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  2. Donny Derek must be on summat too! He's just said he enjoys Brian the millers contribution to radio Sheffield, personally I think the blokes a twát
  3. I'd rather of mixed things up against a millwall side than get it completely wrong against a strong villa side that will want to punish us as we are still the only team this year to win at villa park
  4. I think in 2 years time Brian will still be chatting shít
  5. He said why can't these players player every other day? Some people go to work then play! and he's right, they do! But let's not even entertain the idea that it's anywhere near the same standard
  6. fücking hell! Did this caller really compare non league players to professionals?
  7. Millwall are in a great run of form, the den is never an easy place to go and anyone who can't see why jos's team selection is limited at the moment needs to give there head a wobble! Lets say he plays Nuhiu, Joao, reach and pudil and some get injured and the rest can't play/ aren't fit for villa then Swansea the Tuesday after people would be kicking off and saying why didn't he rest players? the man sees the players everyday, he knows who's fit and who isn't. i don't care if you've been going home and away for 50 years or 5 minutes I trust jos's judgement over any fan!
  8. Caption Competition

    CD- Errr Carlos I don't think playing kiss chase is an effective way of warming down! CC- ahh somatimes wenna you throw the police academy on de fire, the meat sails away on the boat but we are on the beach! CD- I remember why you were sacked now... CC- ..........