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  1. It’s a Sheffield fc shirt, dropdead sponsors the adult and youth disability team.
  2. I know right!... I keep all my filth on the laptop!
  3. Unrealistic- that I won’t say "ffs Wednesday!" At least 23 times a game! Realistic- after finishing the season unbeaten, solving brexit and fighting cancer with his bare hands Chansiri gives the job to Bullen! He then sells the film rights to Disney for £350 billion! Terry crews will play Bullen, Danny DeVito to play Wider and both Ant and Dec to play Snake Bruce!
  4. The 58 tonne snake has been saddened by Chansiri’s stance! "Aye pet! I mean he let me bunk off for a month and bugger off to te cricket like! All I did was repay him by fücking off after 5 months and leaving him with no manager and coaching staff for the start of the season! Howay man!"
  5. Ghost toon Specials Steve Bruce! Ahhhhhh ah Is fücking off to the toon! The football club he’ll bring straight downnn! Steve Bruce! Ahhhhhh ah! Is fücking off to the toon! Mike Ashley won’t pay no more! Our compensation is a sondico ball!
  6. Went to get my nephew a goal keeper top this morning and the woman behind the counter was unpacking a load of what looked like white t shirts so I’m guessing our new kit supplier is going fruit of the loom!
  7. I strangely like all our home shirts! Some I love, some I don’t mind... saying that! Their was a shirt I hated and it’s not one of the common ones everyone hates! It’s this monstrosity!
  8. One last distasteful bump before I set off for the game
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