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  1. Context - we made 1 mistake and they scored. We were second best for most of the night but are losing 1-0 at half time get a grip FFS
  2. Said this to @casbahowla couple of weeks back - we need the ground full and this is a great idea - £50 - £60 for the remaining home games.
  3. The quality has always been there Neil - he wasn't fit and his early efforts were not what they should have been (this will have been linked to fitness as well). There has always been a player in there I just hope he takes us up with his goals
  4. The shot that hit the post was exquisite and deserved a goal
  5. Man City renegotiated the rent for a fixed £3m a year with Manchester City council and not for a share of season ticket sales. For this Man City are fully responsible for all upkeep and repairs and also are given full rights of income for naming rights etc.
  6. You would be the first to say Whataboutery Neil if someone posted this as an answer
  7. Wednesday to go at them from the off and run out 3-0
  8. To watch their team play thought that was straight forward enough
  9. Woeful defending for their second - all stood and watched
  10. You ain't answering the question typical gob sh i t e, so what is in your esteemed opinion is the inexperienced groundsman doing wrong?
  11. So come on then what is the inexperienced groundsman doing wrong?
  12. No irony really - you are slating the head groundsman on social media without actually knowing his credentials. That is a out of order to be fair
  13. Can't just dredge the river at the side of the ground it needs doing all the way down and by the EA or Rivers trust or whom ever is responsible for the upkeep of the waterway
  14. So come on then Alan Titchmarsh tells us your gardening credentials
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