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  1. Same old platitudes from the same players after a defeat....getting just as boring as when monk was in charge
  2. McBurnie would be perfect for us, a big bustling centre forward. They don't play to his strengths. Early days, but I think Liverpool have had their trousers down selling them Brewster
  3. Pulis said the game plan went out of the window after 15minutes. I didn't see any game plan for the first 15 minutes, a lot of effort and willingness to run but that only gets you so far. There is very little skill or ability in this squad. Playing Windass up front on his own???? Windass? Plays with a face like a smacked arse. Even had he stayed on we were never going to win the game
  4. Wycombe never won a game in championship until they played us Preston never won a home game all season until they played us Pulis never been relegated until.......
  5. Had nothing as a youngster, that's why he was out to fleece Gillingham and Palace in later years.......greed!
  6. Many people putting Palmer to start. I'm his biggest critic but I genuinely hope he starts. If he continues to pay his standard game, Pulis will witness his lack of awareness, poor crossing, poor tackling and most of all his lack of effort to get back in defence following the inevitable breakdown of forward play. Pulis will not tolerate that for more than a couple of games, he'll be the first to be found out.
  7. Reading the OP I wouldn't let him anywhere near the clubs finances judging by his lack of morality when at crystal place.
  8. Meggo to come in as number 2, then after 18 months of Pukelis he retires and hands over the number 1 job to the messiah
  9. it's a NO for his football philosophy it's an even bigger NO for his lack of honesty,integrity, and no Morals (i.e. gillingham & palace)
  10. Horrible greedy ****. The article shows he is totally devoid of any integrity, honesty and morals. Nightmare scenario if we appoint him
  11. 40 odd years ag big jack came and was so confident he would succeed he didn't need a contract, he just got on with the job. If Pukelis is so good give him a deal to end of season then if everones happy extend it at end of season. I suspect he's after a big payout.......very shady character, palace had to take him to court to get their money back, he's a fraud
  12. i'd have him if he can convince his number 2 craig shakespeare to join him. Shakespeare is now having success at aston villa with dean smith so he is unlikely to be part of any future with Pearson. The last time Pearson went into management without Shakespeare was at Derby where he had Chris Powel as his assistant and that ended in failure. Having said that I'd still take him over Pukelis
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