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  1. me too , need two, arranged childcare, went online to get some / rang up and was too late aaaagggghhhhhh so I know it is a long shot but if anyone has two please let me know x
  2. I can't believe no one has left you any comments atall.

    You are so lovley.

  3. Wyy have you got no comments geek boy?


    comment cherry gone ....

  4. Popped your comment cherry you big gayer.


  5. Good Luck Rob, you know we are all just joking, i got "YOU'RE MARRIED?????" for ages lolI hope all your dreams come true in Canada ra ra ra
  6. crikeyif that was me i'd be telling everyone and spamming all my posts with ityou know what i'm like
  7. :laugh:Of course!And I am soooo bored tomight as well!
  8. Is Worksop north east?I am originally from Retford though.
  9. I wasn't born in Sheffield, I was born in Lincoln hopsital and brought up in a village called Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire.I moved to Sheffield for a bit in 2001, and worked at Farm Rd McDonalds, and on match days, I worked at Hillsborough McDonalds, and it was then that I started to think that Sheffield Wednesday were pretty cool.I met Paul in early 2003 and on our first date he took me to Hillsbourough, I can't remember who we played - oops! - and that was it, from then on I was hooked - on both - *pukes* - sorry guys xxThats about it really.
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