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  1. Christ! He was full of himself wasn't he?
  2. Todays Referee

    Seems some reading fans thought the ref was poor.. personally I thought he was great and reffed the way refs should do. he got involved when he had to but didn't make the game about him.
  3. That Noise

    Thought exactly the same was relieved when the bloke next to me asked if I could here it
  4. It's Ecky blunt! He's so (f)ecking dull!
  5. At last - Thank you Jos!!!

    Oreyt McFly once you've finished trying to snog your mum and ripping off chuck berry, fly back in your Deloreon and tell me this weeks lottery numbers
  6. Starting the week on a positive

    Depends on what side Thailand is on!
  7. Someone needed to tell Jay Bothroyd this
  8. Jack Hunt's Dodgy Balls

    Gutted this isn't a giant cakeball thread
  9. Spoke more sense then 95% of most praise or gumble callers
  10. Hull City fans tho....

    Hulls version of the chuckle brothers?
  11. Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    And we're safe! Thank fück for that! roll on next season
  12. Didn't listen tonight was in a generally good mood so didn't want it ruined!... Bet I didn't miss owt