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  1. SidOwl

    Alan wheen

    RIP big man, great memories of away days in the 80’s and early 90’s
  2. SidOwl

    Where was Fletcher?

    He was in Nando's on Eccy Road with Hooper at 1.
  3. SidOwl

    Pablo Bonvin

    You obviously never procured a fine Shiraz from Pablo’s then!
  4. SidOwl

    I Follow.

    Is the pay per game option available for overseas users? Had the full season last year but missed most of it when daylight saving kicks in and the matches kick off at 2am so didn’t want to pay another $185 for a few games.
  5. Melbourne Owl, not met any others but pretty sure they are out here! Subscribed to I follow last year, not the easiest viewing with 2am kick offs, rarely made it to half time!
  6. SidOwl

    RIP Peter Belk

    Think so, if its the same person I am thinking of. Worked with my dad many years ago. RIP Pete
  7. I trust my old man to be honest fella, guy he spoke to behind counter knew nothing about a white kit. He asked me if I was sure there was a white kit coming out when we spoke last night.
  8. Dad went in to see if third kit would be there for Christmas, staff knew nothing about it, didn’t even know there was a third kit. Shame as I liked the look of it.
  9. SidOwl

    Streams for tomorrow

    It’s on Bein Australia now they’ve sorted the rights out. Should be streams a plenty. Not on I follow though I guess.
  10. Pretty glad I’m in Australia at the moment, go to bed and then just have all the Richmond fans going daft about getting to the grand final in the morning. Gutted
  11. Sure there will be streams about, The mania HD app works on android and iOS as well I think so worth checking their website and see if it could work . £4 for a day pass and quality is the same as watching sky sports in uk.
  12. Mania HD subscription on kodi to stream Sky Sports.
  13. SidOwl

    Melbourne Owls

    Probably not, given Bein sports aren’t showing EFL this year. Should be plenty of streams, Sky sports via ManiaHD on Kodi for me. Nervous already!
  14. SidOwl

    Burton v Owls live overseas

    Mania HD on kodi, it's £50 a year subscription but the streaming is pretty much perfect. I was dubious last year when someone on here mentioned it but it is superb. You can also get weekly or monthly subscriptions if you only need it for a week.
  15. SidOwl


    Usually appears about 10 minutes before kick off. Hope it's worth staying up late for this time!