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  1. irony of that statement with the stuff that get spouted on here regards DC. His deferment push is clearly linked to fact that a season extension after June leave us horribly exposed to losing most of the first team!
  2. The one thing this isn’t is simple.. people who think it’s simple are deluded. Player taking cuts reduces income to the treasury .. a double whammy! Deferment of payment makes sense for a club whose got around 9 players due out do contract who may require them if season extends after June And need to tie them to getting their cash ... for other less so!! sponsorship / TV deals / kits deals / insurance all impacted by anything after June... complex .. will be some winners and losers... players put at risk of injury or loss of pre agreement on new deals .. who picks up the tab post closing of season? Club legal challenges across the board if not sorted prior to End of June .. club Challenges if voided.
  3. So we will go bust according to some on here because the owner has no money?? no I imagine our owner can facilitate this loss (one is led to believe) and logic suggests as he doesn’t rely on walk up’s ... other clubs are in dire circumstances for sure - wonder if the EFL now realises it needs owners with deep pockets. FFP and P&S .. How’s that going work of season is canned??
  4. Guess what now it’s all about the owners pocket and how deep they are to cover the losses of this and possible further extensions to failed season!! some clubs may go to wall if it prolongs and plenty of businesses outside will suffer ...
  5. Our accounts say profit ?? The EFL say yes but not within our rules .. our professional accountants say profit - audited ... approved .. EFL say yea but not within the rules.. we all go to court based on rules not lack of cash flow!
  6. Charlton got rid of their evil owner and became rich over night.... they are in a transfer ban and boardroom in the middle of a civil war. Chansiri no where near as bad an owner as many make out he is! He’s never taken the club to the brink of ruination like when we had charter house or the the old boys in charge, not sued fans for having opinions - despite people attacking his young son on social media!! If Chansiri sold who does he sell to? People with our interest at heart or more ego trips? Dont forget Milan cared so much for us his first attempt to sell us was to a guy from the land of fire who sponsored for a year for free and was lockdown in his own country! He made a vast improvement with Chansiri who bought player for us when he didn’t own us to prove he wasn’t out to screw us! I understands some fans met him on Wednesday not heard or seen anything since but hopefully they feel happier. He been the accessible owner we have ever had in living memory .. that is just fact. UTO
  7. Boris once said he admired the politician from Jaws ... another historical quote of his... a giant shark was eating his constituents and he kept the beaches open Its going to be all about timing in my head I think they are aiming for a lock down that incorporates Easter holidays so you effectively wipe 2/3 weeks off the school year but get 4/5 weeks for your money.
  8. @ Millwall game Friday apparently .. so how far does it go ..
  9. Forest owner as now been reported as having the virus was at the match this weekend.
  10. Lets agree to disagree .. I got everyone of your points and you know exactly my point. 3 week ago the chairman made the biggest statement in getting Wickham, Cruz and Windass over the line regards deals. Also (once again) not selling anyone of consequence .. a sign we’re not desperate for cash BUT also a sign that some players who want out feel trapped and some who don’t want feel empowered despite the manager not wanting them. Right now the chairman can only come out with Monk sacked or full confidence statements.. The club can’t say anything regards the other issue (EFL) .. though we will know by the end of this month maybe as early as Wednesday this coming week!!
  11. No I don’t .. I think we’ve had multiple large issues all of which would dominant any fan forums so they are a no go for now. 1) EFL charge 1 (FFP) 2) EFL charge 2 ( Director Misconduct) 3) Sheffield CC court case about Lep 4) Bruce compensation 5) Hirst court challenge Non can be spoken about and we know for fact at these session he’s incredibly open to discussing issues
  12. The really confusing element about this is that we are wilfully ignoring the facts about our neighbours. 1) Their previous chairman entered a deal where he lost the club he financed when they hit the big time after a major court case 2) Since 2010 we’ve had 8 managers they have had 10 Managers 3) they had plenty of loans coming in despite parachute payments and Teves cash to fund their club 4) their new owner is friends with Bin Ladens and the second in charge as some questionable opinions on Women. Yet DC run us badly and is the reason we have not gone up?? united finally got the right man at the helm .. we haven’t sometimes it’s really just that simple and more about that than the boardroom.
  13. I don’t think it would be wise to old another forum when the main questions would revolve around the forthcoming EFL case and club can’t answer. And DC can’t comment on the playing side of things as that’s typically in house. DC backed his manger in bringing in Wickham, Windass and Cruz.
  14. We all know that had the deal not gone through on that night in Feb for Rhodes when we were playing away at Bristol everyone would of thrown it in his face as a missed opportunity.
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