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  1. Would be a great signing and given the choice between him or Wickham, i'm taking Che Adams every, single, time. I mean, one striker is seriously injury prone and has scored 5 goals in 4 years the other scored 22 last season in the Championship... I'm sure he's desperate for regular football give the lack of it this season and given how Monk played a big part in his development you would think he'd prefer to work with a manager he knows. Skill wise, has everything we would need, good in the air, strong, fast, works hard and good finisher who is coming of a career season, 22 goals last year....i'm actually quite surprised Southampton would consider letting him leave so soon as they may be in a relegation scrap soon and Danny Ings good form won't continue forever. Only issue I could see is wages....we are already in hot water so we might have to ship 1/2 of the bigger earners out before we could bring one in...
  2. Very clever stuff from the club. Financially, we are in desperate need of any instant cash injection as long as its legitimate - all the grief we have currently with the EFL this could help massively even if just in the short term. Obviously the market for this will be quite small, I mean I don't have the cash or disposable income to buy one but like all clubs we will have fans who can afford this and will invest, think about retired/soon to retire fans too who may be getting pension payouts etc - i'd be keen to see what % of over 60/65's make up our actual match day attendance. Alternatively, think of all the personal finance deals people take out to pay off cars/holidays etc, no reason why fans couldn't take out a loan for 5/6 years and pay off a 10, perhaps 15 year season ticket in that time, could potentially be a huge financial saving if you are planning to commit yourself for that long. As a quick example, you can borrow £4,500 over 5 years, and repay £96 a month...again if you can commit to the games would be excellent value for money. Even if we only sold 500 of these at the AVG price (5,550), that's revenue of £2,775,000, if we sold 1000 that's £5,550,000 and in the short term that money could be very very valuable.
  3. Now THIS is a classic Wednesday signing. Sounds like he'll mainly feature with the U'23's for this season and I still expect us to bring in another wide man who is a little more experienced, either way our revamped recruitment team has brought us Borner & Irofa in the last 18 months so i don't doubt them!
  4. Very nervy about tomorrows game. I think if we can get to 60 minutes at 0-0 we could go on to snatch it or comfortable see out the draw. I just worry how we will set up without Fletcher, not only is it is our hardest away game of the season its our first look at how we will adapt to perhaps the rest of the season without our star man. Hoping we pack out the midfield and try to play some good football, soak up the pressure with our strong defending and hit Leeds on the counter, beat them at their own game.
  5. But its NOT a mediocre squad is it? And start of the season our forward line was anything but 'pisspoor'? Under Bruce we had the 3rd best record in the league during his time in charge...and Monk has done almost as well getting us into the top 8 for the majority of the season. What we're saying is a 'problem' is how one dimensional we are under Monk, and now we don't have his integral piece to his play style he has to look at other ways to involve our other players who can be just as important as Fletcher was - only in a different system. I'm guessing your solution is that the ONLY way we could possibly be any better is by throwing more and more money at players? Yes? The players are not good enough, that must be it! I don't want to ever see anyone on here claim our strikers aren't 'good enough', if Wilder can get United promoted with Leon Clarke, Sharp, Madine and McGoldrick as his main forward options throughout a season there is absolutely no reason why we can't go up with Fletcher, Winnall, Nuhiu, RHODES and Forestieri. A manager is the most important part to any team and don't ever think otherwise.
  6. Reach can be our goal scoring midfielder, we've seen that from him...he won our POTS when playing CAM and is the most complete all round ATTACKING midfielder we have. We have goals in that team, plenty of goals it's our style of play which is the problem. It's a complete myth that you NEED a 20+ striker to get promoted, no team in the football league had has more goal scorers than us in 2019, shows how diverse we are... My major concern is that we will continue to isolate the strengths of our real attacking talent, the likes of Reach, FF, Luongo, Harris (sort of) in favour or trying to cling on to a long ball philosophy that because it's worked so far will continue to work.
  7. Absolutely. The positive signs are there and we can play other ways with this squad, will be a real test for Monk if he can exploit that. I could even argue if we are looking to have a more dominant midfield, is there even a place for our worst defender and worst ball carrying midfielder?
  8. Could be an excellent coupe...IF he is fit. However since he last played for us he has only scored EIGHT(8) goals in almost SIX(6) years....for a striker those numbers are worrying. I know he's had two big injury set backs but even still I feel like he is a gamble - but a gamble absolutely worth taking.
