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  1. I remember it well. I was 12 and went with my Dad and my cousins. I remember being pleased that we got in for free as kids were being lifted over the turnstyles instead of having to pay. Not sure if the turnstyle operators were doing it to get everyone in the ground faster because of the numbers outside the ground, or whether they were doing it to be generous. Either way, there were more fans in the away end than should have been. I was standing at the front with my cousin (who was the same age as me) when the crushing started. I remember climbing over the fence and noticing where they'd cut the spikes off the top of the fence (presumably a reaction to Hillsborough). Good job they had, otherwise we'd have been in trouble. I remember my Dad having a go at the copper on the gate telling him that there's going to be another Hillsborough unless he opened the gate to let people out. Luckily he did, eventually. We ended up in the seats alongside the pitch. My first away day, and by far the scariest.
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