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  1. Jon From Woodseats


    Don’t think we have the players for it.
  2. Jon From Woodseats

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    But before that we were in playoff form. Could still change yet. Probably wait til Christmas. Either way season ticket sales will drop anyway after the multi season tickets expire.
  3. Can see all of them going tbh. Would like to see Pudil offered a new deal and if we can get them fit and playing somehow before the end of the season I’d want us to try and keep Hooper, Lee and Matius.
  4. Jon From Woodseats


    It’s been very common for us the last few decades
  5. Genuinely heard a guy leaving the ground Saturday saying “Joao might as well have not been on the pitch.” Hope he sees these stats.
  6. Jon From Woodseats

    ODD ODDS are the bookies always right?

    Bookies odds aren’t an indication of how well they think everyone will do, it’s how much they think people will bet on them to win. Obviously not many people betting on Wednesday to go up, if 100 people bet on them tomorrow, they odds would be drastically slashed to avoid them losing more money if they do eventually go up.
  7. Jon From Woodseats

    Jos "Kieran Lee feels something in his knee"

    FFS some fans complain about how there’s no loyalty in football anymore then we get this. Players getting injured is part of football and if the club don’t look after them then why should they care about the club? Then you’ll have a problem attracting new signings cos they know they’ll get no support when they have trouble with injuries.
  8. Jon From Woodseats

    Tom Lees - 'Mega month ahead'

    Thought it said Mega Moth at first
  9. Jon From Woodseats

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Was a bit weird that they decided to line up both of them against each other in a conference call, only for Rob to then cut them off straight away. It was obvious after what Mick said that they weren't going to just then calmly talk to each other about football.
  10. DVD release coming soon: £150.00 each, limited to 150 copies.
  11. Jon From Woodseats

    FF - potential ban

    This article looks pretty much like a copy and paste of the story in the Mansfield Chad last week. No new info in it whatsoever, just conjecture.
  12. Jon From Woodseats

    Rob staton

    Genuine question, why are they morally corrupt?
  13. Jon From Woodseats

    MASSIVE squad.

    Can only send people out if someone wants them. We can’t make other teams sign our players.
  14. Jon From Woodseats

    wolves game on ifollow?

    iFollow audio will definitely work abroad