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  1. If we are playing 3 at the back, then Lees for Palmer
  2. Can't get in Wigan side.....but hey, more than good enough for Sheffield Wednesday
  3. 300 appearances! A major contributing factor why we've been languishing between championship and Div 1 over the past few years. If we are serious about trying for premier league he will never be good enough. Never been a regular, behind Hunt and Buxton in team selection by numerous managers
  4. Spot on. It was mentioned that we may be in the market to BUY Windass, someone who can't get in Wigans side. I know who I'd rather have in the side between the 2.
  5. How on earth as this imposter managed to ply his trade as a footballer at the top level? His latest calamity last night was yet another addition to his career long mishaps. He was one of the central defenders who "helped" Brazil to lose 8-0 to Germany in a world cup game. I can't believe that Chelsea signed him twice then had Arsenals pants down. Worst defender in the history of the premier league.
  6. So you were wrong......they were £99. Love it when someone is proved wrong and refuse to admit it and hide behind the above comments
  7. Class....the difference between a good player and an exceptional player.
  8. This side all day for me....any side without Palmer has a chance.
  9. we'll never be able to afford them again. we have to pay for all this furlough experience....it will be £10 litre of petrol, £10/pint of beer, £50/sandwich......
  10. All this new development would make no difference to me, still wouldn't want to visit the place. Car parking charges prohibitive, policed by over zealous wardens. Beggars, homeless people on almost every street corner. City centre still fails to attract top end retailers, charity shops/betting shops still prevail.
  11. Best manager during my 40+ years watching wednesday, top,top man
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