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  1. It would mean a salary renegotiation a bit like happens when firms have under performed
  2. https://www.ruck.co.uk/the-salary-cap-of-each-league-ranked-heres-who-has-the-most-budget-to-spend-on-players/3/ how Rugby Union goes about it
  3. I think he meant a salary cap as in Rugby both codes
  4. We got on quite an early train and arrived at something like 0930. I exchanged my away end ticket for a home terrace one.
  5. My Dad had a season ticket next to Rita and her son's for about 20 years in the North Stand
  6. So if 24 clubs entered Pre-Pack administration at the same time you don't think the HMG/HMRC et'al might stop that happening?
  7. It’s illegal and here’s some snippets of what it means practically How administration works The administrator will write to your creditors and Companies House to say they’ve been appointed - they’ll also publish a notice of their appointment in The Gazette. Your administrator will try to stop your company being wound up(‘liquidated’). If they can’t, they will try to pay as much of your company’s debts as possible from the company’s assets. Your administrator has 8 weeks to write a statement explaining what they plan to do. They must send a copy to creditors, employees and Companies House and invite them to approve or amend the plans at a meeting. The administrator could decide to: negotiate a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) so your company can keep trading sell your business as a ‘going concern’ to another company - meaning your business can carry on, eg by keeping its clients, workforce or orders sell your assets as part of a creditors’ voluntary liquidation, pay your creditors from any money raised and close your company close your company if there’s nothing to sell For as long as the company is in administration your administrator will run your business. The administrator has control over your business during administration, eg they can cancel or renegotiate any contracts you have or make employees redundant. When administration ends Your company’s administration will end when either: the administrator decides the purpose of administration has been achieved, eg a CVA has been agreed with the creditors the administrator’s contract ends - this happens automatically after a year, but it can be renewed You won’t have protection against any legal action your creditors take once administration has ended.
  8. It was tasty at Hillsborough corner about 2 hours before kick off as well
  9. If Kate Bush was 6'6 and could windmill like Detonay Wilder then yes
  10. We used to pop in after the match sometime @casbahowland a few of the other Gate lads
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