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  1. Largest garrison is Catterick has been for many years now.
  2. Yep totally agree that is what we all thought - then DC dropped the bombshell that there was an undisclosed loan taken out against the ground (big outcry on here) that had not been cleared.
  3. He was taking loans out against the ground well documented as this is what DC didn't pay off!
  4. We did have debt - he bought and allegedly cleared the debt (which he actually didn't do). The players we had were mid-end championship players at best. DC needs to go but lets get the facts right
  5. He's given a really good account of himself now and deserves a start in the next match. He has show one thing which always endears which is desire. We need to give the lad a run in the team now
  6. Pearson has hit the nail on the head - new team, new country and then played all over the park and not given a run in the team
  7. Pearson has hit the nail on the head - when the players want to be at it we are a very good team
  8. For once we are actually playing the channels properly and Jack Hunt is doing what a wing back should do and push on.
  9. Should have had another 1 - should have crossed there
  10. Thats the worry we need to be putting games out of reach
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