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  1. We have to win so nothing to lose from our perspective we will have to go for it from the off. Derby will be more reserved
  2. I totally agree however the lack of actual urgency and intensity was really what did me in. No fight no snapping into tackles (bar Hutch). The gap between midfield and defence was huge. I could go on
  3. Never fell out of love with The Wednesday never ever will
  4. I think there will be a bounce pal just to celebrate getting back in the ground. But the big if is winning!
  5. This is now history I'm afraid and DC is responsible plain and simple for the current financial state of the club (COVID apart). MM sold us to DC not the others you have mentioned so can't be used as an excuse whatsoever
  6. I agree with your first 2 points but Waddle and Megson are yesterday's news in terms of football and Howard is now in his late 70s! We need new blood who reflects the modern game. Admission prices need to be reduced but how do you do that when people have 3 and 5 year season tickets? POTD prices should be brought down to an acceptable level
  7. Explain how this is down to the Chairman - this is down to desire from the players (admittedly he played a huge part in signing them). Desire or lack of it and commitment to the cause is what has been lacking in spades this season. The desire to dig deep when you are down and pull yourself up by your bootlaces. I'm afraid the players don't give a sh*t
  8. Not 100% at all - the players have to take a huge amount of the blame for not protecting leads, for not winning one game when we have gone behind! That is down to the players plain and simple. Bristol City, Luton I could go on. Players not Chairman
  9. DC has to go plain and simple I had his back but he has lost me and many others with his ineptness. Even @casbahowl wants him gone. Enough is enough and we need to see a change in the club
  10. They were designed to offset the loss of revenue and not for putting back into the playing squad. If you actually enforced that they should be used for what they were designed for (ensuring that non-playing employees weren't affected by relegation) then the concept is indeed a good one
  11. We just need to show up - even if we lose tonight and go down swinging I will still be hacked off immensely but we need to show up and attack attack attack. Good post by the way Snoots!
  12. I know it's Easter Sunday and people are on the ale but good grief
  13. Yep Barry Smith is a black lad and a top bloke. I was with Barry at the Playoff final we met up with a few of the old Millwall lads and had a few beers before and after the match. Barry now a professional poker player and hasn't changed in the slightest
  14. Roxy's was great - Still knock around with Barry now. There were 2 Barry's the other one was Barry Smith who still goes to the match every week. We used to go in Berlin's as well on Sunday's. Isabella's with big Glen as the head bouncer. Local was the Gate
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