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  1. Ming's is terrible. Nowhere bear good enough for England, would like Tomori to get a run out
  2. 8-3 England Nuhiu hat trick Perfect!
  3. I'd be very interested to know where you are from and whst your experiences of other races are (presuming your white) I grew up in Pitsmoor then moved to Chapeltown (Leeds) and I've played football for years for many teams. I can't think of anyone who'd be offended by being called black. Being black isn't a bad thing, white and black people are equal hence its not an insult. It's weird when middle class white people tell people what to be offended by
  4. We should give them a right pasting with that side 10-0 Wednesday, Forestieri 9, Booth 1.
  5. Your doing a great job of raising Penney's profile to the Wednesday fan base
  6. Do you have a link to the UKs tax revenue? Can't find one online
  7. Leave London Visit the north Post your findings
  8. People only say this because he's tall and black like Carlton
  9. You properly hate new grounds don't you!
  10. Our problem is that the singers are sat in seperate areas of the ground! We need them together to create an 'unofficial singing area'. The lower half of the KOP feels like the natural home for this. To do this you need to create a reason for them to move. Make the KOP the boozers stand. - Age 14+ only - happy hour 13:00 - 14:00 - cheaper tickets - investment on KOP facilities to create new 'pubs' within the ground and built onto the mound (like decking)
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