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  1. He fouled the black with his cue. As he was down on his next shot the referee told him to stop but he carried on, continued the break and won the frame.
  2. Well well well. Ronnie the cheat conning a few ranking points eh? Unbelievable
  3. I've just seen that. What an idiot, assuming the rules of snooker apply in a world ranking event l0l
  4. I've got 10 grand for whoever beings me that "Ole kid" head on a spike
  5. It's the only tournament all year I've got no interest in. If somebody like me could win it then it shouldn't be on the calendar
  6. I'm bloody loving these qualifiers. Taking it as a stand alone event it's better than just about any other event on the calendar just because of the prize. Some proper hell for leather matches going on over the right format, none of this best of 7 nonsense. Anyone got tickets for the main event? You going again this year @dan27?
  7. And the gentlemen, of course. It is 2017 after all @Neal M my friend UTO
  8. It was great watching the players and kids have a kick around. I got busted by security jumping the rope to get Westwoods autograph
  9. We hada lovely day. My daughters made it onto the swfc photo gallery.
  10. Not very often as I've been playing Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 3 quite a bit.
  11. BACK IN STOCK EVERYWHERE Just ordered one for £50 with next day delivery from Very. £140 on amazon last week!
  12. Keep your snes classic and add retroarch to it using hakchi. You can add other emulators on there for just about every other console. It's brilliant. Especially if you're technical enough to add extra storage for the newer systems games. I've just taken my other emulators off and added an extra hundred games.
  13. This has been keeping me busy the last week, the wireless pad for it is the best 20 quid I've ever spent. Did the Hakchi2 jailbreak to add a couple of hundred extra games.
  14. He's been poorly the last couple of years with kidney problems apparently so brilliant to see him trying to work his way back up
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