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  1. Bannan is the problem

    If you think Bannan is the problem then you must have never played the game. Professional footballers don't go out and play how they like; each game is planned like a chess game. The problem is that Bannan is our only creative player so everything goes through him. It's clear to me that the tactics are to get him on the ball at every opportunity. It's SO SO easy to see that and mark him tightly; if you do that we have lost. It wasn't so bad in the first year because Fessi was involved and he can create a chance from nothing; giving us 2 outlets....
  2. Tokyo Owls

    How did you end up in Japan @littleblue @Kagoshimaowl ? I'm planning on going over on holiday next year; would hopefully tie in S Korea too if possible...
  3. I'd give it to George Hirst...
  4. Bannan is the problem

    This is probably the worst thread I've ever read on OT. Ludicrous We were good in the first half because Bannan created everything; they worked it out and pressed him tightly in the second.
  5. 25/1 (Twenty Five To One)

    I had a fiver on 16/1 I know we won't but it's worth a shot. Also got Utd for relegation
  6. Nice idea but have you seen the state of that room? Wouldn't look out of place in the Phoenix Club!
  7. Looks good Would love a very simple T shirt with a small owl on it (Fred Perry/ Lacoste size)
  8. Looks great. Wouldlove something similar built into the stand. Could they have a turnstile in there too? I think it will be rammed matchday.
  9. Loads of places are called Tap Sheffiled Tap in the station is great
  10. Pending Stadium Alteration?

    New kop roof and extension to Penistone Road #believe
  11. You ate ruining the site with your Rhodes obsession. We get it.