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  1. Joke tonight getting in ... brewery and .. come to mind
  2. dowls


    Strongly reported on a number of sites ... undermining the club, seeding discord when the current owner was asking to be trusted and for unity .... truth of the matter .. DC come good again and backed his manager...
  3. An incident of he said she said involving a foreign language to boot plus not caught on camara .. versus a flying kick caught on camara ...
  4. dowls

    Tonight’s attendance

    Lots of people priced out tonight ... bloody ticket prices!!
  5. dowls

    FF Was dropped from the team

    I strongly suspect this is why Joey wasn’t dropped ... as he does what is asked .. if others don’t he looks poorer but Jos knows what is supposed to happen
  6. If a silver member it works out £27.50 in Kop or just under £31 for north stand per game. ... Next league game at Hillsborough is £39 in North so £34 in North for members...
  7. dowls


    Not at all .. you made a point but should of compared to Spurs’s. Some pilled in and used it as stick but when you look across the city there’s a similar situation, and indeed one across most clubs.
  8. dowls


    And all clubs offer some sort of free draw.. indeed Arsenal’s is just one big raffle draw, based on joining. It maybe a shame.. but what this post also highlights is once again certain posters wanted to castigate DC and the club .. when it looks to be the norm.. That also is a shame.
  9. dowls


    The pigs packages for fairness are: Prices inclusive of VAT £250 for Bronze graded games £265 for Silver graded games £285 for Gold graded games £300 for Gold+ graded games
  10. dowls


    GG makes a fair point across the road at a proper north London club they have these prices: Not sure comparing Arsenal (free of debt & PL plus CL cash rich to a championship side is really fair??) Our mascot prices for this season are listed below: CAT A game: Weekends £405 Mid Week £380 CAT B game: Weekends £330 Mid Week £305 CAT C game: Weekends £280 Mid Week £255
  11. £10 for a game you want to go to but can’t make is a great price. Most on here know there is a service out there for £25 for the whole season. If £10 is indeed too much then follow on twitter it’s not that bad.. assuming your able to afford a smart phone or laptop.. or the updates on your betting account .. but if you can’t afford £10 for a game on ifollow you won’t have a bettting account - silly me.
  12. dowls


    Yes the team kept going right to the end .. 2 games in and the question isn’t relevant .. but you got an answer. Now put the stirring spoon down.
  13. Also the players registration can be withheld which is what has happened at Birmingham .. they won’t allow him to be registered. Derby now sniffing to take him on loan!
  14. To date 8 championship clubs are yet to spend cash recruiting players this summer.
  15. Yep at least one other who did that tonight