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  1. Said it in another thread. I’ve attended all games this year under £30 as I’m not willing to shell out more at this moment in time due to my finances. Not bothered who we play, only there to watch Wednesday. Hope this cup run continues!
  2. Played well in both cup games. Always looking to get in behind and works brilliantly with Nuhiu. Both deserve a start against Middlesbrough I think.
  3. I’ve stuck to my guns and gone every time it’s been £30 or less and I’ll be there again on Friday. Long may this cup run continue!
  4. Huddersfield deserve promotion and DJ Smile is a way better lyricist than any musician to come out of Sheffield.
  5. I can only imagine a last minute Semedo goal would be followed by a mass pitch invasion!
  6. Really hoping we can bring a lead to Hillsborough but won't be dissatisfied with a draw. Expecting a very hard fought and edgy game with few goals, if any. Come on Wednesday!!!
  7. I'm already sat in my seat blowing up inflatable penguins.
  8. Is this with regards to the sending off that left a gaping hole in a players leg?
  9. I was bloody knackered! I needed a recovery period.
  10. Second game of the season for me after Mansfield and I can't wait. Not been to a league game as I think it's overpriced and would prefer to spend £32+ a week saving for a holiday.
  11. So he's basically picked 2 teams that he classes as Leeds' rivals and tries to justify both of us as being delusional when to be fair both teams steak a decent claim to what he's said they are definitely not. For me Man Utd are the biggest club in the world. You only need to go out to other countries to see why. Personally I think Leeds just edge it over us but only just! If Chansiri delivers Prem football with a little bit more then I think it swings in our favour. Let's be honest, no one cares that much about what happened 40 years as a large chunk of us won't have seen it.
  12. Plymouth's support was ace that day. Filled top tier on a Tuesday night!
  13. My first ever away game that. I thought every away game would be the same. I remember the advertising boards being ripped up on the stand along the touchline and the fans playing tug of war with the stewards with the black matting. When they scored the County fans understandably went mental and ran towards the corner where ours were, only for half a dozen owls fans to jump onto their stand scattering a few hundred of them. Although I never want to be in that league again some of the away days were better than what we get now.
  14. Decent cup draw tbh. Nothing to lose and a slight possibility of progression. And if we lose we can all pretend it's a Micky Mouse cup and we never wanted to win it anyway.
  15. It is exciting and for a good footballing country. We've not had a young player with this much buzz for the last 15 years. Only a matter of time before Matias, Melo and Semedo are playing for them too. I'm putting a tenner on them for the 2018 World Cup.
  16. 3-2 to the Owls. Lachman to get some game time and score. I predict an aftermath of moaning because we conceded 2 to a lower league team despite progressing and a much changed side.
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