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  1. The video wall must have cost a fortune back then as well! It was a whitbreads house wasn’t it?
  2. That time was when they used to pick Wednesday fans off who were out with their missus. The place was great and I often used to call in at lunchtime if in town
  3. I remember you well. I loved the place
  4. Youth will get a chance to prove themselves if we need them. Hutch will also provide cover now we have more midfield options also
  5. I might treat myself to one! You can sell it each week again!
  6. Derek Dooley was the same used to get on the tram with my Dad on his way to training. My Dad said he was always cheerful and never forgot where he came from
  7. If he stays fit and focused pal we have a top level player who has still bags of potential to get even better
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