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  1. For starters big teams who you would expect to be challenging for top six were in bad shape and almost out the playoff picture after February, Villa, Derby and Norwich for example, all of those you would imagine will be much stronger this season. Even the likes of Wolves & Cardiff were ready to spend and grow this season after enjoying a steady season last year. Secondly Reading and Huddersfield were both sub par opposition compared to ourselves, still cannot believe we failed to beat Huddersfield across two legs....who were the first team to get promoted without actually winning a game in 90minutes and any of there players scoring a goal. If we make the playoffs again this year the competition will be much much stronger. CC's first season was essentially a free pass as nobody had any expectations for us to go up, similar to Wolves this year...good team, smart coach who teams will overlook.
  2. Massive blow. Some people don't realise that one of the biggest reasons we've started so badly is because FF hasn't been on form, partly due to the fact he hasn't been played enough. However you look at it if FF had been fit he would have played a big part in our inevitable good turn in form over the next few weeks, without him to provide those moments of magic don't fancy us as much.... Looking at the positives though, at least this gives more gametime to the Hooper/Fletcher partnership which looks good, maybe even opens the door for a hungry Joao or Hirst to come and prove themselves? Also cuts out the drama of faffing around with where to play FF, which is usually at the expensive of Hooper/Rhodes... Countdown bingo now begins until we next see a player take some one though....i'm going Wallace vs Blades at home.
  3. The must-start players?

    1 win from 5 with almost none convincing performances bar half of Fulham away, I would say the only must starters are Westwood, Lees & Bannan, Keeping with the theme of assuming CC will not variate from his preferred 442, maybe play around with the diamond I would love to see us lineup vs Forest; Westwood Hunt Lees Van Anken Reach Jones Butterfield Bannan Forestieri Hooper Fletcher
  4. Deadline day mini doc.

    Watched the other day, really good insight into deadline day. Was about to type that about Sinclair before i saw your post aha, spot on though mate. Makes you wonder if you're Sinclair would you rather be playing football infront of 25,000+ each week in a half decent side or playing reserve team football for a smaller club, only plus would be that his current team are in the PL. I don't know if it's the agents fault for demanding X amount of money for coming on loan or the players fault for being content to get paid and not play competitive football at all. Either way like you say it's stunning some players are clueless to teams outside the PL, even more so a big club like Sheffield United...I would image Sinclair has the same limited knowledge on us too.
  5. What's Happened

    18 months ago it was the complete opposite, this site was buzzing hailing CC as the messiah and the feel good factor was all over the club. Sadly football fans are fickle and after being promised success and having our expectations set with the lucrative heights of the PL promise land, anything other than instant success is viewed as a failure and treated with nothing but negativity. Best squad in decades, back to back playoff campaigns, some of the best players we've ever had and a fantastic chairman who has invested heavily in the club. It's almost like people would rather us be back in League One with no money, millions of pounds in debt and seeing JJ do a few step overs as our only form of entertainment. Season ticket holder or not, everybody has the right to an opinion on how the club is doing...however anyone that thinks we're in a 'bad' place is an idiot.
  6. predictions for Septembers games

    We will come back revitalised and hit hot form, W W D W D
  7. 3-5-2

    Such a dreamy lineup! Shame we'll never see it.
  8. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    When Forestieri is 'feeling it' he brings everything Winnall does + more trickery and a lot more quality, plus Fletcher is probably our hardest working striker. One of the big 5 had to go and id much rather it be Winnall than anyone else. Winnall doesn't have the quality to be a starting striker on a top 6 team, he could play every single game but even on scorching hot form compared to consistent 7/10 performances from FF or Rhodes he simply wouldn't compare. The signing of Butterfield tells me that Lee's injury concerns and much more than we first feared, he might be back training but its the third time in 6 months he's been out with a hip problem, make of that what you will. Butterfield is a good CM period, whose style I would consider a cross between Bannan/Lee, he's come here to play games and he will do, bigger threat than Abdi and a solid box to box engine with an attacking threat, good signing however you look at it. I get your point though because it does look like CC is just signing another tidy CM who is very similar to what we already have. But as fans we need to accept the 442 system is not changing, we aren't going to play 352, neither are we going to sign explosive tricky wingers, they don't fit into CC's system. Butterfield does and when the inevitable happens and we find a winning partnership between FF/Rhodes/Hooper or Fletcher, Winnall is never going to be missed.
  9. The Ultimate Forestieri Stat Thread

    Good thread. Baffling that people still think our strongest team doesn't include him in any capacity. I'm sure our strongest team includes both FF and Rhodes on the pitch together, but I don't think Carlos will ever make it work.
  10. Selective with your games...wonder who our most winningest pairing is upfront? Either way Rhodes is out and out the best striker we've got, we need either a change of tactics or change of manager because we have the best natural goal scorer in the football league at our disposal and he isn't scoring goals and we aren't winning games. I'm certain getting the best out of him is a solution to our problems.
  11. Diame basically frozen out at Newcastle, could easily ****** him for a fee within our budget or season loan, likewise Grant Hanley, we desperately need a big daft centre half to come in and just do the basics well and allow us to handle the physical sides. On top of that please can we bring in some quick tricky winger, no idea who but Max Gradel would have been good or in a different world maybe McGeady or Junior Hoilett. Just somebody that can take a player on or provide a spark other than FF. Finally go back to a high press intense 433 and play the quick ball to feet football we did when CC first shook up the league. Westwood Hunt Lees Hanley Reach Diame Lee Bannan Boyd Rhodes FF Subs; Wildsmith, Frederico, Jones, Abdi, Wallace, Hooper, Fletcher Trim the fat in the side, would happily sell the likes of Joao, Nuhiu, Winnall, Matias, even Abdi, aslong as we could guarantee bringing in players that are different and offer something else to the side that we do not already have.
  12. Starting Hooper & Fletcher together was the right decision today, our problem is that which ever pair we play only seem to score goals together for 1 or 2 games, after that its back to square one again.
  13. Carlos can't be all to blame?

    The no pace is a CC problem, he's had multiple players under his disposal that are fast and have that spark to change a game but they have never been utilised properly, Sougou, McGeady, Matias, McMannaman even Forestieri to a degree. Having only 2 CB's in the entire senior squad and 1 who is match fit on the first game of the season is an absolute joke. Imagine Mourinho starting the season at Man United with only 1 fit CB...he'd walk out the door. I'm sure the blame lies with the board and CC collectively but how our defensive situation has gone on for so long is embarrassing. I think CC has a much bigger say in recruitment than we all think, Rhodes was 100% his top priority in January, yet he joints the team and looks absolutely lost out there under CC's control?!? Truly confusing. If we are able to bid £6million for Morrison we obviously have some money available to buy what we need. I'm sure if things were that severe we could easily sell fringe players like Joao, Matias, Palmer, Dawson, Nuhiu even Winnall and a high profile departure like FF or Rhodes could easily see us avoid any FFP implications.
  14. Thought you were talking about the first 3 months of my relationship....
  15. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    Not sure how you are deciding who the most knowledgable fans are, but anyone that posts a thread during or 10 minutes after a match I would remove from the equation!!