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  1. What happened to Micah Richards? That's one hell of a fall from grace!
  2. He said he's not in a gang didn't he? Anyway, great listen. Still think he's a bell Skinner
  3. Automatic relegation for Boro will do nicely
  4. Always liked him. I think he's a far better player than Hutch as he's more mobile. Ship out Pelupessy and let Hutch be the sub who comes on to hold a Game
  5. Simple blue and white striped kit with the old badge please.....
  6. I left early for the Villa and Norwich games for the First time ever. I just wanted to get a tram without loads of idiots. If they do open up Herries road station again (tram train) then it might not be as much if a crush on the Hillsborough team
  7. Love them both and can see them doing well but it's too much of a risk for me...
  8. We have a core of 24kish and a lot more who are passive (hence Wembley etc...) Serious question How many do you think we'd get if it was £10 a game? How many for £20 a game?
  9. Lower prices Free kids tickets Student deals Improve facilities
  10. Nobody is saying he's better than Westwood (who is the best keeper outside the prem) He's a decent reserve keeper with not much experience
  11. I like him but would rather have a box to box midfielder next to Bannan. Him and Lee worked very well...
  12. I do wish they'd have out it above the crows nest on the Kop
  13. Interesting that Carlos preferred Wildsmith but both Jos and Bruce seem to favour Dawson
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