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  1. Lionel Fessi

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    We cannot play 442. There is simply no way we could play any formation with 4 at the back, we do not have any fullbacks, none, nothing, nobody. Jos is so limited in the formations he can play and the players he has to work with, such a difficult job for him to get the best out of this mess. All we know is, Forestieri HAS to play, Bannan HAS to play CM, when fit Hutchinson HAS to play and debatable but Joao HAS to play...if we want any chance of being a top 6 side let alone top 2. Dawson Hutchinson Lees Van Aken Boyd Bannan Pelupessy Reach FF Joao Nuhiu We have no valid options for 'wingbacks' so we might as well play our best attacking 'wingers', atleast both work hard for 90mins and can offer something in the final third. Hutch & VA are both more than capable of playing the ball out from the back, let Lees play in the middle where he is best. FF roaming in the middle is his best position, Joao & Nuhiu have good chemistry and Joao's pace is essential to us being relevant on the counter again. +1. With Carlos when we stopped scoring it became a problem, now with we can't stop conceding and it's becoming a problem.
  2. Lionel Fessi

    George Boyd

    Good signing at the time, we needed serious competition for Wallace and considering Boyd came on a free, bags of experience and pedigree to have the same impact Wallace did when he first signed for us. Gets seriously injured, team goes on a horrible run, then when we get a new manager/new system has to fight for a place in an unfamiliar role....never been easy for him and it has never helped he's not been able to play a number of games in his preferred RM role. The club has made so many signings like Boyd, Winnall, Fletcher, Rhodes, Abdi, Matias, Fox the list goes on that have simply not delivered. Blame the manager, blame the chairman, it doesn't matter the outcome is still the same...club suffers, performance suffers and the fans pay the price.
  3. 3/10. All the signs of another below average season ahead, only positives so far are that we haven't sold Fessi, Reach or Lees. Makes it even worse when you look how dangerous Leeds are, think they might pi$$ it this year.
  4. Lionel Fessi

    Why has Jones been banished?

    I think Jos/Chansiri are trying to send a message to players they want out by freezing them out the side, Westwood, Jones and come later on in the season it will happen to Fletcher & Matias. Sadly i think playing Jones is a step backward, although Joey is far from the finished product we will eventually get much better with him in the side oppose to Jones.
  5. Lionel Fessi

    Reach as LWB

    Constantly change my mind about where he should play, he cannot defend and when he plays wide drifts into the middle far too much however I feel like he's too valuable going forward to sacrifice him at LWB. I mean who else can we play in the midfield apart from Reach that has that attacking drive?? We can't depend entirely on Bannan to be our only creative outlet. One of Pudil/Fox/Thorniley surely has to be able to job for a little while in that role until we can bring somebody in during the loan market? Again another dilemma we are in highlighted be our awful transfer business, we have needed a steady LB for the last three seasons and yet we find ourselves without one so we have to force one of our best players into a position where he is under utilised...sounds like CC all over again!
  6. Has to be this, surely?!? Westwood is perhaps the model pro and with him given his injury history i think he really loves being here and at the club - his performances have shown that in recent years. My best guess would be they've told him he's going to be sold if he likes it or not, Westy says he doesn't want to go - Jos freezes him out the first XI, football manager 101!
  7. We should not be playing a formation with wingbacks when we don't have any, the OP is spot on - I'd like to ask Jos that question and see what his response would be. But if we did switch to a formation with 4 at the back, who plays LB/RB? We know Fox/Palmer are not good enough, Pudil is too slow and exposed constantly at LB, Reach is simply not a defender so that leaves the likes of Academy prospects or....a different formation! Jos is a very defensively minded coach, I think he knows we lack quality defenders and if we're under an embargo there's nothing he can do about influencing that. (Now it becomes even more apparent Hunt was forcibly sold because of FFP as he would have been perfectly fine as a RB/RWB). Understanding that helps you realise that maybe he's playing a 532 / 434 formation because for a manager whose entire career was built on having a solid defence, playing 5 at the back is his safest bet. Either way, we need to make some crucial signings in the loan window, a still have faith in a back 3 of Hutchinson/Lees/Van Aken and with two new wingbacks we could look a totally different unit.
  8. Lionel Fessi

    How long for Jos

    If we're not top 8 after December, he should be gone. Now more than ever is not the time to make risky appointments when we cannot sign any players, we need a manager who knows the league, knows the players and will get the best out of what we've got. We've had a gamble with CC, it didn't pay off, time to play it safe. Don't want to sound negative already but if we don't go up this year it's highly likely in the summer we'll be forced to sell our best players, the likes of Forestieri, Bannan, Hooper, Reach Lees etc could all be gone to prevent further FFP implications...and then we're back to square one again...the 'rebuilding era' and Chansiri's investment will have been wasted. It's crucial that we make astute signings when the loan market opens, being under an embargo will be a massive challenge for Jos so he needs to get the players he brings in spot on, cannot afford any more busts.
  9. Lionel Fessi

