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  1. dowls

    Dynamic Pricing

    Chansiri as cocked prices up so much that he’s only delivered the following at Hillsborough. 2017 season was our 6th highest attendance and 2018 was our 11th in the last 49 years! Last time we got close to 25,000 was 18 year ago Last 15 years we’ve average 22k previous 15 .. 24k .. we’ve been trending downwards for a long time and only in last 2 season have we spiked .. if we hit just 21k this season (currently 23k) we’d be at normal average over 49 years Even if we hit 21k this season .. average since DC took over would be 25k ... but as we’re currently on 23k ...
  2. dowls

    Club 1867 Launch

    Listen no problem with active choices or voiced opinions but wanted you to acknowledge this scheme is a choice.. and it’s target audience is not you nor anyone struggling financially. People who enter it do so with free will.
  3. dowls

    Club 1867 Launch

    Your motivation as a causal fan seems to allow you criticise a scheme which is not aimed at you ... and your bitterness results from £6 increase in student ticket prices - -about 3 pints in the student union bar. I know of students who make the effort from further afield and go regular home and away. Fair do’s do for not going Wembley but as it was a 5 kick off not sure a morning exam prevents travel.
  4. dowls

    Club 1867 Launch

    Am guessing you found the cash and motivation to go to Wembley and probably secretly have the motivation to go Sunday .. but probably are not ...
  5. dowls

    Selling players

    No we can’t lose 39 million over 3 years .. and we are very close to doing this based on last 2 accounts ... thats why a player sale will help .. but not necessarily solve the issue - I.e. they take account of the current season Heres a very brief summary: The assessment is carried out in March (rather than December) The maximum loss limit is now £13m per Championship season (or £5m a season of the owner does not inject equity to cover losses). Losses are assessed over three seasons (rather than just over the single, previous season) The assessment of each club’s finances is a combination of a historic assessment (looking at figures for the two previous completed season) and an assessment over the season currently taking place
  6. dowls

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    They were in profit two season back and only just come out of parachute payments, indeed I think they’d turned a profit season before they went up .. they were fine for the 3 season of no greater than 39 million loss ..
  7. dowls

    Selling players

    We can’t break the magic 39 million over 3 years and we’re currnely on the very edge of it. That’s just not to go into an embargo and possible points deduction.. not even about spending lots the following year.
  8. dowls

    Selling players

    No it’s based on accounts - rarely you get the full amount up front .. unless you have a player they really need and the competition for him his high! In our situation almost mean dropping the price for full payment or version where you get most of it first.
  9. dowls

    Selling players

    Next year accounts .. accounts are usually a year out. Also selling reach for 15 million probably only sees us get 4 million on the following year accounts - unless you get get a deal where you get more upfront - which probably lowers the selling price! Only way it helps is a submission to EFL to say don’t embargo us .. I.e. a soft embrago at best... because the health of the accounts is going to be far better due to these factors I.e. smaller wage bill and xx million from player sales for x number of years.
  10. dowls

    Selling players

    Yep probably ... no not really as that just puts us back at square one. Only way Bruce gets to spend is some form of extra revenue.
  11. dowls

    Selling players

    Agree conservative estimate would put those at the end of their contract to come to a combined 8 million excluding other factors such as rights, bonuses and NI probably comes up to 12 plus million .. it just won’t show in the March accounts. Likewise player sales all depends how payments are spread .. will January sales hit this years accounts?? Again probably not but it would aid a submission to the EFL over the health of the accounts in subsequent years. Trouble is they all have to be replaced - loans being the most obvious solution.
  12. dowls

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    We have between 8-9 million coming off the wage bill in the summer - but it’s all about the account for the previous season. A player sale in January of say reach for 10million will only put at best 2/3 million into accounts unless we take a hit on the fee and get all cash up front.. highly unlikely.. If we did get 3 million for Rhodes loan then that will be in the accounts for this March, easing the pressure. Trouble led is we have to replace the lost players with some new ones... loans seem the only way forward unless we get extra investment.
  13. The right or wrong of said strategy in today P&S world are very clear in hindsight after the result are in. Being a a selling club was s scorned label for so many of our fans and fans of other clubs - it’s was one of those things no fan really wanted their club to be. P&S as meant that every championship club must sell their best assets at sometime to stay within the rules. They must consider also the fact that they should “play the loan market” which translate into, taking the overbloated PL teams development players or in need of game time seniors players on loan for 6 months. Essentially a rental market so the landlords get a healthy % back in their assets. in meantime former PL clubs are given 3 year subsidy which probably buys them 5 to 6 under the rules to get back to the PL. if you fortunate to have the fan base and commercial activity it doesn’t keep you in the rules for long as the product on the pitch can’t be too good! ... Hard work and a savvy manager is key to getting around it all .. but that in part the luck of the draw as well!
  14. 6 year ago on 12th January we beat Hull at theirs 1-3... day before Bruce had got the Manager of Month award as well ... Will lightening strike twice???
  15. dowls

    Trains to Hull

    Donny to Leeds Leeds to hull going ... so so Sheffield to Leeds and Leeds to hull are the key routes It’s vice versa for going back!! or there one train going to Donny direct at about 6:30 which will be packed.