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  1. This is why I love this forum. Perfect clickbait title for the most out there take of 2021 so far.
  2. But we do! The old school 1 striker up top to hold up and draw fouls is such a misconception to how the formation actually plays. KW Penney/Osaze Dunkley Lees Palmer Shaw/Hutch Bannan/Brown/Luongo Reach/Marriott Brown Harris/Windass/Kach Rhodes/Windass/Paterson For me if we played 4231 the first team picks itself! As long as we stop trying to desperately force it long every possession DM can get our midfield firing again and we may finally see some quality chances for Rhodes to polish off! Have fai
  3. This is a fantastic bit of insight btw, can we get this pinned so everyone on here can give it a read? @Owlstalk Admin Team (Side point and a dig on why on earth do Radio Sheffield never produce anything interesting like this? Surely this stuff is a journalists dream? So much unknown) I'm sure the strategy and reasons for buying the club were the exact same as almost every other foreign owner looking to get a piece of the pie, 0 knowledge of the market he's entering but bags of cash and understands if he makes it to the PL he could make alot of money....puts all his faith, mo
  4. The only thing we have left is to TRY and get the best from our game changers Brown, Rhodes, Reach, Windass and reluctantly Bannan. If I’m NT I’m getting those 5 in a room and saying look, i don’t care what you do after this season but you are our best attacking players. Your all playing every minute of every game we have left...now tell me how to get the best from you as a collective.
  5. Wallace’s most productive season for us; 15/16 - 6 Goals + 8 Assists = 14 goal involvements Reach’s most productive seasons for us; 17/18 - 4 Goals + 11 Assists = 15 goal involvements & 18/19 - 8 Goals + 7 Assists = 15 goal involvements Not taking anything away from how good Ross Wallace was for us, brilliant player and a great bit of business. But the opinion that Reach hasn’t been valuable or replaced the quality Wallace had is just very wrong. The real issue is we have lacked a quality player from the left and the right at the same time.
  6. Exactly. Although things are bad, but as I’ve said before without these two they would be so much worse. This ^ Its the old debate we sometimes get into under a bad spell, does Bannan really make us a better team? Unsure if his decline is down to tactics or lack of quality in the team but similar to Reach and eventually will be Irofa, just another example of us wasting the rare occasion when we bring in somebody with talent. This is the real killer. As fans we think because we’re a ‘big club’ the culture and philosophy behind the scenes must
  7. Strange opinion. This ^ This again ^ Close the thread and everybody read this ^
  8. The only time I phoned in was just after Chansiri bought us to discuss fan expectations and thoughts on the coming season, we may have been a few games into the season actually. (Think back to 4.5 years ago when the morale around the club was very high and us fans felt like we were on the verge of something special). Anyway, after talking through a few interesting and insightful points I had prepared and written down on my notepad, I even took the call at the bottom of the garden to avoid any radio interference and told my parents to tune in, I was so excited (makes me laugh now lo
  9. I KNEW you would comment He only looked so good out wide because he played LM during a time when we had very little quality out there (before Reach found his form). If we had players like Harris then or a younger Wallace or today’s Reach we wouldn’t be desperate for his quality when he didn’t play there. I see your point though, at the time considering us as a team he was probably most effective for the team in that role, but I’ll never agree it was his best! Important as well that FF hated tracking back and couldn’t be relied upon to put in the defensive shift the likes
  10. In the past I could understand why we picked the likes of Fletcher, Hooper, FF over Rhodes, genuine quality players with a special quality that JR couldn’t quite match. Whereas now...utterly perplexing! Our style of play is the problem. We are obsessed with launching long balls every possession and in order for that to work you need somebody good in the air and somebody fast to chase the flick on = Paterson & Windass. As much as I like his attitude I think Paterson is probably one of the worst strikers we’ve had in recent years. Apart from being ‘physical’ and ‘works
  11. Fessi’s best position was at the #10, playing just behind the striker, linking up play, dropping deep and driving with the ball! Ooooft I remember the good old days of Fessi, Hooper, Wallace, Lee, Bannan...what a team we had! *searches goal vs Fulham*
  12. Hard to see what the real issue is, but being frozen out by Monk, Pulis and now NT is worrying. Even with our shocking record of freezing out the ‘wrong uns’ most seem to bounce back under a new a manager, concerning that Brown has struggled under all 3. From what we’ve seen of him, apart from a few flashes of quality early on in the season he’s looked very sluggish in his cameo appearances. Makes me guesstimate that fitness is lacking or the work rate that’s required to play as a CM in our system....It’s no secret all the 3 managers above like to partner Bannan with some defensive wor
  13. Why drop our most in form defender? Why play a midfield 2 of Hutchinson AND Shaw? Why play Bannan in LM? Why play Windass and limit him to chasing flick ons? Why change formation but insist of the same hoofball tactics?
  14. Embarrassing. Absolutely nothing has changed in the last 18 months. Pump it long down the pitch and pray for the big man to flick it on. Rinse and repeat. I have never seen a Wednesday team in my lifetime be this allergic to trying to play football. Blame whoever you want but something has to change, terrible to watch, terrible to play and delivers terrible results.
  15. The downside of playing inexperienced kids in relegation scraps... So so frustrating, not going to scape goat him for how terrible we have been but you just can’t do that in games this important.
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