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  1. I can't believe they didn't show the Terry challenge. That's got to be the worst decision I have ever seen from a referee...
  2. Villatalk

    I was at the tram stop. I was embarrassed to see it, 15 year olds pointing either side of 3 coppers.
  3. Letter sent to FA

    This is Reyt cringey!
  4. How did you rate the players

    Although Fox is terrible. He did his job ok today. Probably the best I've seen from home but. He needs replacing..
  5. How did you rate the players

    Wildsmith - 7 Venancio - 6 Pudil - 8 Fox - 6 Hunt - 8 Boyd - 8 Pelupessy - 6 Reach - 7 - Clare - 9 - Joao - 8 Nuhiu - 7
  6. Sean Clare

    Did very well and delighted he got a goal...
  7. With the old badge that would be great!
  8. Stobbs

    Not the 'fans', only the idiots... That is true!
  9. Stobbs

    This is why we have never had a young player come through. Because our fanbase is toxic
  10. Glenn loovens please retire

    You are driven by emotion, not logic.
  11. Song chant for Pelupessy

    Heard this a few times on North Stand "You'll never lick our cat"
  12. Stripes next

    Striped kit. Old badge without the shield WINNER!