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  1. megsonstheman


    he's garbage
  2. megsonstheman

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Cos he's garbage
  3. megsonstheman


    And QPR, terrible manager
  4. megsonstheman

    You could drive a bus through there

    Hi Liam
  5. megsonstheman

    Just got home

    I agree about Palmer! Just watched the extended highlights on you tube, his defensive awareness is beyond belief. Has no positional sense whatsoever, have a look at the highlights and see him strolling back as blackburn net 2 goals and he's sticking his hand up for offside for their fourth instead of tackling him. I appreciate others are at fault too but he consistently looks poor, worse than Fox in my opinion. Shouldn't be anywhere near the first team.
  6. This is the team he has selected to save his job for another week.......it probably will.
  7. megsonstheman

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    looking back at the highlights, yes he made some good saves but could have done better with 2 of the goals and his fault for the fourth
  8. megsonstheman

    Westwood injured

    I guess Westwood is not having it being told to train with the kids.....so maybe he says to the management he has an "injury" and occasionally goes in for the odd massage. Now Jos needs him and he has spit the dummy out. Ultimately, 2 stubborn people and neither prepared to give in.
  9. megsonstheman


    absolut garbage, send him back! A midfield of him pelipussy, reach!! fortunate they only got 4
  10. megsonstheman

    Jos Explanation For Subbing Fletcher

    Jos is a fruitcake....a comment worthy of being alongside the team selection for milwall away last season
  11. Suggest you go find a tree to hug
  12. megsonstheman

    Jos you've failed.

    How old are you? 5
  13. megsonstheman

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Palmer misses from 5 yards, never going to achieve anything with sub standard players like him in the side. We need a full back/wing half to replace this clown
  14. megsonstheman

    Team for Birmingham

    looked at the highlights v QPR, Dawson at fault for 2 of the goals....Wildsmith to start.