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  1. Is Jordan Rhodes the new Francis Jeffers?

    We have no pace but if we play as we can and pass and move the ball quickly we negate that however when we don't pass and move the ball quickly we have no outlet ball and get pinned back. I still believe that JR will score goals for us we just need to supply the ammo.
  2. Is Jordan Rhodes the new Francis Jeffers?

    I agree thanks for the clarification - we need to get support into him and play him down the channels, I think though he can offer what Fletch does but offer more of a goal threat than Fletch. JR's confidence is low and we all know strikers thrive on confidence that is what baffled me (and a few others) when CC didn't play him after his great cameo against Bolton in the cup.
  3. Is Jordan Rhodes the new Francis Jeffers?

    Really - a bygone era? We have never given him the service and never given him a fair crack of the whip, he missed one Saturday so what every player does we have a big daft get who has been given far more chances and a fair crack of the whip than JR has and he hasn't scored for 2 years but there are many on here who think he should be in the team week in week out I give you Big Dave.
  4. Carry on peddling your drivel
  5. @RocketOwlWednesdayites answer to Alex Ferguson your a buffoon mate and your vitriol towards JR is a perfect illustration of that
  6. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    What are you wittering on about?
  7. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    I agree and if they are just above the bottom 3 then the lure of Prem football accompanied by huge wages could be the draw - we need to be competing to keep the other clubs at bay.
  8. In the Sun Link Hoops wanted by at least 3 Prem Clubs. Was always going to be the case when we got him firing but we need to tell them to feck off!
  9. The New Master Cutler is an Owl

    I can sense a Cyber duffing coming on!
  10. As the title says he has assumed his office and regaled the audience with tails of his childhood: He said: “As a young boy in the east end of Sheffield kicking a football against a wall, of course in my blue and white shirt, I could never have dreamed of being here following in the footsteps of our city’s major industrialists such as the Firths, the Browns and the Wards and I have to pinch myself to make sure it is real.
  11. I think he will be deployed on the left wing with Reach at LB, he offers something we don't have in the team which is unpredictability, which is both good and bad but at Championship level we need him in our team, and he also offers a good option in playing a free role.
  12. It was true he fetched the club from the frugal spending of Bert McGee's tenure which was live within your means to lets speculate to accumulate. I will caveat this with the amount of dross we signed mid to late nineties on huge wages for mediocre players was what nearly ruined our club, but the missed opportunity to sign Eric Cantona was not down to the wages on offer but the manager at the time.
  13. He wasn't what we needed at the time that's for sure, not saying he was crap but he didn't fit the way the team played, .......hang on sounds a bit familiar.