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  1. Eight Bells or the Temperance, spoilt for choice at Fulham though in fairness
  2. Got one spare adult ticket for the away end face value, downside is you will be sat next to me. Message me on here if interested, tar
  3. Anyone know of any boozers at London Bridge to go to beforehand?
  4. Live round the corner and love my 'home game', best bet for the away pub is the Antigallican next to Charlton station, normally full of Wednesday, would avoid the Pickwick as a bit of a hole and further away.
  5. Its taken a crack pot Malaysian and a change of shirt colour to get where you are pal, I know which team Id rather be supporting regardless of league position!
  6. Me +5 in wycombe end, was on their system from the away fixture, seemed rude not to after we sold out!
  7. Dad took me to me first game on me 6th Birthday, Wednesday 5 - 1 Everton, 1993. Fate sealed!
  8. Me +2 Not often on here but this is a 'home' game for me!
  9. For folk on about parking up at Rickmansworth or Stanmore, rather than spending an extra hour on the tube, head down A1 M11 and park up at Epping, its outside the M25, on the central line so straight into Leyton in no time. Also no parking up at Barnet as that line isnt working this weekend! Also whats general thought then; Birkbeck Tavern or Coach and Horses?
  10. Are most folk drinking at the Hour Glass or that strip club place? (or is that a stupid question?!)
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