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  1. UEA Owl

    The return of BB

    I think in all of Jos's games so far we have at times struggled to retain possession and have missed someone like Bannan who will get their foot on the ball and hold possession, control the tempo and just get the ball moving. A great thing about Bannan is he is always looking to receive the ball (as long as it's not too deep). I personally feel a midfield 3 of Jones, Reach and Bannan on the right of three would be fine.
  2. UEA Owl


    I think CC said Jan/Feb return would have been ahead of schedule anyway, so it shouldn't be too surprising, coming back from knee surgery (I think ligament related) often takes a long time. It's probably better not to rush him anyway, which Carlos may have done, as he had done so with FF and other players previously.
  3. I remember Hooper commenting in his first season here that he enjoyed playing with Nuhiu as he does all the donkey work and dragged defenders to him, Fletcher does something similar as he is excellent in the air, but also offers a goal threat that Dave didn't. Perhaps Rhodes would work better with Fletcher than Hooper, but then we would lose Hooper's ability to drop deep and connect the play; Hooper is far superior to Rhodes in this capacity. People can comment about Rhodes' goal record before he has come here as much as they like, but here he's not done enough to say he deserves a place in the first 11. Rhodes has three league goals for us and Winnall had four before he left, and he had played significantly fewer minutes than JR. In the end it is what makes the team better, and it should be clear to everyone that Fletcher and Hooper is our best partnership.
  4. I believe Jack Hunt will have played for Huddersfield against Leeds.
  5. In his first season he scored most of his goals when coming off the bench. I think it makes sense to integrate him more into the 18 more and as people are saying he does offer something, if he has the confidence.
  6. UEA Owl

    winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    People complain about Nuhiu as if he's playing every game. He's only made one league appearance this season, at Fulham, and that was for about ten minutes. He wasn't on the bench for either home game. It's not as if he's first/second choice.
  7. UEA Owl


    Winnall leaving may be frustrating given his decent performances and effort, his lack of opportunities etc., and you don't want to strengthen a rival. However, if Rhodes and FF start performing, those two, Fletcher and Hooper are more than good enough to get the goals we need. I'd give Butterfield a chance, we needed a cm, only Jones and Bannan are fit at the moment, with Lee hopefully back soon. Abdi has shown very little so far, and Hutch is injured a lot, and a better defender than he is a midfielder. Everyone was in love with the Abdi signing and all the Watford fans gave him glowing praise, yet it's not worked out for him here. Just because Derby fans are a bit down on Butterfield doesn't mean he won't do well here. Give the guy a chance.
  8. Hooper has scored, despite being against Chesterfield. Forget the cup games the only competition either of them has scored in, Hooper has been better than Rhodes in the league games, makes his teammates better. Him and Fletcher are proven to be an effective partnership as well.
  9. I don't doubt his effort, but I personally would have Fletcher, Winnall and Hooper in front of him in the pecking order based on performance today, Chesterfield on Tuesday and the run at the end of last season. Today his touch was heavy and he slowed play down at times. I also felt Winnall and Hooper did more to bring their teammates into play. In terms of his overall play Rhodes, imo, has not shown enough to say he deserves to start in front of the other three. When you pay £8-10 million for a player, he has to score that headed chance.
  10. UEA Owl

    Some rough choices Saturday

    Winnall has to be in the 18 on Saturday, he looked sharp, had two decent efforts on goal and used the ball well. If he's not in the 18 at least I would be looking to move on if I was him.
  11. UEA Owl


    FF did the right thing to steer it in, Huddersfield had two players there who could have intercepted his shot as it didn't have much pace on it. It wasn't an empty net, so FF was doing what good strikers do.
  12. UEA Owl

    Lewis Price

    Not convinced at all, the cross was really close to the goal on a second look. Wildsmith looked more commanding even if it was against Mansfield.
  13. UEA Owl


    I was at the game, and we were garbage, looked okay for 10-15 minutes then they proceeded to dominate. People can say they are a much better side etc. which they are, but we showed little to no quality or ambition, nor did we make it difficult for them. They didn't even really bother to try and add to the scoreline in the second half, as soon as it was 2-0 it was over. Unusually poor defending today, particularly the first goal which was a calamity of bad clearances.
  14. UEA Owl

    Atdhe Nuihu

    I agree with most here! Despite that he needs to improve his finishing, his overall contribution to the team is excellent. Mattock, Maghoma and him all linked up very well, especially in the first half. Madine is a good finsher, but he doesn't link up the play as well. And more crucially his positional sense and runs into space need to be worked on.