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  1. Probably is but JP is probably costing a 3rd of the wages KL was on. So it makes sense that we let him go
  2. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-appeal-efl-recap-18783942 a decent piece giving overall context
  3. I know you like a good old dig at the club but this would have been announced by the EFL that the appeal would be heard and even for your tin foil hattedness this is hard to believe
  4. Can't agree in the slightest - the players he has brought in will contribute and the early signs are good. I would prefer our Wing Backs to be providing the crosses for the forwards and midfielders to attack than judging them on how many they score
  5. Lets be reyt here - if players at this level didn't make the odd mistake they wouldn't be playing at this level. He would have been in the Chelsea first team squad.
  6. He isn't going to say anything as it has nothing to do with us
  7. No championship club (excluding those with PP) are making money it is a well known fact and even the all informed Kieran Maguire acknowledges that fact.
  8. It isn't football though - the players & agents currently hold all the cards.
  9. Have you had your head in the clouds for the past few months this is what the furore is around the date of the sale of the stadium. As if it had been taken as submitted we would NOT have broken P&S rules. The EFL have changed their mind around what year the stadium sale was to be included in.
  10. Err it could have something to do with which years accounts to put the £60million stadium sale in. That is currently the subject of a legal case. So there is more than good reason for the accounts to be filed late.
  11. Me as well they must be very well connected to the HMRC database or have access to their wage slips
  12. I suppose you have seen his draft contract and his specific T&Cs?
  13. Design was mint the kit itself was akin to Terry towling!
  14. Palmer doesn't in the defending role neither
  15. He is certainly an asset at this level and will only be warming the bench at best for Liverpool now they have signed Jota. He has pace and power and knows where the back of the net is. Salary would be a huge issue
  16. Covid especially in the championship will have brought the power back to the clubs in terms of salary etc so the PL loan could come in the next day or so fingers crossed.
  17. I think that is the conundrum for the entire Championship to be fair. Unless the relegated teams kept their PL strikers there aren't that many around. I would love to see a striker with frightening pace as this unlocks defences at all levels but would be such an asset at this level
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