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  1. It depends on how he sets us up - I would like to see us go for it from the off and pin PNE back. Get the ball in the box early and they will not want to roam forward as much.
  2. I don't think anyone links the play as well as KL. He can fetch the ball and burst into the box. Luongo from what we've seen so far looks a find and will no doubt get his chance very soon
  3. Why are we always worried about fans coming together - it is nothing like the 80s or 90s if the police did their job there would not be an issue. Man U, Leeds, Cardiff you come out together. You can't solutioneer for ineptness otherwise you would be forever solutioneering!
  4. It was completely rebuilt in the 60s before that it was a terrace and no stand
  5. Disagree our defence looks miles stronger with Fox as out of the 2 he is a far better defender. As has been said this is one area of huge concern for the team
  6. We just need to support them and KL is the only midfielder who has the legs to do so at present. I would like to see both wingers played as we have an out ball to both flanks then and pace to stretch on the counter.
  7. At least that's still in London albeit not their manor. To move Wednesday out of the city is a pretty stupid idea. This is where we belong and always will belong
  8. Agree the so called easier games are the ones we have lost in the last 3 seasons. Credit to the team and Bullen for putting that right.
  9. I drive to every game from over 70 miles away and it’s no worse than any other ground
  10. As with all business transactions I’m sure a compromise could and would be reached. Over a 3rd of the park is now a car park now and the other half isn’t used. Plenty of scope for negotiations
  11. The ideal location would be as stated before would be Hillsborough Park, it ticks every box and would regenerate NW Sheffield which has been neglected for far too long by SCC.
  12. Stocksbridge with really good transport links? The World Cup plans with a little revision will bring Hillsborough up to FIFA standard
  13. You are literally trying to find the negative and bash the club at every opportunity. Good grief
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