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  1. The Liam Palmer is a CM is never going to fly I'm afraid. If we are wanting someone who has passing ability and who can carry the ball then Izzy Brown is the only suggestion. He however is not match fit and will need some game time.
  2. You're slating everyone for disagreeing with you but you haven't come up with any other suggestions have you?
  3. So please explain to me how a 29 year old 'has potential'
  4. Totally agree - I was never behind the Pulis appointment but like all managers who are at our club I will back them. DM is young up and coming and has earned his opportunity we need to back him and the team, leave the Chairman to oneside for at least till Thursday.
  5. Potential is what you talk about when players are 18 not 29! He's about as versatile as Kieren Westwood's ribs mate
  6. He can't tackle, he struggles to get up and down the flank and has cost us more goals this season than most. He's never a midfielder and never will be
  7. Well it's along those lines of daft that suggesting Liam Palmer is the answer to our lack of go forward in midfield
  8. You say that but he has played an absolute blinder here hasn't he? Everyone up in arms about Saturday's capitulation and talks of protests and all manner of other stuff and BAM he appoints a manager and takes the temperature down a slight smidge!
  9. I actually feel the most upbeat I have for a while about football even after Saturdays poo show
  10. Can't agree with that Baz - Palmer should be nowhere near the squad. Same defence for me as the weekend but I would drop Hutch and give him a rest and bring Rhodes and Shaw back. If Mr Moore's tactics are going to come with him they throw the ball in the box at every opportunity as per WBA style
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