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  1. lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    Quite rightly we should expect to lose, they’ve been the best team in the league by far. But remember in 2015 when Bournemouth and Watford were both running away with the league and we took 4 points from them towards the end of the season. No reason we can’t pis5 on their chips Saturday!
  2. That Noise

    Was one of those noises that when it finishes you still think you can hear it
  3. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Maybe it’s Elev8 when away to match the outfield players
  4. Stadium Tours

    I booked ours through the online ticket website a few years ago. If it’s not on there anymore then they probably don’t do it now.
  5. The BBC have broadcast rights to commentate on football league games, think for non-league they will need special permission from the rights holders to broadcast any match commentary. If Chezzy fans call in they’ll still talk about them though.
  6. REACH.... for the staaaaaars

    Is come they’re only just deciding this now, 4 months late, yet they’ve already announced the team of this season, 1 month early?
  7. Short highlights

    Deffo offside for their disallowed goal. Positive Nigel was not happy!
  8. Squirrel on the pitch

    Yeah I remember, it looked like it had a broken wing or something. Start of the long list of injuries this season!
  9. Squirrel on the pitch

    Jack Hunt lost a couple of nuts on the pitch
  10. Did we ever play in THIS kit!?

    I remember it was for just one game and you couldn’t buy it in shops even though I really wanted the shirt
  11. He said it about 3 times and was corrected each time! Started to think it was a wind up.
  12. Another look at how we did vs Sunderland

    Already watched it about 50 times
  13. Championship Team of the Season

    Why do they always release these weeks before the season finishes? If anyone goes on a massive scoring spree towards the end of the season they could end up as league's top scorer and they'd be missing out on team of the season. Not that it matters anyway
  14. Injuries ?? Or precautions??

    Not playing cos of bonuses etc
  15. Owls Academy

    Was the reserve team we did away with and instead it became the development squad. This eventually became the under 23s.