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  1. He offers more than the rest - it's the first time we have had a LB this season with a left foot. The team as you have said is very unbalanced
  2. I'd have Luongo in the team as his work rate is very good, but without BB we have no creativity
  3. As I've said - we need to find a formation that suits the players we have
  4. It was bitty that much is true - what worries me is that we struggle to cover the gaps when we lose the ball and that gives the opposition a run on our defense unhindered
  5. I think he needs to play a little further up not where he was today, he was ineffective and it seems that DM is trying to shoe horn players in. Get a formation we are comfortable with and pick the players that suit it best and are in form. On a bright note Wing played well today as did Hutch
  6. Agree we pushed BB further up today but never really got the ball into his feet and he was poor today.
  7. On his day he was unplayable and was rapid with the ball at his feet, very frustrating though and it was more often than not very hit or very miss
  8. I agree however when Ron Atkinson took over the focus changed from stadium to team and so did the financing. I'm afraid that poor signings and management both on and off the field have resulted in where we are now with regards to the stadium and it's lack of investment since 1995
  9. 20 odd yards but this is Hirst at his best This is sublime So much to like about this one as well
  10. Last I looked Parachute Payments were given to teams who were relegated so how can they help them sign players in the PL? Of course players will sign contracts that are going to have clauses in them - they do all the time. With regards to the rest of your post - PROMOTED teams receive circa 150 million quid in TV revenue to be competitive and I will say it again just so it's clear Parachute Payments are for clubs that are RELEGATED
  11. Agree a bit like when Fulham first got promoted and had terracing in the PL.
  12. The parachute payments ARE NOT there for this reason at all. They are there to supplement the revenue streams that are lost upon relegation and to ensure that non-playing staff are looked after. If clubs don't want to put wage reductions in contracts (a bit like we didn't when we went down) then it is more fool them!
  13. What a bit like this you mean? This is 2 mates who love the game with no pressure from the media to say the right or wrong thing
  14. The EFL are waiting for Villa to come back down as they broke FFP and will be punished should they be relegated
  15. Parachute payments have never been designed to supplement the playing staff or pay the playing staff wages
  16. Had the pleasure of meeting him and Tommy Docherty when they came out to entertain us in Kosovo in 1999. A true professor of the game and very humble to boot
  17. Well the linesman is supposed to watch the keeper for being on the line and the ref is supposed to watch for encroachment. That is not just over the line its a few yards
  18. If the rules are being enforced correctly the penalty should have been retaken
  19. If they owe HMRC they will be number 1 on the list. Hence why liquidation is being mentioned. That’s exactly what happened with Rangers, hence why they got liquidated
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