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  1. It doesn't matter who the manager is, they won't be involved in the recruitment. People forget before when Chansiri took over and brought in CC we were actually going to appoint another chap (forgotten his name) in a 'Head Coach' role and would still recruit for a 'Manager', this was all very public then quickly became hush hush after two senior figures Chansiri had appointment abruptly left. I feel like we've continued with that approach behind the scenes, other bodies making big decisions especially around transfers NOT the manager. Poch talked about it during his time at Spurs, obviously massive differences between us and them but he mentions how he would always be just a 'Coach' and had no real decisions on who or what they bought/sold into the club...some managers like it others don't.
  2. Frozen out by Jos & Monk, adored by Carlos & Bruce. Probably the most inspirational story of a footballer in the division and gives 110% every match, plays each game like it's his last and very public about his love for the club ...qualities we could use right about now. Can somebody explain to me why he is being given the cold shoulder? Not a high earner Not trying to force a move elsewhere Not a bad role model Not toxic towards the fans No better alternative in the squad Regardless of what the future holds, it makes me sad to see him being treated like this...very inspirational figure for me.
  3. Yep. I mean, yeah sure they both could and should have been moved on by now....but that still doesn't change the fact they're both the best players at the club in their respective positions. I'm more understanding on why Westwood isn't starting, but one big reason for our TERRIBLE run of form is that we're dominated in midfield every single game. Totally bizarre why Monk refuses to play our best CDM.
  4. We've missed Fox massively, cannot believe I watched FF play LWB for 45minutes in a 1-0 loss to bottom of the league/only team on worse form that us last night, one of the really low points of this modern era. If they were all fully fit, i'd be very excited to see a dynamic midfield 4 of Reach/Windass/Luongo/Harris, with Wickham up top and Hutchinson covering the back 4.
  5. I get that. The hardest thing about writing that was part of me still thinks under 'the right manager' with the current squad of players we've got we could still sneak into the playoffs and get by on the magic of wembley...I mean we saw the instant impact Bruce had and for the first 10-15 games this season lets not forget we were 3rd and were the better team in almost every game we played...it's just since Christmas we've gone to pieces... i can't help but think how would we be doing if Bruce had stayed? So many questions unanswered, we've not got a bad team, we have good players...it's just not working. Similar to Jos though, there are managerial decisions that i think Monk has just gotten totally wrong so i'm not trying to defend him - I just think long term whoever is in charge is ultimately set up to fail. I can't see us going down. Unless we were hit with a -12 or worse FFP points deduction, even then like i mentioned, we're not a bad team...we have talent in the squad and can get results we're just going through a bad run of form. Also, if our run of bad form does carry on and Monk gets the boot, I'm sure LB or whoever came in until the end of the season could galvanise use to remain in the division. That's the really difficult question, who do we trust to lead us into the storm post mass player departure. Financially i don't think we can afford to sack Monk early...I think currently the most likely outcome is we trudge on to finish somewhere below midtable and Monk gets the sack just before end of season.
  6. We've been in free fall for almost the last 3 years. It all started when Chansiri gave CC that new contract after the Semi-Final loss to Huddersfield. When really we should have brought in somebody else with a new philosophy, given them the proper backing and cleared out players who only suited CC’s system. Instead, we’ve given big contracts & paid big transfer fees to players who we can’t sell that we’ve never been able to get the best from (financially crippling ourselves in the process) and now if we consider LB, we’re on our 4th manager who has yet to get any long term success from this aging squad – that like all the others has been given limited opportunity to properly ‘rebuild’. The issue is clear, there is no long term plan in place. We’ve gone from quick fix to quick fix ever since May 2017, papering over the cracks being completely ignorant to the future implications of our actions. Total failure to plan for the future and establish what the long term goals are for the club and most importantly how we handle business in the short term to get us there. Chansiri needs to re-evaluate his strategy for managing the club, either appoint people at the director level who know what they are doing or start listening to the people he already employs. Our long term performances on the pitch will only ever be as strong as the foundations behind it and until we can establish a culture to make this work, things will not get any better. In the short term, I don’t think sacking Monk answers any of our problems. Irrespective of whether or not I think he’s the man for the job – whoever we bring in won’t last until we can provide a proper environment for them to be productive. Likewise with buying/loaning more players, until we have a proper system – tactically, strategically, philosophy on how to play just like the manager they are short term quick fixes that offer no long term benefit. We will see what happens in the summer, I expect the inevitable summer clear out (contracts expired or sold for a small fee) as much as it pains me to say it, getting rid of former core high earners; players like Westwood, Lees, Bannan,,Hutchinson, Lee, Forestieri, Fletcher and Rhodes could be crucial to our long term plans. I would not be surprised to see us sell the handful players we do own on longer contracts that have good potential too, Iorfa, Reach. Then the painful slow rebuild can happen, get everything right behind the scenes, financially stable, create that winning environment so when we do back a manger they have the tools to be successful. WAWAW.
