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  1. Adulation???....Top form?????.......Have i missed something over the last 10 years?
  2. Personally, I would rather him be an exceptional footballer than an exceptionally nice man. Never rated him, he's only been first choice last season by default, because odjob didn't provide any competition for his place. Jos,Bruce, Carlos, never picked him on a regular basis, Bruce felt it neccesary to bring in 2 potential replacements in odjob and Iorfa.
  3. i'll pass on this one. Not good enough for Rangers (micky mouse league) or Wigan. No-one else willing to take him on since he left us last season. Mediocrity......
  4. Decent signing, he'll prove to be an asset. Hope this signing means an end to the interest in Windass
  5. Not for me, didn't impress when on loan. Failed at rangers and wigan yet we are willing to pay a fee for him. Hope I'm proved wrong.
  6. I'm hopeful we don't get him. Bang average to poor player, had numerous chances at good clubs and failed miserably.
  7. Thank god for that........and i thought you nominated Palmer for his football ability
  8. He's garbage, be thankful we can't have him. There are much better out there.
  9. He has potential, and is miles better than Palmer
  10. Considering how poorly we played last season it beggars belief the amount of backroom staff are deemed as required at football clubs. Ultimately, you need proper footballers, I suggest the majority of Monks staff have been trying to polish a t---d
  11. Terrible player, when he gets caught out defending has no urgency in him to run bacck and retrieve the situation....very similar to the inept Palmer
  12. Cos majority of footballers now days are *******.
  13. No, but i'd definately take megson or keane
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