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  1. The most logical thing to do would be to end the season based on PPG/ Points per game. BUT I hope they void the season just because of Liverpool and Leeds!
  2. It should be cancelled. What I think will happen is that they'll finish it at a later date whilst not playing the cups next season (and probably fir there on after)
  3. I've seen a fair few. Hunt was always my favourite, great on the ball, great vision. Needs to grow out! Borukov is pants Preston is hit and miss. Should be playing L2 or similar
  4. Great little place. Just needs to be bigger! A few more nice little bars on the river would work well. Wednesday could build one!
  5. Loved it at the time but looking back it was horrible. 6/10 @OWLSTALK did you know you can add a poll feature to thread?
  6. The Fairfield is listed or something. A Chinese investor bought it for a tonne of money a couple of years ago. I think he was hoping Kelham Island would stretch down there
  7. Used to go in the Rose as a kid. Chip butty with lashings of ketchup. Also loved the Travs and Gate, such a shame these went. They were the biggest losses for me. Problem now is that there's that not many places to go unless your at Hillsborough corner.
  8. Qualifies for Jamaica though It was that or Jermaine Johnson!
  9. I just said it to wind you up to be honest given your nationalist pride!
  10. Some tough choices I wanted Carbone and Di Canio I wanted Alexandersson and Nillson I wanted Hirst, Pearson, Atkinson
  11. If that was simple everyone would be a millionaire
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