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  1. Lionel Fessi

    No one coming in....

    Bruce starting on the 1st Feb basically confirms this season is a write off and all the business we will be doing shall be in summer. That's the depressing part, not knowing exactly where we stand in relation to the competition. Part of me feels like if DC could cough up another £10million, sell the likes of Rhodes and trust Bruce to bring in 3/4 integral core quality players we would be right back in the mix .. However the other part of me thinks the majority of the squad is totally past in and we should just sell the very core of the squad we've tried to build around and start again....even if that means the next 2 years being bottom feeders (Ipswich) of the division. Like you say, depends on our standing with FFP....I feel like Bruce might be forced into selling a couple of our star players just to keep them at bay.
  2. Lionel Fessi

    ‘We will just replace him’

    Do tell? Not sure he is....find me another 25 year old English midfielder, who can play on the left, right or through the middle, can use both feet, works hard, can shoot, pass with a great attitude? Having said that, if we could get some ridiculous club like Newcastle to cough up £15million for him I would probably sell...every player has his price and given all his very good qualities above we are strapped for cash and that money could bring us in 4/5 solid B+ core players...in that scenario he is totally replaceable i guess
  3. Lionel Fessi

    ‘We will just replace him’

    Yep yep yep. If we sold Bannan & Reach tomorrow the cash we'd get still wouldn't be enough to replace what they bring to this team, hence why I still think they will both be prominent figures in Bruces plans going forward. I don't think only having 1 creative player like Bannan in the team is that much of an issue, he is good enough to make it work. The problem is he doesn't have anybody on his level to play with. The triangles and good football we saw back when CC was in charge was almost always involving FF, Wallace, Bannan, Lee and Hooper...now we only have 1 of those players available in Bannan, FF has been too injury prone for the last 18 months and has struggled to find form when fit. That's the real problem the squad seriously lacks quality, especially in wider areas...sounds silly but even the likes of Pudil, Sasso and Lopez were all very good footballers - given managerial changes and a few questionable signings/departures later we've lost so much quality in the side.
  4. Lionel Fessi

    Absolutely nothing going forward today.

    Eye opener for us today. Myself included in this but I think we were all getting carried away after a few tidy performances...the buzz after sacking a bad manager only usually lasts a few games we were bound to have a reality check soon enough. We shouldn't be too disappointed though, Hull are the inform side in the division and they played really well today - we just aren't on that level yet and it was evident. We'll have games like these again this season because the squad of players we have still isn't good enough to compete with the best in the league. Given the injuries we had for me we could not have picked a stronger team and we got completed steamrolled, even with FF/Joao I doubt it would have been too different. Bruce will have some unpopular decisions ahead, him and his staff will be deciding now who they want to build the team around in summer and i would not be surprised if 6/7 of the players who started today weren't here this time next season.
  5. Lionel Fessi


    Lol. The first time i saw somebody in a Hull City shirt that day was when the players came out.
  6. I don'£ thin£ it was £ruce who persuade£ them to come on £oan. Will be nice to have a manager that players will have heard of before they join though.
  7. Lionel Fessi

    Senior pros back, what about Abdi/ Jones?

    Abdi has never been fit enough to play 90 minutes for us. Isn't there an interview with CC about 18months ago where we mentions after we signed Abdi we discovered he had a bunch of serious underlying injuries? Ironically Watford must have been papering over the cracks in his final season there, similar to what CC did with Lee and Hooper Sadly don't think we will ever see him involved in our first 18 again, perhaps one of the worst signings in SWFC history. Jones is 34, I think he could still do a job for 5/6 games a season as 3rd choice behind Hutchinson/Pelupessy, would be nice to see him have a few games. His experience would go along way with the likes of Onomah and Reach.
  8. Lionel Fessi

    11 points from the Play Offs

    I mean, stranger things have happened... -Forestieri returning from injury -January transfer window -New manager positive impact Lets say the rumours are true and we do get Bruce, he could hit the ground running, we bring in 2/3 key signings in January no reason at all we couldn't go on a run!
  9. Lionel Fessi

