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  1. faultless right down to capitals and fullstops
  2. asking for your opinions on him everyone is touchy on this forum recently can't even have a talk about opinions on players
  3. so he is cup tied tonight in my opinion its abit of a blessing not keen on the new darren purse whats everyone else think about him ?
  4. theres some rest stickers on ebay considering whether to buy des walker or not
  5. Saw it on a random thread not claiming to be itk or anything :/
  6. bore off stroppy c**t like someone sad before maybe he was having a bad day have you never been in a mood ? Give ya head a wobble before stating things like one of our players is a arsehole after meeting him once
  7. Could this be the signing that's going to blow our minds ???? Erghhhh gona be sick
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