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  1. Know Mark and his family. We grew up on the same estate and a group of us played football together on the patch of grass in the middle of the estate. The fact he was 3 foot taller and 3 or 4 years older meant there was only going to be one winner. If I remember right he had a Terry Curran perm at the time. He was Wednesday through and through and loved music. Not seen him for years, but to die at such a young age is a poo . RIP Big Haggis.
  2. Would be impressed if this goes through.
  3. Time to move. As detailed above the ground is outdated, development opportunities are limited and will always be overshadowed by the disaster. The running costs are extortionate and the hoops we have to jump through due to the disaster are costly and time consuming.
  4. What a bunch of moaning fannies. Complain when we don't get a say, complain when we do. Its an opportunity to speak directly to the club, an opportunity not many fans at other clubs get.
  5. Steady player with potential to improve. Probably seen as back up to the positions.
  6. There are very few people who know the inner workings of the club. We had all this moaning last season at the same stage and it didn't turn out too bad. Some of the crap spouted on this site in the past few days has been beyond belief.
  7. It was talked about, but was it announced? Maybe he got a late offer from Rotherham.
  8. Great news. Continuity in the squad is essential in my eyes. The squad will evolve from a strong base that way.
  9. As above is my understanding. The lack of back office management at the club is a little concerning, we've lost a number of good people over the last few months and am pretty sure they haven't been pushed.
  10. No brainer if we could sign him he'd be great for us. Will fulham let him go - no chance.
  11. Good move for me developing the squad from solid foundations who understand the club. Remember next year, no emergency loan window so we may need to be able to call on dependable performers at short notice.
  12. Bet you're a reet barrell of laughs on a night out.
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