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  1. The F.A are considering a bid to host the 2030 fifa world cup. Hillsborough was selected for the 2018 bid but do you think it'll get selected again? I'm sure the plans that were created to improve Hillsborough would need enhancing further but how?
  2. Maybe we are really close the threshold. But what's the worst that could happen if we do over step the ffp? Is it a fine and transfer ban? Is that really that bad if we've already secured our players to take us to the prem?! When you look at the spending of Bristol wolves Norwich etc they must be very close if not over too
  3. I like home kit as an anniversary but like to.go back to stripes next season. Away kit isn't my preference Still can buy last seasons kit at 55 notes. Crazy
  4. Just had an email from the efl about the EFL Summer Supporters Survey. The title of the email is win a personalised Sheffield Wednesday 2017/18 replica shirt! Chance would be a fine thing eh?! anyway if any of you have completed the survey or thinking of doing there were a few interesting questions that really got me thinking about the club of late. these mainly centred around communication between club and fan, match day experience, club merchandise, cost of tickets and social media. Apparently results of the survey will be fed back to the club. my own personal feedback was generally positive but did comment on being outpriced on tickets yet positive of how the club move forwards. Nothing about aspirations for new season mind. Mine would be a greater positive attacking brand of football ( at times it was frustrating to watch last season) but priority of top two although realistically I think top 6 is more likely what are your opinions on how swfc rate as a club?
  5. If I could have a st that could be shared as you say nevthelodgemoorowl then that would be great.
  6. The early bird offer is bound to those that are season ticket holders or members (rightfully so) but if, for example, a current member wanted a season ticket and their non member son wanted one also then they can't access any discount (I don't think) and so this alienates future fans
  7. I wouldnt see it as constant need for a sense of entitlement or reward. More of other teams (now more successful than us) are offering much fairer rates to watch their team rather than us charging a premium. Personally I can afford the tickets financially but I'm tied timewise. If.it wasn't a discount on prices maybe something more special in terms of matchplay experience for reward. Loyalty points granting access to Sheridan suite or a tour of ground perhaps.
  8. With news that Huddersfield have offered current season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase premier league season tickets at £100 (as long as they've had one since 09) I think it's fantastic and got me wishing we could do something similar. Stoke offer theirs for £299 and have done for quite a while now. They've obviously got loads of money following promotion and so can subsidise this along with, presumably, low number of fans that will qualify but credit to them all the same. While I don't quite meet the same criteria at Wednesday I'd like to see better reward for our fans. The ticket price is obviously a sore point for a lot of people. I hate that I can't have a season ticket and have to pay through the nose for a match day but I do so hoping that the 10-12 games I can attend can put money into the club to help us move on. I know my situation will ease in the next couple of years but for others this isn't the same. Maybe we could offer discounted restricted view seats, buying a season ticket one year equalling discount sales the following (better than early bird prices). Football fans are ripped off so credit to Huddersfield, what would we like to see in order to boost attendance further and reduce costs?
  9. Championship Semi-Final A - first leg: 13 May 5.30pm Championship Semi-Final B - first leg: 14 May 12pm Championship Semi-Final A - Second leg: 16 May 7.45pm Championship Semi-Final B - Second leg: 17 May 7.45pm Not sure what this means exactly. I'm thinking 6th play home on the sat
  10. Can't quite find the details so hoping someone can help on here If we are to play at home on Saturday 13th may what position would we need for finish?
  11. Is marnick vermijl off out of the club on loan again? Seems to have disappeared some what He played a few preseason games then nothing. Reports in Barnsley chronicle that he was involved in a car crash earlier this month
  12. Cheers hope so don't mind collection but I've paid for special delivery
  13. Literally just purchased and paid extra for delivery but concerned they will not be here in time as family ordered there's with same delivery and not here yet Does anyone know time scale etc? Sure I read is pick up from Wembley only
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