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Community Answers

  1. So many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in this but you get the gist of it ! it’s 00:45am that’s my excuse UTO
  2. Both are available mate and on eBay with the rest of the shirts! https://picclick.co.uk/seller/xhxjxlx1987 if anyone sees a shirt they want feel free to message me on here if they’d rather not go threw eBay, also open to sensible offers. please don’t message me and tell me my prices are wrong, they are fair for what theses shirts have been going for and I’ve been lowballed myself on a couple. also if anyone wants an update on the missus she’s fine… still I’ll but fine and haven’t heard back from the hospital yet despite them running tests 5 weeks ago.
  3. This is the only medium I have the rest are large or xl
  4. Sorry mate I completely forgot to reply to you! I only have one medium left (pictured) plenty in large and xl though
  5. I think a couple are mediums, I’ll have a look in the next half and hour and get back to you.
  6. It was bought as a job lot by a owlstalk member for (in true football fashion) an undisclosed fee, but if I had to spit it up in values I’d say I got about £175-£200 for it
  7. Nah it’s fine mate, most of the more sort after ones are gone so not much point in keeping what’s left. also I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a gofund me as while mine and my partners situation isn’t great, there is a lot more deserving people in a worse situation than we are. thank you for the suggestion though
  8. Size is 3XL (more like XL) and it’s practically brand new! Think I’ve worn it twice if that!
  9. 42in chest so about an XL shirts in great condition considering it’s age even the Collar buttons are green and haven’t faded to that grey colour yet, the only slight defect is the very minimal bobbling (pictured) just make me an offer
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