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  1. Which Bidwell? Barry the old 40 Foot and Gate Landlord he’s trapping on a bit now mind
  2. Been to Leeds loads and never experienced that at all.
  3. He has had long runs in the team and still been s h I t e. We need better end of.
  4. Big Dave is the last and if we are serious about challenging for promotion needs to go. Offers nothing and hasn’t bar half a season of playing for a new contract
  5. The album was great a lass I used to go to school with was mates with Hue & Cry and I think her name was in the dedications on the inlay.
  6. I thought it was Diane Abbott after reading his financial input
  7. So you’re guessing a bit like the rest of us
  8. Agree Big Dave needs moving on and give a young lad a chance they can’t possibly do any worse
  9. Iorfa has got gas and looked comfy but he was playing more as a right sided CH than a RB
  10. Not in the first half no, but when he got pushed up he went missing. I don’t dislike him just think we need better
  11. We saw his midfield prowess on Saturday and have seen it before - he hasn’t got any
  12. No obsession he is bang average and we need or should I say have an upgrade and Palmer should be released at the season end
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