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  1. Interesting that Carlos preferred Wildsmith but both Jos and Bruce seem to favour Dawson
  2. I spoke to Westwood (and wife) a couple of weeks ago. He loves it at Wednesday, his kids are Wednesdayites. Said he had no idea what was happening with a new contract but wants to stay. He's not ambitious as has played in the PL, just wants to enjoy his playing days whilst he can. Wednesday is ideal for him given he's a Manc
  3. Agreed Hillsborough is the worst place for any youngster to progress. Be better off at Forest or somewhere where they encourage youngsters, not berate them from the off...
  4. Wish he'd shoot more. Also couldn't believe Joao didn't play it across the box when he had chance. Anyway, not a bad performance given # of our most solid starters went off injured
  5. Exactly this He's not as good as Westwood but not many are. He's a good understudy who was given the shirt too soon.
  6. Why didn't wildsmith travel? Thought they'd usually take a few extras iin case of a situation like this?
  7. Great podcast this. Love hearing a Sheffield accent!
  8. Thought it might be; seen him a few times and looks superb! Hope he gets a game in the first team now we have nothing to play for.
  9. Very good; two superb balls in from Ash Baker Edit: I watched the U23's highlights VS QPR! U18's - 2 nice goals; number 10 looks a right player
  10. Do you mean it's D-Day for the young lads? If so that's probably fair so they can start their search for a new club ASAP
  11. I was there and thought it was good. Yesterday convinced me that we need to close the top of the Kop & grandstand to get people compact. The atmosphere at Hillsborough is terrible nowadays and I think its because we are all spread out.
  12. Agreed. Rotherham isn't too bad, good location and nice for a small club. I'd like us to move to Neepsend if we did move. Outskirts of city centre. Near Hillsborough. Next to Kelham Island. On a train line (that will become a tram train). Near existing tram.
  13. What's the best way to get from Cathedral to Crosspool Tav for the big KO?
  14. If we do move grounds it needs to be in the city centre (or near) both for the sake of the club and city They are only soulless when built in a retail park near the motorway
  15. Disclaimer. I am not an artist of any kind!
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