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  1. LSOwls

    Team vs Lincoln

    Any streams? Even a periscope
  2. Good of Pessy to train with us before signing if so. What's Catapult? A made up Chansiri company?
  3. LSOwls

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    That pitch is horrendous. Great little ground but so hilly!
  4. LSOwls

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    You seem to have a good knowledge of the youth team? How many games do you get to? Who are your top 3 brightest prospects
  5. He'd do well at United because he's a bit of a scrubber. Limited footballer but will get you goals; he's Luke Varney with a more punchable face...
  6. LSOwls

    Away Kit

    Snipers dream
  7. LSOwls

    Initiation - best one yet?

    I don't know about evidence but the analysts work with the players for both previous games on how they were positioned and future game where they will highlight what an opposition player likes to do. IE: Snodgrass like to come inside so sit more Central to try to hold him down the wing. He's also a massive cheating cheeky monkey
  8. LSOwls

    Initiation - best one yet?

    A little, I've been around the professional game (not anymore). My best mate is an analyst with England having joined them from Huddersfield last year. At Huddersfield he was in charge of a team if 5 people working directly for Wagner and earnt around 24k. Loads of people want to do it so it drives the salary down.
  9. LSOwls

    Initiation - best one yet?

    Most fans have no idea who does what. They still think the manager does everything like in the 70s. There's a full team of analysts. Great job, terrible pay...
  10. Hope he never scores a senior goal...
  11. Thorniley played more than Clare last year so could fit in either camp.
  12. Love KitLocker; Hate the band!
  13. George or David? George - At his age I'd probably be out getting hammered but that's why I never made it. He is too young to blame. David - Probably show some respect for the club that gave him a career.