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  1. When we used to live on Tunwell Greave way back when my Dad's best mate was Ray's best mate and he used to come over to Sheffield lots and lots. I met him and all his family many times and have even got a signed Liverpool testimonial book from him. He was a genuinely nice bloke from what I remember. A true goalkeeping great
  2. I agree and fitness methods are far more scientific. However hard work running and building aerobic fitness is what is needed to ensure that teams can maintain a high tempo for 90 minutes. There was always a reason we would drop off in matches and fitness was the cause.
  3. I totally agree but I think that the message from most sensible fans is that the appointment is 'Underwhelming'. What we have got is a proven safe set of hands and only time will tell if that is the right approach. From some of the rumours I've been us staying up could see us being sold in the summer - As I've said only time will tell
  4. Wilko used to have a day in the week where all they did was fitness and they would be dropped off up Greno woods way and have to run back to the training ground. Proper pre-seasons are where the core fitness needs to be hammered home and you see this with rugby teams and even some football teams going to military establishments for a proper fitness and team building week. Match fitness is gained very obviously by playing games but just look at the change in fitness ethos that Klopp brought at Liverpool they are head and shoulders fitter than they were under Brendan Rogers. It can b
  5. Totally agree that under Wilkinson we were the fittest team in the league and I had a chat with John Pearson about this and he said he took them to a different level from even Big Jack. Meggo was bred in the Wilko style of management so he did the same with his players.
  6. We could have hurried and chased like Leeds if we were fit enough - that has been one of the biggest hinderances for years at Hillsborough that our players aren't fit enough to play high tempo football
  7. I think that someone has been playing CM! Good grief
  8. The maximum sentence for section 20 is five years’ imprisonment. For section 18 it is life imprisonment. Intent may often be a trial issue where section 18 is charged, and will often rely on inference, but proof by inference is proof nonetheless, and where there is sufficient evidence for a jury to be sure of this intention this should be left to a jury
  9. It won’t get suspended if convicted of malicious wounding not a chance. It’s a bit like violent disorder if you get convicted you’re going to do some time
  10. If he gets convicted he's looking at a 2 stretch minimum
  11. What a huge contradiction in what you have just said - McCarthy and Allardyce are an ambitious appointment? Good grief I give up
  12. Disagree 2 week international break he will have someone lined up - Big Nige is coming home he has cleared the decks for a new regime with no baggage from the previous man
  13. I would think that the proceeds will go to the RBL as they are poppy shirts
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