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  1. Just watched Brentford's 1st goal over and over 'cos it's actually quite comical - but at the same time you think 'That was a really, really, really crap goal'. Whilst I'd take any kind of goal right now, was wondering any memories of goals in Wednesday matches where you thought - that was a really crap goal. I remember Andy McCulloch's 100th goal for Wednesday at Mansfield (was my 1st away match think it was 1980). Great for him - but a really crap goal! Stood on the line and knocked it in with his todger!!
  2. Was a great occasion and great game! Like people said we had loads of chances to finish it off which always gave them hope and they nearly equalised on a number of occasions! Sure the gulf war started on one of the cancelled dates - remember watching the highlights of Chelsea's quarter final (think it was against spurs) to see who we could get in the semi (we used to be confident we'd win) and they interrupted the program to say that the marines had gone in. It was a great time to follow Wednesday - I hope one day for our younger fans we can see just a bit of the success we h
  3. Watching the cup-final at the mo - let's have a sweepstake on how many touches we have all game. I'm going for 16. 2 for each kick off in a 0-7 defeat. (I'm not counting picking the ball out of the net)
  4. I always thought it was.... Those were the days my friend We took the Stretford End We went to Arsenal, and took the North Bank too, We took the Millwall Den, and then went back again Those were the days Oh yes those were the days! Also remember, We're Wednesday, we're barmy, we're off our flipping heads!
  5. Understandable (at press conferences / in interviews)
  6. Chelsea will have tomorrow off training.....they've had their training match today.
  7. Fox is crap. The plan to frustrate Chelsea has worked, but there is no plan of attack. Most entertaining bit of the match is listening to our fans. Go for it 2nd half lads.
  8. I don't remember one after the game but remember one when people who went for a slash at half time were trying to get back on the terrace.
  9. Keep checking on here and other sites to see if he's been sacked yet. Fed up of it now! See you next Saturday for another set of posts of us all in shock that he hasn't gone yet. Regardless of finances etc he should just be gone. I'd do a better job.
  10. I don't get the fascination about United. I'm not bothered how they played. I'm not bothered how great / crap they are. I'm bothered that we as a team under Jos are lacking leadership, lacking ideas, lacking creativity and personality which all stems from him. Be honest sonofbert2, do you think the future looks good with him as manager? c'mon take the blue and white tinted glasses of mate.
  11. ....sounds like what Jos did in his 1st game in charge last season......yes last season........and what has changed, errrrrr nothing. I'm not advocating McCarthy, but at least we'd have had maybe one decent attempt on goal - we even had one of them last season.
  12. The biggest problem for me with those who are saying 'how well we did' last Friday night and 'what do we expect in the club's situation' is that we should have higher expectations for our club and also have higher expectations of our manager. To go into a game and not have a bit of a go at winning is really poor in my book. If people are honest, and all things were equal would you really choose Jos to take the club forward? I wouldn't. Last Friday reminded me of Graeme Taylor being in charge of England all those years ago. You're heart didn't want England to lose, but you just knew that h
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