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  1. Great idea but I don't think we even need that. Could build out to the second pillars which would double the size of the top concourse. Then could open up the 'storage area' behind the store to fans. It already has access to the stand, could out a beer/ food truck in there with some benches for next go nothing
  2. Made these years ago. The height is incredible too. Idea was to build onto the Wednesdayite car park too but don't think we can now: From North Penistone Road From South Penistone Road
  3. Show me any logo that isn't clean and minimalist. Nike. Adidas. Apple. Android etc.... There's a reason why one of the world's biggest musicians (Drake) uses a similar logo. Forest and Derby now have the best badges in the championship for me
  4. I think there's loads of room to extend the concourses on the North, Kop and Away end. Plenty of room. 50 percent walk? I can't believe that. Said it loads but Neepsend is the perfect location. Particularly if the rail line between Sheffield and Chap (via Herries Road and Kelham opens)
  5. If you are over 60 you like the new Chansiri badge If you are under 60 you like the minimalist Owl If your under 15 you support Man U anyway...
  6. Were you on the upper or lower concourse? Getting in was fine, getting out took ages.
  7. Also; I couldn't believe how much space they kept leaving Harris. Criminal from then...
  8. Both I think Thought we were superb, I can't explain how nice it is to have pace on the wings. Kieran Lee is still an absolute beats; our best player by a country mile. Expected Barnsley to be far better. Only number 9 did anything and that wasn't much. They were constantly misplacing passed and never looked like scoring. Wilks (SP? Winger from Leeds) looked a world beater last year but against a experienced championship RB looks like a kid playing in a mans team (second half especially). They were abysmal at the back, Stendel obviously wants oit to play out form the back but they don't have the players for it. Reminds me of when Warburton as at Forest. GREAT to see pressing high up the pitch.
  9. I only listened to a but but amazed how much they know about is. Can't name any of their players off the top of my head!
  10. Always liked Barnsley, the accent is truly spectacular! By far the least offensive 'neighbour'. Two of those on the video couldn't look any more Barnsley if they tried..
  11. I'd go with Dawson odubajo. Lees. Borner. Palmer Hutch Bannan Lee. Harris Murphy Fletcher Great to have competition on the wings!
  12. Or another bridge over the don. Not sure what would be cheaper
  13. Penney, Thorniley, Wildsmith and Alex Hunt on a season long loan
  14. Kids tickets and merchandise should be cheap as chips to try to get the hooked!
  15. I liked him. With him Reach and Harris it gives us good pace plus more depth!
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