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  1. Lionel Fessi

    Mid table team

    Did you watch the last 15 minutes? I think the back 3 will be stronger when Joost returns, Lees/Hector are a really good duo but both too similar, Joost although not the best defender can play out the back, so we shouldn't be exposed so much when teams pressure us high up the pitch. We might not be the slick machine we saw in flashes with CC, but we have played OK against at the time the two best teams in the division, WBA & Leeds. On a different week we could have come away with 6 points, not 2. Glass half full. I think with some small adjustments we can challenge for the top 6 atleast, one big positive for us is nobody is running away with the league, we are only SIX points off 1st...
  2. Lionel Fessi

    Tom Lees

    Pelupessy should have tackled or fouled him, he shadowed him for 40 yards and did nothing! By the time he got to the box, its always risky for anyone to dive in, I agree Hector or Lees should have been able to block the shot but i wouldn't except all 3 lines of defence to be broken so easily, Dawson should do better.
  3. Lionel Fessi


    I think Jos is making his message very clear, he's thinking about the future and clearly they have no part of it. I don't have any issues with all of the above being frozen out, other than Westwood who should still clearly be our #1, Fox, Jones and Boyd have all been given chances to impress and not delivered, Abdi isn't even worth mentioning. Atleast they all have contracts ending this season, I think? Hardly like it will be a long term impact freezing them out, we need to cleanse the wage bill anyway.
  4. Lionel Fessi

    Tom Lees

    Pelupessy should have never let him get that close to the goal anyway, cannot blame any of the defenders. Dawson should do better, near post and that ball wasn't hit hard enough.
  5. Lionel Fessi

    2 nil up and lucas comes on????

    I thought Joao coming on was the right decision, Nuhiu looked knackered and Joao has plenty of pace to hurt them on the counter. He would have been through 1 on 1 if Hegazi didn't foul him in stoppage time (which big surprise the ref missed) and they would have been down to 10. My issue is that sometimes when Joao comes on (like tonight) he doesn't look hungry enough to be involved or to run for the ball, compare him to FF who was chasing down every ball in their half and creating chances just by pressuring the ball...why isn't Joao with fresh legs doing that? The strangest sub was Kirby, other than trying to shoot form 35yrds when we were 3 on 3, he did nothing.
  6. Lionel Fessi

    Man of Match & scores -V- West Brom

    Dawson - 4, made one excellent save, but should have saved their second and still looks so nervy commanding his area. Convinced our defence would be better with KW there. Pudil - 5, lack of pace constantly exposed, but aside from the last 15 minutes (like most of our players) did OK throughout. Hector - 6, fine didn't do much wrong, couldn't do much for the goals Lees - 6, see above Penny - 6, ran the flank well but still want to see more defensively and a better final ball. Onomah - 5, and thats very generous and mainly because after he went off we conceded twice, contributed little going forward and does not look match sharp Pelupessy - 3, OG and should have fouled Barnes for their second spent way too long just ushering him into our box without actually doing anything to stop him, its harsh to say he would be at fault for both goals but his lack of experience hurt us tonight. This is the really hard part of being a CDM, when you play well you barely get any credit whereas one bad game or a few bad minutes really stands out. Palmer - 6, same as Penny Reach - 8, very good again, man is on fire and what a goal! Nuhiu - 7, held the ball up well and got other involved, exactly what he's good at FF - 8, nightmare for defenders, so dangerous on the ball, its scary to think how flat we are without him in the first XI, creates plenty just by closing the ball down, struggles when the only quick thinker with him is Reach Jos - 5, would be higher but disastrous subs whereas WBA triple sub changed the game... We have been robbed of 3 points tonight, it feels like a loss, It's hard to even criticise the players because after 75minutes everyone had played pretty well. Bar one or two I feel like everyone had a really good game but it just goes to show what happens if you switch off for a few minutes, hopefully thats lesson learned for Jos and the more inexperienced players in the side. The concerns for me are still I still do not have confidence in Dawson as #1, either bring back KW or give Wildsmith a chance because somebody has to be accountable for 0 clean sheets all season. Other than the front 3, everyone tonight contributed very little going forward, obviously we missed Bannan but we can't rely on Reach/FF every game to produce some magic, whoever starts as the lone striker needs to do more and I want to see more from the fullbacks going forward, especially if we are going to concede every game we need more players to be more productive going forward.
  7. Lionel Fessi

    Man of the match & scores (L**ds home)

