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  1. Not that confusing .. zero drama.. amount of people I know who renewed b4 Xmas we’re shocked at our cheap it was when they had credits applied. not me I’d used my credits on ifollow and Papa John’s games .. but that’s life.
  2. Funny how most people could understand and the logic around the early season ticket once the Chairman / Owner communicated about it in December - he came forward he didn’t send Liam to defend it, he took full responsibility. But because you have blind hatred you see things like Liam been nullified, as opposed the chairman took the abuse on the chin, and didn’t let Liam get blamed.
  3. Mainly due to the fact that we’ve had 1 home game in December having 3 postponed and the next one not for another 9 days and we had the big news of season ticket renewals which were very successful in the end. But why let these facts get in the way of your agenda.
  4. Just image we could of had him playing for us and paying up 8k a week for that return!! Dam! DC seriously cocked up that deal
  5. Why are so bitter against our own fan base in favour of player who walked away in a fashion that cost us money? Hirst got serious abuse by an away end of 1,500 Wednesday fans who made the 500 mile round trip to support their team - it was £50 plus £25 for those on official coaches and your applauding Hirst for his money grabbing efforts, and criticising our fans.
  6. Tbf we did keep him? We took the extension option and then loaned him out to develop his game more.. which is what he had done and what loans are supposed to do? We can of course put an offer on the table and it will of course be his choice to stay or move on? We have offered Shaw, Urogohide, Hirst and Clare contracts and all decided to leave and further their careers. All 4 left and hit the big time instantly proving how shambolic a club we are … oh wait that hasn’t been the case as it.
  7. Cook clear out was his choice he also heavily criticised player end of last season. Moore situation at ours was very different we were always going to have a clear out due to contracts expiring, plus restrictions. Cook and Chansiri fall out was less either man and more the 3rd party agitator trying to buy the Wednesday, you know our saviour! .. who went onto be Derby’s saviour .. no that’s right he was in fact a chancer with no money at all! He stirred up the faux debate between Cook and DC which created more division in our fan base!
  8. Players get 13 days after 2nd Jan to recover post our busy Xmas period….
  9. More than 300 pitched up in end I had it down to 600
  10. Not being funny mate you will never be happy if you can’t let go (just some) of the past .. trouble is that view of yours is the seed of negativity that turns into toxicity quickly after just a slight dip in form. Loans are probably a more financially viable way for DC ownership of us to function frictionlessly - the days of him using his own cash are gone no doubt party through Covid, partly through fan toxicity, partly through financial efficiency. All that said vigilance like yours also plays a positive role .. keep it up lad .. just try make it come from that positive governance form not the “told you so / doom and gloom” place. UTO
  11. So in summary.. Original Poster adds 2 & 2 together gets 4.5.. raises concern Fellow posters check math and say don’t worry it equals 4 OP continues to argue with his result.. Fellow Poster explain why it’s 4… OP then accepts fellow posters reasoning works, makes sense and gets a sense of why there’s nothing to be worried about. All is well again.
  12. It’s often quoted that training stats can show marginal decline in overall performance and possible injury prone realities .. it then up to the club to proactively manage it or not. He was ever present in his last season at QPR, won player of year (??) but was allowed to leave
  13. Since joining us yes, prior his record was good - but suspect QPR could see what was coming due to his overall stats. The lads a bit like Hutch regards is battle on attitude - won high praise from Pulis for playing when effectively injured .. not done hind any good though I suspect.
  14. Picked up a team ravaged by injuries. Appointed due to success of getting teams out of lower leagues of German football. A manager willing to work with youth .. who ran clubs a universal philosophy of train hard play hard with zero allowance for individual requirements - I.e. why Hutch and Westwood were isolated, and Pelupessy was liked. Not a demanding manager regards transfer funds. Was clear it wasn’t going to work early on the second season exactly why Bruce tapped up in November but DC kept on as long as possible for continuity, and yes maybe in hope he’d stumble across a successful formula, but also the fact Bruce couldn’t join until January. But was his approach and record that much different to Monk post Boxing Day and it was far better than Pulis. An experiment that went wrong, but still half the fan base I would wager didn’t want Carlos gone. DC would of had Bruce in November had Bruce “wanted it” at that time. Things could of been very different.
  15. Same person who signed all the others .. Manager, recruitment team and final sign off DC. it’s really not hard to figure out .. the manager presents the list and or attributes of the player. It’s the very reason we have Hutch in the team. it distinctly possible Moore is playing a more proactive role like Bruce did than other managers in the final stages.
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