    Team v Hull

    Westwood is being sold, he's perfectly fit but was frozen out of pre season and today game, no other explanation for it. Dawson Hutchinson Lees Van Aken Boyd Pelupessy Bannan Reach FF Fletcher Joao It pains me to see Jos rely on a system that is so dependant on having solid wingbacks, WHEN WE DON'T HAVE ANY. But, what can you do eh? Palmer and Boyd offer little defensively but atleast Boyd offers much more going forward, sacrificing Reach at LWB won't be too bad as we usually control possession at home and he'll see plenty of the ball - less chance for him/Boyd to be exposed defensively. Although, I think Jos may consider bringing in Fox for LWB and pushing Reach into a midfield role maybe behind FF/Joao? (As we know how much FF hates defending) Nuhiu will be missed but Joao HAS to start every game for me anyway, Fletcher is a good target man whilst we let FF weave his magic. Van Aken simply has to play, we cannot afford for him to be a bust so he will get 46 second chances this season if thats what it takes . Pudil should be used as a sporadic squad player only, likewise should Palmer..simply not good enough don't want them anywhere near the first team. throw a coin for who starts in net, nothing in it between Dawson/Wildsmith now Westwood appears to be off. Midfield picks itself until Lee gets back fit, whats even going on with him anymore? Really worrying how long he's been out with 0 communication from the club. Also has Abdi retired yet?
  10. Lionel Fessi

    On my way back/player ratings

    Good post,, very fair reflection on the game. Its truly baffling how our defence was CLEARLY our weakest area last season and we've addressed that by SELLING one of the best RB's in the league, not replaced our captain(Loovens was past it anyway but his leadership was so valuable) and about to sell the best GK in the league....and Jos thinks that will improve our defence?? The biggest concern is after the first game of the season teams are already well aware of our weak points, Palmers overall poor defensive play, Pudil's severe lack of pace and Van Aken is far too soft/prone to a howler....lets not even mention the fact we're about to sell the best GK in the division to a direct rival and replace him with one of two GKs yet to play 30 career games.
  11. Lionel Fessi

    Where do you think we'll finish

    10th. Maybe worse if Lees, Bannan or Fessi get injured.
  12. Lionel Fessi


    Hasn't even started training yet, did his ACL in April so I would imagine we might see him back around December at the very earliest. That kind of injury can keep players out for 12 months easily, double edged sword really because we obviously can't sell/loan him out whilst long term injured.
  13. Lionel Fessi

    The obsession with new signings.

    At present we have ONE defender who is proven to be good enough to play in a promotion chasing side (Tom Lees). JVA has looked shakey and is still largely unproven, but we are placing a huge amount of faith in him coming good. Palmer, Fox, and Pudil are all not good enough to be starting in a promotion chasing side thats the truth however you split it. They might look ok at first in a new formation but as the season gets on and their reliability and consistency is tested they are going to struggle. O'Grady, Throniley, Neilson and Baker are all still kids, again they would need to come straight into the first XI and be excellent from the word go if we want to stand a chance. Unlikely. Hutchinson no doubt has the talent but can no way be relied upon to be a regular figure in the side, as we very well know over the last 3/4 seasons. When you consider all of that, it doesn't matter how good our attack is, our biggest problem is still our defence and I don't feel at the minute it has been addressed. MAYBE, i'll be wrong and I hope i am, so far the signs have been encouraging with Jos and how we finished last season, particularly our defence looked so much more organised and slick. The worrying part is I think Jos knows we don't have the funds to bring in another top quality defender (do you think he would have willingly sold Hunt if it wasn't for our FFP issues), hence why he is trying to bring in so many academy players so quickly. Do the math, its not because they are world beaters but because he has no other options. Hate being negative but thats my read on the situation at the minute and thats without breaking down what we still lack in other areas apart from the back 4/5. I feel like Jos will end up moving Reach to LWB, forcing Boyd into RWB (neither fill me with confidence in those roles although Reach has plenty of potential) and pray we find a back 3 partnership that doesn't crumple after one gets injured.
  14. Lionel Fessi

    Getting the best out of FF

    Doesn't mean that its a bad side though, does it? Three years ago we were only 3/4 more signings away from walking the league, we might have finally found key players in Reach and Van Aken? Only changes I would make is rotate Pelupessy with Hutchinson and (if we can get rid of Fletcher + one more) make a crucial signing at RB and we'd be laughing. Then you are looking at a top 4 side, easy.
  15. Lionel Fessi

    Getting the best out of FF

    I'd really like to see a front 3 of Joao/Nuhiu/FF given a run of games, we've missed Hooper's class and quality in the final third but the trio above literally have it all. Nuhiu is so so good at bringing others into the game and creating space that Fessi/Joao's pace and trickery can open all kinds of doors - one negative with Hooper is that he can't play the lone striker role and he doesn't offer much on the counter/holding up the ball.