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  1. If forgotten about Dunkley & Kachunga! I think we need a proper strike force. We never replaced Fletcher with someone of a similar style - someone that could hold the ball up and play with their back to goal.
  2. I didn’t really state whether I thought they were decent signings, or that I was pleased. I actually think Paterson and Windass weren’t bad signings at all. In the context of a 12 point deduction I think we’d have struggled to do much better. Also, we have two player contracted to us that are arguably worth more than what we paid for them. From that perspective I don’t think that’s OK business. I also think they performed as well as anybody last year.
  3. For clarity, I mean the contract we were able to agree. Not the ones the couldn’t!
  4. What do people think, on reflection, of lasts seasons permanent contract dealings? I think Paterson & Windass were decent enough signings. I think the club have (seemingly) done well to sign them without having to agree to a low release clause in the event of relegation. Being able hold out for decent money for Windass, for example, has given us a strong bargaining position now wages have been paid. Same to a lesser degree in extending Bannan’s contract although, if reports of a £20k a week contract are true, it’s an excessive amount for a League One player. I was a bit disappointed with Dele-Bashiru’s impact as I thought he looked decent in the early cup matches. He’s clearly got some talent (IMO) so hopefully he will press on this year. I think we signed him on a 3.5 year contract so a good season next year may see him become a high value asset. The only other perm signing (I think) was Andre Green. He’s probably a bit similar to FDB and has plenty still to prove. I think it was our loan signings that really let us down last season. We ‘swapped’ the creativity and goals of Josh Murphy for pretty much the opposite in Marriott and Brown. It could have been a different season altogether if just one of our loan players had come off in the way that Murphy & Hector did in previous seasons.
  5. No I’m not. I’ve no idea what they did or didn’t do. My point is more along the lines that there are multiple sides to a story and that it would have been interesting to know what Pulis and Trusson did to try and improve the club, in matters such as Trusson mentions, whilst they were at the club. Without that additional context, the comments he has made can be interpreted as bitter or having a dig,
  6. That’s a bit of a selective response to my post. My main point was that nobody on this thread, like you have stated, had posted anything that argued against what Trusson had said. As for DC, he doesn’t have to implement everything his staff suggest but that is besides the point. I was interested in what Pulis & Trusson had done to improve the club.
  7. I’ve just had a quick scan of the post in this thread and I don’t see anyone ‘looking to argue it’. I see people questioning the nature and intent of Trusson’s comments, but not one comment where people disagree with the sentiment of his comments. I’d genuinely love to know what him or Pulis suggested to DC in terms of these players and any long term changes they’d like to see in relation to running the football club. I could sit and be critical of my teams work all day but what’s the point if I’ve done nothing to improve it?
  8. Why has that lowered the tone? Is it not a fact? Is it not relevant to the topic? Bloke makes a bitter statement because he believes his morally questionable mate was treated harshly. What’s up with that as an opinion?
  9. Trusson doesn’t mention if he or Pulis tried to persuade DC’s to offer them longer term deals with the club. If he spotted their talent so quickly, did he do anything at the time that was in our best interests? It’s OK saying clubs shouldn’t be ran in that way and, to an extent I agree, but I’d be interested to know what they did to try and change that? It feel just like a dig at DC. Maybe he’s more interested in siding with his mate Pulis. You know, the guy with the moral integrity that led to him losing his court case against Crystal Palace. Just a thought.
  10. Sorry, I’m not following what you are asking/saying.
  11. I have no idea how much is owed to fans. I don’t know if Bannan is on £27k a week or if DC has the money or desire to fund the club from his other businesses. If you are asking whether I think fans that are owed money should be refunded? Yes, of course I think they should.
  12. I see you point of view. I guess neither of us know how it’s going to pan out. I think a fit and firing Windass could be the difference between promotion or not. But, like you point out, there are a lot a variables and permutations. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  13. That’s why I added the caveat in brackets. If DC can fund the vastly reduced wage bill, and pay the wages on time each month, then I’d be inclined to take the risk and keep Windass. If he can’t, then we may need to accept a lower offer.
