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  1. Hope Moore and the 2 muppets don't get the chance to rebuild. Lost all confidence in them, poor team selection, poor use of substitutes, tactics all over the place, clueless pre/post match interviews. Wouldn't trust em to go shopping in the local supermarket
  2. Paterson got booked today and maybe he's not available for next week..........Pub player
  3. Was never good enough, similar to Palmer in the current squad.
  4. Agree, a far better player than Palmer
  5. When Forest score (not if) will he run onto the pitch and celebrate with their players?
  6. The 3 "P's" being useless again....Palmer, Pelupessy, and Paterson
  7. Terrible player, lazy and lacks awareness in most situations when defending. Can't wait 'til he's gone, no way will he ever play above our level whether that be in championship or league 1.
  8. Played well yesterday but I'm not convinced.......he has an attitude problem and if we can sell him I would let him go. There are better out there.
  9. FKn horrible team....has to put westwood in goal.......Wildsmith is rubbish, epitomised by his display against Watford. There isn't a decision to be made, WESTWOOD you moron Moore
  10. Absolutely agree, the man's an utter moron......fast losing any respect for this management team.
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