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  1. Every manager we’ve had since CC have all been the same tactically, try and grab a goal early then hang with 10 men behind the ball. Pulis was the worst for it, but Monk, Moore & Jos weren’t any better. Now more than ever in the last 3/4 years we have a squad that has the potential to be a really exciting attacking team yet we’re still trying to play the same way. Frustrating.
  2. Some great views in this thread, always gets the brain thinking. If my house depended on it, I’d go; Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Hutch Brown Luongo Bannan Adeniran Windass Gregory Shodipo I’ve become a real fan of Paterson lately and think I’ve labelled him all wrong, tough to leave him out.
  3. Im glad they act how they do, the standard of refs in England is absolutely dire. The more players show frustration the more likely we are to get change. The comments Warnock made a few weeks ago around Football refs putting on a mic and addressing the crowd after big decisions like they do in Rugby/NFL, you would never ever see in football. Despite there being a 4th official, referee, 2 linesmen and whoever else supporting them they still continue to get match deciding decisions wrong. It’s a massive problem and it needs fixing, hopefully VAR will soon bring this to an end though. One of the reasons why I’ve grown tired of football to a degree. The decisions like a red card, penalty etc are absolutely critical to a game and teams success over a season. There is so much at stake here for all parties involved fans, players, owners….and week in week out the horrendous officiating across the football league is just brushed under the rug.
  4. Hard to pick, went for Palmer as he made 1 crucial goal saving block in the first half, looked very solid throughout and rarely wasteful on the ball. I’d probably give everyone today a 6, nobody was bad but none stood out either. We’re still allowing too many good goal scoring opportunities, a better opposition or luckier one would punish us. Gregory took his goal well but was wasteful at times when he did get the ball, still think he’s our best striker, Pato in that middle role never seems involved. The issues we had last week, and the week before and the week before that are still there, only the quality from one of our individuals stole 3 points today. Still need to see more of a game plan from DM, we’re treading water at the minute and hoping a magic moment from Bannan or Gregory today can drag us through games. Nice to see Kieran Lee playing top football again, thought he & Bannan were comfortably the best players on the pitch…what a midfield they would be eh?
  5. If only we had 2 wide players creating space and stretching the back 4…I agree that’s probably why he’s done it, but it doesn’t work! lol. Bizarre change, at least the energy from Ade might up the tempo in the middle. Desperate to see Shodipo or Theo get on.
  6. Same issues as last week and the week before, and the week before that… Why is DM obsessed with forcing 3 strikers into the side?!? It has never worked. Again today we’re struggling to keep the ball in the midfield and the front 3 are completely out of sink limited to creating their own chances.
  7. I like this team, but you already know 3 of these will all be on the bench. Is BPF confirmed as injured, is that why everyone is picking Wildsmith? Either way, I can’t believe BPF is still starting….we’ve conceded 9 goals this season and I make him directly at fault for 4…that’s almost 50% and we’re only 10 games into the season. That is outrageously poor.
  8. Interested to see how he lines us up vs Bolton, it’s now 6? Games on the spin that I’ve made us the 2nd best team with a real lack of strategy in game. We need to start seeing some identity with the team!! We could quite easily be sitting here with 1 point from the last 6 based on how we’ve played. We haven’t deserved anything, we’re lucky to be where we are. I’m still under the mindset to give him up to the 15th game, but the players have looked completely lost out there this season. The dilemma becomes it’s clear we have a squad capable of getting promoted, how long do we roll the dice of DM taking us up (probably via playoffs)?
  9. 7 - Bannan, Paterson, Palmer 4 - Johnson,BPF, Dunkley 3 - Wing, Adeniran Everyone else gets a 5. The main problem, DM’s invisible tactics & team set up, we cannot start that slow in games the writing was on the wall for that first goal. I still don’t know how he wants us to play, what does he work on all week? Even more confusing that DM started Bannan RM in the first half whilst Wing/Adeniran put in one of the worst central midfield displays I’ve seen in a while…both allergic to keeping the ball and couldn’t find a pass. Adeniran has a habit of being very casual on the ball as well. We desperately need composure on the ball, this is why Bannan plays centrally and is a quality Byers can bring. Wing was poor vs Wigan and even worse again tonight, he needs play further up up not at all, I don’t think he fits into whatever formation we’re trying to play. BPF made 1 excellent save but should have done better for both goals especially the first, still not convinced he’s any better than Wildsmith. How long are we going to allow BPF to get away with bad performances? We missed Hutch in the middle and at the back, without him we don’t have anyone else who can read the game and be comfortable on the ball deep. Dunkley is a terrible 1 on 1 defender, he’s always second to the ball and is never tight to his man, he’s turned so easily …both of these faults on display for both goals.
  10. Maybe it’s because he spent the first half bizarrely playing RM. Or maybe it was that every time Wing or Ade had the ball they lost it? Makes me laugh people who think Bannan is the problem, how many times is he head and shoulders above the rest of the team? Today another example, still plays well despite almost everyone else having a stinker.
  11. I’d be very tempted to keep the same team that beat Wigan. Only changes I’d consider as were at home, would be Bannan/Shodipo in for Wing/Dunkley…with Hutch moving back to CB and Ade/Bannan in the middle. Paterson proved me wrong midweek, he was excellent and he’s earned a run of games. Shodipo has to play at home, such a direct threat and I’d like to see more of us finally playing 2 left sided players down the left!
  12. Apart from Wildsmith over BPF, that looks pretty good to me. This is the formation we need to see, the ‘strikers out wide’ experiment isn’t working. Gregory needs more support, with Bannan out great opportunity to see if Wing & Adeniran can play together in a 2.
  13. 15 games. I said that at the start of the season and it still stands now, unless we’re in the top 6 after these next 7 games he needs to go.(if we win our game in hand we’d currently be 5th anyway). It takes time to build something solid after such a huge but necessary overhaul this summer, we can’t just sack a manager every time we have 4/5 bad games. The creeping concern I have with DM, is that we look really really lost from an attacking stand point. I don’t think he knows what to do with Bannan, clueless with Wing (although he was better today) and he seems obsessed with forcing strikers into wider roles like Paterson & Berahino when it clearly doesn’t work.
  14. Hutchinson 8, MOTM by a country mile thought he was excellent again today. Adeniran 7 & Wing 6, both showed bright spells going forward and I thought Wing controlled the game well at times. BPF 3, that’s now THREE games in a row he’s made an error leading to a goal. Imagine the grief we’d be giving Wildsmith or Dawson if it were them? Surely Wildsmith comes back in now. Everyone else 5’s, largely very poor performance again. Apart from the wonder goal we created nothing and don’t really seem to have any distinct style we’re trying to play. Its a real worry we’re now 8 games in and still look quite lost. Tactically I don’t know what we’re trying to do.
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