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  1. I strangely like all our home shirts! Some I love, some I don’t mind... saying that! Their was a shirt I hated and it’s not one of the common ones everyone hates! It’s this monstrosity!
  2. One last distasteful bump before I set off for the game
  3. Haha yeah could of been marketed better and probably will be next season as this was our debut season it could of gone either way! Could of gone well (it did) or been abit of a non starter! So not many of our games this season have had much advertisement. Doesn’t help that this game kept getting rearranged anyway! First when we had all that rain it got called off, then Wednesday were playing Chelsea so with the manager, coaches and 90% of the players being Wednesday fans that was never gonna happen on that day and finally with Sheffield FC pushing and then getting to the play offs it was put on hold till after the first teams season was done as not to harm the pitch! So this game is a long time coming!
  4. He’s not up to the standard, theses lads can run around for longer than 5 minutes without both legs falling off!
  5. Oreyt everyone! Now the season’s over and if your struggling for a football fix Sheffield FC disability football take on their bitter rivals Doncaster Titans disability football in this seasons last game at the Coach and Horse ground in Dronfield (home of Sheffield FC) tomorrow night kick off 7pm in the 11 a side South Yorkshire flourish League! It’s been a great debut season for Sheffield FC and with a win tomorrow night they can secure 2nd place so it would be great if we can get a great turnout for the last game of the season! Entry is free though feel free to not to keep your hands in your pockets all night and grab food and drink from The kiosk which would massively help Sheffield FC and his community projects! I know this will probably get moved into another section soon (unless a mod wants to pin it till kick off) but it would be great to drum up some support for these lads who give their all every time they step on the pitch and who are all pretty much all Wednesday fans apart from the unfortunate few from the darkside of the city. I know a few on here are involved in disability football across South Yorkshire and anyone who knows me in life or on here knows what a massive help disability football was to me! when I became ill and thought I’d never play a competitive game again but this gave me a second chance and for that I’ll be forever grateful to the wonderful volunteers and coaches that make it possible. disability football helps hundreds of people just like me who can’t handle mainstream Sunday league football no more across South Yorkshire every year! It gives lads (and lasses) the chance to play football at a decent standard in a healthy competitive environment and it would be great to get the crowd to go with the effort many people put in! so if your doing nowt tomorrow night, fancy watching a game of football and cheering on fellow wednesdayites head on down to the Coach and Horses ground in Dronfield home of the worlds oldest club for 7pm Thanks for taking the time to read this post We’re all Wednesday aren’t we! We’re all Sheffield aren’t we!
  6. Or after an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle shop where we find out that Arnold, not Carlton is Liam’s father we could sing... "we’ve got Liam Palmer, Carlton’s not your father!"
  7. Sod not tempting them! i say bring it on!
  8. That’s Bannan!... scape that! Too tall to be Bannan!
  9. Not condoning it all cos frankly it’s pathetic behaviour but I wonder if that blade was on the coach that was giving it the big I am from inside the coach? How did they expect the idiots in our fanbase to react when provoked?
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