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  1. megsonstheman

    Anyone consider this 'their' squad?

    proper team and more importantly, proper manager
  2. megsonstheman


  3. Boyd, Baker, or the candlestick maker......anyone except Palmer at RWB
  4. megsonstheman

    Out of work for two years for a reason

    Honesty, thats all we want from Jos. Straight answers as to why Westwood is not playing? what is the situation with transfer embargo? Why was Hunt sold without adequate replacement? What we get when reporters ask these questions is bullshit.
  5. megsonstheman


    He was sleeping for the first 2 goals......horrendous player
  6. I assume he's been told not to consider Westwood (the best keeper we've had in the last 20yrs) for first team duty for reasons he will not be at liberty to discuss. Hunt was sold under his nose without an adequate replacement, he probably had no say in the matter. He cannot, or is unwilling to answer if he is working under a transfer embargo. Considering he left a previous managerial position on principle, he has surely changed his ways....perhaps he needs the money.
  7. Palmer!!?? ....worst footballer at the club
  8. Not capable of doing the basics, a ball watcher. Hasn't shown anything for the past 3 or 4 years by way of improvement. As constantly mentioned on here, jogs back to defence after an attack breaks down, at least with Hunt he would "bust a gut" to get back. Let his contract run down and let him go, nowhere near good enough and never will be