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  1. Who was the more exciting player?

    Love Waddle.......but 100% Cantona. Wednesday's biggest fu ck up not signing him
  2. Abdi

  3. Carlton Palmer

    Swap David Jones for a prime Carlton Palmer and we'd win the league
  4. So even when we lose 6-1 to Leeds on Sunday, we've still got a good season to look forward to? I went to all those nightmare games in 1991/92 and they were absolutely gutting. Bobby Davison scoring twice at Hillsborough was the low light for me. I think the point is that even a team looked on as legends (quite rightly) can turn in some poor performances and be on the end of shocking/ embarrassing results. The pigs didn't "out play us" "want it more" "tear us apart" or any of the other statements made on here. They outscored us because we defended terribly, individually and as a unit.
  5. We've all heard of Elf On A Shelf...

    That was obviously meant to be Jordan's baby on Chips n Gravy.........on closer inspection it appears to be cheesy chips
  6. League table as it stands at half time

    Imagine a play off semi against the pigs?
  7. Haha, fair point , but I was thinking of this thing
  8. Looks like the ugliest one from East 17
  9. It was a person with age

    Surprised he didn't offer him a 4 year contract
  10. Away shirts

    If you need to read the names to know who's playing, you aren't a real fan