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  1. Its not good enough but its not Wildsmiths fault I think both young keepers are good and have taken way too much stick
  2. Its hard to play every pass right when every play goes through you.
  3. It's proper rubbish being a Wednesdayite isn't it?
  4. Pelupessy Not done much wrong tonight. Tries his best Unfortunately he is rubbish on the ball and the players know that. As a result even more goes to Bannan, or even worse to the back 3.
  5. I wish all out players had the heart of Da Cruz and Pelupessy I wish Da Cruz and Pelupessy had the ability
  6. Our 3 at the back are amongst the most comfortable on the ball. That's very worrying.
  7. Half time subs Windass for Harris's Dawson for Pelupessy
  8. What has happened to Harris. Never gets on the ball
  9. This is really bad. We just look very poor. Pelupessy is getting stuck in but is no where near the required standard. The players bypass him which means we use Bannan more. Need to get the ball our wide
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