  9. With Fletcher set to miss the next 8-10 weeks, it's very possible when and if he returns this season we might already be far from the playoff picture unless a few things change. Without our talisman its clear we are going to seriously struggle based on recent form to continue to play long direct football without a dominant target man, so what other options do we have? Some interesting stats on where we rank in the Championship to anyone who seems to think we are not a long ball, direct team. Short passes per game - 20th (for context, 5 of the top 6 teams in this category are all in the top 6 in the actual league positioning...the exception being Derby) Long balls per game - 7th (only us and Preston [1st] of the top 10 teams in this category are in the top 10 in actual league positioning) Long ball key passes per game - 2nd Crosses per game - 5th Dribbles per game - 6th Ariel duels per game - 4th Fouls per game - 1st Goals scored in open play - 10th Goals scored from set pieces - 8th Goals conceded in open play - 21st (the only teams with a better record are the current top 3) Shots on target per game - 4th (the only teams above us are all in the current top 6) We are also the only team to have 3 players in the top 20 for the stat 'Ariel duels won per game', these being Fletcher, Lees and Nuhiu. Bannan ranks 3rd in the league for 'key passes per game' with 2.6 and 4th in the league for 'assists' with 7. Of course, we could discuss statistics for hours and hours and yes I have cherry picked the ones that really highlight my point of us being 'long ball' team which isn't a problem and clearly has been effectively working for us. My concern is now we have lost Fletcher how will Monk change our style of play to make us just as good as before? Because if our recent run of form has showed us anything, it's that Fletcher is absolutely integral to our style of play and we cannot play the same way without him. I have a feeling we might revert back to 451 formation, more bodies in midfield driving the ball forward, less long searching balls down the middle, more playing out from the back....players like Borner, Luongo and Reach I feel we all be very valuable in the next few weeks, the likes of Bannan and Nuhiu I think may struggle. Plenty of different options Monk can take here but I fear if that if he fails to make drastic changes our bad form will only get worse.
  10. Dawson Palmer Irofa Lees Fox Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Winnall Don't see any reason to make drastic changes, we were average vs a surprising bad Brentford and very poor vs Stoke...Fletcher is the catalyst when he's back we will return to form. Winnall has made a difference these last two games and contributed more than Nuhiu or Rhodes, deserves a start.
  11. At what point were long balls to Nuhiu & Rhodes working?...it would have been stupid and ignorant to keep trying the same thing. Monk made the right move to change it up, we scored both our goals after Nuhiu came off and played slightly better the last 25 minutes than we had for the rest of the game.
  12. Glad to see he's taking it on the chin and acknowledged why we lost is more on him, than the players. Like that about Monk he owns his mistakes when he makes one. Not sure I can watch another 90 minutes of us playing a 442 when that front two is Rhodes/Nuhiu though
  13. As bad as we were today, we so very almost ran away with 3 points! I think Monk did notice Plan A wasn't working hence why he took off Nuhiu/Rhodes and went for a more ball playing attack. All credit to Stoke though, as much as I hate the place they wanted it more and defended well, we created no real goal scoring chances and at times I bet they can't believe how poor we were...watching us hoof long balls only for Shawcross to win it every time then somebody in a red and white shirt to clean up the second ball. Still once again the same problems are our downfall; Crumbled to pieces in the final 10 minutes, that's now vs Derby, Cardiff, Blackburn, Swansea, Stoke and WBA we've all given up points to in the last 10 - more accurately 85+. This is what stops us from being anything better than a playoff team, a better team than us would have closed all those games out and would be 2nd, almost 1st in the league. Tactically lost without Fletcher, we are a long ball team, I've accepted that and nothing wrong with that when it works. But when it doesn't it makes us look league one esc, quality players on the pitch but nobody looking to come short or string some passes together. Nuhiu just isn't good enough to start even when we play to his strengths and Rhodes I think can be a threat he just needs the right partner but again he struggled to get involved at all. Shoutout to Winnall who when he came on looked a threat and it was his header that was saved and went onto the bar for Lees to nod in the rebound for our 2nd - he indirectly won the penalty last weekend vs Brentford when he came on too, it was his flick on to Nuhiu who was fouled. Atleast with Winnall he looks 'hungry' to score and get involved, I've always liked him but he's just never had a run of games (which has been understandable) but he does have skills we could use. Although he's not fast, he's considerably quicker than Rhodes and has got a good turn of pace so I wouldn't mind playing him alongside Fletcher.
  14. Two full seasons in charge and two playoff campaigns speaks for itself, should he have done better? Perhaps. Could it have gone a lot worse? Absolutely. I wouldn't want him back but I don't understand all the negativity around him, I'm 25 and like many of our younger fans haven't seen us in the top division or be a good side, ever. CC was the first manager in my lifetime who was at the helm when we were actually decent and so close to getting into the PL. Think back to your memories of us being a good team and I promise you'll thinking fondly of the players and managers of that era. His managerial style is like old school Mourinho, reluctant to use youth, same players every week, reliant on having a strong spine, favours high football IQ players and wants to play ball to feet 'attractive football'. CC's problem, again much like old school Mourinho was he was so ignorant to change things, ever. That's why we started so exceptionally well and went down hill over time, team's figured us out and we never changed anything. I still don't think I will ever forgive him for that playoff semi 2nd leg at home to Huddersfield, playing Lee RM and setting us up so negatively when that game and what would of been the play off final was there for the taking. interesting fact, he completed his UEFA pro license with Mourinho and they remain friends to this day! maybe explains some of the similarities.
  15. Always said, aslong as we have a solid partnership between the 2 CB'S all we need are our fullbacks to put in 6/10 performance every week and we'll be a decent team. We've got that with stellar buy Iorfa and whoever he partners in Borner/Lees. For me the biggest change is that he's cut out individually silly errors, maybe down to more playing time and experience with those around him but its made a huge difference. What I love about Foxy though, he's got the dog in him, really gets stuck in and doesn't shy out a tackle.
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