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  1. Morale is so low the players have formed a queue outside the physio's room. No-one wants to play to the horrid anti football Moore is a fan of.
  2. Imagine if Bielsa had this lot......they'd be blowing out of their arses after an hour in on first training session
  3. No, that's Wing. Byers is JOC Just wait until Moore plays Wing and Byers together......just like the good old days of Potter and JOC
  4. It's ok, people have been voting for Palmer on the same pretext for last few years
  5. Don't need 4,5, or 6 days. Send Wing and Shodipo back tommorow
  6. Sell?? We only have Bannan who is worth a fee, the rest you couldn't give away
  7. AS 1 or 2 stated in the matchday thread, that slip around the 80th minute summed his time up here......get out of our club NOW
  8. Have WING, berahino, or corbenauhad a touch this half?
  9. I'll take the result if it means we get rid of Moore
  10. Brennam, Johnson, Hutch, Palmer cannot defend headers. We don't have a centreback
  11. Jos sussed him out hence young Baker got quite a few games, Bruce sussed him hence he signed Iorfa (a full back from wolves) and odubajo. Monk got lumbered with him and didn't have no alternatives as has Moore so we will go nowhere whilst this mediocrity prevails
  12. This 100%. Sick of seeing him jog around the pitch..... never ever seen him sprint. He cannot head a ball yet he's played in a back 3.
  13. Googling will be too technical for you.... first you must try plasticene.
  14. Derby have many of the same problems and with a bigger points dduction but they're having a good go. Difference between them and us is we've got a useless manager.....
  15. We are stuck with Chansisri . He needs to have conversations with some of excessive numbers of backroom staff who supposedly support Moore. He needs to ask the fitness coach why this team are so lethargic, he needs to ask the physios why we have so many injuries, he needs to ask the sports psychologist why the team is so weak mentally. It's no good asking Moore cos he's obviously a yes man with no backbone. Lat of all he needs to call Bannan as captain and who has worked under some decent managers, to ask him his opinion if this managers up to the job
  16. True, but by god its been painful to watch, even when we win, utterly painful
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