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  1. If Wigan are in dire straights don’t rush to pay .. if we’re the only ones wanting Windass .. no rush.
  2. 100% supportive of the club and Chansiri in taking on the EFL regards an appeal. not because I don’t think we’re totally blameless in this but think the charge of 12 points is excessive due to the circumstances .. 9 points or less would of been understandable. If Chansiri wants to take the EFL to task over racism or discrimination I am 100% supportive. If the vindictiveness of the EFL against the club .. witnessed in the lack of investigation before accusing the directors of dishonesty, the happiness to treat Derby differently and the fact they went for us in a fashion to maximise the punishment which could of led to expulsion from league in theory doesn’t embolden your support for the club against the EFL .. then take a long look at other clubs in the region you could “get behind”.
  3. Cracking goal by Sheridan, he’d used that technique before while at Leeds I think as well.
  4. if no one can afford Hillsborough anymore why was the attendance so high under DC ownership? “2017 season was our 6th highest attendance and 2018 was our 11th in the last 49 years! Last time we got close to 25,000 was 19 year ago!! Last 15 year we’ve average 22k previous 15 .. 24k” If we were being punished under DC ownership why did 40 plus thousand cough up £100’s for a day out at Wembley??? Very odd view if you ask me!
  5. Who says we don’t have the finances?
  6. I always felt this was Monk last real chance to stake a claim that he’s was a top young manager .. his reputation was sullied by his experience at Boro and Birmingham for off the field matters, but on field the stats seemed to show positives. However I feel somewhat that he probably will be able to carve out a new opportunity by explaining away this first season as being dogged by out of contract and EFL investigation issues plus no preseason. And the second season will he explained away by the 12 point deduction and Covid. Monk on field reputation will remain in tact.. survival upwards and he looks to do done the job correctly .. relegation and “it was always going to be hard” Monk gets to stay as potentially a good manager and this doesn’t represents his last chance anymore.
  7. Yes you just need a manager who worked within a budget ... easy as that isn’t it ..
  8. It’s a great article .. and it’s a flavour that not all is written off. Hudds and Stoke only had 1 point when we got to 12, 7 games in. If I were DC I’d offer a couple of incentives along the way .. 0 points by 4th game I’ll pay x each and double it if not relegated end of season. And do a sliding scale up to 10 games to clear the points quicker. I’d also offer to triple it on hitting the playoffs and maybe offer even more for promotion!
  9. lots of parallels in that statement .. spend and facilities doesn’t guarantee success .. footballs not an easy game is it ..
  10. Bravo! Consider - Tan at Cardiff, consider the recent differing Wigan owners, consider Gibson at Boro steady ownership over years, consider multiple owners at Birmingham, Villa multiple owners, consider McCabe lost his club after try 12 managers to get back to PL, consider multiple owners at Leeds, consider Forest differing owners. But no ours is poorly run .. Chansiri mistake was accounting procedure he pulled the same tactic as Morris at Derby (whose also heavily invested without the ultimate success). So fair few clubs, not an exhaustive list either, getting things right and wrong over the seasons. Brentford did well with their system yes but choked twice when they needed to deliver - no different to us at Hull and Huddersfield tbf..
  11. Ok let’s look at it differently.... What other player as played And been available to play in 91% of games since joining?? this season he’s missed more due to injury than ever .. maybe an indication of his form dropping? So.. name me a more consistently available player for Wednesday in the last 5 years??
  12. This season the first time is been dropped and first time he’s suffered any injury. I think it’s self explanatory why his season not been up to his usual standard
  13. how did you react in the mid 90’s when the badge changed?? Did you think you’d lost your club?? The badge lots of on here grew up wasn’t the original...
  14. If that is truly the case then let’s be honest that’s them looking for an excuse to get him out of the club isn’t it.
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