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  1. soldierboyblue

    Forest Away

    Like the pitch at Yewlands
  2. soldierboyblue

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Agree 100% he was playing injured for most of his time with us and it caught up with him and the rest last season! If he goes this will free up funds to bring in other players
  3. soldierboyblue


    Frig me, here we go again another conspiracy theory a bit like the players not playing because they were due bonuses and not injured! As as I said in a previous thread we are very close to FFP, biut have not broken it. There are 6 other clubs in this state the biggest of which is Villa. Mandaric will have to pay the taxman before he’s allowed to buy the club think Glasgow Rangers. There will be more outgoings both because we need to trim the squad and the wage bill, but talk of an embargo is pure click bait from Radio Sheffield
  4. soldierboyblue

    Can we all agree on this one?

    Our wage bracket is sky high hence the need to offload a few, we pay more than most.
  5. soldierboyblue

    That survey

    This in spades! I had a very intersting chat with one of Leeds directors yesterday and they remarked that we have done well to keep hold of the majority of our players. Leeds fans think that they will have a huge influx of top championship players but it’s simple they won’t as they won’t pay the wages! D.C. wants to put more money in but he can’t, so we will see quite a bit more wheeling and dealing this window. FFP will hit 7 clubs this year very hard and hopefully not too hard at Hillsborough. Villa are frigged and Owe HMRC millions, be thankful Mr C has paid the taxman. We we should be very happy with the owner we have IMO. (On a funnier note I asked about Mad Massimo turning down FF and it was true, they didn’t like his attitude and when he scored Mad Massimo got even madder. Some great stories about Colin too).
  6. soldierboyblue

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Agreed however frees wages up and if Jos carries on with blooding youngsters we could see an academy product in the mix
  7. soldierboyblue

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Far from having a dig at the club something I’ve never done. However Bullen was complicit in everything that went under the CC regime hence he was never going to critise CC’s training methods (or lack of them)
  8. soldierboyblue

    Peter Atherton

  9. soldierboyblue

    Peter Atherton

    Quite possibly one of the worst players in my time watching Wednesday bang average
  10. soldierboyblue

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Which translates into having another pop
  11. soldierboyblue

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Said it last year that more and more will come out about the CC regime and how lax it was.
  12. He’s deceptively quick strong on and off the ball and knows where the net is, we have a player on our hands.
  13. soldierboyblue

    Destructive critcism

    Is it different people react in different ways to a kick up the arse or coercing them to perform better! What it boils down to is the manager knowing his players strengths and weaknesses and how to get the best out of them, hence good managers are at a premium
  14. soldierboyblue

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Never been a fan but I believe he’s earnt a new deal, but he’s had 1 decent half a season out of all the time he’s been here. Some of our fan base are shocking for giving vitriolic abuse which will play on a players mind. From what Alan Biggs says he thinks he will stay but the question is how long is the deal that’s been offered? I don’t think a year offers the player or the club any benefit so will be interesting to see.
  15. Cos only fools and horses work