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  1. Played well yesterday but I'm not convinced.......he has an attitude problem and if we can sell him I would let him go. There are better out there.
  2. FKn horrible team....has to put westwood in goal.......Wildsmith is rubbish, epitomised by his display against Watford. There isn't a decision to be made, WESTWOOD you moron Moore
  3. Absolutely agree, the man's an utter moron......fast losing any respect for this management team.
  4. Pearson not doing much at Bristol. He is ineffective in management without Craig Shakespere assisting him as was proved when he was at Derby
  5. I sincerely hope so. Don't ever want t see him in a Wednesday shirt again. Hopefully, his replacement will be able to SPRINT and not just amble through the game. An ability to cross a ball and tackle would also be something we need as it's been missing since Hunt left
  6. Wildsmith probably surpassed Reach as worst player on the park. Fell to the floor for their goal and his distribution all game....horrendous. Who is training these goalkeepers? Both him and Dawson need to go
  7. Nothing to do with international duty....he never kicked a ball. He's sheite....always has been and always will be
  8. Thankfully, another manager seen the light by omitting Palmer. Please get rid at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Please, please no Palmer, Pelupessy, Paterson or Reach........and hopefully we won't see the one who's head is so far up his own backside (Windass)
  10. Ravel Morrison?, Danny Simpson? FFS We are drinking in the last chance saloon. What's Nile Ranger doing these days?
  11. Or, as is the case with Palmer, he's that bad nobody wants him so we're stuck with the Sunday league effort he puts in.
  12. Following Sunday's display, any team which does not include Reach, Palmer, Windass, and keep Paterson on the bench (preferably in the changing room)
  13. Not a chance. After today's performance I don't want to see Reach, Windass, and especially Palmer included in another matchday squad. Pay them up and get them out of our club, stealing a living.
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