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  1. Just to clarify I'm totally against positive discrimination as are most black people I know. It's all about education for me...
  2. Superb video that @Pompeyowl Obviosuly nobody is saying it applies to everyone!
  3. Some are daft but a lot make sense The no slide tackling is great; encourages kids to stay on their feet which they should be doing....
  4. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Really good article that We need a proper CEO who has been involved in clubs before someone like Adam Pearson
  5. Which are you?

    I'm neither I'm an 'ite.....
  6. I'd have bought it given its the 150 kit if it was a nice hooped version or didn't look as cheap and tacky as it does. I'm embarrassed when I see it...
  7. Just a rumour...

    Is he heavy?
  8. Just a rumour...

    Why would he go to Thailand to get a Taiwanese manager?
  9. It's the same as every club and loads of people have a part to play. Carlos - Identifies areas to improve Scouts - Find players Carlos - Yes or No Finance - Contract negotiation
  10. We do have a very good squad; I still think we need to add a solid centre back in January. He needs to be a leader first and foremost
  11. We are no different to any other club regarding how transfers work. No manager scouts his own players (unless he knows them) or negotiates contracts etc...
  12. Does he play for Shelley? i know a lot of the senior lads and played against them this year; great set up If anyones off to Manchester; the Printworks is an absolute shithole; Northern Quarter is far better