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    I see your point, Bruce is certainly not a risk but his strategy to success isn't cheap...my only worry would be FFP limiting us to how much we could spend if anything at all? There is no point bringing in an expensive, top tier manager like Bruce if we don't have atleast some money for him to spend... I'm sure Bruce and others could all get more out of our current squad than Jos did, but theres no denying we simply have to make some signings in certain areas, LB,RB and CM in particular...theres only so much he could do with some of the players in the current squad.
  10. Lionel Fessi

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    You just knew it was going to happen... Happy Christmas to me for backing us to win at 2/1 as well Goodbye Jos, you clueless man.
  11. Lionel Fessi

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    Forestieri will be gone, far too good to be in this team and yet somehow Jos still manages to make him look out of place when he plays. I expect we will sell Reach too, we could probably get something silly in the £10 million region but I wouldn't be surprised if he went for less given how his sale could swiftly improve our finances, Chansiri will be eager to cash out on Reach while his stock is still high. Selling Bannan would make little sense though, he's just signed a big long term deal and he wouldn't command the fees we could get for Reach/FF, as good as Bannan is theres plenty of other Championship CM's just as appealing. Our recruitment has perhaps been the worst in the entire division in the last two years, so glaringly obvious what we've needed for years and still nothing gets done. I feel like at this stage the best and most sustainable option is for Chansiri to press the Reset button. Sell all our big names, rebuild around who is left/already signed up long term and bring in a manager who can stop us getting relegated on a very limited budget - similar to what Stuart Gray did. Then 3,4 years later when finances have recovered providing Chansiri is still around, give us another big investment and try again.
  12. Lionel Fessi


    Spot on. Doesn't help that he's a central midfielder, even if he was playing better when given the chance its always going to be difficult to replace Bannan and Reach in our side. Makes you wonder why we didn't look to loan in a player more suited to playing out wide? or a proper fullback? or an experienced holding midfielder...any of the above are players we have been desperate to bring in for how long?
  13. Good points. I think there's a lot of things we're being kept in the dark about (see bold comment), I feel like Chansiri is far more involved with player/contract negotiations than we think. For instance I have a sneaking suspicion Chansiri is the one who has decided Westwood is either to be sold or not play at all, not Jos. I also have a feeling Chansiri is a big reason why the likes of Jones, Boyd, Hutchinson, Abdi etc are completely frozen out of the picture - he understands they are a bad investment and wants them sold or not involved at all. Without going to Fox Mulder on this it reverts back to Chansiri's underlying theme since he has been here, that he will run the club his way and in order to do that he needs a 'Yes' man at the helm. The only point you make i'm not so sure on is having to rebuild the squad. If we don't bring in a manager now who can get the best from the likes of Joao, Forestieri, Reach, Bannan, Lees, Westwood and when available Hooper our investment in those players will have been for nothing. If we continue to underachieve we will squander some of the most talented players we have had in decades and be back to square one again...Who knows when we will get a group of players this good again? We're on course for another disappointing season, which will be two in a row...how long are our star players going to stick around for before they get poached? The thought of us slowly descending back into relegation scraps whilst we sell the likes of Forestieri, Reach and Bannan to stop us from suffering further financial restrictions isn't great. I feel like deep down you might be correct, but the realisation of us having to slowly rebuild again after coming so close to promotion under CC is a sad one. We're still dogged by poor decisions made by CC/Chansiri two years ago and ever since we lost to Huddersfield in that playoff semi final we've started taking steps backwards.
  14. Lionel Fessi

    Stop picking Baker, Fox and Pulepessy

    Apart from occasionally Reach, what players look good under Jos? Tell me who he has improved? Tell me how he gets the best out of our star players? I agree i'm sure the players can do more, but Jos has had his chance, he can't make us any better only worse.