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  1. Agree Big Dave needs moving on and give a young lad a chance they can’t possibly do any worse
  2. Iorfa has got gas and looked comfy but he was playing more as a right sided CH than a RB
  3. Not in the first half no, but when he got pushed up he went missing. I don’t dislike him just think we need better
  4. We saw his midfield prowess on Saturday and have seen it before - he hasn’t got any
  5. No obsession he is bang average and we need or should I say have an upgrade and Palmer should be released at the season end
  6. We would have doubled our money if we had sold him last year. I don't think we will make millions however if he had the chance and started scoring you never know just look at Madine
  7. Winnall will command a fee but Big Dave will command buttons
  8. Bar the last half of the season when has he ever put a string of consistent performances together?
  9. I have never booed a player in 40 years of watching Wednesday and never will, so you have the wrong person with your quote around this. You say appreciate those who put a shift in, there are better players available than Big Dave who would bring more to the party than he ever has. So you would play Big Dave over FF then?
  10. I must have been watching a different player for the last 6 seasons then. I expect nothing from him which manages my expectations and when/if he plays tomorrow I will back him from the stands at Millwall. However no one will ever convince me he is worthy of a place in the squad
  11. But Big Dave is? If a choice has to be made there is only 1 winner and the Big Dave is not it.
  12. Who does it lie with then? Hutch, Westy all consigned to train with the kids I know who I believe
  13. Resident scapegoat? Really tell me how on earth he warranted another 2 years after half a season of playing well. I won’t boo him but he is absolutely woeful and offers nothing. He came on for the last 10 minutes as you say never got off the ground for a single header, lost every ball out in to him and looks vastly overweight. People on here slated Hooper for being unfit last season but he has offered more in his limited time than Big Dave ever has or will. He is the worst centre forward I’ve ever seen play for us.
  14. No what he’s saying is that big Dave should be long gone. Half a season in 6 and he got an extra 2 years he’s quite possibly the worst centre forward I’ve ever seen pull on the shirt and yes that includes Colin West
  15. Never encountered any trouble for years at Leeds
  16. Bone idle doesn’t cover it. One of the worst seasons I’ve spent watching us the year we got relegated from the premier
  17. Historically has always been trouble hence midweek
  18. Stay in Waterloo lots to do in a nice part of town
  19. Do you know him to dislike him? I don’t agree with his political views but he’s a top man
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