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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    Westwood Palmer Lees Hutchinson Van Aken Boyd Bannan Lee Abdi FF Hooper
  2. Extremely Frustrated...

    Even more bizarre we didn't make a single sub in 90 minutes. Boyd was shattered and I have no doubt that's why he was so terrible for the last 20+mins, likewise Nuhiu, Joao, Hunt all looked tired after 60 minutes.
  3. George Boyd

    Excellent for 60 minutes. Absolutely terrible for 30 minutes. Football.
  4. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    Agree with most of the team selection & transfer thoughts. I'd really like to see how we perform with a 532 formation with two proper wing backs and options like Bannan & FF available. Part of me wonders if Jos might change things once players come back from injury though, I feel like we're only playing 5 across the back because he doesn't have the right players to maybe play his first choice formation? I don't think Hooper/FF can be our starting pairing, they aren't efficient together unless FF plays in a wider role. I have no idea who will still be here come start of next season but selling any of the big names like Hooper, FF, Rhodes, Westwood, Bannan etc to fund other areas and manage FFP wouldn't surprise me. However I am certain we'll see Winnall & Fletcher leave and if the price is right Rhodes, we need some diversity in our forwards and they are the least valuable in that regard. Assuming we sign Venancio which I think we will getting another CB would be a top priority for me, Van Aken also doesn't inspire me and you can't rely on Hutchinson for 30+ games a season. CM is the only area where i think we are fine, I really like Reach as a CM in a midfield 3 and providing the injury to Lee isn't serious having options of Reach/Lee/Bannan/Pelupessy/Hutchinson/Jones/Clare fighting for 2/3 positions is really strong. Like you say overall the squad is still pretty good and we are really close to being a top two team. If we're savvy with our transfer business and sign the right players there is no reason at all why we can't be automatic promotion contenders from day 1.
  5. Few things we learnt tonight

    The problem with playing a very defensive formation is that as soon as you concede a goal or don't offer anything going forward all the tactics and planning go out the window. It doesn't help that our two most attacking players tonight were a LM/LWB and a RM/CAM...neither one has shown any attacking prowess this season so it baffles me why Jos decided they should lead the line. As our fixtures are pretty thick and fast the next 2/3 weeks I can only imagine Nuhiu was being rested and Joao must be carrying a knock or something as if he was fit he would have certainly started today, I really see the Boyd/Wallace pairing as a last resort option. It's scary how at one stage we had forward options of Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes/Winnall/FF/Nuhiu/Joao/Hirst I didn't think i would see a game where not even one of them wasn't starting. Not sure why people are so upset about Clare not starting, he's shown flashes of talent but he's ultimately still a kid with basically no experience as is Stobbs, Thorniley etc. Don't be outraged when they don't play, there are plenty of tough games in this league especially away from home, sometimes sticking with an experienced player (although not exciting) is the better option? Hard to see that after a poor performance and even though the likes of Jones, Butterfield, Loovens etc haven't exactly been good this season there has to be a balance. It was a bizarre team selection by Jos today but when you take a step back and look at the big picture you can sort of understand why he made those decisions. After tonight we play 5 times in 16 days after an already busy schedule, i'm sure we'll see more rotations next week the man is doing the best with the resources he has.
  6. Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Forestieri and it isn't even close. Second and third i'd have Bannan then Reach.
  7. Sam Hutchinson

    He has very very little transfer value and even if he was out of contract a lot of other clubs would see him as a big risk. I'm sure whatever contract he has with us, it isn't a big one, but enough to keep Sam happy and not enough to cause us problems. We should keep him, if anything offer him a new deal even if that means lesser money because I'm sure he would take it. He just wants to play football, he loves this club and got his career back on track by playing for us. He's a generational player with unquestionable loyalty and like I say even if we offered him a reduced term deal with appearance related clauses, i'm sure he would take it. If Jos continues with 5 at the back, i'd consider playing him there as that ball playing centre half much like Sasso/Venancio if we play 5 across the back we need one of them to have the range to ping a 50yard cross field pass, Hutchinson can do that + everything else he gives when fit is still good enough to be a valuable player for us. I imagine we'll buy another CB in the summer to replace Loovens too so with the choice of Lees/Van Aken/Pudil/Thorniley/Venancio/Hutchinson + a new signing its not like we'll be depending on him to play every game anyway. When it comes to summer time easiest decision of them all for me, should he stay? 100% YES.
  8. Mark Lawrenson predicts an upset!!

    Truly awful, still even between him and Garth Crookes for worst pundit on tele. Paul Merson is pretty bad too he's just entertaining so he can get away with it.
  9. Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    I'd have a similar side only Bannan for Lee. If we signed a top quality LWB & CB and had the likes of Hooper, Boyd, Lee, Hutchinson, Matias, Nuhiu, Winnall all as available attacking options from the bench it's a very exciting side. We're already so close to being a top top side only a few more smart transfers and we're there.
  10. Adam Reach

    His mentality and maturity for his age is something that really stands out to me, wants to be a leader, wants to get stuck in, wants the ball and to make things happen. This decision by Jos to move him centrally is really getting the best out of him, i don't want to go too OTT but his playing style is similar to Gerrard's. Obviously nowhere near as good but the way he moves with the ball and his passing range....can certainly hit them too.
  11. Pelupessy

    Reminds me very much of a Dutch Sammy Hutchinson, only minus the injuries. I'll be sad to see Hutch go but this lad looks like exactly what we need in the middle, only going to get better.
  12. Sean Clare getting the Hirst treatment

    We can speculate all we want, even if he is training with Hirst (as well as the first team) I wouldn't make the assumptions we're freezing him out the club completely? Does Hirst train with the first team as well or does he train alone every day? Would be interesting to see but i doubt we would make the same mistake twice, by freezing out young talent especially now with Clare when we really are desperate for players. I can understand Hirst not playing when he is 7th/8th choice striker but Clare must be seriously in contention to play, why chuck it all away now?
  13. Good post. One of the most frustrating things about our current situation is when fit the majority of the squad are good Championship players and under a different manger/system would have been able to show case their talent. However as you mention with CC and his favourites some players have suffered through a lack of playing time, lack of confidence or being played in roles where they aren't best utilised. With the amount of injuries we have now, we see players like Boyd, Pelupessy, Fox, Palmer, Reach and Thornily all play in positions that are unfamiliar to them. only being played because we have no other options - is it fair to judge them on that basis? CC's real killer was that summer transfer window after Wembley, we were so close to being a top team but failing to sign the right players cost us severely and we never rectified our mistakes since then. It will be interesting to see if CC's superstars like Bannan, FF, Hooper, Lee, Westwood and Lees are all still with us in 12 months time.
  14. Positive Vibes

    Think we've all had this feeling before...we're on a terrible run, in a real rut, best players all unavailable and we're playing one of the best teams in the league at home on a horrible cold and windy Sheffield Tuesday night. It's either going to be a horrendous 1-0 win coming from a last minute Nuhiu header after parking the bus and a string of Wildsmith heroics. OR a real eye opening 4-0 drubbing with a red card for joey pussycats followed by Owlstalk erupting into madness after another shambolic home performance. It could be either, i hope for a win either way!
  15. Team for Derby

    100% confident we are going to loose....so i predict a Wednesday 1-0 win. Wildsmith Hunt Thorniley Venancio Pudil Fox Jones Boyd Reach Joao Rhodes