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  1. I believe he got in front of his man and forced the foul! (Holding) but yeah...
  2. This! Is Nuhiu fantastic... no is he terrible... no he’s a huge strong physical lump that whether you like to admit it or not gives defenders a headache all game. someone has to mark him all game, you can’t leave him be cos for a big lad he’s great with his feet! switch off and he’s past you! Not with blistering pace but once he’s in front of you and shielding you’re gonna struggle to push him off it! He did want monk asked of him which was stay up apart from when defending corners and just be a pain for them and something to worry about! Heard the best thing at the game and shows up some of the geniuses who slate him none stop. about 5 or 6 rows behind me on the north I heard one lad shout "Fücks me off all these people defending Nuhiu... bet they’re all tree hugging remainers!"
  3. It’s my birthday on the 9th so I fully expect us to lose!
  4. I’m a part timer Brexiter cos of Chrissy Maguire! Why wasn't Hirst on the bench? That Jeffers was good for Everton, we should sign him!
  5. I wore mine once to the Hilton! But I couldn’t check into my room as I couldn’t find reception!...
  6. It’s a Sheffield fc shirt, dropdead sponsors the adult and youth disability team.
  7. I know right!... I keep all my filth on the laptop!
  8. Unrealistic- that I won’t say "ffs Wednesday!" At least 23 times a game! Realistic- after finishing the season unbeaten, solving brexit and fighting cancer with his bare hands Chansiri gives the job to Bullen! He then sells the film rights to Disney for £350 billion! Terry crews will play Bullen, Danny DeVito to play Wider and both Ant and Dec to play Snake Bruce!
  9. The 58 tonne snake has been saddened by Chansiri’s stance! "Aye pet! I mean he let me bunk off for a month and bugger off to te cricket like! All I did was repay him by fücking off after 5 months and leaving him with no manager and coaching staff for the start of the season! Howay man!"
  10. Ghost toon Specials Steve Bruce! Ahhhhhh ah Is fücking off to the toon! The football club he’ll bring straight downnn! Steve Bruce! Ahhhhhh ah! Is fücking off to the toon! Mike Ashley won’t pay no more! Our compensation is a sondico ball!
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