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  1. So does every other player wanting first team football.
  2. Not really keep your feet on the ground and make sure the ball is delivered from behind your head. Referees have let too much slide in the past and they are right to enforce the err rules
  3. You can probably say that 3 of the top teams don't need fans but the biggest club in the land (Man Utd) has already stated they need fans back in the ground to make money
  4. The PL are lobbying HMG to let people back in to stadia - the EFL are probably piggy backing this. Clubs are warning people that they will cease to exist if they can't get people back in the grounds.
  5. Not sure to be honest normally catch him in the Shakey after the match for a couple of pints
  6. And got locked up for quite a long time
  7. Agree look at Bellingham from Brum - never thought he was worth all that
  8. It says he's big and quick so bar the big bit is anything but like for like
  9. Why can't we stop creating posts that constantly say the same things.
  10. The EFL has today confirmed the opening and closing dates for the 2020 summer transfer window. Subject to formal ratification, the transfer window will open fully on Monday 27 July, although any player registered before the completion of the 2019/20 season will not be eligible to play for their new Club until season 2020/21 commences. This is applicable to Clubs involved in the Sky Bet Championship Play-Offs. The window for international registrations closes at 11pm on Monday 5 October, with an agreement in place with the Premier League for an extended two-week domestic only window which will close at 5pm on Friday 16 October.
  11. No I'm not mistaking Francis for Pleat - Francis was the start of the demise and saying that he was a few quid short of winning the league is totally wide of the mark.
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