  7. Agree with this. We all know how charismatic he is, been at the club a long time, inspiring story as a pro...you can see why players would get behind him. I have a feeling when the going gets tough, he's not afraid to say it how it is or call out others for doing so....some managers like that some don't. Worth noting, he started every game when fit under CC and Bruce - if you remember it was the first action Bruce took restoring him to the XI alongside KW. Watching Joey play reminds you how good Hutchinson really is. I also don't believe for a second it's an attitude or application problem with Hutchinson, again see all of the above for why.
  8. Lots of good posts in here. It's true, hard to really judge a manager when he isn't able to bring in any permanent players of his own - much like Bruce he got a short term reaction out of the squad then sooner or later things revert to how they once were. We absolutely do need a new philosophy around the club and they take a long time to embed, whoever the manager is they need time to make things happen - we can worry about the financials and the backing later once we have a solid base. My worry with Monk is that since Fletcher has been out of action, he doesn't seem to have recognised that we cannot continue to play the same way. We're rock bottom of the form table, out played in every game of the last 8 (except Leeds) and have not made any progress at all in trying something different. All he appears to have done is like Jos 'freeze out' certain players, who I think it's safe to assume must be causing some grief behind closed doors, Hutchinson & Westwood.
  9. Not sure how I feel about us signing an attacking player, who can't get a game in the WORST attacking team in the division... Hopefully will provide some good competition between Murphy/Harris/Reach/Windass although I would like to see Reach playing more centrally.
  10. This is the problem though, for all the balls in the box Bannan/Harris provide we have no quality in the box to convert....or more accurately Rhodes/Nuhiu/Winnall need easier chances to score goals, Fletcher this season has been super efficient with the very average service he received. Clearly after losing 4 of the last 5 (and being the worst team significantly in those 4) we have to make changes and we cannot continue this failed 442, poor striking options and poor through the middle of the pitch. Dawson Palmer Lees Irofa Fox Murphy Luongo Hutchinson Reach Harris Nuhiu With big tactical emphasis on all ML & AR bombing forward to support Nuhiu, although we'll lack BB's quality hopefully will be less of an issue if we're trying to play short passes through the middle or from the channels, oppose to searching hollywood balls forward. *prays Palmer & Fox are fit*
  11. Great post. Totally agree regarding Bannan, people overlook the rest of his game because of his passing range and what we can create - which rightly so is very good. But without Fletcher and playing in a 2, he's lost his main receiver of his hollywood balls and as always he gets overwhelmed in a midfield 2 especially with very attacking wingers like Harris/Murphy who like you say, don't tuck in how Wallace or Lee used to. I think this is one the reasons why we have only gotten worse since CC left. Managers are terrified to drop our most creative player (Bannan) and try different things, fans see his individual contributions and think he's unplayable, but when he plays in a 2 there is so many holes in his game.
  12. I mean, it's hard to disagree with what he's saying...we all know the squad is largely overpaid and overvalued. Surely when he took this job, he knew what he was getting in to though? He must have known our FFP situation and our serious lack of resources to add more players to the squad? If he didn't, much like we can never be sure how much Jos really knew about our embargo and restrictions when he joined the club, i'd be concerned of how we're being ran at a higher level, what's Chansiri & the board really promising potential managers? I still think we have the talent within the squad to finish in the top 6, certainly if we can bring in the right 2/3 during the loan window - which has been very disappointing so far. Monk needs to find another style of play to coach into this team, we've said it 100 times but Fletcher is long term injured we simply cannot continue long balls and direct football, we're so predictable and now he's lost plan A it appears like he's running out of ideas of what to do with this team. Reach, Murphy, Harris, Bannan, Forestieri, Luongo....we have plenty of attacking talent to find a winning formula. On reflection on this whole mess, it really highlights what a terrible signing Jordan Rhodes was, that near £11 million fee was perhaps what financial crippled us for the next 3/4 seasons and beyond. There was just so much wrong with that. We already had 6 good striking options including an inform Winnall who we had only just signed, Rhodes offered nothing different to what we had, we desperately required strengthening in other areas instead (CB,RW/LW,CM,LB - some of those positions are still a big problem for us), allowing CC to spent all our £££ when his magic had gone (although i don't think he was behind this signing). GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  13. Precisely this. Fans fail to recognise how great Chansiri's contribution has been to the infrastructure of the club, faculties, academy set up and the development squad have all improved 10 fold since he's been at the helm - granted MM provided him a great foundation to do so, but it was Chansiri's investment that was behind all of the above.
  14. I just cannot understand how when red cards are recinded - therefore proving that either the match day officials or opposing player are at fault how is there no further repercussions on the guilty party? It's a completely fraudulent system that irreversibly punishes teams when wrong and does nothing to rectify mistakes even when they are proven and brought to light! For what it's worth, even if we stayed with 11 men on Saturday i still don't think we would of won...we were really THAT bad but how many times do we see big decisions called wrong in games? It's almost a regular occurrence at Hillsbrough we have referees who are well below par and offer no consistency at all. Who holds them accountable for their poor performance?
  15. Why is it when players don't play and we aren't playing that well, we seem to think bringing them back into the team will make us better? I like Pelupessy. But he just isn't good enough, we've seen that every single time he gets a run of games in the team. He just isn't cut out for that CDM role in English football. He offers nothing that Hutchinson can't already offer and what he can do well, Hutchinson does it better.
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