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  1. Random but I remember watching us at home to Watford maybe 4/5 seasons ago, the year they went up to the PL and we got stuffed 3-0 - this was when we were a fairly decent side at home and under Stuart Gray very solid defensively. We were completely played off the park, couldn't believe how good Watford looked when they attacked, the pass and move, the ball movement it was al exceptional. If I remember FF & Abdi both played for Watford and Igahlo? was phenomenal as were our two future players.
  2. Lionel Fessi

    Westwood Going

    Ballsy decision to part ways with the best GK in the division, even if he has had some injury concerns the last 3 years. Never been a fan of having two young guns battle it out for the #1 spot, experience is essential in that backline especially later on in the season, we are already going to struggle to replace Loovens leadership abilities KW going makes it even harder. Only positive i see from this is keeping Dawson & Wildsmith at the club and for now content with battling each other for the starting spot. KW staying makes it highly likely one or both of those will want to go elsewhere and 5 years from now we might find ourselves wishing we'd kept them happy... I'd keep him and sell either Dawson/Wildsmith, you don't win the league by getting rid of your best players, that philosophy will never change.
  3. Lionel Fessi

    Jos Luhukay vs Carlos Carvalhal

    Yes. Carlos only had a two year plan so it's no surprise things went south this season... having said all that if we didn't suffer long term injuries to all our key players, Westwood, Hooper, Forestieri, Bannan, Lee, Lees, Fletcher and Hutchinson I'm positive we would have still made top 6 . ( Irrespective of weather you blame CC for the injuries or not, you cannot deny how incredibly unlucky we have been ). Still cannot believe how bitter and resentful some fans are towards him, the man clearly was only planning on being here for two seasons.(Poor and inexperienced decision making at executive level let him back in the door for a third) Of that he made two Championship playoffs in that time, those first two seasons were fantastic the best in DECADES and it's no surprise he's now in the PL. If he keeps Swansea up too(which looks likely) that is a massive accomplishment and he deserves all the credit for it. However the biggest disappointment IMO was the Huddersfield second leg in the playoffs, it STILL grinds my gears on how negatively CC set us up. Most crucial game of the season and he opts for a midfield 3 of Lee,Bannan and Hutchinson where once again we surrender an attacking outlet on the flank for more 'stability' in the middle, a tactic that he was terrified of ditching despite it clearly making us a worse team. (If you don't remember Lee was a passer by all game because he was the one stuck playing RM). But alas, this season was a write off. We'll rebuild in the summer, ship out some deadwood and under Jos we still have a good squad with key players, 3/4 more astute signings and no reason at all why we can't challenge for automatic promotion next season. My last post for a while as a I try and avoid Owlstalk in the summer as it gets full of more bs, over reactions and toxic comments than after a match day L. UTO.
  4. Lionel Fessi

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    No, but everyone in that Wolves team is significantly better than every other team in the league, player for player. They'll go down as one of the best Championship teams ever, and will hit over 100 pts...how many other teams could do that? The likes of Lee Peltier, Ryan Shotton & that kid from Millwall, he's just as good if not better than. Shall we just play FF & Bannan play every week then? I too want to see talented players all over the squad but you have to accept its not going to happen, some positions will be weaker than others and a top end fullback isn't a high priority for us - never will be, because we already have one who is good enough. Before this season, Hunt was a regular in the side that had two fantastic seasons/playoff campaigns, equalling the CS record? AND that was playing alongside a seasoned Loovens & a string of poor LBs. Once we buy a proper LB and find a central pairing with Lees and whoever we'll be solid at the back, thats all we need. I'd rather have the club spend the transfer funds we have available on players who are going to help us score and win games.
  5. Lionel Fessi

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Oh, so your one of THOSE fans who has an agenda against a certain player for no reason who has proven to be good enough to play in a promotion winning side? Cool.
  6. Lionel Fessi

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Not really, look at the RB/RWB who play for the top 6 teams in the league, Matt Doherty, Lee Peltier, El Mohamady, Ryan Shotton, Ryan Fredericks & Conor McLaughlin...... You don't need to know anything about Championship football to realise Jack Hunt is just as good as the players above.
  7. Lionel Fessi

