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  1. soldierboyblue

    Destructive critcism

    Is it different people react in different ways to a kick up the arse or coercing them to perform better! What it boils down to is the manager knowing his players strengths and weaknesses and how to get the best out of them, hence good managers are at a premium
  2. soldierboyblue

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Never been a fan but I believe he’s earnt a new deal, but he’s had 1 decent half a season out of all the time he’s been here. Some of our fan base are shocking for giving vitriolic abuse which will play on a players mind. From what Alan Biggs says he thinks he will stay but the question is how long is the deal that’s been offered? I don’t think a year offers the player or the club any benefit so will be interesting to see.
  3. Cos only fools and horses work
  4. Management in every walk of life say lots of things but do employees always react correctly every single time? Been said a million times once the player has gone on the pitch the manager is powerless and if 11 players aren’t doing what the manager wants he can’t bring them all off. i don’t think they are saying fornicate this I’m not running but play in very small patches of high tempo stuff.....currently
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    That just aint him though Blackburn were poo
  6. soldierboyblue


    The meltdown on here when we were linked with him was cringeworthy but he has had a great season in League 1 and has always been a capable player.
  7. The bedwetting that has occurred this season has made some of our fans and the general club look silly, the asking for season ticket refunds and when he gave them what they wanted it wasn't quite in their favour etc etc. Jon Newsome is a Wednesdayite and I think his views are balanced and well presented and what people forget is he ain't a journo. I have spoken to him on numerous occasions and he wants what we all want promotion and a good club to boot.
  8. Can't agree with that not in the slightest, if a player is not fit enough to play a high tempo game then he will try and preserve his self for the entire 90 minutes and not make the runs that require more fitness.
  9. Comes down to fitness and the players knowing they can play at high tempo for 90 minutes, which at the moment I don't think they do.
  10. soldierboyblue


    Only because he's 6'5
  11. soldierboyblue


    Must have been a figment of my imagination him having a storming game on Saturday and more than decent game at Hull
  12. soldierboyblue


    Did we? Or was that just paper talk?
  13. I agree with you but Hooper if fully fit is one of the first names on the team sheet, you just had to look how he was performing before he was ruled out for the season and that would have been about 80% fit.
  14. soldierboyblue

    Thumbs up from Fernando

    He does and you wouldn't want a forearm smash off him
  15. soldierboyblue


    Potentially average but ain't that what Leeds said about Lees? He has been playing in a very very poor Sunderland side with his pecker well down following now 2 consecutive relegations. A new start for the lad could be what is required and we could be getting a very good talent with huge scope for future development.