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  1. Of that list, how many would you want starting in our team next season? 5, Iorfa (coming back after a torn achilles) Palmer, Windass, Bannan and Patterson? 6 including Hutchinson? Either way we need atleast 5/6 new first team players, plus others to join Green, Borner and Dunkley on the bench. Realistically signing 10+ new players in the summer is going to be a massive challenge, even with loanees and assuming we don't lose our 'star' players like Bannan and Windass. It just makes sense to keep low risk, low cost Hutchinson. The money we'll save once the likes of Rhodes, Westwood,
  2. Hmmm not sure that is a fair assessment. Sure he's been part of the good and the bad, but that doesn't mean he still isn't valuable? He's still been our best defender this season, played decent in the big games and contract wise isn't making a fraction of what Lees is making and likely less than Borner & Dunkley. If he was still a big earner on a long deal it would be different, but he's not? If we want to point fingers at individuals who have let the side down this season, he isn't on that list. Just like Bannan, Windass and one or two others he would look comfort
  3. This is what I don't get..how he is part of the losing mentality or 'part of the problem'? or is that just all players who have played within the last 18 months since we've been crap? Can we not have a few positive leaders at the club? His performances on the pitch, attitude on the pitch and interviews give the impression he's a very positive figure at the club.
  4. He needs to LEARN from the mistakes he's made and instead of changing managers whenever things go south, try changing advisors? or strategy? or the culture? or whoever fizzed up the finances that caused multiple transfer embargo and the point deduction?
  5. Agreed, from memory he also hasn't had any complete howler unlikes Lees, Borner and Dunkley have on more than 1 occasion. Makes you wonder WHY Monk & Jos were so oppose to him? If he'd been here all season could have been very different! The forgotten man! Oh how we've missed him. Called it since Loovens departure, should have been captain since.
  6. Credit Rhodes indeed, 2 assists and like you say body on the line today....can be proud of how he played today and most of the season tbh. Most of the performances today summarised our season really, high expectations and failure to deliver...Dunkley & Westwood I thought were pretty poor and the likes of Bannan, Reach and Windass I don't think played bad they just didn't play well, your big players can't go missing in games like this. It's just been the same old story, how many times have 1 or 2 individual errors cost us points this season? especially in these last few games, w
  7. Quietly had a decent season since his arrival, stepped up these last few games and surely nobody can argue his fitness now...hasn't missed a game since he's been back. One of the few who cares deeply for the club and left it all out there today too - does he have a future here? *Mod please add to OP
  8. We could argue this all day, there's been countless poor performances, bad managers and shocking individual errors this season but ultimately if we don't start the season with a point deduction we don't get relegated, simple really. We can point fingers all we want but the blame sits with Chansiri, bad decision after bad decision and a failure to learn from his mistakes, relegation was inevitable. I still cannot believe we went into this season without a proper LB! Not even a loanee! Never thought I'd see the day where I would miss Morgan Fox.
  9. Since DM's arrival he's been much better, certainly improved this season and credit to him that he's found some good performances when we needed it most - today I thought he was again one of our better players. Mixed opinions on if I want him to stay, don't think he's quite good enough for regular Championship football, especially playing as a 2 with Bannan but with the drop in quality at L1 he might just do for another 1/2 years until we're back in the Championship (big IF). I will say, if there's one player who was dealt a bad hand at the club it's Pelupessy, always s
  10. Osaze should of started, no doubt. We signed him for his strength & aerial ability, bullied by Waghorn for 2 goals then gave away the penalty for the third. At least he made some amends by assisting in the 2nd. Just not good enough today!
  11. Great decision to start Dunkley At fault for the opener then gives away a penalty. Nice one.
  12. Best decision Chansiri has ever made, sacking Pulis when he did...if he kept him any longer we would have been down by now! If we go down, it's the decision to have kept Monk at the start of the season and given him what, 18? games before sacking him that's cost us. Our run of form from the second half of last season made it an easy decision to let him go, so many clear signs we were in a massive decline and giving him another transfer window/pre season made it so much harder for any new manager coming in to turn it around. Small positive from this season has been NT's
  13. Haven't had a bet all season....but i've gone for Wednesday WIN Cardiff WIN Wycombe/Midds BTTS 11/1.
  14. Derby are in many ways a parallel of us, hampered with off field issues that have impacted them the last 18 months whilst trying to get the final bit of juice from an ageing squad and under performing high earners on big deals after a failed play off push a few seasons ago... Similar to us they have players who on there day can take over the game, i quite like Lawrence & Shinnie. But they've lost what 6 games in a row? confidence must be really low, at least we've had some decent performances lately and we surely cannot make any more shocking individual errors after the Forest
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