    Tom Lees

    Agree. Surely the easiest decision Jos will make is to give Pudil a new deal, highly experienced, decent passer,not afraid of a tackle and gets stuck in, would be too expensive to replace him with a left footer who could come in and play in a back 3 as easily as he does. I wonder what kind of fee Venancio would command? Either way i like him and hope he stays, i still would like another CB as VA doesn't fill me with confidence & Pudil isn't dependable for the whole season, if we could have options of Lees, Venancio,Van Aken, Pudil, Thorniley, Hutchinson + a new singing we'd be sorted.
  8. Our best partnership is probably Hooper & Fletcher or Nuhiu & Joao, from all the games I've watched in the last 2 years when they play together their styles compliment each best and have the best chemistry between each other. Didn't Hooper & Fletcher go on some silly run of either one scored for like 14 games as well?!, plus recently we've seen how good Nuhiu & Joao are together when fit. FF is obviously our best striker, but he always has to be the main man, Hooper & Rhodes rarely look above average when they play with FF, unless he's moved to a wider role (which he hates). I hope we can find a buyer for Rhodes, Winnall clearly wants to go so he should be cheap & easy to move however Fletcher is old, on a big contract and injured so i can't see us shifting him as easily. Ideally i would keep FF,Hooper, Nuhiu, Joao and reluctantly Fletcher (unless we miraculously find a buyer), we have 4 solid options who can get goals, its just organising our midfield to make us a bigger threat - especially from wider areas. A player like a Snodgrass, Sessegon or Traore is that we need to come in play alongside Bannan & be our creator for the big 4!
  9. Lionel Fessi

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    He's been decent this season and for the majority of his career here fairly dependable but just like everyone else this season, unlucky with injuries. I quite like Hunt at RB, i think we can do better and Palmer isn't quite good enough as back up, but you don't need an excellent RWB to win promotion, just someone who is steady and can do the basics well, which Hunt can!
  10. Lionel Fessi


    Reach. Nuhiu & Bannan not far behind, its been a tough decision who is POTY but for all the wrong reasons!!!
  11. Lionel Fessi

    Bannan’s impact

    What was our record without him, 1 win in 14? He comes back 5 wins out of 6, the loss he went off injured vs Fulham? Exceptional.
  12. Lionel Fessi

    How many signings?

    Agree, we only really need 3 signings (providing everyone else stays fit) to take us into the top two. The tricky part is who do we sign, ideally we would need all 3 players to come in and hit the ground running, no time to let players develop next season will probably be our last before our 'top dogs' want out or the FFP stops us from bringing in anymore high profile signings. A good LB is surely top priority, happy for us to keep Pudil & Fox for another year but neither are good enough to play regularly, although Pudil has looked steady when he's played at LCB in a back 3. I'm happy with the Hunt/Palmer battle at RB, we don't desperately need a new signing (unlike LB) to compete directly with Hunt who I think is more than capable to play regularly in a top two side. I'd still like to see a new CB come in, still not sure on Venancio and JVA although i'm certain he will get better and has qualities none of our other CB's have, didn't fill me with confidence earlier in the season. Wallace will be gone in the summer so his replacement I hope is a younger, quicker model. If we could get Ross Wallace from five years ago thats what we need, somebody that's got the skill to beat a man, run at a defender and get the ball in the box - whoever they are I hope Jos finds them! Whatever formation Jos goes for the only thing I hope he does is clear out the deadwood, Rhodes, Wallace, Abdi, Loovens etc. I'm fairly certain Winnall will be gone in summer (sounds like Derby have a deal to sign him if they don't go up), even the likes of Fletcher, Boyd, Jones, Pudil, Matias, Fox & Palmer i would wave goodbye too if we could bring in younger more suitable replacements and the implications on FFP weren't too severe.
  13. God people are obsessed with Carlos, he's gone and he isn't coming back GET OVER IT. Move on.
  14. Lionel Fessi

    Do we start Fessi on Friday?

    No. As much as we need him, our season is over and rushing him back just for the entertainment factor isn't worth the risk. Maybe start him in 2 weeks after he gets a few more training sessions in and U'23 games, we need him 100% for start of next season - his injury was serious so the worst thing we can do is force him.
  15. Westwood Reda Lees Llera Buxton Antonio Lee Bannan JJ Forestieri Wickham I started going pretty regularly when i was 14/15ish, 24 now and we've been pretty s**t for the last 10 years, the last three seasons have been the best ones for me as a fan (probably why I'm such a big CC fan)