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  1. My dad still saying its not on red button, please can someone explain to me how they can find it so I can relay to him?
  2. Went to Denmark Vs Portugal, the only time I've ever sat in the North West corner. Can't remember much about the game, was a standard 1-1 I think. Remember thinking the Portugal fans were really funny.
  3. For a long time I've been saying that he's had chances and not taken them, that manager after manager still don't play him so there must be something to him that's not working out for the team. Now I'm thinking they might as well play him as there's nobody better than him to play in his place. You never know, he might rediscover something and get a few goals along the way. At the very least you know you're going to get 100% effort from him. Would love him to finally come good.
  4. It means we will know where we potentially might have to travel if we're drawn away in rnd 5 so can book hotels and travel etc, might as well book for both then cancel 1 or both if need to.
  5. I also have a weird feeling optimism. Even seeing us currently on -4 points weirdly feels like an achievement given what we had to start at. Right from the start the objective was to stay in the division and so far from what I've seen I think we will be safe.
  6. Don't know why but reading white text on a black background makes my eyes hurt.
  7. Still bitter about playoffs 15 years ago?
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