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  1. LJH1867OWLS

    Fighting at blackburn

    Sorry ...what does tango have?
  2. LJH1867OWLS

    Fighting at blackburn

    Should of snatched their stupid stone island hat with the goggles on it along with their signed topless photo of tango and their football factory DVD off them and chucked them all on the pitch!
  3. LJH1867OWLS

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    I affectionately refer to it as The Chuckledome!
  4. LJH1867OWLS

    clive betts

    Fück that! Why ruin a part of Sheffield history? just put a massive sign on the side of it saying "Gifted by The Wednesday for the less fortunate"
  5. LJH1867OWLS

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    It was my birthday on Friday so personally I'm over the moon that we got something from the game and weren't pasted! Didnt want the 9th of November remembered every year for a heavy defeat for obvious selfish reasons. Did we play well?... no but we got a point so who cares! the games come and gone so onwards and upwards to the next game.
  6. Last of the bitter swine!
  7. LJH1867OWLS

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    "Billy sharp was in space"
  8. Oftt well done England! Enjoyed that!
  9. On comes Walker to gift them a goal
  10. Nowt he can do when going in at that speed but it's still a foul
  11. Caught with the follow threw and studs up
  12. "The official missed a couple of tugs there!"
  13. Sterling runs weird who cares