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  1. He's a bit like Di Piedi He has something I'm just not sure what yet.
  2. The price for you is great but I don't have a season ticket and the price for me (and most Wednesday fans) is extortionate. To think otherwise is just blind loyalty. I said nothing about DC. I'm not a DC hater at all. Fact is we've been pants lately. Your weather point is bizarre. Maybe that is what football is, if so maybe thats why we have not grown our fan base unlike other clubs. Frankly that sounds shitte. Why would a kid or someone who hasn't been indocrinated like we have choose to go? No other club has to stand outside at half time, no other club has a tree in their stand, no other club, not for the prices we are paying. I go to every game I can but understand why others don't.
  3. Have you ever played at a decent level? It's harder not to try than try.
  4. Can't wait Hope it's a full house. Loved every minute of the Arsenal game!
  5. - Prices are extortionate - The facilities are rubbish - It's freezing bith in and out the stadium - We haven't been very good Now if you remove your loyalty to the club fir a second then you'd never go based on the above.
  6. Never understood this 'playing for a contract' thing. Anyone who plays football plays to the best of their ability, especially when it's your job.
  7. Not sure. Looks raw but a bit if a headless chicken. Think he'd be best up top for a team that counters. We hold the ball so much he'll never get to use his pace.
  8. Windass on for Harris for me. He's not been too bad but we need to add some fresh legs
  9. I think it's both. I'd have gone if it was £15
  10. Sounds like we are playing in a bucket. No atmosphere at all. Ticket prices need addressing ASAP
  11. Most boring voice going. Should never have a southerner!
  12. I'm not going as it's 26 quid cheaper to watch it at home.
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