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  1. I would have preferred he say something along the lines of, " that was unacceptable. To lose against 10 men is never acceptable. I have now seen what some of these players can offer in this critical time and there will be changes for the next game". To read the bull crap he's spouting after 1 game .........grow a pair man and don't be like the snowflakes you have inherited as players.
  2. I cannot understand why people are putting Palmer/Paterson in their teams........both are utterly useless
  3. Worst "footballer" at hillsborough, closely followed by Paterson and Pelupessy
  4. Warnock supposedly likes him, so let him go to middlesboro on a free. Gibson has twice had our trousers down with Reach and Rhodes so we owe the at least one
  5. As someone stated in another thread, he's a poor mans jimmy quinn, big useless lump who occasionally scores flukey goals
  6. Reading through the Kieran Lee thread, the Bolton manager is quoted as stating Lee "is running more than 12km per game which is championship/premier league standard". Do we have a fitness coach who is monitoring our players during games? What are the stats for our players? Against Luton, the 3rd goal springs to mind when they have 4 players available in the box in the 80th minute, and in the build up our players just let them run past. It has often been stated that Hutchinson is blowing out of his arris after an hour, Palmer never breaks into a sprint (seriously, has anyone ever seen him do an
  7. Bannan has gone on record stating he is the best manager he has worked with. ( bannan has DC's ear)
  8. All the above valid reasons . For me,Wildsmith does not promote confidence, if Westwoods in goal they don't score 3.
  9. Thompson should now know the following are not good enough and should be nowhere near a matchday squad; Palmer Wildsmith Dunkley Reach Penney Seems like we will have to persevere with Wildsmith in the short term, can the phsios strap Westwood up? Had he played today we don't concede 3 goals
  10. As long as Palmer and Pelupessy are not playing we have a chance, Paterson is in the last chance saloon, his luck seems to have run out.
  11. He states senior players were doing the calling out. Well, Palmer and Reach could be classed as senior players and they were the 2 worst players on the pitch on Wednesday
  12. Watch the highlights and see Palmers lack of challenge/positional awareness in all the goals. Wouldn't get in a sunday league team.
  13. Just watched the highlights, my god we are poor. Just look at Palmers defending, unbelievable, his lazy attitude and lack of positional sense is shocking. Also, what's Paterson doing for the 3rd goal??
  14. Look at the body lnguge of our players......says it all, wasters
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