  14. I get the market deflated due to the pandemic but, in a world where Jordan Hugill cost West Ham £8-10 a few years back, we are right to ask £5m for Windass. if we are only offered £2m we may as well keep him in the hope that he’ll play a big part in getting us promoted. I think we’d get an extra £7m TV money from promotion so, in my opinion, it’s worth the risk (assuming we don’t desperately need the cash to stay afloat)
  15. I agree, the quicker this is all settled the better. I don’t think he will receive the same good will and patience from the players in future.
  16. That would be my assumption. If DC paid within 14 days of players triggering a breach of contract, the players could no longer walk away for free and the matter resolved. That doesn’t stop the same players triggering a breach of contract the next time they aren’t paid on time and walking away after 14 days if they didn’t receive full payment.
  17. It seems the only impact Tony Pulis had for us was helping Celtic pick up two of our promising youngsters for next to nothing. OK, I’m taking a bit of a leap and making the assumption that the coach Pulis brought in (the ex-Celtic scout) has tipped them off about both Shaw and Osaze. Maybe I’m totally wrong but it seems a bit of coincidence that two young lads in a struggling Championship team, who didn’t really play that many games, were on Celtic radar.
  18. Good question about Carson. I’ve not seen him play for a while but, when I last saw him a few years ago, he still looked up to the job. He can’t be that much older than Westwood either and I’d have probably liked him to stay for another year if wages could have been agreed. Neither Westwood or Carson may be the keeper they were but I’m sure they could organise the defence better than Wildsmith/Dawson and that is a huge factor in my opinion. They also have a presence about them which instils confidence. You could see Westwood barking out orders and being demonstrative all the time whereas the only time Dawson seems to do the same is after the event, when the ball is in the back of his net. Both Dawson/Wildsmith would have benefited form loans out over the years. They could have made their mistakes for other clubs whilst developing. Instead they have made them here and Hillsborough can be quite an unforgiving place.
  19. Assuming there are no departures, aside from maybe Borner, I think that looks like a nucleus of a decent side at this level. I think we’d need 4-5 solid signings to complement what we have, including a LB and a focal point up front who can hold the ball up and play with his back to goal. As much as I’d have liked Wildsmith and Dawson to come good, I think we need a new goalkeeper - although, given our financial situation, I think we’ll end up going with one of those two initially.
  20. Yep, if only eh? If he’d have got the funding Atkinson got just a few years later it could have been us winning the league in the early 90s. Still, I don’t suppose the early 90s were too bad for us either. A little better than now.
  21. Yes, that’s the word I was trying to think of earlier - leverage. Or in our case, like you say, a lack of it. It is hugely frustrating and I agree totally with what you are saying. Hopefully, one or two of these youngster will develop and sign a longer term deal with us.
  22. I know what you are saying and, for all we know, it may be a 1+1. If the club haven’t been able to negotiate a 2 year deal I’d prefer we keep him for the 12 months, rather than release him as someone else has suggested.
  23. Do we have other players at his level that we can develop to be part of the first team squad? I don’t know. Imagine the comments on here if we hadn’t tied him down, even for just a year. There would be criticism of the club for that. Also, nobody knows if there is a plus 1 year option in the contract as well? It’s only in the last few weeks that it’s been reported that Windass has an additional 1 year option in his contact.
  24. I’m not sure that is an excuse is it? It was a suggestion. Maybe his line of thought was along the lines of ‘if I have a breakthrough season I can leave for compensation only in 12 months time and command a higher salary from a new club as they won’t have to pay a fee for me’. He’s seen Shaw and Osaze breakthrough and move on to better things. Are suggestions not welcome on this site? Unless, maybe you were involved in the negotiations and know something more definitive?
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