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  1. Chansiri came to S6 saw a man that liked to fish he said "oi! nah den leave me fishys alone" He put them all back, then got a slap fishin' in ma river "yo that shizz is whack! Haddock haddock haddock!
  2. It's clearly a (badly drawn) T-Rex
  3. Should be all work and no play! I heard it makes you a dull boy
  4. £7 with membership tho
  5. A Wednesday pub! At Hillsborough! I can see the sign above the door now... "welcome!... NO SHOTS (on target) ALLOWED!" Seriously though sounds like a good idea, be interesting to see if it's a success.
  6. I thought it was Loovens at first trying to clear the ball from defence but realised it weren't when A. It's too quick to be Loovens and B. His foot isn't embedded into a opponents leg
  7. I wonder if the Fulham bus driver was late like the Norwich driver
  8. MIcheal the bitter grunting pig is buzzing!
  9. Live on twitter now

    Anyone remember the vanilla monster munch? Now they were revolting and proof that you'll any old shít when your a kid!
  10. It's Micheal the wheezing blunt! I wonder if he mentions the Hillsbor... oh never mind the thick cünt just mentioned it! What a sad bàstard
  11. He's got fans in porchagul duss tha kno!
  12. Megson is gonna be fuming when he realises his magic pipe is missing!
  13. Well done lee! You've been given the prestigious award "biggest twát on football heaven"