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  1. Nothing.....below average player in every position
  2. Palmer? Paterson? I know we were poor last week but playing these 2 will make us worse
  3. If you edit out the phrase "in terms of", the interview would probably last 2 minutes (and even then it's just waffle)
  4. Stockdale has to do better with the first 2 goals.
  5. Best manager we ever had, took a little time to get promoted but you just knew we were going to do it with Big Jack. It was never a risk appointing the big man......unlike the majority we have endured since he left
  6. Top 2 by end of October or he's out....no excuses
  7. Yeah, let's sign another ex Rotherham player who played well for them. Lewis Wing anyone?
  8. So....keep Palmer and let Hunt go.......Moore is clueless. He should be insisting that Hunt is offered at least another year on the same terms
  9. Huddersfield have now gone 1576 games undefeated
  10. None of the substitutes contributed to our goal yet 2 of them contributed to us conceding.
  11. Absolutely, cos the 4 he brought on are a lower standard hence they weren't in his starting 11
  12. I'd have left it as was except for Hutch and have used Dunkley instead of the "permanantly switched off" Palmer
  13. We brought on 4 subs last night, only one was enforced, Hutch. Not one of Palmer, Berahino, Paterson, NML, improved our team. They made us look worse. Moore has never mastered the art of when and who to bring on during a match all season. This, along with his tactical ineptness, playing players out of position, and lack of ability to motivate these players means in my opinion, he has to go.
  14. This ref is terrible....should we score he will look for any reason to disallow it
  15. Thinks he's much better than he actually is
  16. Not one chance for us all game. They had 3 or 4.
  17. Windass....the new "paul heffernan" everybody wants him to play and turns out to be totally ineffective
  18. Does Howard Wilkinson and Roy Hattersley still attend?
  19. PLLLEEEEASE never ever play them in such a crucial game again. I appreciate there were others "off it" tonight but these 2 have had more than enough chances this season.
  20. Get a manager in who wants to succeed here....it's obviously not Moore
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