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  1. Best Captain in the last 50years.
  2. Absolutely no competition for full back positions. Fox is average at best and Palmer league 1 standard.
  3. 3-0 birmingham, at final whistle Pep Clotet drops his keks and shows Monk his 'arris instead of offering his hand.
  4. great picture......oh for the days of big jack, in my opinion best manager in my 50years of following the owls.
  5. And therin lies how desperate the current situaton is......
  6. so you ned reminding how "good he is?and how many years he's pinched a living
  7. "doesn't leave his own wing exposed?" look at the highlights, there wasn't a reading player anywhere near him only Meite who just ran past him
  8. what "captain" Palmer was doing for the first goal? Just seen the highlights and once again Palmer abdicates his responsibility.....he had a clear view of Meites run and failed to track him. As usual, he no doubt thought, " f--k it, leave him for the centre backs". This player is a fraud, no passion, no commitment, no belief, nothing, zilch, not one commendable attribute. Yes, he has been here years and worked under numerous managers.....but when was he ever a regular first choice player? A stop gap, Bruce saw this towards the end of last season and bought onionbhaji to replace him but he's no better.
  9. Dawson should know that "captain" Palmer is guilty every game of watching the opposition go past him.....
  10. Very slow at sensing the danger for the first, should have been out much quicker.....westwood for me next game
  11. did he mention the word "composure" at all?
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