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  1. We didn’t let him go though did we? We got screwed by him, his father and his cronies
  2. Yep, the courts constantly let them down. So many man hours wasted interviewing and dealing with them for the courts to give then a £60 fine
  3. No, it’s a case of being pre deployed to a set location, if something confirmed was happening they’d be there immediately.
  4. Paid for by the club and decided where they will be placed with assistance from the club. If you think they’re stood bored because there is nothing else to do you’re on another planet.
  5. Crazy you lot think the Police can spare a couple of coppers to just patrol up and down the road. They haven’t even got tbe resources to go to jobs happening at the time. Rather than slagging them off, whinge to your local MP’s.
  6. DeeeeeJ

    Clare joins Swansea

    It’s no loss. He looked okay. Nothing special. I’m confident he’ll fade away ti league 1 in a couple of years
  7. Can we now all agree that Chansiri and his advisors were correct to keep this poo stain away from the club. Completely shafted the club and presumably, his and his daddys attitude and intentions were clear. Well done
  8. DeeeeeJ

    1st fixtures

    It’s Hull at home. United have reading away
  9. Best seats in house as well
  10. Plus £200 to move my seats to the grandstand from the kop. If it was this price on the kop not a prob
  11. I'm not complaining, as I said, i'm happy with the pricing options. I sit on the kop, and have done for the last 15 years. I could move to the grandstand but it would cost me more. I'm probably being a bit selfish, I have a 4 year old and cant warrant paying for a season ticket for the young lad when he is not going to go to the Tuesday night matches. I'll do what i have done for the past year or so, and pick and choose the saturday games.
  12. Good pricing, i just wish they'd do an under 7's option, or a Saturday 3pm sort of ticket etc