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  1. They’re regularly wrong when it comes to manager markets. The odds are irrelevant
  2. It might look better in a proper photo, rather than one took on a potato
  3. Harsh. Knows his stuff and gives a lot of info on Twitter
  4. Also not played it for ages. enjoyed it at first but got a bit bored. Might try it again soon, too much riding around from place to place. It’s beautiful but boring
  5. That is Jos through and through. Can’t believe people genuinely believe DC is picking that team
  6. Got one for the 4 year old for Christmas (will be 5 in jan) he’s only been asking for one for 6 months definately getting Pokemon for me
  7. Had similar experience to DeeJay. Had a couple of hours and everyone waved and was nice.
  8. Come on then, whats online like?
  9. A half fit Hutchinson should be in that team. Disgrace
  10. DeeeeeJ

    FIFA 19

    FreshOwl, just don't play it. Turn it off. Sell it. You clearly don't enjoy it.
  11. Why does every person in the world I meet pull out a gun and shoot me?
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