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  1. So am sure you are against the anti IRA chants? National anthem sung at football ground .. how that sit with you? How about the remembrance Poppy situation ? Pro or anti? Today like last time was not the oddest thing that’s happened at hillsborough tbf .. recall the Ken Bigley(?) minute silence .. now that was odd ... did you rage against that one? just curious ?
  2. Reverence means respect or admire the chap ... I have respect for him and tbh admire him for putting the cash into club .. if I had his reserves I’d do the same mind.
  3. He’s doing as all managers should .. look at available assets when the time is right. I don’t think we can read anything into Lee appearance at all. I do think we can read more into Winnall lack of game time and fact we offered him chance of another loan in January mind.
  4. I went down at half time and watched this with zero impact on my health .. towards the right (main exit) there was no impact regards the smoke. So you could a) avoid it on the concourse b) avoid in in the stand. I get the impact if your in the middle by accident .. but these things tend to build up and it’s easier enough to spot the group where it’s going to happen and move out the way. I agree I much prefer it to happen in stands and build the away end atmosphere but arguable you have less opportunity to avoid it then as opposed down on the concourse. someone stated it didn’t happen at Norwich, well no there were no smoke bombs but there was plenty of jumping around.
  5. I like the idea ... but be honest as Bruce do you trust Hutch and Lee for a full season as your main midfield - given Hutch record and the massive unknown implication of Lee long term injury?
  6. Lee was about to come on for Fessi, we were 3-1 down - Bruce wanted to try something different and see Lee in action, probably having accepted it looked unlikely we were going to turn it around. Then Fessi scores and lee pulled straight back on sub bench and we go on to draw equal at 3-3 sometime after this and Iorfa sending off he subs Lee on. It was a manager looking at trying something different and ensuring he’s given long term injured a run out.
  7. We have zero knowledge of his recovery process and the long term impact on his game, he’s come on for about 15 minutes yesterday and did see some of the ball - but I read comments that it looked liked he’d never been away!! We need to move on I am afraid ... we’ve all lost count the amount comebacks players do just to breakdown a match or 2 later. We have Hutch tied down next season due to contract and he’s bad enough on the reliability scale.
  8. Good day... great just to walk around the pitch and club.
  9. Playing excellently .. my main concern is it’s linked to him earning a new contract more than it is him finding a new level.. and once he gets that contract he’ll return to the other level.
  10. Facts are.. for the most expensive game policed in the country last season ... the pig were held back at the ground and let out gradually .. all done in broad day light .. they were then escorted down catch bar lane .. and yes they was an incident on the junction of Parkside road.. unsavoury let’s say. Monday.. in the dark .. you get lots of coaches parked up and the fans not held back, DESPITE SYP going out their way to say they would?guess what it goes off .. That one change created more problems than anything else. The cost reduction logic is based on operational time it would seem .. policing a mid week game is starting 3:30 till midnight at best. While a noon Sunday kick off was policed 10:30am till probably 8pm maybe later.. this costs more.
  11. Traffic law different to human rights law I guess
  12. Chansiri as cocked prices up so much that he’s only delivered the following at Hillsborough. 2017 season was our 6th highest attendance and 2018 was our 11th in the last 49 years! Last time we got close to 25,000 was 18 year ago Last 15 years we’ve average 22k previous 15 .. 24k .. we’ve been trending downwards for a long time and only in last 2 season have we spiked .. if we hit just 21k this season (currently 23k) we’d be at normal average over 49 years Even if we hit 21k this season .. average since DC took over would be 25k ... but as we’re currently on 23k ...
  13. Listen no problem with active choices or voiced opinions but wanted you to acknowledge this scheme is a choice.. and it’s target audience is not you nor anyone struggling financially. People who enter it do so with free will.
  14. Your motivation as a causal fan seems to allow you criticise a scheme which is not aimed at you ... and your bitterness results from £6 increase in student ticket prices - -about 3 pints in the student union bar. I know of students who make the effort from further afield and go regular home and away. Fair do’s do for not going Wembley but as it was a 5 kick off not sure a morning exam prevents travel.
  15. Am guessing you found the cash and motivation to go to Wembley and probably secretly have the motivation to go Sunday .. but probably are not ...
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