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  1. Quick somebody get a video up of the boys doing lines and lobbing pints of ******** during Noel G, let’s get our rep back up.
  2. I’d be furious. Just like how I’d be furious if we were promoted and two of our best players declined new deals to drop back down a league…But these are the perks we get for being a big fish in a small pond. I just hope we’re not significantly over paying here. PW is an excellent man manager and he really does get the best from very average players.
  3. Jeeze, what a depressing read. There needs to be some kind of regulations for foreign owners who come in and buy football clubs. Such a massive risk and it appears Chansiri, much like other owners has been totally fleeced. People are fooled by the allure of reaching the PL and all the delights that come with. All common business knowledge and sense goes out the window. Business Studies 101…hire good people!!. As we know all to well, establishing a proper senior structure and hierarchy of trusted and insightful advisors is critical to a clubs success…bad culture + bad leaders = bad results Who on earth would buy a football club, Chansiri has pumped in £133m in 7 years and what does he have to show for it? Also, I didn’t realise our point deduction was triggered by late paperwork, always assumed it was due to the amount of money we were losing/players going unpaid. Shambles. Football has become a hobby for the worlds billionaires and is even further away from the working man’s game that it’s ever been.
  4. I didn’t realise we spent £5+million on Reach, had it in my head he was around the 3 mark. Really shows how unproductive we’ve been in the transfer market, yet we’re so efficient with free agents - the like for likes have been just as good, I’d argue better. Hooper/Fletcher Reach/Wallace Abdi/Bannan JVA/Lees I hope DC is smart enough to see these mistakes and adjust his mentors accordingly, we’ve got most of the big moves wrong and look how costly it’s been.
  5. I’d sell him. Its the old less is more scenario, the money we’d get plus the wage bill relief we could bring in 2/3 younger & healthier players we desperately need…CB,CB and another striker. We missed him this season, but we’ve seen without him we’re still almost good enough to win the league. It’s our defence that needs the priority investment not up top.
  6. Very surprising, thought we would have kept him or atleast Dunkley if not…heading into next season currently with 1 CB who has spent the better part of the last 2 seasons injured. Sammy is right up there with Semedo & Reda for me, cult hero in recent years. Loved the club, left it all out there and a real role model especially overcoming all he has. You’ll be missed! OHHHHH SAMMY SAMMY.
  7. Yes. Its the most competitive division in the league, teams are fighting for top 6 one season then relegation the next. The perfect mix of clubs newly funded, over funded, embargo’d and incredibly resourceful all trying to battle it out for the promise land. The golden ticket to financial freedom. The allure of the Premier League and the spoils that come with are far more appealing than the reality. The top 6 won’t change within the next 15 years just like it hasn’t for the last 15. Middle of the pack teams like Wolves, Leicester, West Ham, Everton ect won’t go anywhere either, stuck between 12th & 7th for eternity. And sure teams like Brighton, Southampton & Brentford sometimes struggle but they’re just too well ran to go down. Whereas Newcastle & Villa now far too lucrative to go down… As each season ends it’s just the same story again the next year, 3 newly promoted sides spending hundreds of millions to even have a small chance of survival, clubs taking on more debt than they can handle and getting blown out every other weekend whilst 1 maybe 2 existing clubs spectacularly collapse as money or generational manager dry up.
  8. I actually wouldn’t mind Dunkley staying, a real weakness of ours was defending set pieces and winning balls in the air - that’s his big strength. He’s good enough to do the basics against most of the teams in this division anyway and a real leader at the back something we’ve lacked since Loovens. He needs to play with 2 ball players either side though, if we’re planning to continue 3 at the back. Similar weakness to Iorfa especially when they play together, very panicky and careless on the ball and teams could punish us for it. It all depends on our wage bill hit next season and who else is available. Currently with just Irofa as the only CB returning next year I have a feeling DM might play is safe and bring back him & Hutch. Then roll the dice on the loan market for Storey & Gibson 2.0
  9. Looking at the two clubs tonight in the Championship play off semi, Luton & Huddersfield and it still stings me when we bottled it against the latter at Hillsborough under Carlos in the 2017 semi . That same season, Luton got promoted from League 2, when only 3 seasons prior to that they weren’t even in the football league. It was Barnet & Solihull Moors away. And remarkably here they are against all odds 180 minutes away from the Premier League. We haven’t played in the highest tier of English football in 22 years. Since then, the likes of Norwich, Ipswich, Charlton, Wigan, Derby, Bolton, Bradford, Blackburn and Brentford have all had spells in the division. Clubs similar size with similar resources to us but most infact with far far less. Even more shocking is teams such as Swansea, Blackpool, Hull and Bournemouth have gone from being in the 4th tier, League 2!!! To the PL before we last played a PL fixture. So all this makes me wonder, I’m 28 and the best seasons of football I can remember was that 2 year stretch under Carlos when we came so close. Everything apart from that we’ve either been a mid table/relegation scrapping Championship side or fighting for promotion in League 1. And many fans similar age to me or younger won’t have ever experienced us being a ‘good’ team and living up to the memories commentators often refer to in SWFC history. When do we think our time will come to compete again in the highest division in football? I love this club and our fan base is incredible but Im so envious when I see other teams living up to their potential whilst we squander ours. WAWAW.
