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  1. There’s always the Wednesday Tap for anyone that wants to stay for a drink after the game.
  2. I know it’s something that we as a fan base like to make fun of but perhaps there is more to his absence than physical injuries, maybe he is suffering mental health issues. The lack of word about his condition suggests that perhaps they don’t want to talk about it in public.
  3. It would just be typical of Wednesday after such a good run to lose to a team at the bottom.
  4. Is that the first time a manager has been given a yellow card?
  5. We have been mugs? We don’t sign players knowing they’re going to get injured. Do you think it’s only us that gets injuries to key players?
  6. Was thinking the same thing this morning!
  7. I met Kieran Lee last week and he said he was 2-3 weeks away from 1st team training.
  8. If he says he believes play-offs are still possible (mathematically they are) that is not the same as saying we are definitely going to get promoted.
  9. Don’t think we have the players for it.
  10. But before that we were in playoff form. Could still change yet. Probably wait til Christmas. Either way season ticket sales will drop anyway after the multi season tickets expire.
  11. Can see all of them going tbh. Would like to see Pudil offered a new deal and if we can get them fit and playing somehow before the end of the season I’d want us to try and keep Hooper, Lee and Matius.
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