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  1. I was thinking this also. Plus I heard that this year will not be included in any future ffp limits so we could spend whatever we wanted this year in theory...
  2. If 10 years ago someone said that one day our strike partnership would be Rhodes and Wickham we would have been in Dreamland
  3. Sadly it died many years ago. Full respect to all wh went down there and got the result they deserved
  4. Been saying for ages I hope he can rediscover his old scoring touch cos hes such a nice guy and hard worker he deserves it. Hopefully this is the start of something great.
  5. I agree but I don't think Monk does. Maybe he'll prove me wrong but I expect him to make changes and I expect us to get knocked out.
  6. We had 24 shots on goal last night which suggests the problem isn't with the style of play or management. He can't put it in the goal for them, it's the players who have to start finishing their chances.
  7. The idea is it will be rearranged once Bury's situation is sorted but I think the EFL acknowledged that they will only wait so long before a decision is made about if they will be kicked out of the cup and/or league or not. Presumably if they are we will get a bye into the 2nd round.
  8. He says he's the fittest he's been in his career, the team togetherness is the best since Carlos was head coach, the team didn't play great but know how to grind results, he joked he'd used up all his usual 1 goal, 1 assist that he usually gets in a season. He also mentioned he's feeling good now. He ended with a little dig about how he wasn't playing under Jos so be might have more opportunity to get goals if he keeps playing.
  9. Point of preseason at this stage for a club at our level is to get minutes on the pitch and get match fitness. Later in we can test our players against tougher opponents i.e. Espanyol
  10. Is that a truncheon in his pocket or is he happy to see someone?
  11. The FA will feel like they have to be seen to be taking the allegation seriously hence the charge. Shame that Fernando has to try and prove his innocence again when it should be the other way round.
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