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  1. I'm on Block: 541 - Row: 7 - Seat: 50 and looking for Block 541 row 5 if possible? I know it's only a couple of rows but worth a shot
  2. They said they don't do refunds unfortunately and I presume the points will be taken back? But yeah willing to go a bit lower if anyone's interested
  3. Selling my north stand season ticket for face value at what I paid for it which was £480 at the early bird price (This is an Adult's Season Ticket) , I have contacted the club and they said it's fine for me to sell it and they are willing to change the details on the card and the Seat number and block if needs be! PM me on here if you are interested or need to know any more, Cheers,
  4. Sheffield Wednesday ✔ @swfc Follow TICKETS: Owls fans can purchase their tickets this evening at King Power Stadium (subject to a £2 increase) http://bit.ly/1kx70x8 #swfc 11:21 AM - 4 Apr 2014 Just been announced pal
  5. You don't need to write on every post on owlstalk about it, we've all seen it and the person will more than likely be caught.. If you don't have any videos then stick to the topic you posted.
  6. Would love to see some more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptvmt8_iIKA
  7. Pre Match Hi-Ho Sheffield Wednesday! Pitch Invasion! (bit Shaky) This season has been amazing. Enjoy.
  8. Yeah I always see you at games, remember you from Southampton away on the coach a couple of seasons back when we cheated on the quiz
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