in 1900. It was Andrew Wilson? Why are we signing losers from Scotland?
  5. Most miserable, boring, uninspiring manager since Jones. Worse still his English is very average, he struggles to understand simple questions and struggles to make his answers clear. How can he be inspiring or motivating the players and how does he communicate his ideas in training? Another mistake by Chansiri and his 'advisors' He won't even acknowledge we're in a relegation battle
  6. Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    That's not far off the real thing Also, who are you calling fat you ginger bar steward
  7. The dreaded 'R' word

    Bottom of the form table from last 10 games. Lacking goals, lacking confidence and some really weak players as regular starters. Very worried
  8. Football Anagrams

    I foookin hate anagrams, they are the most boring attempts at humour ever.
  9. George Boyd

    I like Boyd George, adds a bit of culture to the club
  10. Nuhiu Tackle

    https://twitter.com/adamreachinho/status/952586134210695169 That clip is better, shows him waving his arms to get the crowd going after
  11. Ying or the Yang..

    It's Yin and Yang, not Ying