    Dawson - 4, Looked nervy, made two errors that on a different day could have led to a goal, feel like he didn't command his area very well either, lack of experience was evident in games like last nights, Baker - 5, Not surprised he went off, looked completely out his depth, one good contribution going forward after solid work from FF. Penney - 7, Looks the real deal, a threat down the left hand side all game, tackled well and worked hard, full of energy. Lees - 7, Solid, another good game for the captain, looks more comfortable with Hector at his side. Thorniley - 6, Fine, worked hard. Hector - 6, OK, really good in the tackle but not a ball player but the way Leeds played forced us to play out from the back (which none of our CB's can do). Bannan - 5, Marked out the game, engine is always there but the few chances he had to create did not deliver. Pelupessy - 6, Good game, got stuck in and did what we asked of him well. Reach - 6, Apart from the wonder goal like the rest of our midfield struggled to get into the game but always works hard and wants to make things happen. Forestieri - 6, Lively spark and the right choice to start him, lost count of how many times he got fouled, but the magic he brings on the ball opens so many doors for us. Doesn't play well with Fletcher, needs more mobility and quicker thinkers around him. Fletcher - 5, Struggled a lot with the hit and hopes we sent up to him, but i don't think anyone else would have done much better.
  8. Lionel Fessi


    Like him. Very physical, strong, good in the tackle, not slow, gets stuck in and experienced at this level, absolutely what we need alongside Lees in the back. However, he is not a ball player and having a back 3 of Hector,Lees and Thorniley all of whom are not good with the ball at their feet is a problem. You could see it last night against Leeds, because they knew we are very limited with who can distribute the ball (Bannan and sometimes Joey), they can man mark BB and press us back forcing any of the back 3 to try something...which almost always resulted in a big hoof upfield and us losing possession. I'd like to see Hutchinson or VA play alongside Hector/Lees, atleast either of those can spread the play and give us some breathing room for BB further up the pitch.
  9. Lionel Fessi

    Millwall Score prediction

    No FF, Joao or Reach, 0-1 Mliwall I think but I wouldn't be surprised if we got a pasting. Although I have gone for a draw on my acca
  10. Lionel Fessi

    Sam Winnall...

    Yes and Yes. I feel like these two would be a great combo together, with Fessi roaming behind and Bannan/Reach the driving force in the middle!
  11. The big positive with McCarthy is you are getting someone who knows the league very very well and who can get the best out of a group of players when you don't have any resources available other than the loan market. Jos is a risk, just like CC was, sometimes I think although boring a safer options like McCarthy would have seen us through times like these much better. How can we except Jos to work magic when he can't sign anybody and has no clue about coaching in this division?
  12. Lionel Fessi

    Wallace & Hunt

    Has Boyd ever been given a run of games at RM? I don't think he has, surely playing him and Palmer together can't be any worse than how it is now? He could, but he's also come straight out of the youth academy into a team that is still being altered and formation changed every weekend...maybe if he was the only change and coming into an already solid unit, but times like these make it harder for youngsters to fit in and play well. If only we signed Joe Bennett! Reach with a solid defender behind him would have the the perfect counter to replacing Wallace/Hunt.
  13. Lionel Fessi

    Wallace & Hunt

    Again not saying we should have kept Wallace but we certainly needed to replace the quality/width he provided. It makes you wonder why Jos spent all summer perfecting formations with wingbacks he perhaps knew we couldn't sign anyone then proceeded to sell our only suitable defender? Yeah Palmer is a tricky one, I remember him being a lot better when he was competing with Hunt for the role....but i suppose without Westwood/Loovens at the back we miss a lot of leadership and organisation.
  14. Lionel Fessi

    Wallace & Hunt

    We let Wallace go at the right time for sure, but we never replaced his quality or somebody who could play out wide like him during his first 2 seasons. Agreed with Hunt, FFP decision but again we sold our only wingback and try to force others into the role instead? The point I'm making is CC's 442 was so successful for two years because of combinations like this, as they declined along with other factors the formation and results did to. Now we don't have any outlets, we're so one dimensional going forward...its just pass it to FF and see if he does something amazing or we exhaust Bannan hoping he puts it on a plate for someone.
  15. Lionel Fessi

    Wallace & Hunt

    How much do we miss having a decent attacking RM/RB combination? The Hull game got me really thinking, especially at home we are desperate for an outlet on the wing, during CC's tenure it was one of our biggest strengths getting Wallace on the ball so he could cut in and Hunt running down the line to create space...now what do we have? Liam Palmer playing wingback...trying to do both. Neither were world beaters but together I always thought they were so effective, Wallace clearly declined during his 3rd season here and Hunt never found a solid partner after that and you could see he became less and less efficient as Wallace struggled. There are many reasons why we're now struggling but you never really miss players until they're gone and now more than ever it becomes clear how valuable these two were together. Failing to upgrade/replace these two along with never investing in a proper LB is one of the reasons why we are so limited in our style of play and no doubt a big factor in why we are so easy to breakdown. We have nobody to stretch the game, we have nobody running the line, we have no quality from wide areas. Food for thought on a Monday night!