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  1. It’s £50 or £75 for a children season ticket so just over £2 a game or £3.26 a game for the next generation. I have seen zero support for Chansiri accept people pointing out facts and figures to counter the opinions of the trust. I have seen plenty of opinion criticising Chansiri though, with figures quoted based on estimates only.. “best guesses”
  2. Do you acknowledge that DC delivered in the 2017 season our 6th highest average attendance and 2018 was our 11th in the last 49 years! Last time we got close to averaging 25,000 was 18 year ago and we’ve had 2 season above it and 2019 was just slightly under it?
  3. Describing us as one of the worst when 3 clubs don’t have an issue .. 3 clubs are not offering a refund and 1 of the three doing the same as us had a deadline in October ... again that is not constructive language but the type of negative language DC recently referred to.
  4. Looking forward to the successful model of Birmingham City... This is the same club docked 9 points one season and landed themselves in trouble with the EFL the following one?? Average attendance Championship 2014 15480, since then gone up per year 16,111 2015 17,608 2016 18,717 2017 21,042 2018 22,483 2019 what have our average attendances been under Chansiri?? p.s. Average attendance in PL 25,000 2011 2017 season was our 6th highest attendance and 2018 was our 11th in the last 49
  5. Owner was honest .. you don’t like the truth fair play Chansiri I say.. bye bye mr negative
  6. Well Pulis is the one who’s done him over. Hope he finds a club be it here under a new manager (unlikely now) or somewhere else!
  7. Let’s be honest the anger about Chansiri, amplified by the revelation about wages and PFA involvement and hint at embargo’s has left nearly all of us blindsided by the obvious! Monk start to the season was all over the place and the uplift expected by having his own staff didn’t materialise quick enough! Chansiri makes the change, applauded by all, criticised for being too slow to do so by many! Pulis is appointed a man with a solid reputation of, is allowed to appoint loads of back room team.. states he’s know we don’t score enough many times. Set us up and ..
  8. Best ever manager wednesday ever had did you not know?
  9. No you save by not spending prospective costs associated with going to the game. Don’t play silly mate, there enough moaning on here about costs of attending games excluding ticket prices. As an away fan I’d prefer season ticket refunds to be done way before an away ticket is refunded. I had in excess of 1000 miles of travel along with probably 2000 other Wednesday fans for those last 5 (?) away days at the end of season I have not had to fund. Huge savings in our cash flow.
  10. You don’t have a Bristol ticket your concern for me who did doesn’t exists. Your motivated by revelling in the fact I haven’t got a refund.. you know it, we know it.. so why not push one of the many old threads talking about this issue back to the top as opposed to starting a new one!
  11. How many threads on Refunds? - this started by someone not impacted. The point being it’s a sunk cost and resulted in savings for Wednesday fans in their wallet as opposed extra cost. If you ditch an away game having bought a ticket you actually save money. It doesn’t actually cost you more.
  12. You know not being refunded for my Bristol away ticket has been the biggest worry in my life throughout the whole pandemic! If you can afford to travel to Bristol away, the fuel, beer, food & half day off work .. you are not seriously battering an eye lid at the refund. If you were never travelling and didn’t have a ticket and this is the top of your mind .. you have a major gripe with the club and are going to use it or anything you can to criticise the club and the owner.
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