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  1. The blame game doesn't care for age...

    The smell of porcine is strong in this one!
  2. Tonight’s away following...

    We all know that the players aren't fit enough and the only thing that is going to sort this issue is a proper and intense pre-season that entails lots of core fitness work and not kicking a ball round Portugal! The fitness will not be sorted this season it's a fact and we must live with it and so must the players hence the absence of Joao last night from the starting 11.
  3. Tonight’s away following...

    If the lad is injured and struggling what's the point in making the injury worse? Just look at the wider mess we are in with the rest of the players out long term due to mis-management of injuries and niggles.
  4. Do us a favour Jos

    You can add that to a lot of the players who have played this season mate, the young lad is still learning
  5. Young George

    Why he was a ****** and in trouble with the law and other people, alright he has turned his life around but at the time he was trouble.
  6. Another good one is the Back Edge Fox Hill
  7. The Manor as you climb up Arbourthone Road
  8. Any ideas what this is

    Possibly looks like Jonny Quinn's All Stars against their porcine compatriot circa 1987/88 I think
  9. On this Day 65 years ago :-(

    My Dad said he used to sit at the back my dad used to go to St Patricks Catholic school at Lane Top and he used to carry the boots in his 'Snap Bag'
  10. On this Day 65 years ago :-(

    My Dad used to catch the tram with him from Pitsmoor and he said he was a great bloke who never ever forgot where he came from: A piece from his obituary: His style did not appeal to everyone, and he was frequently booed when Wednesday played away from home. With his bulk, his huge feet, his ungainly movement, abrasive approach to the game and his perpetual harassing of goalkeepers, Dooley was always a controversial figure. Were he playing today, he would never be able to inflict such punishment on goalkeepers as they went for high balls, though some, such as West Ham's rugged Ernie Gregory, returned his attentions in kind - not least after a game at West Ham when Dooley deliberately held Gregory on the ground, enabling a team-mate to score. It was Dooley who came off the field with a torn shirt and studmarks on his chest after the return game at Hillsborough. Yet there was never any malice about him, any more then there would be recriminations or self-pity after his career was cut short. At Deepdale, the Preston North End ground, he was pursuing a long pass from the clever little Albert Quixall, knowing that the advancing goalkeeper, George Thompson, was more than likely to get there first. In the event, Thompson crashed into Dooley just as he made contact with the ball, breaking the centre-forward's leg in two places. He was about to be discharged after nine weeks in hospital when he jokingly asked a nurse to autograph his cast. Playfully, she began to tickle his toes, noticed with alarm that there was no reaction, confirmed that he felt nothing, and called a doctor. It transpired that gas gangrene had been moving up the leg, which had seemingly been infected through a cut sustained before the collision. When Dooley awoke from the consequent operation, it was to discover that his right leg had been amputated "six inches from the top because the gangrene had already reached my knee joint and beyond".
  11. On this Day 65 years ago :-(

    From what I was told off my old man he went in for a 50/50 with the keeper and came off the worst From WIKI: After a slow start to the 1952–53 season Dooley eventually achieved a respectable 16 goals in 24 games but his career was abruptly ended on 14 February 1953, when he collided with the Preston goalkeeper George Thompson at Deepdale and broke his leg. An x-ray revealed that he sustained a double fracture. As he was preparing to leave hospital the following Monday a nurse noticed that there was no reaction in his toes when touched. When the pot was removed it was found that a small scratch on the back of his leg had become infected. Gangrene had set in and it was decided to amputate his leg. It was rumoured at the time that a chemical from the white touchline marking had got into his injury.[7]
  12. Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    Fletcher has had an MCL injury and has just had his knee brace taken off, he is hoping to be fit for the pre-season after undergoing extensive rehab in the coming weeks.
  13. Please please let's go for the cup game

    I don't think that Jos has a rest em mentality he knows we need confidence going forward and there may be a couple of changes but he will go balls out for this games as should the players as a FA Cup QF is not to be scoffed at.
  14. Lucas Joao

    I don't think he's on small wages now, but I can see things being put on hold until we know we are definitely safe and then the negeotiations will begin, all this of course is down to Jos saying he wants to keep him.
  15. Clare and Thorniley

    I am unsighted as to how long the likes of Beckham, Scholes etc were offered and how much, but we are talking levels here, the level of player is decidedly better ala Scholes et'al, and it pains me to say it but so is the size of the club. A decision needs to be made and Mr Chansiri said this at the fans forum what do we want as fans? Youth players or proven performers?. For what its worth I think we need a good mixture of both as this will breed a winning mentality at our club and keep so called proven performers on their toes when they aren't performing. However if we were to start fielding 9 young guns every week I am sure that the majority would be screaming for more investment, all in all a very interesting conundrum to solve for Jos and Mr C.