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  1. Didn't Sanetti get called up for Italian national service or something?
  2. So are they genuine or are they a pair of random boots with a squiggle?
  3. For Android phones, download flash fox, go to Adobe site, look in archives and download latest one for Android (although it'll be old as no new updates being made) install on flash fox, and use wiz1.net for link, the ads can be a little fiddly to close but it works.
  4. I was in the Newcastle end in line with the goal near our fans, their supporters were constantly turning round talking how loud our support was compared to normal away followings.
  5. can't argue with that did notice a couple of times (usually when playing to the wing) it was read and intercepted. Would like to see him trying more diagonal through balls to break through the opponents back line, can see a lot of goals coming from cut backs if our centre 3 are able to do this regularly.
  6. compared to some players his passes were like lightening, always looking around while the ball is coming to him to see where people are, we need to utilise him, only gripe I could have tonight would be he didn't seem to get the ball wide at a opportunities that seems like the right ball
  7. But with what we may end up spending on a new striker, even if we only need to spend 3/4m will we be paying that much or shopping in the loan market again?
  8. I had us to win by 3 clear goals (-2 handicap) @ 13/2 after 2 quality saves and a clearance off the line, along with a couple of chances that should have been put away when clear through, feel like we should have won by a margin.
  9. Anyone think we have a chance of signing him up on a permanent or will we be priced out?
  10. Why are so many leaving Lopez out? Everything goes through him!
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