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  1. Having a great game, plenty of energy down the right hand side. Then clueless Moore decides to sacrifice him to change formation. Surely Palmer (who was anonymous in central defence and only slightly better when moved to right back) was the obvious choice to be taken off.
  2. see Moore has addressed the lack of concentration from last saturday??!!
  3. Cambridge exploiting our weakness on the left......Palmer and Johnson
  4. Good god.....if that's his best we've definately got the wrong man
  5. I cannot understand the clamour to play johnson at left wing back. I agree Brown was hopeless, but only a couple of weeks ago he was the answer to the left back problem and look how well that went down today. When Johnson has played he's equally as bad in that position, as is Palmer. Moore's recruitment defensively has been terrible.
  6. He's garbage, you only need to look at our left side to know that wimbledon would have a birthday down that side.....Brown, Wing, Palmer....sunday league players
  7. are we forgetting that wimbledon play "wonderful" football, lucky to come away with a point. Also, DM has not yet declared his coaching badges.
  8. I'd leave out Palmer (can't cross/tackle/track back), Paterson ( never a footballer), and BPF (error prone).
  9. Yet another false dawn with this "manager" in charge.........when will the revival begin???
  10. Very poor play for oxford opening goal. Johnson doing a great imitation of Palmer....losing the ball and jogging back and as for BPF, yet another clanger. Moore out!
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