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  1. To all the happy clappers

    Yes... join us...
  2. I'll give ya £65 for it!
  3. I have three of them in my collection one is player issue the other two are replicas but have minor differences from one another one is like the shirt in the picture shown with the yellow pipping on the shoulders and across the top with no sponsor, the other is strange it has the pipping across the top but not on the shoulders and has a canvas mark where a sponsor once was but isn't a player issue! any info on what the deal is with the second replica would be appreciated. ...btw £500 for that shirt!!! Really? Come on!
  4. Hedges back from international duty! Wonder how him and Benson did?
  5. Wtf! how did Junathun understand the first 30 seconds of Steve's call?! Thought my radio was having a meltdown!
  6. Better not destroy that "lovely" hotel...
  7. We need to take this opportunity to ask the important questions like Would you rather fight one hundred Bannan sized Nuhiu's or one Nuhiu sized Bannan?
  8. The refs a massive c.... sorry! I misread the tread title
  9. Dada dada dadar that's all folks
  10. We've all heard of Elf On A Shelf...

    Bannan and Van Aken arguing about flan in a pan!
  11. I th-th-think w-w-wilder is wo-wo-worried!
  12. Rather Have one damp stand than a whole ground sodden in pig shít!