  10. People are missing the point here, look at our form these last 20? Games, we’ve been the best in the league. That’s the first XI we’ll need to aim to keep. Assuming we won’t make any ££ signings and target free agents again, unless we sell a few perhaps Windass/Irofa. Dawson Hutchinson/Irofa/Palmer New CB New CB Johnson Byers FDB/Adeniran Bannan Hunt/NML Gregory Windass/Berahino We’re almost there, my worry is who we’ll bring in at CB as that’s been a huge issue for us. That run of 8-10 games where we had back 3’s the likes of Johnson/Palmer/Brennan is what cost us promotion. Id take Storey back but doubt we can afford him, Dean too but he’ll be a man in demand. Similar story to BPF only not worth the price we’d pay, Dawson is good enough. Luongo can walk, so can Dunkley, Pato, Sow, Brown…then I’d extend the rest providing NML/Hutch/Berahino/Hunt aren’t on silly money, which I doubt as we were last chance saloon for all. Being optimistic, if we did bring back Dean that leaves us with only 2 other CB’s to look for, I’d probably look at Gibson again as impressed when healthy. Obviously a replacement for Luongo would be good and priority 2, then its just various squad/loan players CB, LWB, RWB, ST, ST….to complete with what we’ve already got! We’re much closer than you think!
  11. Agree with most of this. Although I’d only keep Hutch/NML. I’d like to keep Dean but I think he’ll be on big wages and I figure a Derby/Barnsley type might pay over the odds to bring him in for a season. Did FDB sign an extension as well, I thought he was a FA this summer too? Either way, he has to stay shown so much promise this season. Im certain Windass will be sold to generate some ££, possibly Iorfa too as he doesn’t suit this system and we can only afford to have 1 non ball playing CB really. It’s going to be another roll of the dice on the free agent market only with a smaller budget than this year. Priority for the first XI would be; 2 x CB’s - have to be comfortable on the ball, Dean & Gibson might work alongside another Storey type. 1 x CM - a budget replacement for Luongo, this could be the player Adeniran or FDB become but I think they’re suited to playing further forward. 1 x ST - somebody that complements Gregory either a target man or a quicker Windass type. It’s going to be tough, we’ll likely see another loan haul of strikers and defenders come in.
  12. BPF - 6, didn’t have a save to make really, unlucky with the goal. Hunt - 6, great energy up and down all night but I think he’s lost a step and just doesn’t seem to get past his man like he used to Hutchinson - 7, very up for it got stuck in all night and left it all out there, made 2 big blocks in the first half Dean - 7, same as Hutch up for the game and felt like he won everything Storey - 6, thought he played well until the last 20 minutes, did look abit nervy on the ball throughout Johnson - 7, our best attacking outlet all game we just couldn’t get him on the ball with space enough Luongo - 6, we need a player like Luongo in the team but he just isn’t good enough on the ball going forward. Did win the ball back and make a few big tackles but too careless in possession in their half Byers - 5, passenger really couldn’t get involved in the game like he usually does, the Sunderland high press left him chasing the game - made a shocking decision to shoot late game when he could have played NML in Bannan - 5, marked out the game once again his passing was off and didn’t get on the ball enough to make an impact. Both times he found space in the final third we scored and Windass went through on goal - but it didn’t happen enough. Needed to drop deeper for me, DM’s tactics didn’t help Bannan at all. Harsh but big games need your big players and over 2 legs he just wasn’t involved (also didn’t look 100% fit but you can’t blame him!!!) Windass - 6, clearly not match fit but was a threat on the last man and we’ve missed his pace all season. Felt he offered more than Berahino would have, but if we were planning to play long ball for 90 minutes why didn’t we start Pato?! Gregory MOTM - 8, ran his socks off and won everything he could in the air, limited to 1 half chance and put it away. Linked up play well we just couldn’t create anything for him to capitalise. DM - 3, We were completely out coached over these two legs. Alex Neil knew exactly how to shut us down, man mark Bannan out the game and high press to force us to go long, we didn’t show enough confidence or willing to even try to play out the back. I think we have the better team we just couldn’t show it. We didn’t deserve to go though, disappointed we couldn’t adjust after the first game and I’m surprised how DM let the same thing happen again.
  13. Tricky one but I’d probably keep him too. But he’s already been backed, pretty heavily. Our wage bill is the biggest in the division or certainly one of. He failed to keep us up last season and he’s failed to get us promoted this season too. But he’s changed the culture, identity and I feel the club is in a better place than before he came. This league isn’t that competitive, there’s only a handful of good teams and with our squad when fully fit we can still make top 2. The Windass injury, CB crisis and our disaster start to the season cost us in the end, too much ground to make up. Of course we’ll lose a few, but the core of our team will remain. Make some more smart free agent additions in the summer and we can run away with this league.
  14. Based on these two games, I’ve seen nothing to suggest we would have beaten them at Wembley anyway. Pretty sure we would have faired similarly to MK Dons did against Wycombe too, there strengths are our weaknesses. There’s no easy games in the playoffs, you just have to be good enough. And in 180 minutes we weren’t even close.
  15. If Byers played him in instead of shooting we’d be heading to Wembley right now. It’s the little things.
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