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  1. It’s baffling isn’t it mate? We have one fit centre half so we play a system that requires 3…… which leads to shed loads of players playing in unfamiliar positions. Bizarre management.
  2. And/or play them out of position & drop them when playing well.
  3. To a degree he’s been hampered by injuries but he hasn’t done a great deal to mitigate in my opinion. He’s persisted with playing 3 centre halves when he’s only had 1 or 2 natural centre halves available. It’s baffling to me. He taken players out of the team, that have been playing well, for seemingly no good reason. Obviously, I don’t know if they have had niggles or not but I’d assume not as they have been on the bench - i.e. Theo/Brennan.
  4. I don’t watch rugby but I can see the validity of the points you make. The point you make about fatigue is really interesting & I can see the same happening with football to some degree. It will disadvantage those teams with smaller squads that can punch above their weight due to their excellent fitness. Fitness can be a bit of a leveller when competing against the bigger clubs. Less so when you can change half your outfield players.
  5. Desperation I imagine in the first instance. He’s really playing well after a fair few games getting used to the position. I’m surprised teams haven’t targeted him in the air more.
  6. I think that may be the case. He’s done great but I think Dunkley’s arial abilities in both boxes & experience may get him the nod. Tough decision for Moore.
  7. Every squad needs a player or two like him. Deserved a goal today.
  8. Did well today. Hopefully starting to find some form.
  9. It’s an interesting question. Both can play in the back line and that’s where we need players. They know the club and the players so wouldn’t take much settling in. I’d probably prefer some more experienced, battle hardened, defenders but I wouldn’t be against either of them returning on loan if there weren’t better options for us.
  10. I didn’t disagree with some the statement but I don’t think the club should be asked to make it public knowledge if we have a cash flow problem. I mean, why would we? It would just encourage clubs to try and get some of our players cheap in the next window.
  11. There are potential solutions that people could consider, rather than totally focus of the dreadful timing. There are some decent 0% interest options out there independent of the clubs one that starts in 2022. I get people may not want to (or able) to down that road for various reasons but it’s not a hugely time consuming or difficult option.
  12. Like most have said, it’s good value but dreadful timing. I’ve seen a few comments about there not being the finance offer until 2022. There are decent alternatives to the club finance offer out there. Probably cheaper that waiting 2 or 3 months and seeing the ST prices increase again for those that are planning to renew but can’t afford it now.
  13. No worries. You too. Yeah, thanks for the chat too. Speak tomorrow.
  14. I’m genuinely struggling with your lack of clarity. I’m not purposely being obtuse.
  15. I don’t think I’ve gone to being weird. I’m genuinely unsure of what you mean because you are quoting parts of comments and aren’t being clear on what you are asking, or which part of my comments you are referring to.
  16. What’s like pulling teeth? What wasn’t the case? The ambiguity and lack of clarity is killing me.
  17. Nah, this feel like having a ‘debate’ with someone who lacks empathy or comprehension. Sadly some people lose their businesses but it appears that you don’t seem to acknowledge that. It’s seems like you think that because your business survived, all businesses should. Forgive me for thinking it is quite inspirational for people to maintain their businesses during such a turbulent period. Unashamedly, I’m proud of my family and friend (or anybody) that has managed to keep their businesses afloat and their workforce paid. It is a bit deal, I’m proud of my mates business that has kept 40+ staff employed during this time. You seem to be disparaging, and lacking empathy, to those that haven’t been able to. Likewise, I’m appreciative that Chansiri has been able to keep us afloat. He may have millions but with that come greater responsibility, and more financial obligations.
  18. Yes, under normal circumstances. Do you not think that has presented a significant challenge for him give the pandemic and the impact that has had on the world economy. There will be millions of people facing unanticipated financial challenges since the pandemic that, pre pandemic, would never have dreamed of such challenge. Chansiri’s other businesses could have gone to the wall completely so I’m appreciative of the fact that they haven’t & that he can subsequently fund us. Had he not been able to, I’m sure the whip round on here would have kept us in business for an hour or two.
  19. OK, I take that point but the refunds (I imagine) are a relatively small percentage of the overall funding he has provided the club. He’s honoured his financial commitment to fund the club as an ongoing concern then?
  20. OK, I take that point but the refunds (I imagine) are a relatively small percentage of the overall funding he has provided the club. He’s honoured his financial commitment to fund the club as an ongoing concern then?
  21. I’m don’t believe I’m arguing over a technicality. Millions have but I imagine millions haven’t. I’m not saying he’s done something special. In normal circumstances he should 100% honour all his commitments as he entered into them with his eyes wise open. I’m saying, due to the unforeseen pandemic, we could consider ourselves fortunate that’s he’s had the ability to do honour his financial commitments when many others, through no fault of their own, haven’t been able to. Anyway, have a good evening.
  22. I don’t follow? They had business but couldn’t afford to fund them during the pandemic. So technically not business owner now. So, like I pointed out, your statement is factually incorrect. Can you clarify the point you are trying to make because I’m missing it.
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