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  1. After 1 or 2 tickets for Brentford, Can collect from anywhere in sheffield and surrounding areas or meet down in London. Cheers
  2. Looking for a Derby ticket. 100% have the ticket if you have on. Cheers
  3. No amount of surgery could make him a good footballer.
  4. Westwood Hunt Lees Pudil Reach Wallace jones bannan Hooper Rhodes Fletcher 4312 Three up front who can score goals. Jones sitting infront of the defence Wallace and Bannan playmaking. Hunt and Reach up and down the line
  5. Got 1 concessions ticket for tomorrow's game for sale (student/over 60's) pick up tonight. Can upgrade at villa park to adult ticket tomorrow and make up the costs
  6. Longest shot ever, Just need 1 Ticket for the game, any news or know anyone not able to go ill snap there hand off for it! cheers
  7. Put our best player in a place he's least effective? This is why Alan Irvine has a job in football
  8. Yeah just drop Bannan completely, Blokes only one of the most important players we have.
  9. Seen as we've been with playing the 3 CM's is whoever starts on the right drifts in and opens the space up which either Hunt or Palmer has to fill to add to the attack. Hunts better at getting forward and reads it well, I just wish Palmer had the confidence to attack its so frustrating watching him 15 yards behind play sometimes.
  10. Westwood Palmer Lee's Loovens Pudil Hutch Lee. Bannan Abdi . Fessi fletch obvs when Loovens is back otherwise Hutch in CB Jones in CDM
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