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  1. LSOwls

    Contract it is.......

    He's just doing what his boss tells him as does everyone in the world. A manager only looks after team selection nowadays, it's not the 70's. The structure is that of a Business.
  2. LSOwls

    Bannan last niight

    Give over He made 2 sloppy passes and ran his knackers off. Was always available for the ball as usual unlike others...
  3. LSOwls

    Man of the match

    I don't get people who voted low for Bannan, did you only watch the 5 mind when he gave away the ball twice?
  4. LSOwls

    From a player.......

    It just can't be true; unless Jos wanted to keep him but changed his mind.
  5. LSOwls


    Was great to watch and to hear him call us a 'Powerful Club'
  6. LSOwls

    Man of the match

    Dawson 8 Baker 6 Fox 5 Hector 8 Thorniley 7 Lees 6 Reach 6 Bannan 6 Fletcher 8 Pelupessy 6 Penney 6 Matias 7
  7. LSOwls


    Very good player; seems like a proper leader and i think he'll go from strength to strength
  8. LSOwls

    From a player.......

    The commentator said we received offers for both Jones and Westwood in the summer???
  9. It was canned. Not sure why but SKY put it on!
  10. Why are they playing fake crowd noise?
  11. LSOwls

    Contract it is.......

    Don't think thats Jos's decision; presume that would come from the top
  12. LSOwls

    Jack Stobbs

    He's very young but people think he's older because hes been around ages. Not don't anything in the first team but looked good in U23s
  13. LSOwls

    Eyad Hammoud

    You can't know that from watching a football match. He's got a great attitude both on and off the pitch, he struggled Vs boro but not because of his attitude. It's no wonder we don't have any young lads come through
  14. LSOwls

    Ask me, ask me, ask me.....

    Pretty sure it will written into a contract about releasing confidential information. It's frustrating we don't know but SWFC is a business; you don't release negative info out if it will affect your assets.
  15. LSOwls

    That miss by Palmer

    He's not even the worst player in the current squad. It's a terrible miss but happens; I though he did well yesterday; it was nice to see Palmer & Fox get up field more often; Fox looked good