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  1. There is however not when it comes to the laws of the land. It is well publicised that the EFL accepted the accounts as a true record and the charges that were brought were retrospective hence the vigorous defence from the club
  2. I really won't as thousands of others won't either
  3. Hence the huge grey area - in that we have broken no law of the land but the EFL have got to be arguing that this is 'not in the spirit' of the rules.
  4. As I've mentioned loads on here - if parachute payments were used for what they are actually meant for (restructuring off field operations to reflect reduced income as a result of relegation) then there wouldn't be an issue. However the ineffectual governance by both the EFL and PL allow these payments to be spent on the playing side - which as you say results in a major financial disparity in the competition.
  5. They will show that we are losing money - like every other club in the Championship. The clear out that is coming needed to happen a few years ago. There will be a huge difference in the wages column for the 20/21 accounts that is a given
  6. He is up there with the worst Centre Forwards I have ever seen at our club. He makes Colin West look like Gary Linker
  7. The frigging irony of that post from someone who thinks Big Dave is worthy of a new contract is off the scale
  8. The accounts submittal period was extended to the end of this month. So we have till err the end of this month to submit them by
  9. Risk it a bit like we did a few years ago and nearly crippled the lad
  10. No what's disrespectful is that Nuhiu starts to play I can't say well but ups his game when he wants a new contract. This is a bit like 2 years ago when err his last contract was due for renewal. I agree with getting the other 3 out of the club.
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