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  1. 100% done this to haul Wednesday of the coals for not bowing to pressure to reduce the away allocation tmw and bend to their will. Local councillors are now getting heat from businesses - who are now losing significant money - and local residents because what is happening .. and their buckling and finally starting to ask questions about the logic. You now have a situation where their literally telling the fans of club they claim will cause problems on the tram to arrive on Penistone Road which is dominated by home fans .. Lots of people say their no conspiracy theory here but come on .. theirs a logical conclusion to this ... What’s probably screwed SYP plans is going to be the weather I think though.. their plans are for managed mayhem and an accusation we have broken with prohibition rules.
  2. Reach as joint highest assist this season and a goal to his name ... I mean what has he done this season??
  3. Ffs ... blaming the club translates to .. Club to reduce away fan tickets .. reduce stadium capacity ... that is an attack on our business model simple ..
  4. It’s the championship teams go on positive and negative runs all the times. This could easily be the new manager bump. Yesterday was great, but we could easily come down to earth with a bump Tuesday and Saturday! A couple of things that go in our favour though .. our squad is a solid upper table experienced championship one. We have strength in depth. We have manager who after 4 games looks to not play a system to please as many players as possible but plays system to get results. Far too early to call anything out yet.. it’s a fair point by the OP though.
  5. Fans need to accept he’s not going to go into full blooded tackles .. he’s not done it since being here so why people get angry when he continues not to do it .. it’s not his game .. end of. He had a good shot first half and offered more on the right when on than when Murphy came on in my opinion. However it was an average performance for him yesterday .. agree it’s not really working for him at moment .. though I thought he did really well up front at Huddersfield to be honest. Him not being happy getting subbed would be with himself .. Bruce said that Reach is too hard on himself regards his performances.
  6. Monk Time @ Boro Another reason why Monk probably isn’t the best man to take Middlesbrough forward is that he hasn’t been bringing out the best in players like Aitor Karanka did. Players like Gibson, Ayala, Friend, Clayton, Leadbitter etc and if you look, there’s a recurring theme here. All of them are defensive minded players. Monk isn’t great with defensive players and when Boro were promoted under Karanka their success was built on a solid defensive unit. Two years ago they had the best defence in the league conceding just 31 goals. It’s not even mid-December and they’ve already conceded 20 goals while only scoring 25. That just isn’t good enough for a club who before a ball was kicked were looking at winning the title.“ Monk signed lots of players for big money 50 million and they didn’t perform then you put the above on top you can understand why they jumped for Pulis
  7. They sold Cook for 6.3 million and using loans on signing spent new just over 1.3 million. He bought well @ Leeds .. and was sacked@ Boro after 6 months with them in 8th with 46% win ratio ... he’d just gone on a poor run and Pulis had just come available and Gibson got nervous! We were on verge of sacking Carlos as well and Pulis was a possible option for us.
  8. Boro were 8th when they sacked Monk, a day before Carlos walked. Our fan base was gutted Boro went and got Pulis at that time. We we were using the old, if Boro can sack Monk and their in 8th argument at the time, and they can see Pulis is available sonhave gone for a tried and trusted champ manager. Now some are using the old — need to gamble on young untried manager argument over appointing and experienced manager be that Pulis or Monk. Not easy running a club.
  9. Disagree Jos was a deep red appointment just turned out to be bland grey!
  10. Monk beaten us every time he’s played us he recognises our weakness with this squad. He’ll know what he needs to plug. He’s hamstring due to the window for now but he’s got solid week to work with the players. Hes got a good set of games up until 12th October to get to know them mentally now as well, it’s a timely appointment.
  11. OK MK I’ll bite who wasn’t magnolia ? If you accept first choice didn’t want the job? p.s. DC given 2 non championship experienced managers a good old go previously?
  12. I think the Pulis standoff over wages could be true.. Pulis as financial issues - check the news stories - from his time at Palace.. it’s “alleged” he screwed them over a large bonus for loyalty before doing a runner. What I don’t get is after Carlos and Jos appointments the over whelming shouts were Experienced “English” Championship manager NOW! After 6 months of Bruce and fwiw and I think the OP guess of approaches is about right! Dc as gone for the 3rd best option available that fits that demand! BUT now DC got it wrong because clearly Bruce’s tenure was so long and such a failure what the club clearly needed was once again! A Never been tried in the championship but as to be “English” manager preferably from League 2!! Chansiri can’t win can he!
  13. Cowley happily went on record acknowledging that Huddersfield weren’t right for them. The Club happily went on record stating they accepted the approach. Neither states anything similar about Sheffield Wednesday - why the difference? Indeed they come out and vocally state the opposite. The only reason is they wanted it and we wouldn’t pay or give them the control they wanted due to their inexperience .. but again the club would of said they gave permission as they did Huddersfield. The other reason is DC witnessed the drive & rumours and clamour for Cowley and knew this would morph into an issue and finally made his decision because he never approached and never intended for Cowley to get the job! Monk wanted the job he wasn’t DC first choice that’s clear .. but he was clearly on the list. Monk 48 hours ago clearly told people as that why the odds tumbled!
  14. How’s appointing a solid championship manager with PL experience and playoff pushes at Leeds the same as Jos and Carlos ? Explain? Cowley would of been another experiment the same as Jos and Carlos who were our revolutions!
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