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  1. Just ordered mine, should be some good stuff in it and a few memories to show the kids in years to come.
  2. Hudders for the win 2-0, unless Agent Wilson gets Ched out on day release for the final
  3. What did Sheffield FC do to deserve that horrible lot?
  4. Credit to the Wycombe supporters for turning up and getting involved, it was a great day yesterday for everyone who attended. I didn't see the coaches getting applauded as they left but that just sums up the day and the fantastic set of supporters on both sides. Good luck to Wycombe next season, hope it's a good one and they make it back up.
  5. Herts for me around 312 miles all in for the round trip. Leaving at 10am to make sure i can find a parking space and to soak up the atmosphere as it builds.
  6. I'm going in as soon as they open the turnstiles, don't wanna miss any of the build up.
  7. I forgot to mention, we also got relegated at the end of season too.
  8. The day i was born Tue 09 Sep 1969 League Cup Bournemouth & Boscombe Ath. 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday From day one i have learned that being a wednesdayite has more downs than ups.
  9. Congratulations Charlton, well done. I still think your th biggest time wasters i've probably ever seen but you've done the business and deserve to play in the championship next year. See you there.
  10. Hi Southernblues, sounds good :) I occasionally travel with Hertsowl but any game that i'm not it would be nice to have some company! Getting to the airport shouldn't be a problem at all so i can meet you there. Let me know when your doing a day run and we can sort something out :) p.s sorry about length of time to reply, i forget to check in here regularly
  11. My last memory of you will be bouncing with the other 36000+ at hillsborough on sunday. Your a wednesday legend and the treatment you have recieved in my view is a disgrace. MM hasn't got a clue and needs to sell up and roger off A.S.A.P. 3rd in the table and not allowed to finish the season? Would be nice to see you in a proper club with a chairman who can appreciate your drive and enthusiasm, pride and determination. You have returned so much back to the club i love and for that you'll always be a legend. Good luck in your future jobs but when the dust has settled and a new chairman owns us, ffs apply to finish what you started. Gary Megsons Barmy Army, Gary Megsons Barmy Army, Gary Megsons Barmy Army, Gary Megsons Barmy Army,
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