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  1. Still bitter about playoffs 15 years ago?
  2. I wonder how Brian the Blade's 1 man protest went on today
  3. It's not on iFollow, you have to go to swfc.co.uk and buy a match Pass for £10. You need to go to carabaocup.live to watch it on the day.
  4. I totally agree that in my opinion it's pointless, especially as the majority of matches are on one channel only so it's not like they need to gain advantage over other broadcasters. Maybe the strength of a presenting team can affect who the governing bodies award broadcasting rights to? No idea myself.
  5. You know we're starting on -12 points right?
  6. I was thinking this also. Plus I heard that this year will not be included in any future ffp limits so we could spend whatever we wanted this year in theory...
  7. If 10 years ago someone said that one day our strike partnership would be Rhodes and Wickham we would have been in Dreamland
  8. Sadly it died many years ago. Full respect to all wh went down there and got the result they deserved
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