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  1. The irony behind that is after Bert McGee’s frugal years Richards strapped us in and then bailed out when the going got tough
  2. He never had the interest of the club at heart and set us on the road to where we have been for 20 years
  3. Agree but the final nail in the coffin of a ship that was sinking was the release of Di Canio. This was all caused by Dave Richards wanting to look after himself and get the premier league chairmanship. A sad part of our history
  4. I agree with most of what you say but: We we never had that new manager reaction that you normally get. We were playing ok then want to QPR and made them look like Brazil due to poo tactics Read above but same against Brum and Norwich. his job is to motivate but there seems to be little of that from the management so what do we expect of the players?
  5. soldierboyblue

    Batten the hatches.....

    Agree with most of that Snoots I’ve been tonight and the total lack of fight is what hurts we had our bellies tickled again as my dad would say
  6. Thank fizz for your last sentence - an all time Wednesday legend mentioned in the same breath as Big Dave
  7. Ok I’m with you on this one not against you, the only new ground that fits what you say is the Etihad albeit when the new White Heart Lane is done that will surpass anything. What is needed is a joined up plan with SCC to maximise any development work or indeed new stadium that is going to happen.
  8. That you alluded to the fact of new stadiums being a failure, I should have explained better that with a proper transport network Hillsborough is more than viable for refurbishment. Presently the road network doesn’t support growth in the North of the city
  9. I agree, but if SCC had not neglected the North of the city with their flawed and absurd transport plan then we would have a proper joined up road network
  10. soldierboyblue


    At right back would get in the team all day long there, but will not get in the team in midfield straight away as this goes against Jos’s policy.
  11. The bench is where he was an unused sub, says it all.
  12. If we are pushing top 6 and if he is fit,you think he will let Hooper go in Jan? I’d agree with letting some of that list go but they are contracted till June and we would still have to pay them off so that would make no sense financially or footballing wise.
  13. Hooper fits the same bracket links our transition play better than anything we currently have.
  14. soldierboyblue

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    Stop talking sense
  15. soldierboyblue

    Mid table team

    If we get everyone back fit with the youth as well not a mid table squad far from it. Think Cardiff last season and owt is possible.