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  1. Poker night FIFA night Cross fit The crowds don't need to be huge, the true locals are the target.
  2. I want him to fail. I know it makes me a bad person but it's the truth
  3. At least it's closer to London for him
  4. Thanks Mick Lets be honest this was a PR disaster but in 99% of businesses you would have done what Chansiri did as its basic negotiation. We are the biggest sports club in the region; I'd imagine sport brings in more listeners than most other shows and as a result you'd think we'd have the power in the deal. Unfortunately what Chansiri didn't realise is that this isn't a normal business; fans aren't customers and are wildly emotional about any decision made.
  5. If the BBC are paying Morecambe the same as Man U then there is a problem...
  6. Do you think all clubs get the same deal across the country?
  7. Good idea to sign for this season but hope longer term we run our own service that includes getting rid of IFollow.
  8. LSOwls

    What does this achieve

    What a snowflake @torres
  9. LSOwls

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    If we move it needs to be in the city centre or Neepsend. Anything around Meadowhall woudl be a travesty. Gone are the days of sticking a stadium in a field miles away from life. It needs to make money every day.
  10. LSOwls

    'i dont wear red'

    I don't care bout wearing red but NEVER on a matchday. You should be ejected for that!
  11. Can't link it on my phone but Google it
  12. Also surely the proceeds should go to 'help the aged'
  13. He does. The Pulp shirt is great (as is the Oxford one)
  14. Kieran Lee is superb but I just cannot see him coming back from this. He really makes us tick, great quality and a great professional
  15. How old? What's the average age? I think I feel younger than I am and do t want to play with a load of crinklys